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  • Summary: According to Mexican legend, the devil demands that one soul be offered up for every bridge built, as a guarantee for the structure's durability. In Juan Carlos Rulfo's internationally-praised documentary, this age-old adage takes on mammoth proportions. (Kino International)
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  1. The soft-spoken, impressionistic documentary (with a hypnotic score built from the sounds of construction) climaxes with a six-minute helicopter-cam view of the colossal structure to which these somebodies have been dedicating their sweat, and sometimes their very lives.
  2. With In the Pit [Rulfo] isn't advancing any totalizing theory, a treatise on transportation or an argument about alienation; he is, rather simply and elegantly, revealing the secret human face of a seemingly inhuman world.
  3. Reviewed by: Robert Koehler
    Leo Heiblum's pulsating music and Samuel Larson's dense, fascinating sound editing rewardingly compliment Rulfo's electrifying visuals.
  4. Life on the freeway is hell, but what comes next for these workers might be worse.
  5. 63
    It's an interesting, if dissatisfying rumination on the working people of industry -- how they labor, how they rest, what they think and feel.
  6. What Rulfo needs, unfortunately, is what too many trendy directors forsake: some social context, some succinct voice-overs and some talking heads to put the serious issues (urban poverty, urban stress, environmental degradation, corruption) into perspective.
  7. Reviewed by: Alex Chun
    Equally as perplexing as its lack of perspective is the film's overall shortage of information.

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