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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 23
  2. Negative: 3 out of 23
  1. 88
    What's astonishing is that the movie is not a half-baked production. The spectacle now LOOKS spectacular.
  2. 80
    But at the risk of overintellectualizing what probably is, at heart, just a bunch of overgrown guys acting out, I will venture that many of the gags in Jackass 3D show plenty of visual wit, if not brilliance.
  3. 75
    Jackass is also a touching ode to male friendship at its most primal.
  4. More than ever, Johnny Knoxville and his boys belong to a very elite club of idiocy. They martyr themselves for our diversion, driven at every moment to ask: Are you not entertained?
  5. 75
    It's easily the most painful comedy of the year; in the sadomasochistic world of Knoxville and friends, that isn't criticism so much as high praise.
  6. Whether he's getting hit in the face with a dildo or cozying up to Martha Stewart, Knoxville is always affable, playful and able coax a laugh out of an audience by doing ridiculous things. He's a jackass all right, but he's a jackass in shining armor.
  7. Reviewed by: Karina Longworth
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but Jackass is only Jackass when all is going to shit.
  8. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Knoxville and his team bring a defiant cheerfulness to their venture; the gang's idiocy is both self-aware and somehow innocent. Their gags have the anachronistic simplicity of pre-CGI stunts, when daredevils risked their lives to make an audience go "Wow!"
  9. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    A joyous, liberated approach to comedy, a genuine sense of the grotesque and pacing so relentless that even the less-than-uproarious bits don't overstay their welcome.
  10. 63
    Knoxville and his boys seem to be saying goodbye. To which I can't help thinking, fondly, it's time.
  11. The 3-D effects, so promising on paper, don't really add much-and, worse, there's a overreliance on slow-motion, which kills the fun.
  12. 60
    The laughs are a little uneven and director Jeff Tremaine does not always take full advantage of the 3D technology, but the movie has enough going for it to satisfy Jackass' legions of fans and make some new ones.
  13. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Watching Jackass 3-D was like being plunged into a Hieronymous Bosch painting of hell, yet this very reaction attests to the franchise's primal, diabolical power.
  14. Reviewed by: Peter Hartlaub
    Oct 21, 2010
    Jackass 3D has its moments, but it lacks the ingenuity and hilarity of the previous films - no doubt in large part because of the aging process.
  15. While Jackass 3D can never be accused of stinting on its spring-loaded arsenal of projectile bodily fluids, neither does it approach that sublime, laugh-until-it-hurts level of gross-out nirvana that made the first two installments so darned irresistible.
  16. Are any of his stunts funny? Yes, one scene is worthy of Borat and Mack Sennett's Keystone Kops.
  17. Ten years into the "Jackass" franchise, it's obvious the well is starting to run dry. Then again, if you show Johnny Knoxville an empty well, he'll jump in headfirst. After packing it with writhing snakes.
  18. It just might be that America's favorite jackasses, having played around with sharks in their last big-screen effort ("Jackass Number Two" of course), have this time actually jumped one, and in 3-D no less.
  19. 50
    At their best, the Jackasses combine low-brow humor with delectable absurdity (one of my favorite gags from Jackass: The Movie had a guy creeping up on a cougar while dressed as a giant mouse), but here it's almost pure punishment.
  20. Reviewed by: Marc Savlov
    Oct 21, 2010
    Try as they might, the Jackass gang can't quite snatch the year's ultimate 3D gross-out from the pricking jaws of "Pirahna 3-D."
  21. It's reductive, insanely violent slapstick, but that's the phenomenon in a nutshell.
  22. 38
    Those Jackasses from "Jackass" aren't getting better, they're getting older.
  23. 12
    Oh, and one more thing the comedy of Jackass 3D has in common with "The Divine Comedy": Neither of them is funny.
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  1. Oct 19, 2010
    Something to go to with friends without much expectation, which is perfectly okay. It was hilarious, me and my friends were laughing uproariously the entire time. It's definitely not the film for hardcore movie critics unless they're willing to pull the sticks out of their asses and enjoy something for once. It won't win any awards (except maybe in the areas of idiotic comedy) but that's perfectly fine with me. Full Review »
  2. Oct 18, 2010
    jackass is a love it or ate it kind of movie, and i absolutely loved it XD i can never get tired of these guys hurting each other, its pure gold in the shape of a turd. Full Review »
  3. Oct 4, 2011
    "Jackass 3-D" isn't a movie. Its a myth buster grotesque edition package. The acting and experiments are pointless and just straight disgusting. I don't know when ether to open my solid jaws to mock Johnny Knoxville getting hit by a bull or to sympathize with him. This film is just inane and preposterous. Don't watch it. Full Review »