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  • Summary: Nate Johnson (Cedric the Entertainer) sets out on a cross-country trek from California to Missouri, with three unruly kids and one unsatisfied wife in tow, in order to attend the Johnson clan's annual reunion/grudge match. Not since the Griswolds headed to California has a family excursion veered so hysterically astray. (Fox Searchlight Pictures) Expand
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  1. An easygoing, earthy comedy that's a good showcase for the robust comic gifts of Cedric the Entertainer.
  2. I'd like to believe I could watch ­Cedric the Entertainer all day long. The tedious comedy Johnson Family Vacation puts a strain on that theory.
  3. Strands Cedric the Entertainer behind the wheel and forces him to motor a collection of laugh-and-learn wacky situations by sheer force of his outsize charm.
  4. 38
    Boring, mediocre movie.
  5. 30
    The direction on Johnson Family Vacation is numbingly slack; the synapses between the scenes don't spark effortlessly, as they should, and the whole enterprise feels dragged-down and belabored.
  6. You won't see a single joke here you haven't encountered before, all in funnier forms.
  7. The entire enterprise was directed by first-timer Christopher Erskin like a would-be Max Bialystock; one can only assume it's supposed to be this bad, because nobody sucks this hard on accident.

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  1. Feb 11, 2011
    Hmm.......I don't get the hate for this. It's actually pretty funny, I own it and I'm not ashamed of it. I like it and it's worth a check. Sure, some, I repeat....SOME.....of the jokes were forced or predictable. I liked it and I think you would if you have nothing to do or just want a good comedy to watch. Expand
  2. Nov 13, 2012
    Not bad. Has some funny moments but a lot are predictable. worth the watch for free but don't pay for it. Cedric the entertainer plays the only funny character in the film Expand

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