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  • Summary: Just Another Love Story is about Jonas, a likeable family man with a wife and two kids. Jonas' life takes an unexpected twist when he inadvertently causes Julia to crash her car. The next day, Julia wakes up in a hospital with amnesia and Jonas comes to visit. In a grotesque mix-up, Julia and her family mistake Jonas for her exotic new boyfriend Sebastian, whose return from abroad they had all been expecting. Jonas assumes the other's identity, and a boundless world opens up to him. But one day, truth comes knocking at the door. (Revolver Entertainment)
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  1. 88
    It's interesting that two of the best thrillers of the last several months, "Tell No One" and Just Another Love Story, have come from Europe. Both movies gain because they star actors unfamiliar to us.
  2. 75
    A creative mix of horror, noir and psychological thriller. At times the story defies logic, but viewers who can accept that will find themselves caught up in the film's intensity.
  3. A preposterous but beautifully polished Danish thriller.
  4. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    Contrived excess is rarely as entertaining as it is in the ironically titled Just Another Love Story, a furiously overheated romantic thriller from Danish writer-helmer Ole Bornedal.
  5. 70
    You could call Just Another Love Story nothing more than an exercise in style, but A) Bornedal's got style to burn and B) that's not quite fair. Beneath all the dazzling cinematography, propulsive score and overcommitted acting, I found this movie an affecting, mordant comedy about male midlife crisis in its most extreme form.
  6. It may not go anywhere in particular, but it is as exciting as a trip through a well-equipped, scary fun house.
  7. Reviewed by: Nicolas Rapold
    Danish director Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch) continues a career of laying the groundwork for remakes that will be middling in more familiar, English-language ways.

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