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  1. Feb 2, 2012
    Who said sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Kiss Kiss Bang Bang would beg to differ as it thrives off of laughing at other peoples mistakes. It seems cruel but the film does it in a way that makes it acceptable by only employing it between the two leads Harry (Robert Downey Jr) and Perry (Val Kilmer). The film is a dark twisted buddy cop film, which is what you would expect from Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black in his directorial debut. However the difference between Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon is the fact that Harry and Perry hate each other, they really do. Thatâ Expand
  2. Nov 17, 2012
    This odd-ball noir spoof is absolute sardonic heaven.
  3. Aug 29, 2014
    Thanks to its charming cast and supreme action, this energetic, gloomy film is not only thoroughly entertaining but it's also funny. Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer are the men.
  4. Jul 26, 2013
    Lots of profanity, lots of deaths and some great comic one-liners; I have to admit I liked this one to a large extent. It’s well shot and very slick, keeping a decent pace although it does drop here and there. All the performances were very good; Downey Jr, Kilmer and Monaghan all did a great job. I did find, however, that Downey Jr’s character, Lockhart, did begin to get a tad annoying towards the end. Over all though a pretty enjoyable watch; quite original in its makeup and well worth a look.

    SteelMonster’s verdict: RECOMMENDED

    My score: 7.2/10.
  5. Jan 23, 2013
    A hilarious and dark comedy that you should consider watching. It's one of Robert Downey Jr.'s and Val Kilmer's best. Very well thought out, not perfect, but well done.
  6. Apr 13, 2011
    This reminds me of nothing more than The Singing Detective (the original, although RDJ did coincidentally star in the hamfisted Hollywood remake). A funny, sharp, knowing film which repays repeated viewing.
  7. Aug 10, 2011
    Fun,breezy and downright hilarious.Robert Downey Jr,Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan all do great work.Easily one of the slickest and most stylish movies in a while.Consistently entertaining,funny and inventive.
  8. Sep 1, 2011
    While he's no stranger to acting and screenwriting, Shane Black has also made a very impressive directorial debut with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It's classic Black - full of snappy dialogue, with an energetic plot and plenty of dark comedy. It also features Robert Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer in roles that will long be considered highlights of their career. Downey does what he does best - he's confident, charming and verbally agile, and Kilmer demonstrates a rarely demonstrated gift for comic timing. The story is engaging to begin with, and the film is pleasingly self-aware, but it does run out of steam a little towards the end. Black is perhaps guilty of throwing one too many plot twists into the mix too quickly, and it's therefore all too easy to lose your way if the smallest snippet of information is missed. It can come across a little convoluted at times, but Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is an enjoyable ride all the same. Expand
  9. Jun 12, 2011
    This movie came right out of left field and made me laugh my ass off. Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. are fantastic together and the plot is perfectly done. Story wise it's nothing you haven't seen before but it's done in a way that will actually keep you one your toes. If you get the chance sit down and watch this movie.
  10. Mar 15, 2013
    Shane Black's writers block was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to him, because if all that built up creativity led to this sort of film more often, then we all need a case of these mental blockages, as this film, written and directed himself, is possibly the best work of his career.
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is told as a mash up of different film genres, noir, comedy and all around
    criminal behaviour, and Robert Downey Jr makes one of the best returns to form as small time thief Harry Lockhart, who stumbles accidentally into an audition, which he is praised for after the events which had just occurred.
    He is introduced to Perry "Gay Perry" van Shrike, who is played convincingly and humorously by Val Kilmer, and Perry and Harry soon set off on massive adventure of murder and mystery, all with the beautiful wit of the well written script in toe.
    Downey Jr narrates an outsider point of view of the film, explaining to audiences about certain aspects of the film, even rewinding at parts he thinks he has left out, all circling towards a very unique and stylised form of story-telling.
    The humour is sharp-tongued and often crude, and it is clear form the beginning that Shane Black has a particular audience in mind, not necessarily those of the crime capers, but those who are accustomed to an unorthodox style of cinema, and those who are willing to keep up with the ever expanding story.
    Robert Downey Jr is excellent as Harry Lockhart, simply pacing through the movie as a good but bad guy having a bad day, while Val Kilmer is the opposite, a real life PI who is asked to help Lockhart prepare for his film role when things start to become too realistic, his acting capabilities are soon showing as his character becomes less and less cool.
    Michelle Monaghan, Corbin Bernsen and Rockmund Dunbar also make up a very expansive and interesting cast, all of whom play a pivotal part in the telling of the story and are beneficial as to how all the stories become intertwined.
    The film is full of dark humour and witty gags from start to finish, but with the acting of Downey Jr and Kilmer at the helm, the film is grounded to create an enjoyable and excellent piece of filmmaking that leave you laughing and shocked for a considerable amount of time.
  11. Aug 28, 2014
    A bit confusing at places (something a second watch cured).

    Witty characters, plot, and just too much bad luck for you to keep your face straight while watching. Of course, no bad luck comes without good planning...

    Val Kilmer is brilliant, and Robert Downey Jr. isn't bad, either. They work very well together.
  12. Mar 28, 2014
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was certainly a very unique experience. Witty humor coupled with an interesting mystery thriller typically makes for a solid movie and this one is no exception. I really enjoyed the three leads; Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monaghan. All of them did a good job and contributed positively to the film. Overall, one of the most enjoyable aspects of this film for aside from the laughs is the constant parallels drawn between the story of the film and a series of books mentioned frequently in the film. It is interesting while watching to see these parallels unfold throughout. Overall, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is certainly not a masterpiece, but what is nice to see is that it was creative. The plot, while I did enjoy it, is pretty straightforward and not exactly earth shattering. However, the added humor, especially from Downey and Kilmer, really elevated it above a cliched mystery thriller. Expand
  13. Nov 25, 2012
    Clever, funny, Downey & Kilmer are incredible. One of my favorite movies, no doubt.
    Well, what do you expect, go watch, now !
    High five Shane Black !
  14. Nov 28, 2012
    So unique you just cannot help but love every single moment of it, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is a dark, satirical, and side-splittingly funny neo-noir dramedy.
  15. Sep 5, 2014
    A clever spoof of crime films with two leads that have surprisingly hilarious and brilliant chemistry. Robert Downey Jr has his second most watcheble performance; those wo love him don't need to ask what the first is. Val Kilmer is smart, witty, sarcastic, and a rather odd gay. Sharp, resolute, and bolstering a heavy amount high-octane laughter, those who love crime films will get one hell of a laugh out of this. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. 75
    Shane Black creates a movie that is defiantly smartass and too cool for the room. I couldn't have liked it more.
  2. Black's retro-noir reminds us why we love movies: because they can surprise us, even when we're ankle deep in bullet casings, bodies and enough twists to tie us in knots.
  3. Downey and Monaghan are wonderful at playing characters that compensate for the harshness of their past with flippant swaggers.