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  • Summary: An obsessed Víctor (Rabal) tries to get with Elena (Neri). Policemen David (Bardem) and Sancho (Sancho) are called in. Victor is sent to jail after accidently shooting David and seeks them out after he gets out of jail.
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  1. Reviewed by: David Denby
    Live Flesh, the best movie from Almodóvar since that Iberian screwball classic "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown."
  2. A richly detailed tale of passion, perfidy and revenge adapted from a typically tricky Ruth Rendell novel.
  3. 88
    Everything (not just the flesh) is vibrant with life.
  4. 70
    It's all very clever but not really provocative - though a layer of political subtext may make the scenario seem funnier and more meaningful.
  5. Live Flesh is an often surprising assemblage of attractive parts that never seems to earn a full emotional response. [06 feb 1998]
  6. Reviewed by: Giala Murray
    The psychological study that is the author's trademark is reduced to superficial and negative motivation - lust, guilt, revenge, escape.

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  1. Sep 24, 2013
    Victor is a proletarian guy, born on bus by a mother working as a prostitute (shown in an overlong introduction and pointless to the rest of the movie) who falls for Elena, an upper class junkie. Actually, he just has casual sex with her once and becomes erotically obsessed with her.

    He stalks her to her apartment and stubbornly refuses to leave her alone. A fight ensues and Sancho and David, a couple of cops appear on the scene. David gets paralyzed by a gunshot and ends up married to Elena.

    Victor gets to jail, but he is still obsessed with Elena and continues stalking her once he gets out four years later. Already unconvincing, the story takes a turn for the absurd when Elena shows a growing interest for Victor, who continues to confuse obsession with love.

    In the meantime, Victor is also sexually involved with Clara, Sancho's wife (very believable plot twist). Clara is giving him lessons to become the best lover in the world, Victor's top ambition so as to astonish Elena with his performance. It sounds like a demented plot, but I am not making it up.

    Probably one of the weakest Almodovar's films, it contains the inevitable steamy sex scene, which are Almodovar trademark and it is disgraced even further by an absurd "happy ending", which sees stalker and prey happily together, while Elena is giving birth to their child on a car (back to the start, in a sort of circular move).

    P.S. to make the matter worse, throughout the whole movie Victor blames Elena, David and everybody else for his misfortunes, conveniently avoiding to notice that the whole drama arose from his obsession.

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