Efish Entertainment | Release Date: October 12, 2012
Summary: On a hot day in July 1987, in a vacant Madrid, Miguel, a feared and respected senior newspaper writer, sets up a meeting in a café with Ángela, a young first-year journalism student. From the first instant, there develops between them an unevenly matched duel that encircles desire, inspiration, talent and professional perspectives. Forced to remain together on a very particular day, both will try to survive the emotional friction. In the environment of Spain at that particular time, they won’t be able to avoid the head-on collision of their personalities. The country had just emerged from the dark chapter of Franco’s dictatorship and was placidly joining the ranks of a democracy but personal values and social hierarchies lagged far behind. (Breaking Glass)
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Rating: Not Rated
Production: Buenavida Producciones S.L.
Genres: Drama
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Director Credit
David Trueba Director
Writer Credit
David Trueba Writer
Cast Credit
Alberto Ferreiro Hombre Del Patio
Bárbara Lemus Mujer Autógrafo
Eduardo Antuña Camarero Café Comercial
Francisco Risueño Camarero Café Comercial
Gloria Rodríguez Cliente Café Comercial
Isabelle Stoffel Cliente Café Comercial
José Sacristán Miguel
María Luisa Osorio Cliente Café Comercial
María Valverde Ángela
Miguel Castrejon Camarero Café Comercial
Ramon Fontserè Luis
Ricardo Valverde Cliente Café Comercial
Sigfrid Monleón Cliente Café Comercial
Soledad Osorio Cliente Café Comercial
Teresa Sánchez Cliente Café Comercial
Producer Credit
Jessica Berman Producer