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  1. 100
    The movie subtly darkens its tone until, when the horrifying ending arrives, we can see how we got there. There is a final shot that would get laughs in another kind of film, but May earns the right to it, and it works, and we understand it.
  2. McKee, like Amenabar, knows how to position his film against type -- which ultimately makes May a refreshing, macabre tale.
  3. 80
    Call it a horror movie, a psychological thriller or a feminist splatterfest, but this sort of story is tough to get right. May gets it more than right.
  4. Reviewed by: Mark Olsen
    The inventive and unpredictable May is exactly the kind of unexpected delight one hopes for every time the lights go down.
  5. With a level of dark humor akin to the screenplays of Todd Solondz, and a visual style reminiscent of Dario Argento, May is one of the funniest, most disturbing, yet strangely touching movies of the year
  6. A stylized work of unflinching control and discipline, reflecting an artistic maturity unusual in a first film.
  7. 70
    May represents something rare and unfashionable-–a smart, twisted little slasher comedy that doesn't skimp on the gore.
  8. Writer-director McKee’s arch comic dialogue (i.e., "We’ll hang out and eat some melons or something") is out of synch with the creepy horror he wields.
  9. Reviewed by: Scott Brown
    Though ultimately too waterlogged with student-film self-seriousness to revel fully in its low-rent joie de cleaver -- nevertheless taps into a furious atavistic energy that reflects well on the filmmaker and his fully committed cast.
  10. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Satisfyingly, May also turns out to be lowdown genre fun, a film that nearly makes up in slacker wit and high-spirited gore what it lacks in budget and elegance.
  11. In visual terms, it's clear McKee has a talent for moviemaking...But he's going to need better stories than this.
  12. 50
    On paper, it sounds like the start of a good film. Too bad McKee made such a lackluster thing of it. Though the horror comes from an interesting place, it's frequently forced, negating much of the humor and pathos the film attempts to instill.
  13. Led by Ms. Bettis's discreetly campy May, the performances are a cut or two above what you would find in the average slasher film. But in the end that's all it is.
  14. It wants to be a "Carrie" with a modern-day "Frankenstein" twist, but it lacks the smarts behind the weirdness.
  15. 40
    The talented Bettis works her heart out, but McKee apparently directed her to play May as a quivering crazy from the start.
  16. McKee's direction of actors is as clumsy as the stabs at rapid editing.
  17. Novice director Lucky McKee wrote the first draft of this labored horror flick while he was in school, and for a student film, it's not bad. But it's not ready for the big time.
  18. 20
    The flavor is textbook '90s indie -- self-regarding quirk with an occasional spasm of Solondzian incorrectness.
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  1. May 15, 2013
    You want to see not the typical slasher!?
    You want to see a film that makes you think!?
    here you got one!
    One of the best slasher movies
    ever made!
    Believe me!
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