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  • Starring: ,
  • Summary: Two down-on-their luck brothers inherit a dilapidated estate worth millions and soon discover that before they can cash in, they must rid the old mansion of its single, stubborn occupant -- a tiny and tenacious mouse. (DreamWorks)
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  1. Reviewed by: Giala Murray
    Lane as the greedy schemer and the timid, gangly Evans make a good slapstick team, with great support from a cast of larger-than-life characters including Walken as the exterminator who approaches his task with military precision and outrageous hardware.
  2. 78
    Absolutely one-hundred-percent ridiculous, this is comedy of a higher order, and more maniacally inspired than almost anything released in years.
  3. Reviewed by: Jack Mathews
    A virtual replay of the original "Home Alone." It's darker, meaner, sillier, more scatological, and, in rare moments, funnier.
  4. Lane, with his extensive stage experience, is acerbic, profoundly cynical and endlessly disgruntled. As the foil, Evans strike the right comic nice-guy note; he has fun with the character's sweetness and refuses to degrade him.
  5. 50
    Not very funny, and maybe couldn't have been very funny no matter what, because the pieces for comedy are not in place.
  6. Aa bit too familiar an American tail. [19 December 1997, p. 82]
  7. Reviewed by: Jeannie Stein
    Just plain bad.

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  1. Aug 15, 2011
    Very funny. Lee Evans does fantastic in this movie. Even adults would be entertained as it has humour stored up for them. Definitely worth a watch.
  2. Aug 1, 2013
    Mouse Hunt is very silly, and quite funny, at the same time completely unrealistic (and kinda stupid). The highlight of this film isMouse Hunt is very silly, and quite funny, at the same time completely unrealistic (and kinda stupid). The highlight of this film is definetely its comedic moments and things that happen, the actual dialogue isn't very funny, but then again, I don't think it's supposed to be. The character building is surprisingly great in this film, as they change throughout the film, you start to feel for them, well, not really, more like you start to laugh at them, because they're so stupid and are rubbish at trying to catch the mouse. However, the comedy and character building are the only great things about it, the story's pretty good and kinda moving, the actings good, and everything else about this film is nothing better or worse than mediocre. Mouse Hunt is a typically comedicly silly and charmingly simple family film, and does a good job at what it aims to do entertain it's audience. So I give this film a... 73/100! Expand

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