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  1. May 9, 2014
    Neighbors is just undeniably laugh out loud funny, it is hell-a- arious . If you are going in expecting a typical R rated comedy you are going in blind and that's good for you. If you did not watch the trailers and you are going in blind that is great for you, because every minute in this movie either has a joke or is sweet. Everyone in this movie did a great job, Seth Rogen plays like every Seth Rogen in a movie which is really fun to watch, Rose Byrne is actually very funny in this movie and HOT. Zac Efron is the one Disney lead that did not ruin his life and apparently his movie career is going up and I am happy for him he was so funny in this movie, he can be goofy and douche perfectly well! Apparently this movie is a step forward in its genre, it is unforgettable, hilarious and just so well made I highly recommend it to everyone! Just go see it and you'll know why! Expand
  2. May 10, 2014
    The baby was the best actor. To much dick humor, Crude unrealistic plot. Lot of jokes I have seen in other movies played out over and over again. Nothing new, nothing creative. Waste of time.
  3. May 12, 2014
    Did I watch the same movie as everyone else? I'm sorry, but I can't laugh at scenes that make no sense. I'm too busy questioning the actions of these characters to care about what's going on in the story. Why do these parents even care about their noisy neighbors? They love partying, doing drugs, and leaving their infant child home alone. Why would these parents care if their baby can't sleep? They are already having intercourse in front of the child... Also, why would a police officer rat out a neighbor that filed a noise complaint? Why would someone dry hump a bush sculptor of a person bent over to get rid of it? Just cut it down! It's like an 8 year old wrote this script. I found myself asking constantly, "Why is this happening?" I must have missed the part where I was suppose to laugh. I was expecting to find a funny clever film like This is the End... Oh, how wrong I was. Good job everyone. You fooled me into paying a lot of money to see this garbage. The joke's on me. Expand
  4. May 12, 2014
    I had so much wanted to like this. There is 30 minutes of funny material... unforutnately you have to sit through the rest of the movie. Rent it so you can fast forward. It shows that it was cobbled together as a studio project for named hollywood types. When you walk out you will feel like you wasted your time and money. I have no idea why others think this is so funny... because there is so much talking about what they are going to do. Expand
  5. May 27, 2014
    "Neighbors" has been terribly over-rated by most critics. Mostly the flick is the usual mixed bag of tired and gratuitous sex gags. Seth Rogen's schtick is way past it sell-by date. I was pleased to watch the feisty Rose Byrne and I'd very much like to see her in a better picture.
  6. May 9, 2014
    Where Zac Efron is testing himself and trying an assortment of things to broaden his career and avoid being typecast, Seth Rogen is pretty much cashing checks, portraying the lovable oaf-stoner he’s become synonymous with. The difference between his role here and previous incarnations might be what t-shirt he’s wearing. Rogen’s presentation of The Seth Rogen Character is one of the problems with Neighbors, a film that wants to live on both sides of the fence, but isn’t made by filmmakers skilled enough to pull it off. Expand
  7. May 9, 2014
    Good movie. No more, no less. It was funny, had good characters, decent acting and is sure to please most audiences. Not great, nor oustanding though. Just a solid movie.
  8. May 9, 2014
    There are plenty of laughs to be had, but it's not nearly as funny as the initial Metascore (in the 80s?) would suggest. The trailer makes it seem as though there's a tit-for-tat prank war between the frat and the neighbors, but it's not nearly that cut-and-dried. Ike Barinholtz steals ever scene he's in.... Booosh!
  9. May 9, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ugh. Tedious. Loooong setups for a few extremely funny gags. The pièce de résistance is when the movie turns preachy about how the grown-ups prefer their domestic life.

    On the whole this movie has about as many laughs as a good sit-com (Big Bang Theory). But you have to sit through 60 additional minutes of **** and pot-smoking to get to them.

    I had much higher (no pun intended) expectations than the movie delivered. I'd like my 1 hour and 37 minutes back, please. The baby was cute, though
  10. May 13, 2014
    Gross jokes and scenes were my expectations but there is some depth and tenderness in this film which brought me to view it again. Having lived in a male fraternity in a New England private college, the reality of party life and the immaturity portrayed here are actually realistic. I remember one drunken fraternity brother riding his motorcycle around our dining room to the great amusement of our drunken brothers and the enormous mess that this party created - spraying beer at each other etc., etc. But there was also deep bonding which endured as we shared our lives and growing older and becoming adults seemed so, so far away - just like this fraternity portrayed here. The contrast with the couple next store (really struggling with their transition to adult responsibilities) provided the depth that was below the surface of all the comedy and tensions. This is a good, funny flick worth seeing. Expand
  11. May 9, 2014
    Lewd, rude and very crude and these are the best bits in this hysterical but often very funny exercise in bad taste. The three leads are great in nailing the material. Seth Rogan, in particular, often seems to be improvising his lines so effortlessly does he articulate them, and Lisa Kudrow is also good fun as an angry Dean.
    As well as being verbally inspired we are also treated to more
    than a few deliciously funny sight gags. However, when approaching the home stretch the laughs dry up somewhat, which tends to be a familiar problem with comedies generally. This one achieves more than some and is well worth a watch. Expand
  12. May 10, 2014
    NEIGHBORS is too long, not funny though Zac Efron looks great with his shirt off. Haven't filmmakers realized that long drawn out scenes of people having fun are never fun.
  13. May 11, 2014
    Great laugh-out-loud comedy. Laughs all the way through. All of the cast are stellar. Rogen and Efron have great chemistry and the supporting cast of Dave Franco, Rose Byrne and newcomer Jerrod Carmichael really impress and help to offer more great laughs. 10/10
  14. May 11, 2014
    Predictable, formulaic garbage to be fed to the same cretins who quote lines from Old School, South Park, and Family Guy. In other words, it's for unfunny douchebags. Lap it up.
  15. May 13, 2014
    Please save your money.Sure, it 's #1 now, but this movie will fall faster than a prom date's panties once word of mouth get's out.There have been very few movies that I have considered walking out of, I even had to apologise to my wife for bringing her along.The shame of it is, I liked Rogen's movies.But this falls flat.I truly believe these positive reviews are mostly from paid shills.They want your money opening weekend. They got mine, don't let then get yours.You were warned. Expand
  16. Aug 26, 2014
    I agree with eeeeme's review. It's nothing that we haven't seen before. It's almost painfully unfunny and features a ton of recycled jokes that we have seen time and time again. Wouldn't bother with this one.
  17. Jun 1, 2014
    "Neighbors" is a funny, entertaining and surprisingly thoughtful film. It’s about old vs. new generations going at it, but at its core, it’s a film that’s about learning when to grow up and take responsibility. The script is infused with hilarious jokes, ridiculous pranks and situations, and intelligent pop-culture references that bridge generations. The story itself is quite enjoyable, even though at times the movie can feel a bit unfocused.

    The characters are colorful and likeable and the actors give some great comedic performances. Seth Rogan is hilarious and provides most of the laughs. His shameless attitude really allows for some awesome and gut wrenchingly funny moments. Zac Effron proves yet again that he is a born star, who will be one of the biggest stars in the near future. His comedic timing is impeccable and he is just so great to watch. Dave Franco is also no short of awesome as well as the rest of the cast.

    Overall, “Neighbors” is a really hilarious film that is not short on laughs and also some valuable life lessons. It has a fun soundtrack and the direction, especially for the party scene are well done. Probably the best comedy of the year and really worth checking out. I give it 4/5
  18. Jun 21, 2014
    While the movie can be humorous at times, there is not one scene that is laugh out loud funny, which is disappointing. It still is interesting though ( for the most part).
  19. May 18, 2014
    I'll admit right off the bat that the comedy isn't the best aspect of this movie. I was laughing consistently throughout but not much was absolutely hilarious. That being said, what really makes Neighbors work in my opinion is 1) the acting, which was all very well-done (including from Zac Efron) & had good comedic timing to it, 2) the story, which was engaging all the way through & made the wise choice to stay fairly short length-wise, and 3) the characters, who are all as likeable or unlikeable as the movie wants us to be at any given time, and both main characters go through a good amount of growth, solidified by an interesting ending moral. Overall definitely worth your time, as long as you lower your expectations a little in he laugh department to focus on other elements.

    (For a long, more in-depth review, look up "Spin It Reviews" on YouTube. I'd appreciate it.)
  20. May 10, 2014
    Featuring some uproariously multi-faceted waves of humor, brilliantly fleshed out characters, solid performances, and shockingly affecting moments of heart sprinkled throughout, "Neighbors" marks yet another successful comedy for Rogen, Goldberg, and Point Grey Pictures stunning filmographic repertoire.
  21. May 16, 2014
    First of all I loved Animal House, Pinapple Express, This is the End, Superbad, etc. The laughs are few, the dialogue is terrible, the gags have been seen way too many times. The story is plotless, the child abuse is not funny at all, the racism is completely out of the blue, and Seth Rogan's same stoner act is getting tiring. The scenes are a complete mess with a severe lack of direction. One after the other you start to realize nothing is making sense. I walked about after 1 hour beyond terrible. Expand
  22. May 10, 2014
    Neighbors is funny, I get it, but it never fulfills its goal to be a brilliant comedy film. Seth Rogen plays Mac Radner and Rose Byrne plays Kelly Radner and this movie is about them moving into a new neighbourhood and meeting 50 brothers (led by Zac Efron and Dave Franco). Nicholas Stoller- director of Get Him to The Greek directs. It's a raunchy, over the top comedy film- and at that- its funny. Seth and Rose give good performances but Zac Efron is the best of the bunch, not every Disney star gets pinned. But there are flaws, the frat vs family prank war gets tiring quickly, with mind numbing party scenes which just suck. There are more than 200 sexual jokes in the movie (if that makes you want to watch it). Well, Neighbors is a bluray buy for me, it's really funny but it's flawed. Expand
  23. Jun 8, 2014
    This movie was absolutely hilarious. i don't think i went more than a minute without even chuckling at something. Although it is not as funny as This Is The End, it still holds it own. Zac Efron shows off his comedic skills and surprisingly holds his own against Seth Rogen. The movie has the comedy to appeal to the young college audience, and also the adult with kids humor that will attract parents and grandparents. There were people of all ages in the theater, and they all laughed just the same. I highly recommend watching this movie. Expand
  24. May 10, 2014
  25. May 18, 2014
    About as average as a R-rated comedy can get. The typical dick comedy with crude unfunny jokes that are clearly there just for the sake of trying so hard to make you laugh at how repulsive and/or immature they are to get the R-rating. This is the kind of movie you go into expecting a lame sex-joked r-movie and walk out feeling the same way you'd think you'd feel.

    I've been a adult for
    about a year and it's fun to go out with friends and see a movie, but through my adulthood of seeing these r-rated movies so far they've all been the same, lazy excuse for comedy. I'm done with them. It's time to stick to either kid's films which have at the very least some morsal of originality and funny writing. m|n this movie Expand
  26. May 20, 2014
    While the humor can be good, the plot differs. The story can sometimes be very confusing, and both of the two main characters have boring goals. The characters were okay this movie did make you feel for Zac Efron's character and it also made you feel for Seth Rogan's character. Overall neighbors is a movie that can definitely be supported by its great humor.
  27. May 10, 2014
    90 minutes of frat vs. new found parents hilarity is just about right for this movie. There us a reason it is rated R, with revealing of private parts and crude humor the movie may turn off very secure minded people. Still if you are between the years of college and new found parenthood, you will have a connection that allows you to love the movie. There is a heart-felt scene shoved in there, for those who are about to leave college and have "brothers" who have been with you every step of the way. Actors did a great job( not an oscar winning performance) allowing context and relate-ability with the characters. Still the humor is top-notch in my opinion and makes you kinda wish you were at the epic frat parties presented in the movie.
    This is a really enjoyable comedy movie that I am willing to share with my friends once in a while, and thus I give this movie a 4 Silver A-stars.
  28. May 16, 2014
    Total garbage movie - from beginning to end. Don't even see it for free. Writer, director, and producer need to go back to school to learn something else.
  29. May 18, 2014
    It Stunk...I didn't laugh once. The twins that played their kid were better actors than anyone in that movie. If you haven't seen it...don't waste your money.
  30. May 13, 2014
    Neighbors is an enjoyable, if not, predictable comedy with a fantastic ensemble cast who don't have too much to do. The movie moves along at a brisk pace and the chemistry between Rogen and Byrne definitely make them likable. The frat boys are funny, yet one-dimensional. Sadly the movie falls into sit-com like scenarios which can be amusing and chuckle worthy, but very forgettable in the long run. The script is paper thin, and the characters story arcs are mere speed bumps in between the comedy. It isn't a game changer in the world of comedy, but there are worse ways to spend your hour and forty. Expand
  31. May 21, 2014
    My adult son told me to see this as he thought it was hilarious. Just crude juvenile humor in a formula comedy. The acting was bland without any memorable performances. Not my cup of tea. Probably appeals more to today's young teens and young adults. Sorry but it was just dumb.
  32. Jul 31, 2014
    In a summer that is filled to the bone with high levels of explosions, slinging webs, and carnivorous apes. But, on the other hand, if you look closely that lightly seeded throughout the busiest movie going season, we do get a splash of genuine heartfelt comedies. We saw this last year with “We’re The Millers” and the beloved “This Is The End” and previous years with the likes of “Horrible Bosses”. While it comes sooner than expected, with summer 2014 already stacked high with tons of R-rated comedies. The new film “Neighbors” gets to draw first blood.
    From the creative team of Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and director Nicholas Stoller. While the film’s premise is intriguing enough, and believe me there are plenty of laughs to go around. However, in terms of the teams best, “Neighbors” is nowhere near the levels as last summer’s “This Is The End”, a film this team also had a huge stake in. However, thanks to the quick witted comedic timing of co-star Zac Efron, and the high velocity and energy levels of on-screen couple, Seth Rogen, and the always funny Rose Byrne “Neighbors” is hilarious. Although the film falls into a slew of typical plot patterns. Though towards the end of the film’s duration, the humor, the jokes, and the message (if you can find it) are more than enough to equip “Neighbors” under another successful entry into the other Seth Rogen films that have preceded it.

    The film follows “Big” Mac Radner (Rogen) and his wife Kelly (Byrne) a young couple with a newborn baby, Stella. Which prohibits them from living a fun, and engaging life. Including their long time friends. This eventually leads to several failed attempts to maintain their old lifestyle (including a decision to take their baby to a rave). These thoughts are immediately thwarted when a fraternity Delta Psi, known for their outrageous parties, move in next door. Lead by president Teddy Sanders (Efron) and VP Pete Ragzolli (Dave Franco). The Couple eventually breaks a secluded promise they endeared to Teddy. Stating that if they had any issues, they won’t call the police and instead talk to them personally. Thus causing a righteous uproar and bidding the war, as the tagline suggests, “Family vs Frat”.

    If we look at the other films Nicholas Stoller has helmed including; “Pineapple Express”, “The Sitter” and...yeah .. “Your Highness”. Speaking literally, “Neighbors” is almost as good, if not better than all of those films. Partially because the film has such a strong story premise that mostly anyone can relate to. While the film’s box office success will be propelled by women fleeing to see Zac Efron with his shirt off 85% of the film. I commend the actor, and truly felt him as a comedian. (This being Efron’s first “real” comedic role, well.. if you count ‘That Awkward Moment”). As with most Rogen-esq films, the writing is top notch. Never does it cease to amaze me, that since “The 40 Year Old Virgin” these descendants of the great Judd Apatow are eerily consistent with every film they put out.

    The film, however, is nothing without this impeccable cast. Lead by Seth Rogen, but the real show stealer must belong to, Rose Byrne as the loveable, yet manipulative wife. While her character is not stereotypical in any way, I felt the role was tailor made just for her. There is also some good supporting work as well from MADTV alum, Ike Barinholtz. And fan favorites Christopher-Mintz Plasse and Dave Franco. The film comes on strong a few times, but the story progress nicely. “Neighbors” also transitions well between some hefty raunchy and lude R-rated behavior, to a more sentimental approach about friendship.

    “Neighbors” on a grander scale as a whole works diligently in the path it’s headed. It caters to it’s young crowd of college students, but also makes it worthwhile for older adults as well. There were moments in this film when I could not see the screen, because, I was laughing too hard. The film easily balances it’s themes, inappropriate humor and value perfectly. Never settling for second hand jokes, the film that has enough quotes to last the summer. Sure there are escalated times of when you may not be laughing enough. However, all the stars are evenly matched and the film no question earns my good graces, as well as, the hefty R-rating bestowed upon it.


    By: Nate Adams

    Directed By: Nicholas Stoller
    Rated: R
    Run-Time: 93 mins
    Studio: Universal Pictures
    Release Date: May 9th 2014

    Thanks For Stopping By.
  33. May 15, 2014
    Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are a happy new parents, who find a fraternity moving in next door (with Zac Efron as president). This leads to the inevitable lifestyle conflicts and noise complaints. There's a high level of comic energy and some amusing moments, but much of it seems forced. The dialogue between Rogen & Byrne often feels unscripted and goes on too long. Many of the bits are taken too far just for the outrageous effect. The cast is populated with supporting characters that could have been funny, but lacked that extra zing. The good-natured fun and upbeat enthusiasm keeps the film from ever being dull, but it also camouflages the fact that much about it isn't that original or funny. Expand
  34. Aug 31, 2014
    This is way overrated. The sex jokes have been done countless times before. The plot is stupid. The acting is mostly bad. The only things that i enjoyed were the fight in the end, and - surprisingly - Zac Efron (it was good seeing him shed the Disney-kid persona and try something different).

    This Is The End was a very good movie that made me enthusiastic for Seth Rogen again. It was one
    of the reasons that made me check this one out. Unfortunately, I find myself greatly disappointed. Expand
  35. Jun 21, 2014
    An enjoyable, if not, predictable comedy with a fantastic ensemble cast who don't have too much to do. The movie moves along at a brisk pace and the frat boys are funny, yet one-dimensional. Sadly the movie falls into sit-com like scenarios which can be amusing and chuckle worthy, but very forgettable in the long run. The script is paper thin, and the characters story arcs are mere speed bumps in between the comedy. It isn't a game changer in the world of comedy, but there are worse ways to spend your hour and forty.
    Sadly, still not the movie that will make me like Rogen, i just dont fing him funny at all, and ive seen most of his movies sadly!
  36. Sep 6, 2014
    Neighbors is one of the better comedy this year. Great chemistry between the main casts, and while their antics became a bit ridiculous, it's still a fun romp.
  37. Jun 21, 2014
    Outrageous, crude and way over the top, Neighbors provides some very funny material but even at a short running time, the same jokes and endless party scenes begin to become exhausting.
  38. Jun 8, 2014
    This review won't take long. It very funny at times, don't get me wrong, but really not funny enough for many scenes to stick with me. Honestly, thinking about it now, I saw the film a couple weeks ago and I can only remember two really funny parts, the rest is kind of a blur. I have several suggestions for this film: PUT THE BABY IN THE STORY, Isn't that what this revolves around? Two parents trying to raise a child next to a fraternity? Creative and hilarious concept, but that turned out not to be what it was even about. It simply was Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne reliving their unexplained college days, while leaving their child next door... They like kept wanting to party with the frat and they did, but then they asked them to "keep it down". I guess the idea behind partying with them was to get on their good side or something I don't even know. Stupid. Basically the story structure after that was frat pranks parents, parents prank frat, back and forth until someone wins. Would the story not have been better had the baby been in some sort of dangerous event, forcing the parents and frat to work together or something? As cheesy as it sounds, it would have made it way better and given it some sort of moral, which Seth Rogen films usually tend to have. Does not come anywhere near as good as "This Is The End." Funny dialogue and gags. Very underdeveloped whole. Expand
  39. Sep 11, 2014
    'Family drama' meets 'Teen party'. An awesome concept that was wasted with the bad casting. I never enjoyed Zac Efron's presence in any movie. I consider him one of the worst, according to my taste in actors and their performances. And again this movie crashed down because of him, otherwise somehow it could have been an enjoyable flick, especially with the stars like Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in it.

    These two guys tried to lift it up, but the other side of the story failed. The two unmatched set of the cast that did not pay off as one as what the audience wanted, the fun. So it is kind of mixed feeling to me about the movie like half enjoyed. The end wide opens for a sequel, if there's one I hope the couple would retain their place, but the rest needs a fresh start, especially not Zac again please.
  40. Jun 16, 2014
    Great times, Worth seeing in theaters. Zack Efron and Seth Rogan are at their bests. They make us laugh a little bit and the dialogue isn't that bad. The reason why I have to give it a 7 out of 10 is because at times of comic fight scenes it gets a bit cheesy and it's only funny up to a certain point and then it gets boring and it's no longer funny. But Neighbors is worth checking out and everything is pretty much on key here. The storyline is good, the acting is good and everything's not to bad. Expand
  41. May 10, 2014
    Neighbors is an awesome movie. It's absolutely disgusting yet surprisingly insightful about growing up and the unknown future. While not quite as astounding as This is The End, Neighbors starts off the summer in one of the best ways possible.
  42. May 10, 2014
    Consensus: I can easily understand why so many people hate this movie is vulgar, over the top and very surreal, but it has nice characters and intense sequences of LOL moments. 80/100 (B+)

    But the film lacks of character development, we don't know anything about them, they are just there, doing hilarious stuff, and all of them are pretty likable except Seth Rogen he is just "meh" for
    me, i didn't even remember his name in the film, but overall he was hilarious.

    The plot moves quickly, during the first 30 minutes of the film happens all, around 50 quality gags. In its modest running time (96 min), the film feels like a two-hours-long film, also all the jokes are very well made, but the script and the characters are a bit surreal, Neighbors has some smart dialogue and some dumb dialouge, the script is very uneven, but it doesn't care because it's funny, it's upper-funny.

    Rose Byrne is just terrific, (there's a scene involving her boobs and is probably the best scene in the whole film), Zac Efron gives his most stand-out performance since Hairspray and Seth Rogen as i said it's OK. There are here some impressive and underrated performances like Dave Franco (Pete) and Ike Barinholtz (Jimmy) both are so damn likable. Here's a cute baby called Stella and it will steal your heart. Neighbors is a must watch also an instant classic. Visit my blog and follow me on Twitter: @MemoBosque
  43. Jun 28, 2014
    Neighbors is the latest hilarious comedy with Seth Rogen though the stand out performance in this one comes from Rose Byrne. She makes this film her own with many of the funniest scenes in the film. While I would give a slight edge to This is the End, Neighbors isn't far behind. A
  44. Jun 1, 2014
    This movie isn't funny. I sat through the whole thing and didn't laugh once. It's hard to believe it's the same guy who wrote Super Bad. It's like he's made his millions and doesn't care anymore.

    In saying this, there were some people in the theatre laughing... so... this movie does have some appeal... but it's not a broad appeal.
  45. May 12, 2014
    Neighbors is for sure a raunchy laugh out loud comedy, Its 90 minutes of crude humor but somewhere behind all the pot smoke the movies actually has a heart. Nicholas Stoller has made some decent films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Five-Year Engagement but Neighbors is his best movie to date. There are a few extremely funny gags running throughout the film with your typical frat humor in between. The part that was a shock to me is that some scenes were lighthearted i guess its such a shock to me because you really never see that it this type of comedy. The cast is solid Seth Rogen is Seth Rogen i guess some would consider that a bad thing but i on the other hand do not. Zac Efron did a solid performance and i know for being an old Disney actor people seem to write him off but the guy can act also him and Dave Franco were an hilarious duo i wouldn't mind them two being in another movie together. Rose Byrne really caught me off guard with how funny she is i wasn't expecting to be laughing so hard with scenes where she is the focal point.

    Overall i give it a 7.5 Neighbors kicks off the summer comedy slate with a bang, its for sure the most i laughed at the theaters this year so far, well actually im not so sure about that because The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was hilariously bad anyways Neighbors is well worth a watch.
  46. May 27, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This film was simply called Neighbors in the US, but was renamed Bad Neighbours in the English speaking commonwealth to avoid confusion with the popular Australian soap of the same name. The international title’s more on the money. The neighbours are bad, and the movie is bad.

    It’s not atrocious, there are a couple of laughs, but there are only a couple, and that’s hardly enough to justify forcing yourself through all the **** condom and erection-based humour the movie throws at you. We know sexual comedy can be done well – just look at the American Pie series, which remained consistently well written and hilarious over four films and for over ten years – so what’s going wrong here?

    The basic premise is that of a young family (Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne) who are unlucky enough to have a college fraternity (led by Zac Efron and Dave Franco) move in next door. The frat boys want to party all night, and the couple want them to keep the noise down so they, and their daughter, can sleep.

    It’s a decent enough if simple premise, further developed by the family’s desperate attempts to remain ‘cool’ and down with the kids, even attending a few of the frat parties, and the frat boys legitimate attempts to build bridges, even if they refuse to stop partying.

    Once the family call in the cops with a noise complaint, all bets are off, and what ensues is a chronicles of steadily escalating one-upmanship which makes bitter enemies out of both parties. What’s slightly jarring is that there are plenty of occasions when there is a genuine chance to bury the hatchet, but both sides often chose the pettier, and more destructive option. We’re supposed to go along with it all; although it’s not clear which side we’re supposed to take (it could depend on your own generation), rendering the conflict inconsequential.

    This is part of the deconstruction the film is attempting of fraternities in general: that they are essentially a bunch of overgrown children with little to no maturity – and this extends to the characters played by Rogen and Byrne. Ultimately, it all feels a little too despicable, and alienates all the characters from the audience.

    The film also brings the relatively dated atmosphere of Animal House (1978) into the 21st Century, making the fraternity setting contemporarily relevant and showing its effect on the wider community. If you think that means more drugs, more drink and more sex, then you’d be half-right, but there was plenty of that in Animal House to begin with. Here, it essentially translates to more neon, and to an extent, more fireworks.

    While it’s very much a film of the moment, there are a number of currently chuckle worthy references which will severely date the film in years to come. Of some note is Lisa Kudrow’s brief appearance as a truly useless college dean.

    I went to see this movie for some comedy and to keep my head in the modern world. It’s just shy of okay, but if I wanted something that fit that glove, I should have stayed at home and continued watching the cheesy vampire and zombie movies I’ve been watching for the past couple of weeks. What is a relief is that it’s not too long. That’s not because I was desperate for it to end, but because so many films these days simply don’t know when to rein it in. This restraint is commendable.
  47. Sep 6, 2014
    I really couldn't get it. When there has been about 30 minutes since the start of a comedy and no laugh, means this is not a comedy. I didn't watch the whole movie, toooo boring!
  48. May 26, 2014
    Neighbors is a wet dream for party-movie lovers, and some college kids who want to see a movie on a Saturday night. While it manages to be well-scripted, well-shot, and even well-acted, it takes some of the jokes way too far, and beings to get repulsive by the middle. Some will embrace the repulsiveness with open arms, while others will find it offensive. I rather liked it for the most part, even though it went a bit too over the top sometimes and didn't know went to move on to the next scene. Expand
  49. May 13, 2014
    A hilarious new offering from seth rogen and nicholas stoller lives up to the hype. Bad Neighbors the funniest movie of 2014 so far. The chemistry between Seth Rogen and Zac Efron and Rose Byrne is fantastic. Rose is actually the funniest bit of this film. Zac proves himself to be a force of nature in hollywood and he shows in this film that he is here to stay. Yes it has some flaws but everything else is SO GOOD! I can ignore those problems. For me it gets a VERY FRESH! score of 85100 Expand
  50. May 10, 2014
    An absolutely hilarious comedy that lived up to my expectations! Neighbors is easily the funniest movie so far this year! While it isn't quite as funny or outrageous as This is the End (at least in my opinion,) it still managed to make me laugh and put a smile on my face multiple times. Seth Rogen was funny as always. Rose Byrne surprisingly steals several scenes with her upbeat performance. Zac Efron and Dave Franco also made for a hilarious duo. Overall, this is one funny comedy that offers some honest laughs and isn't cluttered with too many clichés like most comedies nowadays. Expand
  51. Jun 2, 2014
    Neighbors is a funny movie if you're a Seth Rogen fan, because most of his movies are based around his humor. Although, i'm not the biggest fan of Seth Rogan, the movie had its moments and i'll give it that. But it's not a movie i think i would be excited to watch again is all.
  52. May 20, 2014
    I found the movie to be hilarious. I enjoy the raunchy humor in the same vein as Superbad and 21 Jump Street. If that kind of humor is not your thing, do not go see this movie. If it is though, you will enjoy it!
  53. May 27, 2014
    It defiantly proves that frat bro's and new families just don't come together--especially when they live side by side; which usually isn't funny. But when you put it into a film format with a decent cast and an ever so funny script, you can't help but to laugh every now and then.
  54. May 27, 2014
    This movie was hilarious. I found myself laughing from beginning to end. I reckon it's even better than "This is the End," mostly in part to that movie dragging on longer than it should have. If you're a fan of Rogen's work, you're going to absolutely love this movie.
  55. May 9, 2014
    In terms of comedic timing, the film is light years beyond anything in recent memory. Although the film tried to give itself a conscience sometimes which was terribly unnecessary. Kind of like if you were eating the most awesome piece of cheesecake ever and randomly some dude just ran up and interrupted it by explaining, ever so briefly, how bad all the sugar and fats were to your body. Ethical Monday morning quarterbacking. Also, the token black guy nailed it in this one. Expand
  56. May 16, 2014
    So raunchy but funny for sure. Wasn't expecting the sex scene, caught me off-guard. Not the greatest writing story wise, but kept me laughing. Cool! Love to laugh!
  57. May 24, 2014
    This movie is funny period. The jokes are funny, the physical humor was ridiculously funny and Rogan and Effron were great. Honestly other then a few instances you like these guys and want to party with them.
  58. May 31, 2014
    My **** seth and zac definitely repped themselves well in this film! I was in a frat myself and this definitely reflected what i felt in my last year of frat!
  59. Jun 6, 2014
    The only good part was heisenbaby, which I saw in the trailers. Humor was just predictable, overused and boring. The plot was useless, and very unrealistic. I doubt they would go THAT long without someone in the WHOLE damn street complaining besides them. Just utterly dumb, don't trust the critics like I did.
  60. Jun 10, 2014
    It is a pretty funny movie but not as funny as I had expected. It definitely made me laugh at certain parts. I just don't think I would watch it again.
  61. Jun 15, 2014
    The film is so-so. My rating 5. There are a few funny moments, but there are also a lot of stupid episodes. I think the film is designed for a category of people for about 20 years
  62. Sep 18, 2014
    Neighbors was been over rated by critics and viewers.
    The jokes are vulgar, not funny at all and the trailer spawl the few good one!
    The acting stays pretty nice but it's not sufficient to make a good movie!!
    I've waited that movie and it was disapointing...
  63. Jul 9, 2014
    The movie was not that amazing, but it was somewhat funny. There were great moments to this movie but I didn't really get what I thought I would get due to the trailers. The movie was O.K. but honestly it could've been a lot better
  64. Jul 18, 2014
    I do not get whats so great about this movie . Seth rogen has been way funnier just see this is the end.The premise was great but they should have gone more r rated or more animal house way
  65. Jul 22, 2014
    This is a must see if you are a Seth Rogen fan. This is one of my favorite movies he has done, and I am a huge fan of most of his work. It has a great cast that works together well. It will keep you laughing almost the whole time. It is one of the best comedies of the summer.
  66. Sep 12, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Better than you might expect.

    It's very much in the Rogen oeuvre but more restrained and less self-indulgent than usual.

    It is confusing that the villains win the day while the heroes fail - but that is just one of the many surprises awaiting you in this film.

    It's a great deal of fun.
  67. Aug 8, 2014
    A very generic movie filled with crude humour. Nothing great about this movie and it seemed that Seth Rogen thinks yelling out expletives and overreacting is great humour. The same gags have been played out by other movies.

    A very tedious movie indeed and it doesn't seem to have a coherent plotline.
  68. Aug 31, 2014
    The movie at first glance was going to involve into something else. At first I thought this was going to be a good comedy, and after there was a total turn in the story - it all went down. Acting was below average, perhaps because I don't see Zefron acting on that kind of a serious level, although still in a comedy - it just doesn't work out at the end.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 45
  2. Negative: 1 out of 45
  1. Reviewed by: David Hiltbrand
    May 9, 2014
    The result is a funny and raucously lewd comedy fueled with enough penis jokes to keep an actual fraternity in stitches for a trimester.
  2. Reviewed by: Marc Mohan
    May 9, 2014
    Neighbors makes "Animal House" look like "Remembrances of Things Past."
  3. Reviewed by: Mike Scott
    May 9, 2014
    Can it be considered a comic masterpiece on the same level as "Animal House," that mother of frat-house comedies? Not by a long shot.