Well Go | Release Date: March 22, 2013
Summary: The head of the Goldmoon crime syndicate is dead. Seizing the opportunity, the police launch an operation called “New World,” using Ja-sung who has been a deep-cover operative for 8 years. With a baby on the way, and living in mortal fear of being exposed as a mole, Ja-sung is torn between his duty and honor as a cop, and the fiercely loyal gang members who will follow him to hell and back. [Well Go USA]
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Runtime: 134 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://wellgousa.com/theatrical/new-world
Genres: Thriller
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Director Credit
Hoon-jung. Park Director
Writer Credit
Hoon-jung. Park Writer
Cast Credit
Gwang Jang Director Yang
Jeong-min Hwang Jeong Cheong
Ji-hyo Song Sin-Woo
Lee Jeong-jae Ja-Seong
Min-sik Choi Section Chief Kang
Seong-Woong Park Cast
Producer Credit
Hyun-woo Kim Executive Producer
Jae-Duk Han Executive Producer
Min-jung Park Producer
Woo-Taek Kim Producer