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  • Summary: Terri (Taraji P. Henson) is a devoted wife and mother of two, living an ideal suburban life in Atlanta when Colin (Idris Elba), a charming but dangerous escaped convict, shows up at her door claiming car trouble. Terri offers her phone to help him but soon learns that no good deed goes unpunished as she finds herself fighting for survival when he invades her home and terrorizes her family. Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Inkoo Kang
    Sep 12, 2014
    [A] perfectly serviceable thriller.
  2. Reviewed by: Lindsey Bahr
    Sep 12, 2014
    There's an intriguing premise buried in there that could have resulted in a smart look inside the mind of a malignant narcissist (which, the movie reminds us over and over again, was Jeffrey Dahmer's diagnosis too).
  3. Reviewed by: Dan Adams
    Sep 19, 2014
    Director Sam Miller’s attempt to take us on a thrill ride feels more like a slow train pulling up to the station.
  4. Reviewed by: Bilge Ebiri
    Sep 12, 2014
    It’s certainly not good. But it’s not entirely dire.
  5. Reviewed by: Andrew Lapin
    Sep 12, 2014
    To the film’s mild credit, it’s the rare woman-in-peril thriller where the woman takes intelligent steps to defend herself.
  6. Reviewed by: Ben Kenigsberg
    Sep 12, 2014
    Even without Mr. Rice in the news, No Good Deed would be damaged goods: an inert “Cape Fear” rehash that can’t seem to choose its favorite contrivance.
  7. Reviewed by: Joe Neumaier
    Sep 12, 2014
    No Good Deed is an example of the worst kind of exploitative thriller — and it’s being released during the worst possible week.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 5 out of 15
  1. Sep 12, 2014
    Been waiting weeks for this one to come out. Don't get to the movies much these days because they're so awful! But I loved it Don't think it's for most guys though Expand
  2. Sep 14, 2014
    Idris Elba is a really good actor and he proves it in this suspenseful movie.Elba plays the psychopath perfectly and Taraji P.Henson is an okay actress.The movie is really enjoyable.I highly recommend it. Expand
  3. Sep 12, 2014
    Ok. Calm down critic people. I used to be very solicitous to your opinions but now I'm totally over you. Most people are not watching a movie from an uber-critical, screenplay-rulebook perspective. We just want to have fun and be entertained for an hour or so. And this movie IS entertaining and is not "bad" at all (I'm a writer, too, so I know when sthg is bad;). Sure it has some cliche moments that all thrillers have come to feature, but that can also be endearing and a sign of using distinct language from a genre, so... get over yourselves, lol, and get some popcorn and watch this movie again with an OPEN mind!!

  4. Sep 13, 2014
    Movie Title: No Good Deed PG-13, 1 hour 24 minutes Grade: C In a Nutshell: He’s creepy. She’s stupid. It’s all very predictable, but that didn’t stop the audience I watched the movie with from screaming, cheering and clapping. And yeah, 90% of the audience was middle-aged women who were happy to see the helpless female victim finally start to fight back and kick some bad guy butt.

    Uplifting theme: Don’t be stupid. Don’t open your door to strangers, especially to large, menacing men who could squash you with their finger. On a serious note, women need to know self-defense and how to handle a firearm.

    Things I liked:

    Idris Elba is excellent. He is equally convincing as a heroic character in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom and Thor , as he is as an escaped felon looking for psychotic revenge.
    Even though I thought the movie was pretty cliched, I still noticed that I was chewing my gum really fast. Despite your head knowing what’s going to happen, your heart still races.
    The beautiful Leslie Bibb plays Meg, Terri’s slutty and wise friend who offers some comic relief.
    The movie takes place in Atlanta. I lived in a suburb near Atlanta for 15 years and loved it. The movie would have benefited, however, from a few of those magical fireflies they have in the South.
    I wondered if this would be a remake of the 2002 Samuel L. Jackson movie No Good Deed , but it’s really not.

    Things I didn’t like:

    Terri could have gotten help from other people so many times during the ordeal. She’s supposed to be an educated District Attorney turned stay-at-home mom, but she makes some really dumb and annoying choices.
    It kind of feels like one of those Lifetime movies created for an estrogen-filled audience.
    I have to admit that I've uttered the phrase "No good deed goes unpunished" many times in my life when I have done something kind and yet it turned around to bite me. It happens. Still, it's important to not become so cynical that you stop serving others. You just have to be smart about it too.

    Interesting lines:

    “I would have thought with all those brains you got, you woulda figured out what game we’re playing.” - Colin
    “Why are you doing this?” - Terri

    “You’ll see.” - Colin

    Tips for parents: I’m not sure why this movie is rated R because it has 2 F-bombs. Idris Elba steps out of a shower and is naked, but because of the lighting, you don’t see anything. The beautiful Taraji Henson wears a tank top that gets wet in a scene…
  5. Sep 13, 2014
    No Good Deed is one those movies where you don't care that it's totally clichéd, predictable, and meaningless; you see it anyway. The movie actually has good acting, and the screenplay isn't horrible. It relies on suspense for its thrills, one thing the movie gets right. The ending is laughable, but overall it's worth seeing. Just wait until it's on Netflix. Expand
  6. Oct 13, 2014
    It's exactly what you would expect it to be: Psychopath vs. Damsel in distress. Predictable, boring, but with some strong performances by the actors leave this somewhere in the middle. If you want a palatable horror-thriller, this may be worth picking up. Expand
  7. Sep 20, 2014
    As much as I like Idris Elba, in Luthor, I have to agree with the critics on this one, no women I know or for that matter person in general could be that stupid, especially with children. Expand

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