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  1. Feb 28, 2014
    I really enjoyed this film. The premise of the film might put you off, as it is the typical one man rescues a lot of people cliché, but you should give the film a chance. Neeson plays the character brilliantly and had a great supporting cast. Sure the story could have been a bit tighter but it still offers an exciting, tense and interesting film that kept the audience guessing. I mean at one point I was even suspecting an old lady! If you get the chance go see the film, it's worth a watch. Expand
  2. Mar 2, 2014
    Great escape for these awful winter months in the East. Neeson's acting skills keep things believable, and the intricacy of the plot helps too. The supporting cast is very strong, so you can easily believe one minute that they are in on the plot and the next minute that they are innocent. Occasionally a little too schmaltzy, but only occasionally. Basically everything moves along at a fast pace and keeps your attention, and the movie gets better as it goes on and gets more hectic. Expand
  3. Feb 28, 2014
    I was surprised how this movie got me. When you hear that its another story about a one-man army that stops innocent people from dying you think this movie is going to be really bad.Only few movies have something interesting in every minute from begining. There is no space for boring conversations just pure airplane thriller. And even with some cliche moments that appear in every movie like this it's good to see that somebody older than 40 can also play a real badass. You won't regret watching it ! Expand
  4. Mar 2, 2014
    non stop is worth seeing . it has everything someone wants in a movie. liam neeson is great so is julliane moore . and the others . take your family to see it
  5. Mar 1, 2014
    Well I went in with mediocre expectations because i didn't really like the theme where a "good guy" seems to get blamed unfairly for a bad behavior as the movie trailers suggest. However, I was pleasantly surprised there were complexities to the plot that go a bit further than you expect. All in all a pretty good action film, but i have to give it a six simply because I'm not sure I'll be raving about it a couple weeks from now. Expand
  6. Feb 28, 2014
    This is a preposterous and laboured actioner that only comes to life in the final twenty minutes when the bad guys are unmasked. The editing tries to create suspense, but the absurdities of the story are strongly resistant to this. There are also attempts at crowd pleasing humour which is woefully unfunny and includes a few jokes which are blatantly racist and homophobic. Liam Neeson should have rested on his laurels instead of trying to be a new Jason Bourne. In fact this film is worse than 'Taken' and that's saying something. Only the landing of the plane offers some genuine excitement. As for poor Julianne Moore, this is certainly 'Far From Heaven'. Expand
  7. Mar 1, 2014
    In 2009, actor Liam Neeson starred in Pierre Morel’s surprise sleeper hit Taken, and what begun was an onslaught of early year/before spring Neeson action releases that solidified the star as playing aging, ‘could-be real life’ superheroes. Since then, there are only two things certain about early action film releases; there will always be one featuring kick-ass icon Jason Statham playing the younger, balder super human hero, and one featuring Neeson, usually playing a wrinkled, more seasoned action star who could very well be your father (or grandfather)–which was badass three films ago. Deep down I am secretly waiting for Hollywood to come to their senses and announce a showdown between the two action superstars. Now talk about a kick-ass early year action release that we kinda saw coming. With something as expected as a Neeson release, also comes the expectation for a cliched, unoriginal, and purely entertaining action story line. Unexpectedly collaborating again with his Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra, Neeson buckles up for an actioner set in the sky. Unlike the highly entertaining nineties guilty pleasure Air Force One, Non-Stop seems to steer more in the direction of the wholly disastrous Flightplan. After all is said and done, the film becomes a constant re-hashing of previous wind-cutting skyline action films without much original altitude.

    Neeson plays Bill Marks, an ex-NYPD officer whose life has been riddled by alcohol and pity for his inability to deliver as a father and husband. Taking cues from 2012 Flight, the comparison between Washington’s intoxicated and wholly unorthodox airline pilot Whip Whitaker and Neeson’s drunken Air Marshal Marks is almost impossible to ignore–but with less satisfying results. As Marks boards his next plane, arguing with his superiors on the phone, he is on the look out for suspecting terrorists. Like most flights today, everyone who boards seem to be the same blend of miserable, occupied, exhausted and professional. As the flight takes off and Marks grips his armrest, he befriends his by chance, first-class neighbour Jen Summers (Julianne Moore). As they get to know one another, Marks receives an anonymous message via a secure network on his mobile device threatening to kill a passenger on the flight every twenty minutes. As the plane makes its way over the Atlantic, hours from the closest airport, Marks must figure out who is attempting to sabotage the plane and it’s passengers, as well as frame him for a terrorist attack on the very plane he was hired to Marshal.

    Screenwriters John W. Richardson, Christopher Roach and Ryan Engle had the potential to do so much with a script surrounding an Air Marshal in a post-9/11 world, yet the three seemed to diddle-daddle in familiar, mystery/thriller action territory. The characters are just about as interesting as the reasoning behind the terrorist attack. Neeson brings nothing new or special to the role, leaving all that talent behind on the runway. Obvious jabs are directed towards the only clear terrorist stereotype of the film, Dr. Fahim Nasir, played with poise by Omar Metwally, the only Afghan on the flight. Throughout the film, the other passengers questions Marks’ quick and uninterested attitude towards Dr. Nasir, usually resulting in a face with raised eyebrows and a “that’s it?”, even from fellow officer on-board Austin Reilly (Corey Stoll). Non-Stop shows the ignorance and fear that people still carry with them while travelling as so many are still quick to assume terror with Muslims or Middle-Easterners. It was moments like these that make one question the integrity and intelligence of the writers; either they intentionally sought to bring to light this point, or they just felt the need to capitalize on an assumption they figured everyone would make. If you ask me, this alone would make for a much more interesting take on the affects of people on a non-stop flight than what was delivered instead.

    The film is a truly safe, by-the numbers ‘whodunit’ with traces of unoriginal directing and half-assed acting. Marks watches his plane fill up with people with hazy eyes and blurry vision, insinuating his drunken state of mind. It’s too bad the film serves nothing interesting once your strapped in and settled.

    By the time the big twist comes and the baddies are revealed, there are only a few questions that are left running around non-stop; is there anything Moore can’t be good at? How was Collet-Serra able to round out a cast that includes Scoot McNairy, Nate Parker and Lupita Nyong’o? And why the hell is Neeson so inclined to collaborate with his formulaic and unoriginal director a third time in the upcoming Run All Night feature that is set on February 6th 2015, where, as expected, much of the same uncreative action antics will surely take place?
  8. Feb 28, 2014
    Liam Neeson reunites with Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra for this high-flying whodunit Non-Stop that requires Neeson's alcoholic air marshal to crack heads to stop a murder plot. The film works for the most part until it's final act. The didactic tone of Non-Stop's final third serves to amplify its passable hokeyness. Does Marks really need to be an alcoholic and a grieving father and the victim of conspiracy? Does he really have to be the protector of a plane-load of innocents and the father figure to a little girl flying alone for the first time? As Non-Stop answers its narrative questions, it cranks up the action dial to preposterous proportions. It resists its natural tendency to be slick, simple, and tense. But when Collet-Serra hands it off to the talent, Non-Stop is a gripping battle of banter. Agatha would approve. Expand
  9. Mar 6, 2014
    An amazing popcorn movie. The mystery correctly overpowers the "action" elements and makes this a very enjoyable guessing game. It's fun to again try to figure out what is going to happen next and to try to guess the identity of the bad guy or guys -- or gals! Best fight in a moving toilet since FROM RUSSIAN WITH LOVE.
  10. Mar 6, 2014
    I love Jaume Collet-Serra's films, they are interesting and they are always apart of being mediocre, I loved "Unknown" which also stars Liam Neeson. "Orphan" which is one of my all time favorites. Despite I knew little to nothing about this film, when the credits showed up I recognized it is a Jaume Collet-Serra film. As for Non-Stop it is a rapid intense ride, filled with cool cinematography and executions. If you are able to buy the characters you will enjoy every frame despite the lack of perfection. Expand
  11. Mar 8, 2014
    Just a terrible movie. The premise was absurd. The screenplay was laughable. The special effects will circa 1990. Not only is suspension of disbelief required, but suspension of IQ. I like Julienne Moore and Liam Neeson but both could not lift the quality of this film. Moore is much too flip during what should have been the most horrific experience a human could endure and survive. And to end with a silly love interest on a tarmac is the epitome of absurdity. Expand
  12. Feb 28, 2014
    As Matthew McConaughey turns from a nude bongo romantic comedy lead into a very respected Oscar nominated 'serious' actor Liam Neeson has gone from a serious actor to an action star and he continues in that mode with "Non-Stop". With his hang dog, sad sack face you know within minutes of the film starting this man has had a rough time and along with fighting possible alcoholism he is fighting past demons.

    Bill Marks (Neeson) is a Federal Air Marshall who within minutes of the plane he is on he gets a call on his cellphone demanding millions of dollars or every 20 minutes someone on the plane will be killed. Bill is being set up as the hijacker of the plane and the money and his boss, along with others in the government, suspect it is true.

    The Marshall suspects everyone on the plane except an eight year old girl. Becca. (Quinn McColgan) that gives him a chance to show his tender side. We meet his seatmate Jan (Julianne Moore), flight attendants Nancy (Michelle Dockery) and Gwen (Lupita Nyong'o) along with a teacher, doctor, pilot and co-pilot, a New York policeman and as varied a crowd as you would find on any plane and Bill, along with the audience, try to figure out who is behind it all. You know a film is working when you suspect the child could be behind it all, if only for a minute.

    As an action film "Non-Stop" fits all the requirements including a few, well many, illogical monents, fights, guilty party going from one suspect to another, fights, manufactured but effective suspense, fights, a possible past and future love story and, oh yes, did I mention fights?

    Neeson does everything the questionable hero is expected to do and all the cast support him though the women are more or less wasted, especially Moore and Nyong'o, the latter given very little to say but shows off that Grace Jones hair style with class.

    As Allen said while walking out "I'm exhausted," being pulled into the film as most of the audience was. Many people stayed for the ending credits to see who played what role as many faces were familiar but not quite a name!

    Director Jaume Collet-Serra keeps the action moving including a very believable 2 man fight in the plane's restroom. The screenwriters John W. Richardson, Chris Roach and Ryan Engle keep the story going maintaining suspense, if not always logical, while the score by John Ottman almost unnoticeable adds to the tension.

    For those who like action films this is a good one and even those who don't (me) will enjoy it.
  13. Mar 13, 2014
    Even though there are sometimes illogical aspects to this film (like an air marshal trying to keep everyone with exception of a few in the dark about what is going on yet he talks full voice in the middle of where everyone is sitting to a character about what is going on but the situation is treated like no one can hear what he is saying) it still works in a really odd way. I'll be honest I was made to see this, and I didn't really care to, but I enjoyed myself. Liam does flesh out his character enough that it works with the plot. It's not something you need to see in the theater but check this out you will be entertained. Expand
  14. Mar 12, 2014
    Easily the most intense film I've experienced so far this year! Liam Neeson finds himself in yet another great badass role. Aside from him, the action is high octane and very entertaining. The highly involving plot will keep you guessing (and is likely to surprise you several times as well.) I won't say much else other than the final act of the film is completely insane and intense. All of these things put together easily makes this the most fun and gripping action movie thus far this year! Expand
  15. Mar 1, 2014
    This is one of the best films to come out this year, I really enjoyed this film and I don't think the critics know what is good these days by the low scores a lot of them are giving this film, everyone should watch this film it is great and you will not be disappointed
  16. Mar 31, 2014
    I went to this movie with very low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. It is ridiculous, ludicrous, stupid, and the ending is very poor. However, it is damn entertaining! If you want to kill a couple hours, you could do worse. Perhaps wait to watch it on DVD (or on a plane).
  17. Mar 24, 2014
    When I saw the trailer I thought this movie will suck. But I was wrong. It don´t have a lot of action, but it still being great. I really recommend it.

  18. Apr 7, 2014
    Non Stop was an excellent film, the premise would take some unexpected turns, that would work, but only some of them wouldn't. The Characters were fantastic Neeson played an excellent role of the flight attendant. The suspense will leave the audience shocked. Overall I really enjoyed non stop.
  19. Feb 28, 2014
    The Metascores seems to be right on for this film. It's a nice set-up, the supporting cast is excellent, but the ultimate explanation as to what is happening and why it's happening is highly unsatisfying. It's a good solid vehicle for Liam Neeson's new superhero persona. If only the story were a bit tighter.
  20. Mar 3, 2014
    Liam Neeson is a credible action movie lead and he is fine in Non-Stop. But the writing is so bad and corny, that there are ostensibly tense, serious scenes that actually made me laugh out loud. In the beginning of the movie, the director goes out of his way to make numerous people looks suspicious and creepy. This leads to a great deal of stupidity. I am glad that Julianne Moore got paid well for this dribble, so she can make 2-3 good art movies in the next couple of years. I love action movies as a genre; they are without a doubt my guilty pleasure. But this film is just terrible. Corny, obvious, intermittently being racist and challenging racial stereotypes, stock characters, bad dialogue and, quite frankly, a ridiculous premise. This is a bad movie. Expand
  21. Mar 2, 2014
    I don't think I have ever had a movie annoy me this much - not because the movie is necessarily bad - what was more concerning is that people have actually become so ignorant and illogical that the movie is NOT just treated as entertainment, but plausible. People around me after the movie were actually talking about how this is possible and what can be done to prevent it - seriously...

    There are so many flaws in this movie that it is absurd that people treat this as viable. I am not going to point out the flaws and spoil the movie for those that have not seen it and want to be entertained. Just take the movie as what it is meant to be entertainment and NOT even close to realistically possible.
  22. Mar 7, 2014
    Liam Neeson continues his action streak with his portrayal of a U.S. Air Marshall, who encounters lethal threats against the passengers of his transatlantic flight. As is typical of these modern heroes, he's alcoholic and has other personal demons that serve to add needless baggage (pun intended). The whodunit aspects are compelling: there are a limited number of passengers and suspicion bounces around the cabin. The action is often too jumbled to get a grip, but anxiety rises from time to time. It's just doesn't sustain or build tension and spends too much time in paranoid chatter to be the gripping, non-stop ride it promised. Expand
  23. Mar 17, 2014
    This is a good solid popcorn film. The premise is totally unbelievable but it is frantically paced and fun. These two guys are the fastest "texters" on the planet, nobody can text that fast, and when the bad guy tells him someone will be killed every 20 minutes the hero touches one button on his watch and it is automatically in timer mode set to 20 minutes! There are many other absurdities, especially the reason that the bad guys are doing this, but I still enjoyed the film because of its action and fast pacing. Liam Neeson is always fun in this type of role. Expand
  24. Mar 13, 2014
    I like that Liam Neesons, but the writers of this clunky film wasted some decent actors and my time. I wanted to like this film, but it was so heavy-handed, that it drowned whatever suspense was able to raise a spindly shoot. Holes you could fly a plane through (well a Cessna, at least) and all the while texting. Disappointed, wish there had been snakes.
  25. Jul 9, 2014
    Despite some plot inconsistencies and conveniences the movie succeeds thanks to some actual tension and the always enjoyable Liam Neeson. Watching him trying to piece together exactly what is going on is quite entertaining thanks to some novel ideas and the fact that it leaves you constantly guessing at what's going on. It's one heck of a flight and Neeson and the rest of the cast keep things tight. Overall I give it an 8.8/10 and recommend you check this one out. Expand
  26. Apr 2, 2014
    It's great to see Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson successfully opening an action film and Non-Stop starts out promisingly enough, however the plot soon loses rhyme and reason and I found myself losing interest and sympathy for any of the characters. The last 30 minutes were so daft it was difficult to watch. However, most people love it so what do I know?
  27. Mar 14, 2014
    Entertaining movie, keeps the audience thinking and guessing. The high pace of the movie hides scenario bugs, unclear causes and events, for instance how the killings happened, is it possible for an airplane to survive an explosion, how the guns passed the checks before boarding, how did Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) accidentally discover a hidden window in the restroom? Some story lines are fictitious, such as the inclusion of a little frightened girl, and the story of Jen Summers (Julianne Moore). Nonetheless, the movie didn't pretend much but absorbing the audience, which really happened. It is a kind of puzzling game to unfold the sender of the SMSs to Bill Marks, it is not clear how they were sent. The characters are meant to distract
    him and the audience as well, typical of suspense movies. But it is entertaining and worth watching.
  28. Mar 24, 2014
    Ridiculous, proposterious.. That was my initial thoughts heading into Non-Stop. However, as farfetched as the film seems I was pleasantly surprised as this was better than I anticipated, with a few complexities thrown in along the way. Liam Neeson is a U.S air martial on a flight from New York to London however midway over the Atlantic Ocean he recieves a text on his secure phone stating that someone aboard the plane will die every 20 minutes unoless $150million is transferred into a specific bank account. From there the mystery unfolds with Neeson trying to uncover who the person is responsible aboard the flight. Ofcourse, there are those cliche moments that you would expect and given his recent outings it's exactly what we've come to expect from Liam Neeson. If you go into the film without high expectations and enjoy it for what it is, then you'll no doubt be entertained. It's not going to win any awards but to pass the time it's worth the watch. Expand
  29. Mar 6, 2014
    Non-Stop is a 2014 mystery suspense action thriller set aboard a flight from New York to London, starring none other than Liam Neeson. It’s fortunately not in the style of Taken, whereby almost everything is offset by enjoyable, brainless action and a completely illogical plot, but this being from this specific genre with Liam Neeson it’s often hard to let off so easily. Sure, we gain a sympathetic situation from an air marshal with horrific problems to deal with (I couldn’t help it when it was announced his daughter had died from acute leukaemia at the age of 8, mirrored with the conversation with Jennifer about the blue ribbon that his 17 year old daughter had given him because despite being who he is, he’s still pretty much a damaged person), the film itself doesn’t often follow through with the morality themes it has given itself. To an extent, it is entertaining in a better way that you have to use your brain (for the most part), but has an ancient habit of not in the least well done plot devices.

    Liam Neeson is Bill Marks, an air marshal, who discovers the flight he is on has someone threatening to kill a passenger on board every 20 minutes if $150 million is not wired to a given account number. The set-up is simple and solid and we come to an understanding of a thrilling suspense ride that combines both intelligence and action. The hype is definitely not surprising.

    We gain much of this from the acknowledgement of the question many people would be asking: “How do you kill someone on a passenger plane without anyone noticing?” I mean, with the limited space 40,000 ft. above the ground, it would be too easy. That film wouldn’t exactly be the most popular.

    It helps that we are given a conventional beginning to lead us through, with the usual action of boarding the plane (his alcoholism is prominent right from the start) and interacting with crew members and passengers. In particular he takes a shine to Jennifer Summers (played by Julianne Moore) and manages to find trust in Steward Nancy Hoffman (played by Michelle Dockery).

    This is significant to the plot strength, because if he is to discover how someone kills someone aboard a passenger plane discreetly, he needs to know about the other passengers and that includes asking for help. Although, there’s a weakness here – of course it’s meant to be difficult considering the circumstances and what better way than to throw a plot twist in there? However, it does stretch out coherently enough, really only until the final act where a plot device manages to make its way in.

    What doesn’t make sense is that Bill gains and regains people’s trust too quickly in spite of the revelations. Perhaps the sympathy card was played for that reason – they can’t trust him enough as an air marshal but after airing his problems people have no other idea but to. I suppose it wouldn’t work if he didn’t have the jaded persona, but at the same time it doesn’t come naturally. If they had only one reason to trust him it would be because what he was doing was trying to save their lives and that they had to. The media is a volatile outlet and to retract the statement of being the FBI’s (we’re talking high class investigation here) prime suspect in a hijacking wouldn’t be that easy to do.

    The film sometimes forgets that it aims to bring its own morality to the table due to its own idea of logic.
    The distrust is too often forgotten, the theme of futility and hope getting more intermittent as the film progresses and whether the physics of being able to muffle a bomb blast in an airplane while managing to land it and have the present passengers all survive still sounds questionable. But a specific saving grace happens to be a young girl named Becca, travelling alone to meet her father, a walking symbol of a fragment of Bill’s life that he can finally share an experience with that he was never able to last with his own daughter. The blue ribbon being quite obvious.

    To an extent, this film is an enjoyable ride that sets up on a take-off with a solid, excusable premise that misses points and jumps too quickly. It is refreshing to see a wide range of people represented, showing a distinctive power of a lack of discrimination. When Bill doesn’t know who to trust, it’s simple to know he’s doing it out of a genuine lack of knowledge and that he addresses those he needs to in order to know what’s really going on. What doesn’t work though, is that what ends up as a possible development ends up being squandered for the usual kind of ending – Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson looking at each other in the style of a happy ending of a romantic comedy. Being a mystery suspense action thriller, that’s definitely not what I was expecting (for a Liam Neeson film, I was hoping he didn’t have to do this).
  30. May 28, 2014
    Thrilling, old fashioned thriller, buoyed by great performance by the ever dependable Neeson. Better than you expect, and more of a mystery thriller than an action flick.
  31. Mar 6, 2014
    With Liam Neeson soaring high as a legitimate action hero and gradually intense plot, Non-Stop could have been great, but the asinine final act undermines its thrilling build up. The movie boasts many talented cast, its cinematography dances around in such tight space, and it produces a sense of inescapable situation well. For most part, the story holds together, weaving seemingly impossible feats of crime above the sky, only to falls later with far-fetch conclusion, perhaps inspired by older Samuel L. Jackson's movie of the same premise.

    Concept of being trapped and threatened mid-flight is used in an intriguing fashion. Tension escalates nicely and in familiar small inescapable space, the struggle will be relatable to the audience. Characters are introduced swiftly with skillful editing, its cast does good job on keeping the exhilaration going. At most times, the movie ventures into psychological thriller realm, connecting riddle after riddle. In contrast of more action heavy movies Liam Neeson has done in recent years or what the poster may suggest, the action takes a backseat in exchange of more intellectual coping of the characters in the predicament.

    Liam Neeson as Bill Marks, moves and acts with necessary vigor, he's a good action hero with reliance on mental fortitude instead of muscle strength alone. Julianne Moore does well as Jen Summers, an unlucky passenger who's caught up in Bill's unyielding search of the culprit. She looks very natural, quite a charming innocent bystander, yet peculiarly frantic enough at some times to arouse suspicion. The rest is decent, including rising star Lupita Nyong'o, they ensure a colorful personalities among the characters as they portray quite believable reactions, up to a point.

    The director gives good perspective in confined rooms. Camera angle shows restriction, but still enough for the scenes to be enjoyable without feeling too clustered. At more ardent sequences the camera even makes continuous shot of the event, which is pretty impressive considering things can get hectic. Little details, such as floating HUD of cellphones or display of the surveillance cameras provide easy viewing for the audience, without having a protagonist narrates everything clumsily.

    Its main problem is its ending. As the movie progresses with elaborate schemes, you'd be most likely invested in the story, thus hoping for a clever fascinating conclusion. Sadly, it is not so. The movies somewhat loses fuel in the end, even resorting to absurd plot twist as fume. This is a very hackneyed solution, one which decreases the excitement from the build up significantly. Non-Stop could have been a great movie, if not for its rather disappointing end.
  32. Jun 15, 2014
    Non-Stop looks like "Taken" on a plane but, unfortunately, it was nowhere near as enjoyable to watch. Liam Neeson is still awesome but the plot was horrible and the "twist" at the end tried to force some mediocre and cliched anti-war agenda. Honestly, this is one of the most disappointing Neeson films I've seen.
  33. Mar 18, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My first cinema-going in Cairo in a rather mini-screen room downtown, my big-screen attendance needs to be revived, but in this arid season, the only credible choice (for me at least) is this Liam Neeson’s action flick, very pertinent to the current mystifying tragedy of Malaysian airline’s missing Boeing 777-200ER, and not the least because my goddess Moore is in it too, returns the favour to Neeson as a red-herring-and-the-possible-love-interest in it after their largely overlooked collaboration in Atom Egoyan’s erotic thriller CHLOE (2009, 7/10), oops, spoilers alert!

    The premise is smart and efficient enough to pique audience’s interest in this airplane-bound whodunit hijacking, Bill Marks (Neeson), an air marshal with alcoholic problem and a heart-rending past, tries to expose the mastermind who extorts $150 million to an account abroad by claiming to kill one fuselage-confined passenger (or crew member) every 20 minutes inside a transatlantic vehicle. What is more insidious, the plot is divulged to frame Marks as the fall guy, and with some inexplicable twists and three body counts, it almost works.

    But no one should pick on Liam Neeson, overtly the most bankable action star over-60 presently (TAKEN 2008, 7/10; THE GREY 2011, 7/10; TAKEN 2 2012, 5/10), take that Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis! Reunited with Jaume Collet-Serra, the director of UNKNOWN (2011), he is forlorn and desperate to outstrip his unidentified enemy, but he will catch the culprit under any circumstances. So we all embark on the shot in the dark with Bill, deducing by appearance, physiognomy, utterance and of course, ethnics, but the film firmly sticks to the political correctness. The message communication between Marks and the unknown terrorist who hacks the specialised network inside the aircraft plays a major part in conveying information essential to audience’s own judgement and slickly props up the storytelling along the riddle until a time-bomb is uncovered. Then one negligent boo-boo will betray who is the extorter.

    It is a challenging task to round up such an original scheme and offer a satisfactory explanation, so the finishing-up process is cursorily executed (especially the motive and the preposterous set pieces involving several key characters’ conduct), it is understandable but the thirsty of a plausible closure has never been properly quenched, maybe they are working on a sequel due to its rosy box office achievements, hope Moore’s role can be excavated (from the huge scar on her chest) much deeper since she could be the big boss behind all the catastrophe.

    Neeson is formidable and vulnerable alternately, he certainly enjoys the exploitation of the typecast lone-hero fashion, but one does hope he can return to his character-actor realm during the breaks, he is much overdue for some serious recognition besides these cash consolation after the ski tragedy killed his wife Natasha Richardson. The rest of the cast is borderline passable, glad to see Dockery manage to grab a decent role on big screen out of her DOWNTON ABBEY property. But Nyong’o doesn’t need this on her filmography at all, I will not spoil too much, nevertheless a big relief for me is that she survives instead of being written off hastily with her Grace Jones hairstyling.
  34. Jun 10, 2014
    Gets a bit tiresome after a while and would have been better if it were a bit shorter but overall, It was pretty good. The plot was solid, The plot twists added some excitement to the film, and the action, even though there isn't much of it, is good as well. Overall, If you liked Taken then you will certainly like Non-Stop. It's a pretty solid movie overall.
  35. Sep 3, 2014
    If you watched the trailer to Non-Stop, then just like me, you likely went to see this one purely for Lady Mary punching flight attendants. Non-Stop has the tendency to resemble other films of the genre, but it throws predictability out the door with an interesting ending twist.
  36. May 26, 2014
    A great fast paced thriller that kept your interest for most of the way through but the ending could have been a little more creative. Absurd but fun to watch.
  37. May 27, 2014
    A good set up played with interesting characters.There was a nice blend of thrills, drama, suspense, and moments of comedic relief to keep my attention all the way through. With a movie like this, it was everything you would hope it would be.
  38. Sep 26, 2014
    A ridiculousness movie with a story so outrageous that it sets a new low for Hollywood. A list actors hopefully getting well paid and vastly underused. The screenplay is ludicrous and the action scenes are pathetic. What a waste of actors.
  39. Mar 10, 2014
    A lot better than I thought it would be. I was not in the mood for this kind of movie. I just knew it was going to be a Taken 3 type. Well it kinda is, but there is much more thinking and suspense than there is bullets flying. I will catch this one again as it gets onto cable tv where this movie is on a non stop path to. ;)
  40. Mar 8, 2014
    Although it possesses one of the nastiest third acts I've witnessed in recent memory, the majority of "Non-Stop" seems to contain a hefty amount of thrills, intrigue, and snappy direction.
  41. Jul 8, 2014
    It was an entertaining thriller set in a small surrounded area. I mean the whole movie takes place on a plane while it was flying above the ocean between two continents. As we know it was shot in a studio as much possible limited budget. Very well made movie with good support from the cast. Earlier I believed it was like the British movie 'Panic Button', except the limited passengers. If you had seen that, you would thought similar way. Anyway, it was lots better than that, except the pace.

    Since the movie 'Taken' most of the Liam Neeson movie's were similar type. At least all his characters were portrayed close to each others and in this movie it was not spared. Of course, there have been lots of changes made. He played as an alcoholic air marshal in this. On his duty while his plane carrying hundreds of passengers to London from New York, he gets hinted that a man on board trying to threaten the safe journey. On the midway, over Atlantic ocean he's clueless, but must find him before everything he said turn into reality. So the game begins between the good and bad. Whether the plane safely lands its destination is the movie's finale.

    ‘‘I always kind of liked flying,
    six hours in one seat and nobody can get to you.’’

    The suspense was better than I expected. It puts the viewers to engage in solving the puzzle. So the entertainment was promised till the twist come into play. Once the it explains its mystery that was carried all the way, at that moment I felt it was not cleverly done. Slightly not a satisfied solution for curiosity it created. Because it was simple and predictable once you come to know the truth. Especially the bad guys were weak in strength to handle the good guy. Julianne Moore role was looked kind of comedy to me. I would have not agreed to do that if I was her. Anyway the story asked for pawns to draw a confusion graph while narrating the main plot. A nice mystery movie, starts well, developed well in the middle, but did not end in similar fashion. To me the conclusion could have been a better, otherwise it would have not been an acceptable action-thriller.

  42. Mar 11, 2014
    It was actually somehow not terrible like most February Liam Neeson movies. Non-Stop actually has a pretty decent plot and solid action, but that stupid post-911 cash in at the end really brings the whole thing down from being great. Still, I thought it was solid for February.
  43. Mar 7, 2014
    Liam Neeson continues to impress as an action star. I was very tuned into what was going on in the movie and constantly trying to figure out who the culprit could possibly be. Things could have very easily been Liam Neeson punching people on a plane, but it turned out to be smarting than that, wrapping you up in the mystery.
  44. Mar 12, 2014
    This movie is enjoyable and the acting is very good. The plot is decent and only has a few small holes in it, three that we could find. The story is believable and sucks you in momentarily, but is not ground-breaking and will be forgotten in a few years.
  45. Jun 14, 2014
    Just a flat out fun movie that lacks all plausibility but in the end who cares. The film is well acted and even with the ridiculousness it's never boring. B+
  46. Mar 15, 2014
    What makes this movie so enjoyable is that it resembles old-fashioned Liam Neeson action flicks like "Taken", "Unknown", and "The Grey". "Non-Stop" is an interesting thriller that while cliched still engages you as an audience member and keeps you guessing. Liam Neeson once again commands the role but as an alcoholic down on his luck. I really like that this was a different type of action hero for Liam to play. Unlike being a perfect bad-a** from "Taken", "Unknown", etc, he was shaping and molding into a bad-a** even though his character was completely damaged. While some characters are heard more than others, the ones who stick out are the ones that make the movie engaging. Overall, it's a thriller with some thrills even through its cliches. I give it a B+! Plus, I give the movie more of a 7.5 rather than a 7. Just F.W.I! Expand
  47. Jul 4, 2014
    Good enough movie, but the ending was so absurd it just ruined it. The film makers wanted to have the Tea-Party as the villains, but obviously have no clue as to what the Tea-Party actually stands for. So you get action and drama rounded off with jarring nonsensical monologues at the end. Such a shame they had to ruin the film with their daft liberal hang-ups.
    Would give 6, but knocking
    off 4 for the ending, it was that bad. Expand
  48. Mar 22, 2014
    Average flick but can enjoy yourselves one time (at theatre). I laughed out loud in the scene where Liam gives the girl a ribbon, and the girl replies 'Are you bribing me?'
  49. Jun 9, 2014
    Good mystery thriller- really fun time- liam neeson gives a good energetic performance -and also good supporting cast- simple plot presented in a very interesting way- suspense make us excited- over all really good mystery suspense film,go and watch it
  50. Aug 3, 2014
    An amazing thriller, that takes full advantage of actress roles and expansion of character development. Which is the key to, feeling attached to character. Non-stop has achieve this, while keeping the audiences on the edge of their sets watching the turn of events unfold. Its almost impossible to pull yourself away from the movie and i believe that calls for a awesomeness! Non-stop is definitely worth a blu-ray purchase! Expand
  51. Aug 1, 2014
    This was a very engaging thriller that keeps you on your toes. Surprised it was not hyped more for the theater audience. Not a blockbuster, but a fairly solid, enjoyable popcorn movie.
  52. Mar 2, 2014
    This movie is great non-stop action movie. Just another classic from the great liam. You will not be disappointed. I could not guess who the bad guys was till the end of the movie, that is the first time that has happened. Go see it.
  53. Mar 8, 2014
    It’s the off-season action flick we have all been waiting for. It has Liam Neeson, a strong supporting cast, a dangerous and suspenseful premise, and is set 40,000 feet in the air. So what went wrong? It was not entirely the fault of director Jaume Collet-Serra, who also handled the 2011 Liam Neeson/Diane Kruger blockbuster Unknown. Rather, the blame for Non-Stop’s shortcomings goes to its inexperienced and blundering writers. By barely stringing together what may be the most convoluted action plot in recent years, the greater tension in Non-Stop comes from whether or not the writers can express an idea in its entirety or send it crashing to the ground in a ball of fire and smoke.
    The concept itself isn’t horrible to begin with. A less cerebral, fast paced, sky high Murder on the Orient Express where the protagonist has to fight both external and internal problems to save the remaining passengers on board – not an awful start. And the film gets off on the right footing, establishing the more deep and personal side of Neeson’s character before jumping into the plot. Metallic and lugubrious blues comprise most of the color palate, while symmetry and organization dominates the cinematography, establishing a somewhat unique mise en scène for a Hollywood action film. There is nothing truly intricate or memorable about the film’s editing. Safe to say, the invisible edits went by without a second glance. However, I would have liked it if Collet-Serra had thrown in some more creativity with the shots; for example, a long, continuous shot could have broken the monotony that some of the action scenes faced.
    The acting in Non-Stop was surprisingly decent (save for some awkwardly casted antagonists). Sure, Liam Neeson delivered basically the same performance he does in all of his films. But he was able to meet our expectations with conviction and ease. Julianne Moore’s character, although introduced a little awkwardly, came across as natural and comfortably likeable (someone well needed in an ensemble of alcoholic mopeys and manic passengers). A strong supporting cast, including “Downton Abbey” sweetheart Michelle Dockery, helps carry this film. Unfortunately, like the plane in the film, not even their efforts can stop the film from going down near the end of its journey.
    Go ahead and watch Non-Stop. But in order to make the experience enjoyable, try not to think about it as its progresses. That doesn’t necessarily mean, “Shut your brain off.” In order to enjoy the mystery and cleverness of the first half, you’ll have to keep your brain on just enough to not be tripped up by Non-Stop’s technical flaws. But beware: the film’s attempts to be gripping and suspenseful will seriously backfire once it fails to maintain its cleverness in the second half.

    FINAL SCORE: 57.5 (ok ---------------o----- a decent watch)
  54. Jul 11, 2014
    A Thrilling and enjoyable film with Liam Neeson!

    Non-Stop is a mysterious and entertaining movie that keeps you searching for the answer in the film. The actors in Non-Stop are wonderful, and I never got bored because the story is magnificent. The bad thing about this film is that both the plot and the end was slow and boring, and the CGI wasn't the best I’ve seen. The movie overall
    isn’t as unique what I thought it would be, and the music could have been more touching.

    It’s both a mysterious, and thrilling film.

    Non-Stop gets a 7.5/10
  55. Mar 3, 2014
    Very well done shows how a movie should be done. Just two major film stars and a slew of great minor characters roles and actors of quality . Edited precise and quick paced makes a claustrophobic whodunit more intense . On the same level as Unknown in plot and movement .
  56. Jun 12, 2014
    Going into Non-Stop i knew this movie was going to be unbelievable with a simple plot but to my surprise the movie was actually pretty good. The movie is a thrill ride no doubt about that and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time, its also really intense, fast paced, and well acted. I guess some people say the scenarios that take place in the film are unrealistic but honestly its nothing out of the ordinary for this genre. It seems like some people don't care if a movie is unrealistic mainly superhero movies but then with movies like this they expect realism. This is my second viewing of the movie first time was at the theaters and honestly it really did't catch my attention so that's why my first rating for it was average and i left a lazy review here but after just watching it i have to say i really enjoyed it more this time around.

    The film follows Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) a United States Air Marshal with a bit of a drinking problem and while on a flight from New York to London he receives a text message on his secure cell phone stating that if they do not get $150 million dollars transferred into an account they are going to kill someone on the plane every 20 minutes. Now we have our movie and which for the most part it consist of Marks, a few crew members, and Mark's side passenger Jen Summers (Julianne Moore) who he trust because she was sleeping next to him when he started to receive the messages. After trying a few ways to figure out the person and after a couple people die Marks starts to trust no one but that's not his only problem is seems the account that the money was supposed to be wired to was in his name so now the government thinks he is the one trying to hijack the plane. Things even become worse when Marks finds a bomb on the plane and realizes that who ever is doing this never really cared about the money.

    Now i really really enjoyed the whole movie but i felt like the last 15-20 minutes of the movie seemed to have some lazy writing. Now my biggest problem with the movie was the reason behind why the plane was hijacked it was just rather unsatisfying from a viewer perspective. Ill also give the movie credit for not trying to pull the typical twist cliche ending with who might be involved with the hijacking. The acting was great all around Liam Neeson playing bad ass never gets old it seems, also Julianne Moore was a delight to watch even though she does a basic performance. Director Jaume Collet-Serra and Lian Neeson have done two movies together both being good action thrillers i wouldn't mind them hooking up again to make another one.

    Overall i give it a 7.5 Give it a chance people its better then what you'd expect
  57. Apr 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Modern day action man Liam Neeson is back in Non-Stop, a fairly generic mystery thriller set almost entirely aboard a transatlantic flight from New York to London where Neeson must root out a terrorist who has vowed to kill a passenger every twenty minutes until his demands are met.

    Even if the plot is a little contrived, it does have unexpected twists and turns; including the methods through which the killer carries out his murders. There is plenty of suspense, and Neeson bring his natural gravitas to the role.

    It may seem grandiose to apply such analysis to an obvious B-movie such as this, but there’s something elegant in its adherence to the classical unities of drama, which are rarely explored in mainstream works. Indeed, the film is almost set in real time, each twenty minute increment of the film roughly corresponding to each twenty minute ultimatum given by the antagonist.

    The initial sequence in the airport is an engaging opening; a collage of disorientating images which emphasise the disconnection Neeson’s character feels from the world around him. Once aboard the aircraft, we are treated to a less subtle series of shots introducing us to the motley crew of passengers, who invite suspicion with their mysterious aside glances. You can tell already that these characters will later become the major suspects in the investigation.

    Neeson’s as forlorn and enigmatic as ever, though his character is unlikely: a jaded alcoholic US Air Marshal who’s terrified of flying, when he really needs all his wits about him. In contrast to other films which cast him as an American with no explanation, Non-Stop takes a rare opportunity to justify his Northern Irish accent by listing his birthplace as Belfast, and even making a small plot point out of the revelation.

    Indeed, despite the very American themes which ultimately come to define the picture, this is an inspiringly international affair. It was produced primarily as a French-American collaboration, but helmed by Juame Collet-Serra the Spanish director of Neeson’s previous action outing, the Berlin-set Unknown (2011). In addition to the Northern Irish leading man, there’s a British vein running throughout by virtue of the plane itself being a British staffed flight to London, providing the chance to cast some UK talent as well as some Americans feigning over the top faux accents.

    When he’s not working furiously against the clock, Neeson’s character humanised with a few compulsive characteristics: a shameless tug at the heartstrings each time Neeson interacts with the terrified child aboard the flight, a weakness for smoking in aeroplane toilets, presumably as a stress relief, and a ribbon he ties around his fingers during takeoff.

    Naturally, the latter provides an icebreaker, sparking a conversation with fellow traveller Jen (Julianne Moore). The ribbon is also an all important connection to the character’s daughter, whose story will later become an important plot point, paralleling the sadness in Neeson’s own life.

    The cabin lights are dimmed, bathing everything in an ominous blue colour palette. The atmosphere is emphasised by the slow and intoxicating soundtrack, under which lies the heavy throb of the aeroplane engines. Though the wall of sound can become grating at times, this weaves an appropriate tapestry, undoubtedly highlighted by the complete absence of dialogue during this first stage of the flight as Neeson converses with his unseen adversary for the first time through an instant messaging conversation; a thoroughly twenty first century touch.

    Non-Stop is nothing special, but it delivers a competent if uncomplicated thriller, even if it does take some liberties with our disbelief, and indulges in some eye-rollingly gratuitous slow motion action shots near the end. Still, it comes in to land a few increments above trite.
  58. Mar 1, 2014
    Non-Stop, the latest Neeson action thriller, isn't as "non-stop" as the title suggests. The beginning does drag a bit, and the movie is implausible. But, the movie is very enjoyable and exciting throughout the middle parts, and will keep you thoroughly entertained.
  59. Mar 1, 2014
    It may not be high art but it's so refreshing to see a film like NON-STOP that knows what it wants to be and delivers on every promise. NON-STOP is a solid B-movie filled with A-list talent that elevate the proceedings while keeping it all firmly in B=movieland. I was on the edge of my seat throughout wondering who was the "terrorist." A fun cat and mouse film anchored by the oh so manly Liam Neeson who has become our Charles Bronson but with a heart so big, it can climb the moon. Expand
  60. Jul 14, 2014
    Whilst Liam Neeson does deliver his usual magnetic performance, Non-Stop is smart and intriguing, yet succumbs to a typically ridiculous Neeson-style ending.
  61. Mar 4, 2014
    I walked in to the theater thinking it would be another stupid action movie. I was, however, surprised when I did enjoy the film. It was thrilling for the most part, fun, and had me interested pretty much the whole way through. Though there were scenes that didn't make sense, or improbable aspects, it was filled with interesting action and surprisingly good acting. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good thriller Expand
  62. May 25, 2014
    Non-Stop just as the title advocates is strictly an around-the-clock action packed thriller movie.

    Liam Neeson crews up with the Unknown director, Jaume Collet Serra. I am a huge fan of his action thrillers like Taken series, Unknown, The Grey, The A-team etc. He is in his sixties now but he looks great as always.

    The movie is set on a plane from New York City to London, when the
    protagonist being a former NPYD and a current Air Marshall gets coercions on his secured line about transferring $150 million in a bank account or a person deceases every 20 minutes. As time goes by, we get to more about his life and chain of increasingly improbable plot twists.

    It’s truly a rock-hard plot as it is purely innovative and I haven’t seen a story in the recent whiles. The opening minutes are firm as the director introduces us to the main characters that we will be spending the majority of our period with including Julianne Moore who was keen and a hostile traveler. The show goes pretty fine as it keeps the audience guessing till the pre-climax where we have some unforeseen twists and turns which was fairly bare. Though I enjoyed the climax but could have been more exciting like the total plot. The action is really incredible especially the climax gun shot.

    Acting – Neeson as Bill Marks is one of the greatest reasons for such a great victory of the film. He plays a role of bothered man who gets himself in such a situation. He verifies that he is indeed a great performer and an excellent action hero. Moore is more or less okay in her own way. The backup cast has done a pleasant job.

    Director – He has done a terrific job by generating a silence, nervous atmosphere throughout the whole flick. He preserved the movie’s pace; leaving no room with needless plasters that tends to slog the story. There are a few plot holes here and there, but the stout performances relief a lot to keep the movie intense and attractive.

    Music – Marvelous Exertion! Flawless Soundtrack for such a movie!

    Largely a great 1 hour 46 mins journey filled with great suspense, thrill, action, tragedy and few gags. It was overall a fascinating experience with the strong acts creating it a must watch for all action-thriller lovers

    Would be a pleasure if you check my former noobish criticisms here -
  63. May 26, 2014
    Despite its preposterous final act and underused side characters, Non-Stop delivers with its tense tone, thrilling action, and Liam Neeson's fine acting.
  64. Jun 3, 2014
    Non-Stop is your every day action movie. It was very predictable but I enjoyed Liam Neeson's performance and Juliana Moore's performance as well. Non-Stop is a dumb but fun as hell action flick. I would say it would be worth buying on Blu-Ray.
  65. Apr 20, 2014
    A gripping, unforgettable experience. Although acting is average and the plot is rather original, this film raises the tension to almost unbearable levels. I was on the edge of my seat several times, guessing until the end.
  66. Mar 9, 2014
    Hercule Poirot at 37,000 ft...if Poirot was a Belgian air marshal who could snap bad guy's necks over his knee.

    Taut, effective thriller where for once the cabin interiors actually look like a fuselage as opposed to a movie set. The camera moves with the characters in these confines in a way that actually manages to convey that mile high claustrophobia. Since "Taken", Liam Neeson
    inhabits these gruff, slightly out-of-control characters with the right amount of gravitas to propel the plot along nicely. And this who-doing-it plot actually does work well enough that you really are guessing as to the identity of the villain and their motive deep into the 3rd act. Expand
  67. May 26, 2014
    This was one of those movies for me that was a must see for me because of liam nesson ..anything with liam nesson is sure a great thrill ride and indeed this is what this movie delivers from start to finish ... A sleek airplane mysterious thrill movie that keeps you guessing on the edge of your seat as well liam nesson kicking butt but what makes this movie is the epic ending it delivers
  68. Mar 5, 2014
    Afraid of flying? Don't worry Federal Air Marshal Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) will keep you safe.
    This film is a great action and suspense filled movie, which makes you realize that at 20, 000 feet everyone is a suspect, even Bill Marks' partner!
    The film focuses on Bill Marks who is flying back to London and is feeling quite relaxed until he gets a text message from a passenger saying that
    if he doesn't transfer 150 million dollars into a bank account, then somebody will die every twenty minutes. And the plot thickens when the passengers soon find out that the bank account is in Bill Marks' name.
    The thing that I really enjoyed about the film is how it ropes you in at the start with the threat to kill someone every twenty minutes. And the film also ropes you in when Bill starts to suspect that even his partner Rick Hammond (Anson Mount) might be involved in the threat. This then leads up to a punch pounding fight scene between Bill and Rick in the aeroplane bathroom. And the thing that makes this fight scene really good
    is the fact that its in an original place and also the fact that its in a small space which makes it very hard for Bill to dodge a punch.
    I also liked the ingenius plot twists which keep you guessing and keep you right on the edge of your seat. Especially at the end were I was glued to the film.
    But even though there are some plot twists the film is a bit predictable at the beginning. And I don't think the film would be quite as good second time round, because when you watch it tge second time you know what the twists, you know who is behind it and the suspense filled scenes don't have the same gripping effect.
    But overall this film is great and I would give it an 8
  69. Mar 7, 2014
    O filme é bom,tem uma história mais ou menos mas que te prende e lhe faz olhar entre todos os personagens e tentar descobrir quem está por trás de tudo que está acontecendo.O final era de se esperar,nada de mais,um filme bom para quem curte ação e um pouco de suspense,mas para quem quer ver uma grande produção e um história mega complexa não é o mais filme recomendado.
  70. Mar 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While Non-Stop doesn't break any boundaries when concerning originality, it does make up for it by taking its namesake as literally as possible. The film (which sees air marshall Bill Marks attempting to stop a killer on board a trans Atlantic flight) manages to dabble in a lot of different areas, ranging from action and suspense to comedic one liners, and does so mainly successfully. While i wasn't gripping the arms of my seat as much as last year's Captain Phillips, most of the film's success comes from the tension created when Marks (Neeson) desperately tries to uncover the murderer whilst simultaneously attempts to keep the crowd in check. The acting is grounded throughout, with Neeson taking the fore as a unkempt man simply trying to stop what appears to be an impossible scenario from unfolding along with some impressive dramatic moments between the marshall and his increasingly worried passengers. While I won't name characters, I personally feel that the inclusion of a love interest (which felt luke warm and unnecessary) was jarring and superficial and this was one of the aspects of the film that resonated with me the least. However, there were more than a few moments that made the film stand out, particularly a climactic gun fight which sees Neeson fly down a plane aisle in zero g firing a hand gun. Overall Non-Stop is highly entertaining thriller that will certainly keep audience members guessing and one that I highly recommend and while it may not be nominated for any Oscars, it certainly has proven to be one of the more enjoyable films of this year so far. Expand
  71. Mar 7, 2014
    I like the beginning of the movie which creates lots of mystery and thrilling scene. However, as it approaches the end of movie, revealing who the antagonists are, I found it too straight forward and plain. I was looking for something more surprising and a similar ending to Inception where it gives audience space to think what actually happened. Overall, the whole idea of the movie is great but not enough to become an Oscars candidate. Expand
  72. Aug 27, 2014
    Non-Stop es una película de acción que logra mantener al público con una buena dosis de suspenso, tensión y acción. Mientras avanza el film, llega un momento en que la película te hace sentir una sensación cruda, pero eso no quiere decir que le quite un poco el atractivo del film, al contrario, le ayuda un poco. La trama de la película ocurre de una forma eficaz y variada, sabiendo que al menos el 98% del film ocurre en el avión, por lo tanto se desarrolla de una manera inteligente y compleja, y eso le da un cierto atractivo. Expand
  73. chw
    Oct 13, 2014
    Non-Stop had a few plot holes, such as phones on a plane, made-up airliner, Star Trek uniformed stewardesses, but if I imagined if all those were realistic enough, it was a good movie.
  74. Mar 20, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Lets not take this film too seriously, if one was to do that they may break down and end up looking like Cate Blanchet did at the end of Blue Jasmine.

    Liam Neeson teams up once again with Jaume Collet-Serra to play a grizzly, alcoholic, divorced, troubled and killing machine veteran. In this movie, he is also federal air marshal on a business class transatlantic flight. What is remarkable about Neeson’s performance in recent roles is that he manages to play it straight all the way through even as the events around him become drastically implausible. The audience will laugh aloud as Non-Stop ticks of its checklist of clichés. Is this necessarily a bad thing? It wouldn’t appear that way if we place ourselves in the seats of a mass audience after a virtual ride of entertainment.

    The varied and actually rather interesting ensemble cast keeps us guessing as to whether they are good or bad guys. Playing the flight attendants we have Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar winner for 12 Years a Slave, who has about three throwaway lines of “What is going on?” and Michelle Dockery, our fantastic Lady Mary from Downtown Abbey. Among the passengers, Julianne Moore plays Bill’s (Neeson) seatmate as a relatively suspicious lady who becomes a female obstacle of wonder for Bill by the end. Corey Stoll from House of Cards plays a New York cop who is the first to take real test amongst Bill’s actions, though, of course, in the end they salute in brotherhood as fellow men of the law.

    Liam Neeson provides the comedic relief in this movie. He is emotionally troubled as always and uses this emotion to fuel his brutal hand-to-hand combat in toilet cubicles and tight aisle spaces. We know everyone who tries to mess with him is making a big mistake, if only they had seen him take on the pack of wolves in The Gray and the callous villains in Taken.

    The screenplay, written by a bunch of guys, has a few slapdash twists and a few touches of sentimentality amidst the fists and thrills. In light of modern technology, a boy on the flight is able to video Bill acting violently towards a passenger and post it online to a viral reception, which in turn stirs news reporters to broadcast the event and consequently alert the flight passengers on their TVs. Technology isn’t on Bills side here. Bill has also recently lost his daughter, at which point some of us may confuse what film we are watching, and consequently acts excessively mawkish towards the young girl who happens to be all alone on this flight.

    So, this is yet another hijack movie in which the pay-off is frankly preposterous, but in which there are occasional heightened moments of action. It doesn’t match up to Air Force One or Con Air, but it does nevertheless have a powerful statement behind it. Lets just say it reaches for some sharp post 9/11 political commentary that entirely exceeds its grasp and becomes utterly excruciating.

    I am not one myself for flying, but even if you are, certainly do not watch this film on a transatlantic flight.
  75. Mar 23, 2014
    Okay, so he's at it again. You can almost hear the quotable tweets (if there were any), even as the lines slur from Neeson's mouth. Having become something of a staple, albeit surprising, action-hero in the past few years with the likes of Taken and its risible sequel and others, Liam Neeson returns to play an Air Marshall with problems of his own on a flight that requires nothing if not his full attention.

    And the film opens well enough, introducing us briefly but intriguingly to the main protaganists that we will be spending the majority of our time with. Neeson's brooding Air Marshall, Michelle Dockery's approachable stewardess and Julianne Moore's smart but passive/aggressive passenger. All of this is expertly done, like the good old days of 'Airport' movies, that give you just enough of a characters' backstory to keep them interesting, though not enough to be sure whether they will make it to the end of the film with the rest of us. Think of the setup in The Poseidon Adventure for example, in 1972, and you're not going far wrong.

    There are more than just these three characters of course, as this flight is almost full and paying attention at the time will do you a service as the clues are there should you choose to look and alot goes unmentioned, though not unnoticed, in the first few minutes. In this regard, the film does well to demand your attention and hold you there. While it tries to be subtle, it is not aiming for a highbrow audience, which is evident early on, as Neeson's Marshall is something of a predictable maverick and if not riddled with the standard imperfections of a Hollywood hero, then he certainly enjoys enough of them (doesn't like to fly, knows how to bend the rules, chequered past etc) for us to realise his character traits before he has the chance to tell us.

    All of this before you're even twenty minutes in. So far, you're in danger of becoming a contented dozing passenger in this story, like most of the planes' occupants. But like Neeson here, you are part of a different world, the world that sees what others do not. You are being slowly cosseted by the film, absent-mindedly blindsided by the trickery of the admittedly admirable, if occasionally dawdling, story-telling. You see what he sees, so you must be like him, right? The film engages you early on, as Taken did in the same fashion. The plan of all this, of course, is to have you quite blatantly siding with the hero and if possible, cheering and clapping for him by the end.

    But this ride, for that is ultimately what it is, is not quick in the delivery or as obvious as it may first appear. There are obvious nods to conventional thinking and then again, unspoken polarising opinion delivered in the form of a glance here or there or maybe where the script delivers something other than would normally be expected of a thriller that does not class the intelligent viewer as its target demographic. In this respect, it is a surprising, not to mention welcome, twist to proceedings which impresses more by what is not written, but implied of the audience by the film.

    But before we get ahead of ourselves, this is not a classic. It is, as we have mentioned, an action movie, through and through and would we have it any other way? Probably not. The performance from Neeson is predictably gruff, but maybe lacking the soul of a desperate father. Yes, there is peril here that the man has to cope with, but it not as believable that he would do these things for these people had he not been the parent of all of them. In this respect, Neeson's character, dutiful though he may have been, appears not quite believable enough. In the face of all the odds stacked against you, would you go to the same lengths? If not, does that make you less human, or the character in focus less believable? You decide.

    In all though, Non-Stop is good value for its running time, if a little slow to begin with, albeit purposely. The story is never too complicated to befuddle the less observant, yet clever enough to impress those looking for something more than just another Snakes On A Plane. Enjoyable, often actually thrilling, with a passable script and decent, if not outstanding support from Dockery, Moore and the underused and recently award-winning Lupita Nyong'o. Good throwaway fun.
  76. Apr 8, 2014
    I have seen all of Liam Neeson's movies, and this one is as good as the others. This was so cleverly made and I couldn't take my eyes from the screen. I would recommend this to anyone that likes working out puzzles or thrillers.
  77. Aug 3, 2014
    The problem with the forgettable movie starring Liam Neeson is that crafts a weak story that progresses until a disappointing end, leaving the audience frustrated. "Non-Stop" still features a talented cast and a climate of tension, however, fans of thrilling summer blockbusters will be left down.
  78. Jun 3, 2014
    First of all I'd like to say that I do not agree with the very mixed critics saying the movie is boring or brainless. I, for one, liked the movie a lot. I'm a huge sucker for plane movies for some reason and this hit the nail on the head for me. The cast is obviously top notch and they really make the characters shine in this movie. Throughout the movie I was met by convincing screen play and enormous suspense, which kept my heart racing at times. This movie is really worth checking out. Expand
  79. Jun 7, 2014
    I don’t know if it was the allergies or how bad this movie was because my eyes really hurt. Liam Neeson stars in this flat-out flop of an action film as a U.S Air Marshal. The plot had some potential but lost sight of that five minutes in. The simplicity of the much used action movie format “transfer the money or people die” got boring quick. If there was anything that made this movie any different from the many others like it’s kind it was the unique airplane setting. One thing that the setting failed to do was make you feel claustrophobic, which should have been a huge priority for the makers. Something this movie had on its side was it’s cool templets used throughout to show viewers a unique perspective of the threatening texts received that lead the movie’s plot. There were also some cool transitions but that's about it. In terms of script critique it was a mess from the start. Poor dialogue and bad characters rained on the pity party which started around the ten minute mark. One thing that really surprised me was how bad the acting really was. Liam Neeson does a decent job in this movie, he was just dealt a terrible storyline that no actor can carry, especially with such a lame supporting cast and a weak script (humor was interjected at the most unrealistic times, throughout the whole movie). He has played great rolls before; I loved his work in Taken and The Gray, and he was the only saving grace of this film. I often found myself yelling at the TV in frustration, out of how unrealistic the movie was. Any sort of entertainment was blocked by stupidity. Toward the end of the movie it became so overly cliché I wanted to turn it off knowing I wouldn't miss anything; I should have done that in the beginning. Skipping this movie is probably a wise choice because Non-Stop was nonstop terrible.  Expand
  80. Jun 24, 2014
    I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel the day before and it was so bad that it could be affecting the ratings on this movie. The writing was not great, the Liam Neeson character making stupid mistakes, but I have to say that as far as an action movie, it was pretty good. Kept me guessing till the end.
  81. Jun 13, 2014
    This is a great movie. Liam Neeson is brilliant and all of the cast do an excellent job. it is very suspenseful and will keep you guessing until the end. Directed very well and quite gripping. Whoever gave this a negative rating is completely out of their mind. Do yourself a favor and hurry to the nearest theater to watch this movie. You won't regret it.
  82. Jul 8, 2014
    I can't imagine the money wasted in this movie. I can't imagine the money wasted in this "movie" All those clichés were just : wow ! Wait, an arabic pro neuroscientist nuclear doctor or **** like that, the bad guy who is bad cause he lost his father blablabla, the N-Y cops, Liam Neeson who is an old alcoholic depressive mourning daddy and so many bull****
    The improbabilities in the plane
    crash, the gun scene... Juste too much for me Expand
  83. Jul 26, 2014
    I've had better..... But not many. Non-stop is everything you'd expect from your classic "hijacking on a plane" scenario, and that's a good thing. It has a few twists and turns, but honestly, I think the movie would have been better without them, as they only really serve to confuse and test the boundaries of believability. It's certainly a popcorn-muncher, but I don't think anything will ever hold a candle to Air Force Once! Expand
  84. Nov 10, 2014
    Despite its preposterous final act and underused side characters, Non-Stop delivers with its tense tone, thrilling action, and Liam Neeson's fine acting.
  85. Aug 17, 2014
    very good movie, so good that made me write this, first time on this site...i suspected from everyone and only on the end i knew the answer and my brain was melting...altough i took 1 point for some crazyness
  86. Aug 25, 2014
    Suspenseful Liam Neeson Mystery film is action packed and the acting makes you think anyone did it. It is a must-see action thriller. One of the best films this year
  87. Oct 12, 2014
    A claustrophobic suspenseful thriller about an air Marshall played by Liam Neeson that receives messages ,from an unknown person,about people dying every 20 minutes if he doesn't get paid.And despite the fact the mystery doesn't pay off,Non-Stop is a movie filled with intense dialogue and action scenes.
  88. Sep 23, 2014
    A smart action flick, which will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Liam Neeson leads a surprisingly developed and interesting cast of characters. Unlike other films, Non-Stop establishes its tone and stays true to it till the very end. This film is for both action buffs and mystery lovers. If you can overlook the conveniance of how the plot unfolds, then I guarantee an entertaining time. Expand
  89. Nov 2, 2014
    Non-Stop is not the typical Liam Neeson action film we have grown accustom to. It is a high-intensity and clever mystery thriller that benefits from its isolated and close-quartered setting. Liam Neeson is fantastic as a federal air marshal fighting against the clock in a film that makes everyone suspicious. However the story is shaky at times and the supporting cast is merely used as objects, a waste of their talent. Nonetheless this film is worth a watch for its action, interesting premise, direction and of course Liam Neeson. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 41
  2. Negative: 3 out of 41
  1. Reviewed by: Drew McWeeny
    Apr 18, 2014
    It's a completely average film that makes a few terrible choices.
  2. 60
    The key to a good B-mystery is that all the actors should be a little stilted. You should never know the difference between an actor acting badly and an actor doing a masterful acting job of someone acting badly. In Non-Stop, there is much excellent bad acting.
  3. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Feb 28, 2014
    Shot in grainy, unflattering closeups occasionally alleviated by flashily edited fight scenes, Non-Stop is no more or less than what it intends to be: the kind of midlevel brainless entertainment you might watch, between meals and naps, on an international flight. Try to enjoy the ride — and no texting, please.