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  1. Nearly devoid of both dialogue and narrative cohesion, Yongman Kim's first feature - Part 1 of a planned trilogy inspired by Dante's "Inferno" - suggests that the founder of the popular downtown Kim's Video store should not give up his day job.
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    When it finally seems likely to happen, the film crashes to a sudden and unsatisfying conclusion. But this is the first part of a projected trilogy and, assuming these characters’ lives -- or deaths -- will be further explored, it’s really just the beginning.
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    Vanity productions don't come much worse than One Third, an amateurish, dialogue-free curiosity courtesy of Yongman Kim, the founder of the Greenwich Village institution Kim's Video.
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  1. RobertW.
    Oct 8, 2006
    This is a true indie film - beautifully shot and very unfairly reviewed by the NY POST, that is for sure. I saw it downtown and was blown away. It is slow moving at times, yes and graphic at times too - but it is a celluloid painting - a piece of cinematic art that rarely gets made. The movie deserves the attention of serious film goers. It should do well over seas. Full Review »