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  • Summary: Dr. Atsuko Chiba is a genius scientist by day, and a kick-ass dream warrior named Paprika by night. In this psychedelic sci-fi adventure anime, it will take the skills of both women to save the world. (Sony Pictures Classics)
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  1. 100
    The intersections between sleep and waking, memory, cinema, and the Internet lead to a spectacular battle of titans who spring from the mind's darkest recesses.
  2. 90
    The brilliant Paprika, directed by Satoshi Kon--a masterly example of Japanese anime, intended for adults--is partly hand drawn, and features multiple areas of visual activity layered at different distances from the picture plane.
  3. 78
    Schizophrenia never looked so good or so mesmerizing as it does here, and Paprika, while certainly not suitable for kids, manages to capture the childlike, helter-skelter chaos and curiosity of the human mind better than any other animated film.
  4. 75
    I can't claim to have followed the story line of Paprika any better than I did "Pirates of the Caribbean," but this mind-blowing, adult animated adventure from Japan is half the length and maybe five times as much fun.
  5. Paprika is a creatively dizzying and visually dazzling allegory about alternative realities.
  6. It's best appreciated by assuming something of a dream state ourselves and enjoying the giddy flow.

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Score distribution:
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  1. TM.
    Dec 4, 2007
    Absolutely amazing. best film on dreams I have ever seen, and one of the best films of the decade. need to see it again to delve further into the dream. Expand
  2. JohnB.
    May 27, 2007
    Did I dream up this entire hour and a half mind warp? Like a dream, it jumps from one idea to the next, with a loose thread tying everything together. It has a surreal and stream of conscience technique that is sure to make your head spin more than enough. Paprika masterfully draws you in and never lets go. It's a movie like this that makes me fully realize the extent to which animation can go. The best parts of Paprika however are the subtleties that are not so obvious such as many puns and its plays on visuals. I can't seriously find a flaw in this movie. This is simply a masterpiece that deserves to be experienced. The point of Paprika is to be confused and brought to the point that you no longer pay attention to the plot but rather revel in the beauty of the animation and let the movie itself take over you. Don't be surprised if you end up having a dream about Paprika and dancing appliances after viewing this brilliant piece of animation. Expand
  3. konceptz
    Oct 9, 2007
    The truth of this film, although a nightmare to some and a dream to others, is a reality which we can no longer ignore.
  4. ArthurC.
    May 30, 2007
    Not only does it contain the unbelievable visual beauty that is Japanese anime, it also features a taut, exciting thriller that keeps you ensnared throughout. If only Hollywood could figure out the magic that is within Paprika. Expand
  5. RobertE.
    Jun 12, 2007
    The first film I've seen that captures the shape-shifting and ineffable subtlety of dream symbolism. Jung would smile to see it.
  6. Oct 7, 2013
    Last film of great anime films director, Satoshi Kon. "Paprika" is visual beauty and exotic. It's a ironic regard about Japanese society. Excessive obsession with technology, desire of power, problem of suicide, sexual misconduct with little girls. "Paprika" is a kabuki thriller. Kon has great masterpiece. "Perfect Blue" is an inception, "Millennium Actress" is an intermezzo, "Tokyo Godfathers" is a rest and finally "Paprika" is most finale. As if it were a grand opera. "Paprika" is beautiful farewell. Expand
  7. moo
    Jul 8, 2007
    The animation was suberb as in any of Kon's movies, but the story and the characters are kind of dull after all. Not to mention the soundtrack got onto my nerves. Very fascinating and imaginative dreamscapes with lots of color and weird figures is what kept this movie above average for me. I really liked "Tokyo Godfathers" with its heart-warming story and lovely protagonists. In the end "Paprika" is just a weird dream. Not a bad one, not a such a good one either. But a better one! Expand

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