Warner Bros. Pictures | Release Date: November 10, 1999
Summary: A scientist genetically clones creatures from the Pokemon named Mew, creating Mewtwo, which begins cloning other Pokemons resulting in disastrous circumstances. The film ends with the message that fighting is futile and wrong.
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Runtime: 75 min
Rating: G
Production: Shogakukan
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Animation, Family
Countries: USA, Japan
Language: English
Home Release Date: Nov 14, 2000
Director Credit
Kunihiko Yuyama Director
Michael Haigney Director
Writer Credit
Takeshi Shudo Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Eric Stuart Brock/James/Squirtle/Additional Voices
Rachael Lillis Misty/Jessie/Wigglytuff/Additional Voices
Veronica Taylor Ash Ketchum/Additional Voices
Cast Credit
Amy Birnbaum Additional Voices
Eric Grossfeld Additional Voices
Ikue Ootani Pikachu
Jimmy Zoppi Fergus - Water Trainer/Additional Voices
Kayzie Rogers Vaporeon/Vileplume/Additional Voices
Lee Quick Additional Voices
Madeleine Blaustein Meowth/Head Scientist/Pirate Trainer/Additional Voices
Michael Haigney Psyduck/Venusaur/Blastoise/Dewgong/Additional Voices
Philip Bartlett Mewtwo
Rodger Parsons Narrator
Tara Jayne Bulbasaur/Vulpix/Ninetales/Additional Voices
Ted Lewis Giovanni/Corey - Male Trainer/Additional Voices
Producer Credit
Alfred Kahn Executive Producer
Choji Yoshikawa Producer
Hiroshi Ishikawa Associate Producer
Kathryn A. Borland Associate Producer
Katsuhito Yamauchi Associate Producer
Masakazu Kubo Executive Producer
Noriyuki Yoshida Associate Producer
Norman J. Grossfeld Producer
Shukachi Kanda Animation Producer
Takaaki Kii Associate Producer
Takashi Kawaguchi Executive Producer
Takashi Miura Associate Producer
Takemoto Mori Producer
Tetsu Kayama Associate Producer
Tomoyuki Igarashi Producer
Toshiaki Okuno Animation Producer