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  1. Sep 4, 2014
    While Meryl Streep continues to shine, Ben Younger shows promise as a writer and director. The exchanges between therapist and Mother and son and girlfriend are very fun. Full Review »
  2. AlanG
    Jul 10, 2007
    Meryl Streep is an absolute joy to watch. She can do it all. So her character and the plot weren't totally realistic. But who cares. It's a comedy. In fact I'd say it was somewhat in keeping with the screwball comedies of the 40's. Uma Thurman delivered a first rate performance. It was nice to see her in a non-Tarantino film. The woman can act. I also liked the fact that the ending wasn't your typical Hollywood, everything works out perfectly ending. Full Review »
  3. ChadS.
    Dec 24, 2006
    Because it's Meryl Streep, because she's an actress who radiates intelligence and common sense; the premise for "Prime" is hard to swallow (even for a comedy). No therapist alive would subject themselves to their offspring's sex life. That's just plain yucky (and vaguely incestuous), but at least Uma Thurman manages to deliver a truly quotable line which supplies "Prime" with its one gut-busting moment of humor. Had Rafi been written a little more shrewdly, putting a book in her hands would've made for a stronger contrast with David's Nintendo obsession (and therefore better accentuate the disparity of the couple's age and life experiences). Since Rafi works with models (who are thought to be stereotypically dumb), being the smartest girl in the room at her workplace amongst all those hairdressers, photographers and blondes, would've made for a lot of crowd-pleasing, albeit easy jokes. Unfortunately, nothing funny transpires at Rafi's job. As for David's "job", we need to see him at the canvas to better round out his character. He's obviously more than a shiftless slob who camps out all day on Rafi's couch, but that's all "Prime" wants us to see. Full Review »