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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 18
  2. Negative: 11 out of 18
  1. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    To say Wes Craven's rewrite of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 2001 "Pulse" isn't as bad as it could have been sounds like faint praise, but Kurosawa's "Pulse" is one of the true masterpieces of recent Asian horror, and the track record for Hollywood horror redos isn't great.
  2. 50
    If Pulse is unsurprising as a horror movie (come on: chalky, soul-sucking freaks again?), as a campaign against the Internet, digital piracy, cellphones, and anything that computes anything (like laptops or brains), it's a riot.
  3. 42
    Ultimately, the glacial pace kills Pulse. What was dreadful and trance-like in the original feels here like nothing-much-at-all sandwiched between some stock horror jolts.
  4. 30
    The remake begins with the same premise and appropriates the most striking visuals, grafting them onto a more explicable but equally dull George Romero-style doomsday scenario.
  5. 25
    Pulse bears more than a slight resemblance to a 1994 American horror called "Ghost in the Machine." They didn't screen that stinker in advance for critics, either.
  6. 25
    It's not scary, it's not chilling, and it's not interesting.
  7. 10
    Here, the CG effects are plentiful, but the scare factor rarely rises above the level of a viral email, and the desaturated color scheme of Sonzero and cinematographer Mark Plummer makes every frame look as though it was developed in a solution of vomit and ash.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 26
  2. Negative: 16 out of 26
  1. Sep 26, 2012
    creepy as f**k, loved every second of it.
  2. Sep 26, 2012
    Cool cinematography
  3. Sep 26, 2012
    Better than the original by far.
  4. Sep 26, 2012
    Great, scary film
  5. Jun 13, 2011
    This was just plain horrible. The acting was a joke, the plot was one big hole after another and all the charactors were just bad people. I was actually happy when they died, I am actually angry more of them didn't die! Don't watch this steaming pile of crap. Expand
  6. Nov 19, 2010
    Without doubt a contender for the worst possible Asian-horror remake, Pulse simply downright failed; The cast is appalling, the story is nonsense, the pace is erratic, the VFX is cheap, the horror is non-existent and the ending is so silly, it ridicules your IQ. A two-year-oldâ Expand

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