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  • Summary: An electronic ankle bracelet and being under house arrest aren't about to stop up-and-coming actress Maggie Chase (Tanna Frederick) from the two things she craves the most: real fame and true love. With more "Google points" than her Iowa hometown, but far less than Angelina Jolie, Maggie is desperate to claw her way off the B-list of action/adventure pictures and into major movie stardom. With a team of handlers (Ron Vignone, Diane Salinger, David Proval and Zack Norman) to spin her recent drunk driving arrests into tabloid gold and bad-boy movie star boyfriend Dov Lambert (Christopher Rydell) on her arm, Maggie's star is on the rise. Things get complicated when a trip home to meet Dov's legendary family introduces Maggie to the world of Hollywood Royalty (Kathryn Crosby, Mary Crosby, Peter Bogdanovich, Dennis Christopher and Jack Heller) and to her boyfriend's brother Aaron Lambert (Noah Wyle), the black sheep of the family, a failed writer who can actually see who Maggie really is behind her ingénue facade, but who has dark secrets of his own... Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Wesley Morris
    Dec 9, 2010
    It's one of the funniest things I've seen in a movie, and the closest Jaglom has come to brilliant satire. It also explains why this woman is just chatting on a countertop and not Jay Leno's couch.
  2. Reviewed by: Jeannette Catsoulis
    Dec 7, 2010
    There is something cozy and a little claustrophobic about Henry Jaglom's indulgent Hollywood satires.
  3. Reviewed by: Karina Longworth
    Dec 7, 2010
    Queen of the Lot is sort of sweet in its earnestness, sort of frustratingly delusional, and ultimately unsubstantial-but there are moments of meta-provocation that almost justify the lopsided enterprise.
  4. Reviewed by: Kirk Honeycutt
    Dec 7, 2010
    The film starts out as a gentle Hollywood satire, shifts abruptly into a comedy of (bad) manners, turns into a crime story and deviates into a suicide attempt before it reverts to a Hollywood satire with a happy ending. No Hollywood satire should ever have a happy ending.
  5. Reviewed by: Walter Addiego
    Dec 9, 2010
    Mocking Tinseltown is a pretty exhausted subject, and even Jaglom, a genuine insider, has a hard time making it fresh.
  6. Reviewed by: Elizabeth Weitzman
    Dec 7, 2010
    The only grace notes come from Noah Wyle and Peter Bogdanovich as the two characters who refuse, in different ways, to buy the industry line.
  7. Reviewed by: Lou Lumenick
    Dec 7, 2010
    A sloppy vanity project, this rambling and toothless Hollywood black comedy stars veteran filmmaker Henry Jaglom's girlfriend, Tanna Frederick.

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  1. Nov 21, 2010
    The latest Henry Jaglom dramedy stars Tanna Frederick and Noah Wyle in a story of Hollywood fane fortune and intrigue. All the elements are there - comedy, drama, a dysfunctional family, romance, a bit of conniving behavior as everybody tries to make it - one way or another. Two thumbs up for Tanna Frederick and Noah Wyle as they wind their way through it all. A nod goes to Chris Rydell for playing a a very good bad boy. Also, Henry Jaglom is a genius at casting. His supporting cast is wonderful. There are some Jaglom favorites like David Proval and Zack Norman who reprise their Hollywood Dreams roles as hotshot movie producer as well as Jaglom newcomers like Paul Sand and Dennis Christopher. Altogether - a good cast, a good movie, a good time. Expand
  2. Nov 19, 2010
    I saw Queen of the Lot. I loved it. It's a tale of Hollywood and the inner workings of the movie biz. One small-town girl, Maggie Chase, played by Tanna Frederick seeks A-list fame and fortune, ends up on house arrest because of her DUIs. Of course, the press, who wouldn't give her the time of day before, are now fascinated with her because she's been a bad girl.

    She's got a boyfriend, Dov Lambert, who's a real bad boy (played by Chris Rydell). He's actually a big star who from a famous Hollywood family. His brother Aaron (Noah Wyle), who seems to be the family scapegoat, is just trying to get by. He's a failed writer and he's got a few secrets. Noah Wyle and Tanna Frederick have really nice onscreen chemistry.

    The supporting cast is exceptional. Jack Heller is spectacular as Louis Lambert, head of the Lambert family. You'll see some of Henry Jaglom's regulars like. David Proval, Zack Norman, Michael Emil and Kelly DeSarla. Diane Salinger is particularly funny as one of Maggie's "handlers."  Kathryn Grant, Mary Crosby, Paul Sand, Dennis Christopher, Peter Bogdanovich, Sabrina Jaglom, Simon Orson Jaglom and Ron Vignone all bring something special to this movie.

    I laughed my ass off at some of the scenes, particularly the ice cream scene. The wonderfully dysfunctional family dinner scene is all too real. And the drama is very well played. There are touching moments, frustrating moments and times when you want to jump up and cheer.

    Who does Maggie choose? Does she finally settle down with a good guy? Does she get to be Queen of the Lot? See Queen of the Lot and find out.
  3. Nov 19, 2010
    Henry Jaglom's latest movie, Queen of the Lot is set in modern-day Hollywood and stars Tanna Frederick, Noah Wyle and Christopher Rydell. In this sequel to Hollywood Dreams, Margie Chizek has achieved B movie success with her action hero films under her new name, Maggie Chase. But she's also gotten into trouble having had a few DUIs and now she's under house arrest - ankle bracelet and all. She's driven in her quest for A-list fame as evidenced by her obsession with her Google points. She's got more points than her home state of Iowa but far less than Angelina Jolie and that's got to change. She has to be Queen of the Lot - just like Norma Shearer. 
    Zack Norman and David Proval reprise their Hollywood Dreams roles as Kaz and Caesar, the hotshot gay Hollywood producers who discovered Maggie. They are still "married" (to each other) and funnier than ever. Maggie asks them if she can stay at their mansion for a while because she can't stand being stuck in her apartment on house arrest with the press dogging her. They agree and she gets police permission to stay with them.
    Maggie asks Kaz and Caesar if her boyfriend (an already established star) Dov Lambert (Christopher Rydell), can stay, too. Dov is a half-wit who hails from Hollywood royalty. Enter Aaron Lambert (Noah Wyle), Dov's brother, a failed writer and black sheep of the family, who is sent to fetch Dov to help with a family crisis.   
    Is there really such a thing as a functional family? I don't think I've ever met one. Dov takes Maggie home to meet the family, headed by charismatic patriarch Louis Lambert (played with great depth by Jack Heller). At dinner, Dov introduces Maggie to everyone, including his sort-of estranged wife (Daisy White). What happens at large dysfunctional family dinners (as in Jaglom's Last Summer in the Hamptons)? Fur flies between various factions and, of course, Margie is right in there trying to fit in and help out and maybe make a connection that will propel her to megastardom. Aaron is in the fray maintaining his role as the family scapegoat and helping Maggie feel comfortable amidst the family bickering while Dov plays with his wife and other more important things - like his poker buddies. Maggie and Aaron reluctantly fall for each other and the way their relationship develops is one of the most irresistible aspects of the film.  
    Frederick and Wyle together make the silver screen simmer with vintage Tinseltown charm reminiscent of Tracy and Hepburn. Frederick plays Maggie Chase as down-to-earth, believable and loveable. Maggie is driven, insecure, and slightly conniving but she's also smart, forceful and can take care of business. This is Frederickâ
  4. Nov 20, 2010
    Queen of the Lot is the latest freewheeling screwball comedy from Henry Jaglom, and the second in the continuing saga of Maggie Chase neé Margie Chisick, smalltown Iowa screwball who lives out her 1930s dreams of old Hollywood style fame and fortune in a modern world. The comedy is broad, the dialogue crackling, the performances uneven but occasionally glorious, and the movie wears its big goofy heart on its sleeve! Expand