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  1. Joachim Trier's energetic, inventive debut takes such a novel approach to well-worn themes that it makes most movies look downright lazy.
  2. A kinetic delight, Reprise comes from director Joachim Trier, born in Denmark but raised in Oslo, Norway, and it’s a highlight of the filmgoing year so far.
  3. Reprise is kissed with the breath of French New Wave sensibility, sweet with verve and a love of forward movement. The mood of joy in the midst of youthful pain is enhanced by the freshness of the first-time lead actors.
  4. 91
    The movie has been compared, with some reason, to the French New Wave. But it's like "Jules and Jim" or "Band of Outsiders" blended with "A Hard Day's Night."
  5. An exuberant, exhilaratingly playful testament to being young and hungry -- for life and meaning and immortality, and for other young and restless bodies -- Reprise is a blast of unadulterated movie pleasure.
  6. Norwegian director Joachim Trier's inspiring first feature Reprise joyfully tackles the process of self-creation, as well as the friendships that feed and sustain it. He captures, in a way that's cool and romantic and heady, the moment in life when nothing matters more than ideas, influences and the possibility of shaping one's life into a work of art.
  7. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    With its almost stream-of-consciousness style, Reprise offers a fresh and compelling look at the vagaries of friendship and creativity.
  8. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    Reprise is exceptionally smart about the crushing expectations brought to the table by those who love us.
  9. 83
    Like many debut features, Reprise is a foremost a statement of purpose, and in that respect, at least, Trier shows limitless promise.
  10. 80
    Reprise--a masculine story whose women come off best--is less a hermeneutic finger in your face (though it aims wonderfully low blows at literary celebrity) than a savage, funny, tender, tragic, and strangely beautiful riff on growing up in a broken world.
  11. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    The feature debut of young Norwegian director Joachim Trier, is as crisp and cool as a swig of Champagne.
  12. 80
    Reprise says many cogent things about success, what it does to people and how they define it. But it also indicts the mechanics of the culture in a way that is neither Danish nor American but globalized and all the more poignant for it.
  13. Post-viewing, I was still coasting on the giddy high of kinetic cinema, only to have the astonishing callousness of its conclusion slowly settle in. It's a better film for it – one only wishes that Reprise on a whole had been of the same mind: a little less cool, a little more cruel. That's where the really good stuff is.
  14. 75
    The result is a rich and touching exploration of the vagaries of fortune, literary reputation and, above all, friendship that works on several levels at once. The soundtrack includes songs by Joy Division, New Order and Le Tigre.
  15. 75
    The film could have been improved if it had been less aggressively limp. But the post-adolescent, pre-adult moodiness is spot on: Everyone's favorite author is a bitter recluse, and the soundtrack heaves with the suicide sounds of Joy Division. Trier's intent is to reproduce a sweet, hazy vision of the agony of youth. Ever so elliptically, he succeeds.
  16. Clear away the annoying avant-gardism and you have a powerful movie about a writer, Phillip, who undergoes a mental breakdown and is pulled halfway back to health by his girlfriend.
  17. Reprise has a smart and knowing script and will compel audiences to reflect on themselves at that age.
  18. 75
    Youth may be wasted on some of the young, but the two aspiring Norwegian novelists at the center of Reprise, director Joachim Trier's debut feature, try desperately to avoid that particular cliche.
  19. 75
    Its playful approach to chronology and voice-over narration serves to amplify its themes instead of coming off as a show-off trick.
  20. 70
    Reprise is an energetic romp through creative frustration, stagnant relationships, the fear of change and romance-fueled insanity.
  21. 70
    Final result, with its peculiar happy ending that may or may not be a further fantasy, may leave some auds feeling more drained than satisfied. It's a bit like spending 105 minutes with a litter of frisky, mischievous puppies.
  22. Broadly, this is a coming-of-age movie in the "Diner" mold: Trier tracks Phillip and Erik and a few of their pals as they stagger into a world that can't be attuned to their (male adolescent) expectations--especially in regard to women.
  23. Anders Danielsen Lie, gives a performance that's as distinctive as any in recent memory -- casually witty, remarkably graceful and yet terrifying in its explosiveness.
  24. 70
    The movie is enjoyable for its flashy surfaces--the witty editing, the narrative forecasting, the droll omniscient voice-over--but as drama it seems superficial.
  25. 50
    The movie itself is good and shows promise, except for the ending, when Trier shouldn't have been so poetic. Not only does Reprise generate itself, it contains its own review.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 22 Ratings

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  1. Jun 17, 2013
    In "Reprise," the two protagonists are Phillip (Lie), and Erik (Klouman-Høiner), are best friends-young, brash, and struggling writers.In "Reprise," the two protagonists are Phillip (Lie), and Erik (Klouman-Høiner), are best friends-young, brash, and struggling writers. Together, they deposit their freshly written manuscripts into a mailbox. Joachim Trier flicks through elaborate visions of 'what could be'- a vibrant introduction, a live-action scrapbook of future memories complete with wry voice-over. We're told that "cult status" beckons, because mainstream celebrity is for losers. Then reality sinks in and deals them both a blow: Erik's novel is rejected, while Phillip's is published to great acclaim only for a psychotic break to undo him at the height of his success.

    Director Joachim Trier, who co-wrote the script with Eskil Vogt, plays with the audience by flipping backward and forward in time. As Phillip and Erik coddle their first manuscripts, Trier speeds forward in time to possible futures. The draw of this film isn't so much in watching them strive, but in glimpsing their daydreams of fame.

    "Reprise" has a smart and knowing script, inviting the audience for reflection of their own. Joachim Trier neatly encapsulates that take-on-the-world optimism of unsullied youth. "Reprise" is many things at once: a window into mental illness, obsessive love, the uneasy transition from youth to adulthood, and finally the most intriguing aspect of the story line-fraternal competitiveness. The only real problem with the movie is it doesn't entirely establish a genuine, heartfelt interest in the characters for the audience. Both protagonists' grew up idolizing Norway's greatest living writer, who tells one of them his novel is good and shows promise. In the same sense, the movie itself is good and shows promise, but ultimately falls short of truly compelling. I am probably a bit too critical of this film only because I saw "Oslo, August 31st" (2011) first (a magnificent film), which is the follow up to "Reprise."
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  2. RitB
    Jul 5, 2008
    The NY Times movie critic said this movie is a "blast of unadulterated movie pleasure." Yeah right. That's not the movie I saw. This was The NY Times movie critic said this movie is a "blast of unadulterated movie pleasure." Yeah right. That's not the movie I saw. This was dull, dull, dull. Full Review »
  3. TimH.
    Jun 26, 2008
    This movie is anything but energetic. It's a total bore. The stupid flashbacks serve only to create confusion and the sense that there This movie is anything but energetic. It's a total bore. The stupid flashbacks serve only to create confusion and the sense that there is something profound happening, when it's all just mush. There should be a law against movie's that don't grab the audience in the first 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of waiting for something interesting to happen, my pal and I gave up. How this silly movie got a 79 from the critics is a mystery. I guess it's just the slack that critics cut for foreign language movies that have a slightly Bergmanesque quality. Don't waste your time or money on this one. Full Review »