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  • Summary: In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice, continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead - and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap. (Sony Pictures) Expand
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  1. 67
    Really, the whole series would be unthinkable without the films of George Romero. In that respect, Anderson has taken another page from the Corman playbook for his superior B-movie: If you're going to steal, at least steal well.
  2. Anderson makes often-inspiring use of the 3-D effects.
  3. Shot in actual 3D rather than being the latest example of the horrible post-shooting conversion process, "Afterlife" undeniably looks terrific.
  4. Reviewed by: Eric Hynes
    Sorry to disappoint the fanboys, but this is the first film in the Resident Evil series in which Milla Jovovich neither begins nor ends the movie stark naked.
  5. 30
    It pains me to say it, but Afterlife, the latest installment in this seemingly eternal zombie apocalypse franchise, is considerably more entertaining than George A. Romero's most recent exhumation.
  6. This witless installment features the usual ultra-slow-motion mayhem and helpful freeze-frames to allow us to admire the extra dimension. Fans will not be happy, however, to learn that Ms. Jovovich is more decently clothed this time around.
  7. Reviewed by: Jeff Labrecque
    Afterlife is slow-moving but relentless, and judging from a post-credits teaser that promises yet another sequel, it has an unquenchable appetite for your brain cells.

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  1. Sep 10, 2010
    Ok, this is not a movie that critics will be kind to. If you liked the first three, this is more of the same. Like a nice burger: you know the taste, but its still tasty.

    This series is really all about the action now. 3D is better than the post converted movies but no where near Avater level; still a lot of fun.

    Best not to overthink this movie - just enjoy it for what it is: popcorn fun
  2. Sep 10, 2010
    I was excited to hear that Paul Anderson would be directing Resident Evil Afterlife, the fourth film in the Resident Evil franchise. After two decent sequels to the first film, I had hopes, albeit hesitant hopes about this one. Alas, you can put your hesitance aside. This film astounded me by how well it was done. I saw it in Imax 3-D, and I was impressed.
    For starters, the 3-D camera system was the same one used to film Avatar. To me, it seemed that Anderson managed to make it better! I found myself flinching and drawing back a few times in the film. Not because of the guns and bullets assaulting me through the screen, but by the rain seeming to gently fall towards me. And sometimes it was to keep the zombie blood from getting all over me. Anderson also focused on making the background and environment gently stand out in 3-D too. I was also pleasantly surprised by the music for this movie. Tomandany did a great job with it. The Outsider (Resident Renholder Mix) was used towards the end too. Afterlife features a variety of settings throughout the film. I never felt like an environment was being recycled or get a feeling of deja vu. The slow motion and bullet time that is heavily used in this movie is over used a few times. But not enough to ruin a scene though. The acting, while not top notch, was a lot better than the previous three movies. I was doubting Anderson's pick to have Shawn Roberts play the film's principal antagonizer, Albert Wesker. Luckily Roberts did a phenomenal job. I feel sorry for doubting his ability to portray Wesker. The cast from the previous movies did well, as did the newcomers. Although I was astounded by Milla not being naked some part in one of her films for the first time. The most notable thing about this movie is its pacing. Unlike Extinction which was too slow and Apocalypse which was too fast, Afterlife is a steady pace of action, story, and more action. While this was a primarily action film, it had a driving story which was, suffice to say, very epic.
    Overall, I give Paul Anderson a nine out of ten on Resident Evil Afterlife. My reasons, balanced mix of action and story, excellent 3-D, interesting characters, and a variety of settings. Well done Paul, I hope there is another one in the works!
  3. Sep 10, 2010
    If you've seen the first 3 movies, you know what to expect from this movie--action. It is missing one thing that the rest of the series has plenty of--zombies. Yes, there are zombies but there is nowhere near the number of zombies confronted face-to-face like there were in the other 3. Nevertheless, it is still a great movie, even in 2D. Expand
  4. Jan 11, 2011
    I can mention at least 10 similarities between thiz film and THE MATRIX (1999)! Gun-fighting vs. a group of tactical team in hallway, smashing into building window and firing back while it falls (with slow motion too!), bullet time technique when the villain Albert Wesker is avoiding the bullet, and even the villain character (Wesker himself) is Agent Smith look-alike! (the way he talked and expressed), and many more. Terrible rip-off! Thiz game adaptation is a sequel from three early movies: RESIDENT EVIL (2002), RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE (2004), and RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION (2007). Paul W. S. Anderson takes back his command as Director since the first franchise. In my observation, Anderson is another -Michael Bay- type of mindless popcorn Director, who always delivers mind-blowing action with extra excessive situation and seems fully unrealistic, like what he showed on MORTAL KOMBAT (1995), AVP: ALIEN VS. PREDATOR (2004) and DEATH RACE (2008).The brainless main plot follows Alice (Milla Jovovich) continue to fight against Umbrella Corporation, which is turning the world into zombieland. Like the tag line on the poster says, She is back and she is bringing a few of her friends, thiz movie is appearing all the original characters of game version, such as: Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller), and Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) although only appears as cameo in ending. There is no character development in thiz movie, everything is flat. It is 97 minutes movie with a bunch of slow-motion sequences. One thing is for sure, in the movie like thiz you do not even have to worry during the film, the main character wont die in any circumstances. Prepare yourself for another carousel ride!

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  5. Mar 29, 2011
    I love the Residet Evil Franchise, but Afterlife is a massive failure. The story is quack... the dialogue stupid. ok so you have an army of Alices with super powers storming an umbrella underground, and rather than using their powers to clear the way, they only disable cameras? hello??? Anderson did you think people were stupid or what... it goes on with as we know by now that the way to kill zombies is to shoot them in the head, but still Alice and her companions stubbornly will shoot in the chest at point range... feel the fustration buiilding... what do you do when you get the main villain on his back? well you shoot him again in the chest and look surprise when he stands up. There is a new bad guy with a giant Ax and no explanation who he is or how he became, except bullets to the head don't do squat. too many holes in this movie. what a shame. Expand
  6. Nov 28, 2012
    A pretty stale story told in ridiculous fashion. Paul W.S. Anderson ultimately tries and fails to prove, once again, that intelligence in filmmaking is overrated. Expand
  7. Dec 24, 2010
    Loved the previous RE movies, for the most part. This one puts them all to shame. Sure, we know what to expect by now. Yet this one just sucked. Badly. Lame plot. Lame special effects. None of the hot chicks in skimpy dresses shooting bad guys stuff that made at the least the first one soooooo (sic!) worth watching. So this one was really disappointing in most every single way. Seems they just ran out of money to hire decent graphic designers, make up artists, or script writers. Neither some guy in mask yelling and growling, a star actress looking all tired and worn out, or plot that is plain retarded is going to impress anyone these days. Hope they try better next time, and just get back to basics: good looking actors, decent plot, decent special effects, and certainly a better director. Expand

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