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  • Summary: Adapted from the landmark novel by Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road is an incisive portrait of an American marriage seen through the eyes of Frank and April Wheeler. Yates’ story of 1950’s America poses a question that has been reverberating through modern relationships ever since: can two people break away from the ordinary without breaking apart? (Paramount Vantage) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 38
  2. Negative: 1 out of 38
  1. 100
    This film is so good it is devastating.
  2. There isn't a banal moment in Winslet's performance--not a gesture, not a word. Is Winslet now the best English-speaking film actress of her generation? I think so.
  3. The best thing about Revolutionary Road, a cool-blooded and disquieting adaptation of Richard Yates' 1961 novel about a powerfully unhappy Connecticut couple, is that it doesn't end with that rote vision of bourgeois anomie. It only begins there.
  4. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    It's not quite up to the caliber of Richard Yates' novel, which is deeply nuanced and rich in subtext. But the performances are superb, and the film is beautifully shot.
  5. 70
    There's a sourness, a relentlessness about the movie which borders on misanthropy. In both the social and the personal scenes, the conversational tone veers between idiotic pleasantries and fathomless bile, with nothing in between.
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet do exactly what’s asked of them as Frank and April Wheeler, who may be ironically named: They spin emotional wheels constantly but get nowhere.
  7. 38
    Revolutionary Road isn't just a failed literary adaptation. It's a failure of the worst kind: It doesn't even make you want to read Richard Yates' deservedly legendary book.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 63
  2. Negative: 12 out of 63
  1. Feb 24, 2014
    Very few films have moved me to tears, but Revolutionary Road did. The acting here is so good, they literally become people from the 1940's. Sam Mendes continues to give us great movies! Expand
  2. Oct 14, 2012
    This is a top ten movie of the 21st century so far, and a top 100 movie of all time. Where do I begin? Very rarely have I ever seen three characters so well developed as in this movie. Kate Winslet plays an aging, failing actress, while Leonardo DiCaprio plays a former soldier, now working in an office, just like his father did. The two eventually gather up the courage to realize where their lives are, in comparison to what they thought their lives would've been like. Michael Shannon plays the son of a neighbor of theirs, who is the only person who understands their situation. He is seen as crazy, and even Kate and Leo's characters start to come off that way to their friends. Each scene is so realistic, and the more you can relate to it, the stronger the emotions are. I am envious of the life of the reviewer who said this movie wasn't realistic. I feel like everybody sees themselves as special. After all, we are the stars of our own lives. This movie is about realizing you're not. It's difficult to put into words. The poignancy of the movie should speak for itself. The fact that some people don't appreciate this movie makes the movie even more real to the people who do. Even though this movie takes place in the 50's, and is a commentary to what domesticity was like back then, it is actually timeless. There will always be people who don't understand how the life that might seem ideal to most people, actually can feel like a prison to others. The former are the majority, and the people who are lucky, and will not feel this movie's pain, or the pain of the novel upon which this movie was based, while the latter are the people who could be motivated by this movie to change their own lives. Expand
  3. Dec 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Such a performance by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Decaprio,and directing by Sam Mendes deserve 100..
    Such an achievement in costume design
    Such a music by Thomas Newman
    In my opinion it is Sam Mendes masterpiece....
    And absolutely one of my favourite movies at all.....
  4. Apr 2, 2012
    To see Kate and Leo back on the screen again was great. The movie doesn't linger; it get right to the point in the first few minutes. Kate really shined in this movie and even Leo brought his game. The supporting cast was equally as excellent. A really, really, really intense movie. Lots of yelling, but so convincing. Expand
  5. Feb 10, 2013
    DiCaprio and Winslet are back at it again with equally strong performances. Each one complementing each other perfectly in this thought provoking film about the human condition and the struggle to find meaning in life. Expand
  6. Apr 25, 2013
    Revolutionary Road relies far too heavily on it's source material and in doing so encourages comparison which speedily brings the audience to the unsurprising realisation that the novel is superior. Despite this, Mendes fails to include the subtle and organic elements responsible for that superiority. Expand
  7. Jan 2, 2012
    Without question the worst movie I have seen in years, almost without redeeming features. An unbelievable plot, a hyper-exaggeration of suburban angst, with characterisations lacking in warmth and softness, the perfunctory callous sexual scenes unsizzlingly pornographic - as if all these things were clever or artistic to set out thus. I often like Kate Winslett's performances, in fact as she's a distant cousin I am predisposed to approve, but even that can't elevate this movie to adequacy. If you are contemplating suicide, breakup or mental breakdown, by all means go for it, it will nicely help you on your way; otherwise, do yourself a favour and stay away.
    How this ever got nominated for awards is amazing to me, a testament perhaps to the "Emperor's New Clothes" effect.

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