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  • Starring: ,
  • Summary: Gambler and conman Jake Green always ran with a bad crowd, and it cost him seven years of his life when he took the rap for mean Dorothy Macha and wound up in jail. After his release, Jake becomes unbeatable at the tables using a formula for the ultimate con that he learned from two mysterious fellow prisoners. Now he is ready to take his revenge. Macha is plotting to eliminate his ruthless rival, Lord John, and has staked his credibility on a huge drug deal with the all-powerful Sam Gold. Jake visits Macha at his casino and humiliates him publicly in a game of chance. Macha, fearing more of the same medicine, sends his goons to "take care of" Jake. His life is saved by enigmatic Zach, who, with his equally inscrutable partner Avi, offers Jake protection. Against his better judgment, Jake accepts. He soon finds himself playing the very last game he wants to be playing, and there is danger at every turn. But the biggest danger of all comes from a totally unexpected source... (Samuel Goldwyn Films) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 21
  2. Negative: 15 out of 21
  1. 63
    Good grindhouse fun until a last act that's like a meeting of a psychoanalysts' convention.
  2. Definitely deserves points for trying to be something thought-provoking and different, but it doesn't really stand up to analysis and it comes off as a pretentious mess.
  3. Reviewed by: Gregory Kirschling
    The movie butts up against the director's newfound pretensions -- pseudo-philosophical voice-over, psychobabble, faux-art-film plotting -- and turns incomprehensible.
  4. 30
    The result is a film that's main crime is inducing stupefying boredom with little payoff in the end.
  5. The movie's onslaught of psychobabble is the annoyance most likely to ruin your evening. Imagine getting stuck on a ski lift with Dr. Phil for nearly two hours.
  6. 25
    The latest Guy Ritchie shoot-em-up, is a joke. You laugh with it but mostly at it.
  7. Although it contains crime and absurdity, it's not thrilling or funny and the title doesn't refer to a gun.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 31
  2. Negative: 14 out of 31
    Oct 10, 2008
    I'm really sorry for every man who see this movie and give a rating like a 0!!!!!! do you understand a movie at all that you give a rating?!!! I recommend to everyone to watch this movie Forget about a rating and review that you can see in this page just look at these ratings, you can understand what is my point a movie like a 3:10 to Yuma:76!!!(a stupid adaptation) transformers:61!!!!!!!(totally a stupid movie) revolver:24??!! Expand
  2. May 13, 2012
    Everything in its place. Very few people will understand the depth of this one. I had to watch it three times myself to understand all of it (and I never had to watch a movie more than once before). Those who don't get it will target it's action scenes, plagiarism, philosophism and who knows what else. This is not Pulp Fiction. It's far better than that. Why? Because it has a deeper meaning. It is portraying the human EGO. Bear that in mind when reading the citations at the beginning of the movie.

    Also, there are two versions. One of them is shorter and is absolute rubbish.
  3. na
    Oct 5, 2009
    Your either going to love it or hate it. Until you see it for yourself you'll never know what to think of it.
  4. Jun 3, 2012
    It has taken me 3 years to pluck up the courage to watchthis movie. The reviews were awful at the time...but to my surprise...I actually really enjoyed it!! Ray Liotta's acting was awful(and whats with his plucked eyebrows?)...but Statham has never had this much character. I didnt fully understand the movie...but It says something that I had a great time watching it!! Expand
  5. JayH.
    Mar 11, 2008
    Overly stylized, cold and heartless. It's pretentious crap that has no soul, a director that is more concerned with imagery than with a comprehensible story. Shallow and unwatchable rubbish. Expand
  6. DannyH.
    Apr 15, 2008
    From the looks of what the payed critics said, it seems like the common theme is the film is extremely pretentious. Armund W.'s response and score for the film makes it obvious only pretentious people will enjoy this film. don't watch this film if you like any of Guy Ritchie's previous films, its a bit too incoherent. Expand
  7. ColR.
    Dec 6, 2007
    This movie was released in the UK around 2 years ago. I actually assumed that it was considered so bad that it wasn't going to be released in North America. You lucky people! This is *without any shadow of a doubt* THE WORST movie ever. It makes ZERO sense, and is akin to what I would imagine being overdosed with LSD would feel like. Badly acted, horrendous script (really, WTF is going on?), "innovation" for the sake of it, rather than because it's a good idea. My god! Even thinking about the fact that I wasted my time and money on this utter, utter garbage is still really annoying to me 2 years after I originally watched it. I CANNOT give this movie a low enough score. Guy Ritchie should NEVER be allowed to make another movie as long as he lives - how the mighty have fallen! Seriously, avoid this movie as though it's carrying some kind of death-inducing, super-agonising illness that you could catch by looking at it. If you're reading this, Guy, I work in the creative industry too - if you want a movie which is at least 1000 times better than this, gimme a call and I'll show you how to do it properly. Eugh - I need to go and try to calm down a bit. Expand

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