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  1. Oct 14, 2014
    With the art style of William Joyce, DreamWorks Animation, it reminds me of Disney's Meet the Robinsons, and Blue Sky's Robots for its unique designs. The story is okay not great, but it works I guess.
  2. Jul 23, 2014
    My brother (older) was excited about seeing this; he was disappointed, and he loves 'Despicable Me 2' more than just about any other animation movie. The characters are annoying and the film, while artistically stunning, lacks an interesting plot. The pacing for me is for me just like the voice of HAL from '2001' is monotone. Plus, the action is completely unnecessary in an animated fantasy about something that adheres to young children, for the most part. A lot of things could have been taken out and a lot of things added that could make this movie more entertaining and thoughtful. Expand
  3. Rem
    Jun 1, 2014
    Without a doubt this movie tries to be more than what it is. Dreamworks hit a new low with this film, and it shows in their completely annoying and idiotic character Jack Frost. Also while I understand that this is a children's movies, some of the dialogue is incredibly cringeworthy and the jokes come up empty. The animations are decent, but the idea of listening to Chris Pine's effort in trying to portray a clueless teen boy, it's just not worth it. Expand
  4. Jan 25, 2014
    This movie has a great feel to it. The voicing is incredible and brings the whole film to life. The visual effects are out of this world, everything down to the lighting, the colour and detail is out of this world. I have never seen an animation as beautiful and awe-inspiring as this.
    I most of all love the new take on the characters. The Russian Santa clause (known as North in the film)
    is so different and I love that. The fact that Tooth has little helpers is much more realistic than the conventional concept of the tooth fairy doing it all on her own. I especially love the fun and loving take on Jack Frost, depicting him as a youthful, fun character who loves having a bit of a good around with the children rather than an evil, middle-aged villain. My favourite character has to be the Easter bunny. The Australian accent, the Aussie idioms thrown in by Hugh just make the dialogue that much better, and what a great idea to have boomerangs as weapons! Even pitch black is a pretty awesome character (despite being the ultimate villain, the boogeyman). Jude law is the perfect voice for this character, his velvet voice is absolutely incredible and completes this character as well as the whole movie. I love that the characters are all depicted as superheroes in the fight scenes, all with their own quirky powers. Of course, some people who lack imagination and wonder may find this film boring, repetitive or just stupid. But if you look at and appreciate the finer parts of this movie, some of which I have listed above (voicing, visual effects, originality of the characters etc, then I think you will find this film extremely enjoyable and very fun. Over all, this movie (in my opinion) is breathtaking, fun, excitable and extremely beautiful, but obviously it won't be some peoples cup of tea. Expand
  5. Jan 25, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So far this movie has many things I liked, I liked the animation and the idea of Holiday icons being transformed into protectors of children. But I know several people, including my English teacher finds that idea absurd, but... I didn't think it was absurd at all. The characters were pretty much people I could sympathize with in real life. They all have strengths and flaws that make them believable, including North(Santa Claus) who puts kids on 'Nice' and 'Naughty' lists(tattoos) and Pitch(the Boogeyman who always felt alone). I also admire that rival- brotherly relationship with Jack and Bunnymund, they were funny and likable wherever they went, the part where Bunny gets furious at Jack was also pretty sad, it shows that their relationship was not perfect. I also liked how Tooth Fairy(the only female Guardian) wasn't treated as just a love-interest or a refrigerator victim(Sandman instead) throughout the movie, she can be aggressive if anyone messes with her friends and family. The fatherly/or grandfatherly bond between Jack and North was also pretty loving, since Jack hasn't lived with his family for many years, North also guides Jack to find his "center" in which it makes him a Guardian. The relationship I loved the most was between Jamie Bennett(Jack's first believer) and Jack Frost, they were both like real siblings ever since Jack followed him around ever since that sleigh ride. Jack Frost was my favorite out of all the characters since he may be a trickster, but is a kind, heroic person, especially to children.

    Positives:Beautiful animation, wonderful music, battle sequences, playful humor, excellent voice-acting, interesting storylines, and characters

    Negatives:Not many females, 300 years is too long, why can't anyone rescue Jack from drowning?, what type of English did people use during Jack's time when he was human?
  6. Jan 23, 2014
    I was born in the early 90's so I got to grow up seeing a lot of those old claymation films about Santa Claus, Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny etc.. so this was really cool for me to be able to relive my childhood in a way that's new and actually interesting for someone my age. The character designs are great, personalities are fun, and animation is gorgeous. Another thing I love is the deeply meaningful story underlying the protagonist in a way that is fitting for young children, but only truly comprehensible and appreciated by the more mature audience, keeping teenagers and adults entertained along with the children. Expand
  7. Jan 13, 2014
    A fun and exciting kids flick with a lot of heart and soul. The only thing that surprised me was the portrayal of children as quite flippant in their belief system.
  8. Dec 16, 2013
    While not one of the best, Rise of the Guardians will surely entertain the young and the young at heart with its likable characters and its action-packed scenes.
  9. Aug 24, 2013
    OK, so I saw the trailers and I really wanted to see this, and it was good, but I`t just didn`t have the magic to to meet my expectations. Rise of the Guardians has a good message and I give it points for that, but the movie overall was nothing amazing.
  10. Aug 22, 2013
    While there are certain things in the film could have been handled better the stuff that is good in this movie is unbeliavblely good. The world of the guardians and their powers make this film enjoyable to watch. This is a great movie for kids and even adults to a certain extent and make sure you watch it in 3D because it only adds to the experience.
  11. Aug 18, 2013
    DreamWorks once again proves it knows how to make an excellent looking animated movie while still maintaining the clever writing that brings the laughs. Surprisingly enough this is not only a movie that your kids will enjoy, but you will as well. Once again DreamWorks assembles some big names to create another astounding voice cast. The writing is excellent providing an great plot and tons of humor. It manages to harness that childish energy that reminds us why these fictional characters are so loved, and how much fun and joy it brought to believe in them. Animated kid movies rarely get much better than this outside of Pixar, but DreamWorks proves that it has what it takes to stand along side them. Expand
  12. Jul 26, 2013
    The Movie is so bad in parts that it is funny, HAS SOME AWESOME ACTION IN IT THOUGH AND HAS A DECENT STORY LINE, not worth paying money for just wait till its on TV or download it, Average at best and the film has one of the best quotes of all time, "If u hear the moon talking to u, Listing to it", So bad that it is good.
  13. Jul 7, 2013
    imagine the avengers who meeting the child's world and it gives "rise of the guardians"
    all the characters is here the santa claus the Tooth Fairy easter bunny, sandman.
    I confess I did not know who was jack frost
  14. Jul 4, 2013
    "Rise of the Guardians" may have some issues with pacing, but it's a visual wonder, and will delight a child's eye. The art displayed in the film is beautiful, and you sometimes cannot help to feel magical with your favorite childhood heroes on the big screen once again.
  15. Jun 4, 2013
    "While its not going to earn "classic" status, it still on more than one occasion gets the job done. Its the Avengers for kids, it has action, laughs and a great story. It reminds us all the fun it was to be a kid again & to never forget what's important" B+
  16. Apr 24, 2013
    A decent holiday movie. Interesting and unique story and view on classic characters. Just a shame the story felt a little too underwhelming. Animation is superb, voice acting great. Chris Pine is perhaps a bit too average sounding for the role. I never in a million years would have spotted Alec Baldwin, he is funny and more or less steals the show as far as the voice talent is concerned. Pitch Black is an interesting take on the boogyman character, but also a bit too non-threatening. Comes accross a more like a creepy accountant than a main villain.

    A nice fun film form the holidays that had me smiling most of the way through. It could have been better, but for what it is, it is great!
  17. Apr 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing film I really enjoyed watching it. It's great how it brings well known and love characters to life and creates the feeling that they all know each other. A good all round fun family film. I could watch it over and over again. This film also gives a very good visual idea of the characters and the places they come from. This movie also encourage team work and belief in yourself. I would give it a 30000/100 Expand
  18. Apr 14, 2013
    One of the most underrated animated films of all time. May not be as visually impressive as I hoped it would be but I fell in love with the characters, They are simply too awesome not to like. It's rare that I enjoy a film as much as I did this one, I actually broke out smiling during the end and didn't stop until it was over, It's a very cute film that I am sure kids and adults will enjoy. The only negative thing I can say about it is that the plot is a little shallow, Dialogue isn't as good as I hoped it would be. However, I enjoyed this film so much that I can overlook that. I would highly recommend due to the incredibly likeable characters and how much originality the film has. Expand
  19. Mar 31, 2013
    A Christmas movie where the Easter Bunny, Santa, Sandman, the Tooth fairy and Jack Frost form a souped-up action team who protect the children from Pitch Black (the Boogeyman). It's better than it sounds on paper with great animation and voice acting but the story is very predictable with the obligatory happy end. The target adience is kids between 7 to 15 so I guess we can forgive them
  20. Mar 26, 2013
    First off, I love animated films. I thought this movie was really good as it gave us an insight how the Guardians work, even if it was a bit cheesy at times! And I'm fourteen and I loved this film so that just goes to show it doesn't matter what age you are, animation is always good!
  21. Mar 19, 2013
    I have to start by saying that i am a big fan of Animated movies. This movie is just Hollywood trash. It has the same CGI, actions and stupid jokes as the typical Hollywood movies these days with no sense of story or screenplay. The movie is just boring. They try to make you feel amazed by throwing some graphics but it is just boring.
  22. Mar 19, 2013
    i love love love this film. The characters,the story line, everything. Definitely a top film. Although it is aimed at children, this is totally a full age friendly film.
    Pitch Black is a complex character and at some parts you almost feel sorry for him... until he is a complete dooshbag yet again.

    Would definitely recommend.
  23. Mar 14, 2013
    It wars really fun to watch and this is the holiday movies that children need. I really like this animated movie. It was visually great and if you have time to watch it, then watch it.
  24. Feb 26, 2013
    Enjoyable but derivative, Rise of the Guardians is a typical Dreamworks' animated fare that kids will like, but will not resonate as well as their other works. If you want a better treatment of this type of story, then look no further than Dreamworks' own Kung Fu Panda or How to Train a Dragon.
  25. Feb 2, 2013
    The animation in this film was spectacular. However, the plot was quite boring for me, and was extremely cliched. The same general plot has been used many times in the past, and it wasn't like this movie executed it any better. The pacing had many problems, and the villain wasn't all that intimidating. This movie would get a 7/10 from me, simply because of its awesome animation.
  26. Jan 24, 2013
    Rise of the Guardians is a fun and exciting animated movie that both kids and adults will love, but it also feels like it has a story that has been done many times before. We all believed in these holiday figures when we were kids, I loved thinking about Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny coming into my home and leaving me presents and eggs, and that is part of the charm of this movie. The writers know that kids and adults all loved these figures at one point in their life, and so making a movie where they all team up to protect us actually sounds like a lot of fun. The movie has a lot of likable characters and has a lot of heart, so you can believe me when I say that this is a very good film. But I also felt like this kind of story has been done many times before and that I could predict how this movie was going to play out. I saw "Wreck-It Ralph" a few weeks ago and it was one of the most original animated movies I have seen in several years, and that is what made it a terrific film. This story is a lot of fun, but I just wish that they had tried harder to make it more original for the adults. But I must also remember that this is a children's movie, and the children are going to have a lot of fun here. This is pretty much an animated version of "The Avengers" since both films involve heroes all teaming up to save the world. I really enjoyed this movie and I had a really fun time, and despite my small problem with the story, this is still a good movie that people of all ages will enjoy and have a fun time. Expand
  27. Jan 15, 2013
    Rise of the Guardians is a movie that will take you to your childhood, not only because of the characters, but also because of the topic that treats, which is the searching of your own being. This last thing is represented by Jack Frost, who is trying to discover his purpose in life and what he has to do; all this presented as his center, that he must find out in order to help the children of the world. The others guardians already discovered their center, which are wonder of Santa Claus, hope of the Easter Bunny, dreams of Sandman and memories of the Tooth Fairy. With all this things the children can have a beautiful life and be protected from their fears, characterized by the Boogeyman. These characters are very well constructed, because every single one of them has his own personality, which includes ambitions and worries, highlighting Jack Frost, Santa and Pitch. The only failure of this film is that falls into the typical struggle between good and evil and at the end it becomes totally predictable. Expand
  28. Jan 2, 2013
    Visually delicious with an original and very dark story. Both for adults and kids. Stunning animation. Highly recommended. I loved it. I love lamp. Blah blah blah
  29. Dec 29, 2012
    Much more aimed at the kids then I anticipated, Rise is a gorgeous looking piece of animation but ever so dull with it. There's not enough humour for my taste and despite the set-up its played very straight. I'm sure kids will love it but it doesnt have the wider appeal of something like Shrek or Tangled.
  30. Dec 25, 2012
    Rise of the Guardians has a lovely concept about these imaginary childhood legends. It tells a fascinating new mythology about them. It sets out to be highly imaginative and thoroughly heartfelt. With these people making this film, there is no surprise that they succeeded to execute those ambitions. Though, the storytelling is a bit messy with endless action set pieces. Despite of those flaws, it's still whimsically magical and heartwarming.

    The story centers a childhood guardian, Jack Frost. Among the guardians, he's the least known and believed by the children. It's pretty interesting since most of us only know very little about him, we intend to intrigue about his story. When it goes to the famous legends, it gets bigger and quicker with plenty of humor. The film is also an action movie. The action scenes are amazingly done and eye candy, but they somehow get excessive causing a bit mess to the storyline. It's charming when they go to their relationship with the children, and it's appealing when it explores to their worlds.

    The characters are wonderful enough. The voice performances are great. Chris Pine's performance is charming enough to keep Jack Frost pretty endearing. Alec Baldwin brings plenty of joy to his character. Hugh Jackman uses his Australian accent to the Easter Bunny which really fits to the character. The rest are unexpectedly delightful.

    The visuals are undeniably astonishing. Every scene of the film is spectacular and beautiful to look at, making the experience very magical. The 3D enhances the experience more or less. The character designs are inspired. I bet many would love the Sandman's that looks so lovable. And the music score adds sweetness to the sequences.

    Rise of the Guardians is a little bit disappointing but also a bit satisfying. It has the heart in a right amount but only the half of the film. The rest is all action and having fun, but it's not a bad thing. They just could have moderated the craziness and get a bit of focus to the storyline. The film is still worth watching. It can be a classic if it has a better storytelling but if you don't care then that won't be a problem. Overall, it's filled with excitement and beautiful animation. Rise of the Guardians can be considered one of the great films of the year.
  31. Zal
    Dec 23, 2012
    I wished I liked this movie more. Honestly, it was a mixed bag. On the upside, the animation and designs of the characters and settings were unbelievably creative (especially the Tooth Fairy). All of the different worlds were stunning, including the villain's lair. I also like how Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Sandman were re-imagined. My favorite character would have to be Russian Santa voiced by, get this, Alec Baldwin.
    However, there were many noticeable flaws. The story was kind of generic. It's the typical "you just gotta believe" message. Also, I couldn't get into Jack Frost. He's not a bad character by any means, but he wasn't a strong or interesting enough character to be the main focus of the film and it's especially more obvious when you see just how inventive the rest of the characters were. As for the villain, I wanted to like him, but...urgh. He wasn't that intimidating and he came across as very prissy.
    Overall, this movie was fine. There was definitely a lot of effort put into this film and for a first time director, it was really good. It just could have used some major changes in the story. This wasn't the best kids movie to come out this year, but it was satisfying enough. If you're an animation fan, check it out.
  32. Dec 18, 2012
    This movie. The scenery and characters are very interesting and fun to look at, the story is very well done from beginning to... Middle. Near the end of the movie, it gets very cheesy. I won't spoil anything, but the story could have been better. This movie is entertaining, but overall slightly overrated by the users. It's an entertaining movie, nothing more, nothing less. I'll give it a 6 out of 10. Collapse
  33. Dec 14, 2012
    Average kid movie. My daughter asked why the movie was like all the other movies she had seen, and she's only eight. The plot is tired, though the film was beautiful artistically. Also, a bit too much action. It seems that today, kids are being fed nonstop action in films. One note, though, my kids, after watching this film were convinced that Santa Claus wasn't real. They went in believing and came out doubting. Mostly like the tattooed Russian bully posing as Santa in the film, didn't jive with their more innocent view of him. Strange. This movie was basically a pass for us. Expand
  34. Dec 8, 2012
    Rise of the Guardians has really great action scenes. Visually striking, very entertaining but it's not so good in storytelling. A sort of Avengers set in school set, intriguing.
  35. Dec 6, 2012
    Rise Of The Guardians is a fractured 3-D fairy tale
  36. Dec 5, 2012
    I went into this movie thinking it would be okay and came out loving it. While premise may seem silly, worked surprisingly well and you fall in love with all the characters. Jack Frost especially, who you realize it a much more complex character than he appears to be. Movie also shows itself to be more than just fun when at a few moments it becomes rather dark, which in a kids movie was great to see as an adult watching. Overall, a very very enjoyable animated film which is original, gorgeously animated, and definitely pulls you in. Highly recommended! Expand
  37. Dec 2, 2012
    Was having trouble caring at first, but I guess I was drawn in by the visuals which were stunning. By the end I was completely engaged with the story as well.
  38. Dec 2, 2012
    Rise of the Guardians is an animated film of 2012 directed by Peter Ramsey.
    When Pitch, the black man, threatens to destroy the imagination of children, guardians, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Sandman come together to defeat him. The man in the moon, however, reveals that they will join a new guardian and that is Jack Frost, the spirit of the snow that as opposed to
    other guardians can not be seen by people.
    The film has a simple plot but full of found really original, dramatic moments, fun and exciting. The thing that you notice about this movie is, above all, the characterization of the characters. No one is left in the background and you end up adoring all. Pitch is very well characterized and is a great evil, intelligent and duplicitous. The technical department is done really well and also the music.
  39. Dec 2, 2012
    It's certainly no "How To Train Your Dragon" but it's undoubtedly one of DreamWorks strongest animated films. With fun characters, a reasonably good plot and some great visuals that make perfect use of 3D. It's definitely worth checking out.
  40. Nov 29, 2012
    While unlikely to win any awards its a good kids movie with a good message. The voice acting was actually pretty well done especially by Chris Pine and Jude Law. If your looking to take your kids to the movies you could do a lot worse.
  41. Nov 27, 2012
    this movie makes me wish I was able to believe in magic again. with a cool set of characters (Russian Santa) with colorful character designs and personalities. the story itself is pretty generic but its execution breaths new life into the formula. Jack Frost is a very likable character that you ill feel for. And Pitch is a very likable villain too the way he talks and moves and tries to get jack to join him is fun. This is a movie suitable for children and it'll have parents liking it along with them. If you have siblings or just want to see it out of guilty pleasure i definitely recommend. Expand
  42. Nov 27, 2012
    Rise of the Guardians brings together all the characters that made our childhood wonderful and they are not at all as we were imagining them. But behind the funny personalities lies the responsibility of protecting the children and this combination makes the movie a must-see. The only bad part I could see was the story. It is too simple considering the potential of the characters.
  43. Nov 26, 2012
    This movie was beautiful to look at. The characters were striking and vibrant in appearance. The writing was never very clever or insightful though. I think I would have loved this movie if I was under the age of 10, but their was very little that would entertain adults as well as children. Overall it wasn't unpleasant, but I wouldn't really recommend seeing it to anyone either.
  44. Nov 26, 2012
    Visually, the animation is outstanding. Dreamworks already proved they were among the best animators with "How to Train Your Dragon". The 3D is also excellent. Unfortunately, the story fell a little flat and predictable for me. The moral of the movie, "It's real if you only believe", has been done many times in movies, and as recently as "Polar Express" a few years ago. Polar Express was a better movie for me than this one. Still, the outstanding visuals kept my interest the entire movie and I recommend it on that basis alone. Expand
  45. Nov 26, 2012
    I thought that this was the best animated film of the year...and I've seen ALL of the others. It had some of the most spectacularly beautiful design I've seen in ages and it also one of the few movies that really should be seen in 3D. The voices and characterizations are both fun and intriguing. The plot is poignant and can be thoroughly enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages. I think it didn't do as well at the box office because so many people were distracted by all the shopping, but I think it will have legs and will do better in the coming weeks! Expand
  46. Nov 26, 2012
    The movie is very good for kids and adults. The story is interesting and the graphics it's so cool.
    Me and my daughter are so very happy after exit from the theatre.
    Xmas is coming!!!
  47. Nov 25, 2012
    I expected this movie to get the same lazy story treatment that Gnomeo and Juliet had, but it turns out to be much more. Its sorta the kids version of The Avengers. It has the heart of "The Polar Express" but with action like "The Incredibles". Theres even a deeper meaning behind the movie. Its about dreaming and believing as a kid so that you can succeed as an adult as well. If you liked holiday classics such as "The Polar Express" or "Arthur", then I think you'll enjoy "Rise of the Guardians". Expand
  48. Nov 25, 2012
    For sure one of the most original, most interesting & best holiday movies I've seen. The animation is very detailed & the use of 3D effect is completely worth the extra couple bucks to see it in 3D. The story itself is rather interesting, but well written & well told. This movie may be one your kids want you to see, and while it does look kinda childish, some adults will appreciate the originality & story for sure. This movie is one of those movies that also builds up a great storyline that keeps you interested & the ending while not really that expected, does perfectly fit with the rest of the story. Expand
  49. Nov 21, 2012
    A reasonably fun holiday flick that feels at times a bit disjointed and a bit lacking in depth. Certainly we can connect with the themes, but the movie fails to draw us into the "magic".

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 34
  2. Negative: 2 out of 34
  1. Reviewed by: Olly Richards
    Nov 26, 2012
    It's gorgeously designed, deftly written and frequently laugh-out-loud funny. For child or adult, this is a fantasy to get lost in.
  2. Reviewed by: Josh Winning
    Nov 25, 2012
    More "oooh… aaah" than "ho-ho-ho", ROTG is so full of yuletide razzmatazz that only true Scrooges will have trouble stomaching it. If only Santa's workshop had given the script more of a tinker...
  3. Reviewed by: Jody Mitori
    Nov 23, 2012
    The Guardians make a winning team that is a prime candidate for a sequel, just like "The Avengers."