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  • Summary: Eighteen-year-old Ian Lafferty sets out on a cross country drive with his best friends Lance and Felicia in order to lose his virginity to a red-hot babe he met on the Internet. But the journey, filled with hilarious misadventures and raunchy escapades, teaches all three more than they expected about life and love. Randy, raucous and unexpectedly romantic, Sex Drive follows three friends on the road trip of a lifetime! (Summit Entertainment) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 24
  2. Negative: 2 out of 24
  1. Reviewed by: Cammila Albertson
    All that matters is if it's funny -- and it is.
  2. Seth Green is uproarious as an Amish farmer who speaks in sentences so passive-aggressive, they're like tiny slaps.
  3. Reviewed by: Sam Toy
    Okay, it doesn’t have an original bone in its body, but forgetting the awful title, Sex Drive has its share of snappy lines and decent gags. It’s also got Seth Green and James Marsden on cracking form, which should never be underestimated.
  4. The sweetheart leads, Josh Zuckerman and Amanda Crew, are easy to spend time with, and Seth Green as an Amish hipster and Clark Duke as an unlikely lady-killer hit every sweet-and-sardonic note with panache.
  5. Reviewed by: Reyhan Harmanci
    Some jokes work, some don't and, frankly, I can't remember either, but it leaves a sweet aftertaste. Slight, but sweet.
  6. Just slightly funnier than you'd expect, this dashed-off teen comedy cribs from a thousand other movies, without coming up with anything original of its own.
  7. One smart thing Green's character Ezekiel does is split from Sex Drive as soon as his two scenes are over.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 19
  2. Negative: 2 out of 19
  1. Dec 8, 2013
    One of my favorite road trip movies, with a simple premise that keeps it going and some really great memorable scenes. The humor is quite blue and it's not one to watch with your grandma, but if you're a fan of Apatow (minus maybe the depth of character) type stuff you'll enjoy it. Expand
  2. Mar 10, 2011
    Another great comedy to add to the teenage, crude, sex referenced pile. A welcome addition that has great humor, surprisingly good acting and overall provides the viewer with a greatly enjoyable experience. Probably cheap and easy to find on DVD since it's been a few years since its release, well worth the spare $6 in your pocket. Expand
  3. Aug 9, 2011
    Absolutely hysterical! My wife and I stumbled across this film OnDemand and we gave it a go, for different reasons I might add! **wink wink** We ended up discovering just a downright hilarious film. I couldn't stop laughing. The performances are wacky but still streamlined in their element, and the film rolls along a road of sexual conquest, evolution of relationships, and a donut costume! Check it out for a very fun time! Expand
  4. May 25, 2014
    Sex Drive is another average comedy but i still find the movie enjoyable. I remember when it was first coming out and it was being advertised that it was better then Superbad but in no way is this movie on the same level as Superbad sure this movie has a few funny parts but i didnt find myself laughing like i was when watching Superbad. The three main actors are Josh Zuckerman, Amanda Crew, and Clark Duke while i did like two of them i did find Josh Zuckerman annoying. James Marsden as Zuckerman's older brother was hilarious he acts like a total hard ass but in the end you found out that he is gay. Charlie McDermott and Mark L. Young as Andy and Randy were too funny always hitting on chicks but acting like total retards and never being able to score then when a chick really wants to get with them they back down and **** out. Seth Green as a Amish person was great because he was a real dick about everything that he did for other people. Also what he said to Pete Wentz at the end of the movie had me laughing so hard.

    Overall i give it a 6.5 Katrina Bowden and Amanda Crew are soo hott!!! those two also made the movie a bit watchable
  5. Jun 12, 2011
    This is a pretty standard teen comedy and horribly predictable movie. You will know the ending long before the first act is over. Also the jokes are easily seen coming miles away. With all that said the movie is actually pretty good if you just sit back and watch it. If you go into this thinking to hard then you aren't going to have any fun, but if you just sit back and let it happen then it's not to bad. There were a few times it caught me off guard. A Fall Out Boy concert at an Amish farm is pretty funny. Overall the movie is your standard teen comedy with your standard characters and standard outcome. Expand
  6. Jun 22, 2011
    It's about as good as any movie featuring Fall Out Boy can be. It's cliched and predictable from the start, but it at least had some redeeming moments to make it watchable. Expand

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