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  • Summary: Shutter Island is the story of two U.S. marshals, Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, who are summoned to a remote and barren island off the cost of Massachusetts to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a murderess from the island's fortress-like hospital for the criminally insane. (Paramount Pictures)
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 37
  2. Negative: 4 out of 37
  1. When was the last time you had to wait until the final sentence of a film to understand all the details? When was the last time you went to a genre movie – or what looked like one in spooky trailers – and realized the director had fulfilled that promise and meditated on his favorite topic? Shutter Island does just that.
  2. 88
    DiCaprio, in his most haunting and emotionally complex performance yet, is the vessel Scorsese uses to lead us through the film’s laby­rinth.
  3. It's not a great movie so much as it is great moviemaking. It's basically a potboiler genre film, a B-movie with big talent attached.
  4. 70
    No one is denying the energy and the dread that stalked the best B movies of the past, but, when the best director of the present revives such monsters, how can he hope to do better than a B-plus?
  5. 63
    This is a long, heavy film, in which Scorsese’s aerobic moviemaking turns mannered and uncharacteristically passive.
  6. Shutter Island is slumming: minor but enjoyably nuts.
  7. 20
    Something TERRIBLE is afoot. Sadly, that something turns out to be the movie itself.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 33 out of 227
  1. Sep 14, 2010
    I'll keep it short. This film is one of the best films I have seen recently. So intense, thrilling and it keeps you to the edge of your seat. From prologue to the epilogue it's so perfect. What can you expect more from a director of his caliber.!!!!! Expand
  2. Mikyla
    Apr 2, 2010
    I would not change anything. Even the music that did not match up, it was deliberate to match with the misguided perspective of Leo. With that being said, I'm surprised some people did not entirely understand the ending. As a person who has seen the village and deemed it to be the worst movie I have ever seen, this movie went a little bit deeper vs the superficial uselessness that I thought the village had.. -HUGE SPOILER TO THOSE WHO DID NOT GET IT.- It was heart wrenching to see Leo surrender himself, although 'cured' of his delusions to the lobotomy because he was so haunted by the horror of what he had done and what his wife had done. In the end, he chose to die a hero. To me, this made the movie an utter tragedy. You must understand that the confusion, and plot lines that -didn't quite add up- were deliberate, as Leo was the entire time, quite mad and this was played through his perspective. I also wanted to give credit like another reviewer had about the ability of this movie to get into your head, disturb you so deeply and make you feel insane alongside Leo. With that being said, I will not see this movie again by choice. Expand
  3. Jun 7, 2012
    If thrillers are your thing ,watching this is logical. Martin Scorsese directed this so this should be on your watch list anyway. DiCaprio plays U.S. Marshal Edward Daniels, and his performance delivers. The supporting cast also does a great job. The script play is amazing.It is a bit boring the first 40 minutes, but it gets really good. Expand
  4. Oct 27, 2010
    Shutter Island is a Martin Scorsese reworking of a novel not many will be familiar with, which means the twists and turns will be all the more unexpected. Throughout the course of the film, we are left guessing as to what is actually going on, which characters are we supposed to trust, which ones are actually real and which one is going to ultimately reveal the truth. In fact, few would be able to guess at the convoluted ending the movie adopts, which makes it all the more enthralling to be taken along for the ride. Strong lead from DiCaprio and an excellent supporting cast including the likes of Sir Ben Kingsley, Max Von Sydow and, begrudgingly, rom-com fodder Mark Ruffalo make this a well thought out, well acted adaptation.

    *Best Watched - In a dark room with plenty of patience that will ultimately be rewarded*
  5. Mar 30, 2012
    Shutter Island is a complex movie. It has you thinking one way one minute and then other a second later. The second half was better than the first. It was intense and thrilling all at the same time. Expand
  6. Sausage
    Feb 23, 2010
    I wasn't expecting much with this film, but I gotta really IS pretty good!! In reflection though it was a very simple story and pretty tame ending, masked by a great director and superb acting. The film does border into 50's twilight zone a few times and the ominous music does not help this vibe. Overall, its a weird, but well made psychological thriller!! Expand
  7. KimmyV
    Mar 6, 2010
    Don't even waste your precious time on this movie. Boring at best. What was Scorsese thinking? Too bad, since you can usually count on a great film with the featured actors and director. Expand

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