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  1. Reviewed by: Jason Buchanan
    It's a joy to watch soul legend Isaac Hayes in one of his final roles.
  2. This contemporary riff on "The Sunshine Boys" generally manages to succeed anyway, thanks to the entertaining performances by Mac and co-star Samuel L. Jackson and its generous doses of raucous humor and sweet soul music.
  3. 75
    This movie has a lot of good music in it, some on the soundtrack, some on the screen. Jackson and Bernie Mac have enormous fun doing intricate dance moves together.
  4. 75
    There's nothing quite like watching Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac performing at a hoedown and getting into it with the audience.
  5. 63
    Soul Men is a chance to salute these masters of mirth and music. Take it.
  6. 38
    If you insist on seeing Soul Men, stick around during the closing credits for the best part of the movie, an interview with Mac.
  7. The script is basically a retread of every other AARP comedy, from "Grumpy Old Men" to "Wild Hogs." The laughs, in other words, are of the Viagra and kidney stone variety.
  8. Reviewed by: Chuck Wilson
    Mac and Jackson carry the show--particularly Mac, who's at his crackly, cranky best here. As swan songs go, Soul Men is pretty sweet.
  9. 60
    A raucous, rambling comedy, offering some laughs, some groans and a feast for fans of the musical idioms it mocks and celebrates.
  10. 40
    Couldn't be more unhip -- it just never hits the groove.
  11. 0
    For all its crudeness and desperation, Soul Men can't scare up a single laugh.
  12. The funniest bit in the crude but diverting Soul Men really makes you miss Bernie Mac, who died in August, a few months after completing the picture.
  13. Reviewed by: David Hiltbrand
    Jackson gets by mostly on bluster, but that doesn't matter because he serves mostly as a foil to Mac's popeyed shake-and-bake antics.
  14. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    The material doesn't consistently do justice to their talents, but the movie is worth seeing for their chemistry and for the Motown-infused soundtrack.
  15. 63
    Soul Men isn't much of a movie, but it bubbles along and reaches its percolating high point at the very end.
  16. Needless to say, Soul Men has a lot to overcome in its effort to be funny.
  17. 50
    There are two reasons to put up with Soul Men, and that's the soul men themselves. Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac appear to be having a good time, and for most of this raunchy, poorly orchestrated buddy comedy, that's enough.
  18. Reviewed by: Josh Rosenblatt
    Whenever Soul Men is in need of a jolt of energy, these two poets of profanity are always ready with rapid-fire, mean-spirited rants that would make the writers of "Deadwood" blush.
  19. Soul Men could have done with less amped-up abrasiveness and more soft-shoe charm.
  20. The movie also qualifies as a kind of low-rent, male version of "Dreamgirls," but -- while many of the numbers are pleasant -- it doesn't have the moxie to work as a musical.
  21. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    There's a nice chemistry between Mac and Samuel L. Jackson in this latest variant of the road movie, which contains comedic elements but actually works better as a drama.
  22. 50
    Mac was a magnetic performer with a long history of redeeming mediocre movies; unfortunately this is another one.
  23. Misbegotten buddy-bonding comedy of errors.
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  1. Feb 26, 2013
    Soul Men was a film that was racked with problems right from the start. Originally the film kept getting pushed back because of a law suit bySoul Men was a film that was racked with problems right from the start. Originally the film kept getting pushed back because of a law suit by the R&B group, Sam David, which claimed it to be a farce on their life story. The group also accused the producers of copyright infringement for using their style and the title of one of their songs, "Soul Man". The law suit was finally settled and the movie was released in 2008. Then, days before the films release, two of it's stars, Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, died on back to back days, a tragedy that created a public relations nightmare. For those reasons, this film wasn't widely distributed or advertised, which is a shame because it was one terrific film. The story starts 30 years after a legendary R&B group, Marcus Hooks The Real Deal, broke up. We see the remaining members, Samuel L. Jackson in trouble with the law, and Bernie Mac, living in a retirement community, when they learn about the sudden death of Hooks. Record executives, quick to capitalize on his death, organize a tribute show at the Apollo in New York, and invite the Real Deal to participate. This means that two men who hate each other and haven't performed in almost 30 years, need to get their act together in a hurry if they want the big pay day and a chance at a come back. The film is an absolute riot, with Mac as the old lonely man and Jackson as the bitter forgotten convict. Their chemistry was nothing short of amazing and the big surprise was that both men can actually sing and dance! Even though they must have said mother f'er about a thousand times, I found the film to be very clever, funny, and original. If it wasn't for all the problems it had, this movie would have done much better than it did and it is without a doubt, worth watching. Full Review »
  2. JayH.
    Feb 3, 2009
    Disappointing and not as funny as I was hoping. It's not bad but I saw so much lost potential. The cast does fine, some good music but Disappointing and not as funny as I was hoping. It's not bad but I saw so much lost potential. The cast does fine, some good music but it isn't at all memorable. Very routine stuff. Full Review »
  3. Gary
    Nov 10, 2008
    Eerie to see the late Bernie Mac one last time on the big screen. He was a very good comedian. But unfortunately this is not a very good movie.