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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 32
  2. Negative: 3 out of 32

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  1. Parents, who are more apt to be bored by the simple story line, are going to be amazed nevertheless by the smooth, convincing animation that lends Stuart his lifelike physicality and expressive facial gestures.
  2. 88
    Such astounding computer-generated effects you'll suspend disbelief and root for the hero, a 3-inch talking mouse.
  3. Charming Stuart Little improves on original tale.
  4. A treat for the eyes and the heart.
  5. It's (Stuart's) utter believability that lets us follow him into the ecstasy of absurdity that is the rest of the film.
  6. 75
    Both a dazzling technological achievement and a really sweet movie.
  7. Enormously cute, but it doesn't allow us to ever completely suspend our disbelief.
  8. Lacks the subtle sense of mystery that distinguished E.B. White's lovely novel, but nicely conveys its playful spirit and amiable tone.
  9. Sustains a lovely balance between enchantment and playfulness.
  10. Reviewed by: Richard Schickel
    The blend of digital animation and live action is first rate.
  11. Reviewed by: John Hartl
    Warm and fuzzy and amusing enough to be slightly more than an innocuous baby-sitter for the kids.
  12. 70
    Highly amusing for grown-ups, too.
  13. TNT RoughCut
    Reviewed by: Bill McLochlin
    Has world-class talent behind it, and it shows.
  14. Reviewed by: Sean Means
    The single best thing about Stuart Little is Nathan Lane.
  15. 70
    The tale is propelled by its characters and buoyed by the film's warm and loving spirit.
  16. 67
    A bright, lively picture.
  17. 63
    This isn't your father's Stuart Little, but youngsters will be delighted. Mostly.
  18. Doesn't have the exuberant inspiration or seamless, polished dazzle of "Toy Story 2," but if the latter is sold out at the multiplex this weekend, the mouse is a passable substitute.
  19. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    The new Stuart Little is OK, but it's never so charming that you forget you're watching a manufactured object.
  20. An enervated adaptation of E.B. White's Stuart Little escapades.
  21. 63
    At least a few good things are found in this small package.
  22. 60
    Given what a tricky proposition it is to adapt a classic children's book for the screen, this take on E.B. White's Stuart Little does a more-than-passable job of resurrecting the story for a new generation.
  23. A charming, technically sensational version of E.B. White's children's classic.
  24. The other, unintentional lesson taught here is that it's easier to make a mouse talk than to come up with something interesting for him to say.
  25. 50
    Its hero upstages anything the plot can possibly come up with.
  26. 50
    Patronizing and predictable where E.B. White's episodic 1945 odd and open-ended.
  27. Doesn't quite measure up to the extraordinary sweetness of the classic children's book by E.B. White on which it is based. But then again, how could it?
  28. 40
    Retelling of White's classic children's book is a spun-sugar treacle-bomb, though a darn good-looking one.
  29. 30
    Boring, irksome family movie.
  30. The story is little more than overdetermined trials and triumphs. Kids won't care, but they won't fall for it either; unsurprisingly, it doesn't stand a chance of providing them with the memories the book provided their parents.
  31. Forces its snuggly weirdo upon us and instructs us from the get-go to love him.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 46 Ratings

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  1. Apr 23, 2014
    Stuart Little is a movie that is made for kids, will be enjoyed by kids, and are for kids' eyes only. Parents will probably find in simple andStuart Little is a movie that is made for kids, will be enjoyed by kids, and are for kids' eyes only. Parents will probably find in simple and boring, but might enjoy it anyway. Full Review »