Warner Bros. Pictures | Release Date: June 19, 1981
Summary: A trio of Krypton villains threaten havoc on Earth, while Superman and Lois Lane are just becoming involved in a long awaited love affair -- an affair which may cost Superman his super powers. [Warner Bros.]
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Runtime: 127 min
Rating: PG
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance
Country: UK
Languages: English, French
Home Release Date: May 1, 2001
Director Credit
Richard Donner Director
Richard Lester Director
Writer Credit
David Newman Screenplay
Jerry Siegel Characters
Joe Shuster Characters
Leslie Newman Screenplay
Mario Puzo Story
Tom Mankiewicz Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Christopher Reeve Superman/Clark Kent
Gene Hackman Lex Luthor
Margot Kidder Lois Lane
Cast Credit
Clifton James Sheriff
E.G. Marshall The President
Jack O'Halloran Non
Jackie Cooper Perry White
Leueen Willoughby Leueen
Marc McClure Jimmy Olsen
Ned Beatty Otis
Robin Pappas Alice
Sarah Douglas Ursa
Susannah York Lara
Terence Stamp General Zod
Valerie Perrine Eve Teschmacher
Producer Credit
Ilya Salkind Executive Producer
Pierre Spengler Producer