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  • Summary: Take occurs over two days - one day in the present and one day in the past. Ana drives through the desert to witness the execution of Saul, the stranger who destroyed her life so many years ago. Saul waits out the final hours of his life. Both are caught in the memory of the day when their lives crossed paths and changed forever. Years earlier, Saul is out of a job, out of money, and out of time to pay his debts. Ana, with her young son, tries to work out her uncertain future. It only takes a moment for their lives to collide and become permanently intertwined. (Liberation Entertainment)
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  1. 75
    Driver and Renner deliver haunting performances in this story of crime and punishment.
  2. 50
    Well, you can't fault the actors. That must mean it's the fault of the writer and director. Take is a monotonous slog through dirgeland, telling a story that seems strung out beyond all reason, with flashbacks upon flashbacks delaying interminably the underwhelming climax.
  3. 38
    A woefully earnest indie about a crime and its aftermath.
  4. Reviewed by: Ed Gonzalez
    Take has the audacity to excuse its bad cinematic habits as figments of both Saul and Ana's imaginations.
  5. Another preachy, overacted message film that owes its out-of-time structure to "21 Grams" and "Babel," except writer-director Charles Oliver uses the idea of restorative justice.
  6. 10
    Subjective or not, the movie is a bore and an eyesore.

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