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  1. This isn't a Ferrara classic like "King of New York," but even his less- memorable pictures carry an eccentric kick no other director could duplicate.
  2. 50
    Abel Ferrara's gift for getting actors to dredge up the ugliest muck in their souls and bare it onscreen is used to strong effect in this psychological thriller.
  3. 40
    Like most of Mr. Ferrara's films, The Blackout takes place in a trance state -- events are fuzzy, line readings even fuzzier. There are mysterious ellipses in the plotline and lots of droning electric guitar work on the soundtrack.
  4. Reviewed by: Emanuel Levy
    Ferrara has made a film that's always visually arresting, but one that lacks emotional and dramatic sense -- a recurrent weakness in his work.
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  1. amurabim.
    Jan 8, 2006
    Complicated, full of twists and turns and with a dislocated narrative, ferrara´s "blackout" is a decent movie from this acclaimed director. the plot is agile enough to get involved and interested in this kind of redemption story (but with a killer twist). matthem modine is the trouble. his performance is so low and unsympathetic than i just hate him. dennis hopper is eccentric and overacted as usual and claudia schiffer is here... just because she can. editing and photography are stunning. ferrara use his technique to offer us a tragic story with an artistic conception. his trying to evoke french film "Nana" into his fake and porno film (in the kind of genre: film into the film) is amazing, weird and unique. i like it. it doesn´t care the bizarre, ferrara is bizarre enough to like you. Expand