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  • Summary: Eight-year-old Elsa (Bouanich) and her mom Isabelle (Dieu) move in next to Julien (Serrault), an ornery old entomologist with a lavish butterfly collection in his apartment. Her mother is hardly ever home, and Elsa soon grows attached to her neighbor. (First Run Features)

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Score distribution:
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  1. Perfect holiday entertainment, albeit for those small fry who can read English subtitles.
  2. An exceptionally satisfying film of much grace and beauty.
  3. 75
    Sentimental and predictable? Sure, but The Butterfly is so well-meaning and the wide-eyed Bouanich is so sweet and lovable only a Scrooge would dare complain.
  4. Its scrupulous, even-toned gentleness makes " The Butterfly suitable for children, while its clear-eyed intelligence and refusal to condescend should make it appealing to adults.
  5. 63
    Adults expecting intellectual stimulation better skip this one. Not that the Philippe Muyl film is devoid of charm; it oozes it. The story is as predictable as a hot summer in South Florida.
  6. 60
    Cutesy and slight, but it's also polished and well-lit, and Muyl makes a weeklong hike roll by pleasantly, reducing it to about 80 minutes of screen time.
  7. It's all very sweet and occasionally touching. More lasting shots of more beautiful butterflies would have added a lot, though.

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