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  1. Jun 12, 2014
    Again, I DARE YOU TO WATCH THIS FILM BY YOURSELF IN THE DARK!!! It's so scary, the government are thinking of adding this film as part of training in the military, in helping soldiers face their fears. lol
  2. Mar 23, 2014
    One of the best horror movies of all time!
    - Excellent Actors
    - Excellent Story
    - Great Atmosphere
    - Abrupt Ending
    - Based on a true story, even though the story was amazing I'd rather not hear it being based on actual events.
  3. Mar 17, 2014
    from the guy who brought you saw and insidious james wan brought us the conjuring which is scary and freaky . i never saw a horror film that was based on a true story . this is sort of like amityville horror but hey it was a good film . i can not wait for the sequel
  4. Mar 16, 2014
    First I heard about it I thought I was going to be really scared about it, but rare times it scared me. But that's not very important, because the movie was not made to be horror. The story was a very good one, which made me think and ask myself why was doing that character a certain weird thing. Even the movie wasn't what I was looking for, I liked it very much because of mistery, characters, especially Lorraine, who had a great role in the story; of course everyone had it own role, and the way they have solved the problem. The thing I didn't like so much was that the exorcism was a quick ritual in the film, about several minutes, where I wanted to see something more. Nevertheless, now, after I watched it it's on my favourite list, so I give it a 9, recommending it for the people who wants mistery. Expand
  5. Feb 19, 2014
    "Why is this movie getting awesome scores? What happened in this movie that hasn't happened in every other horror movie?"

    It is an art to make good pictures. It is an art to make feel the viewer emotionally involved. It is an art to place, choose and time sound effects so that they are just "in time". Often in life it is not the story which is told. It is the WAY the story is told!!!!
    The conjuring - for shure - is a composition of already known story fragments, but the way the fragments have been arranged to a dense thrilling story are absolutely f***ng genious. There is barely nothing which I had to criticize respectively that can be criticized. And this is - by all respect to other filmmakers - a seldom situation. double thumps up into my bluray-collection! Expand
  6. Feb 17, 2014
    I've always been a fan of good horror movies. Sadly, nowadays, there is somewhat of a deficit amongst the genre, because, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think a generic plot + dark premise + a few jumpscares = a good movie. Luckily, this movie isn't like that.
    I love this movie. And even as I nitpick my way through it, I manage to find just one thing I don't like about it. But let
    me get there first.
    This movie is really beautifuly shot. The whole direction it is going for has a very retro-horror vibe that I just can't help but enjoy. There are almost no effects, which I think is a huge plus, and those that are included are very effective. This movie doesn't rely simply on jumpscares, but on pure, well-built atmosphere, the overall look and feel of it brings a lot to this.
    It also sounds great, all the sound effects used are creepy, there are almost no random sharp sounds, like the ones used in Insidious (whichi I personally hated about it), there is also almost no awkward silence - it's a perfect mix.
    The acting in the movie is great. The people behind the movie knew exactly what kinds of people they need, so they just got those people, and they are perfect for their roles. Even the little kids are great at acting it out! It's simply a joy to watch all of these people interract with eachother on such a great level, at times it feels like real-life footidge of a family reunion and that's brilliant.
    The overall story is nothing we haven't seen before, but it's very well paced, which is key to a good horror movie. I really love what they did with the pacing here, though I felt the ending was a bit rushed, but I give the movie credit for having scenes that most movies of the genre forget - those that expand on the characters and their bonds. However, here is also the one thing I don't like about this movie, and it's the paranormal apparition - it's not badly done, it's just not my thing and I didn't find it scary or creepy, I was intrigued and when I found out what it was, it all sort of went down hill from there for me, but this is just for me, so instead of my personal rating of a 8/10, I give it a almost perfect 9/10 - I recommend this movie to all horror fans, especially those who are nostalgic for retro horror. This movie is awesome!
  7. Feb 14, 2014
    To be honest, this has to be one of the better horrors I have seen in a while. Granted allot in this movie has been done before and the premise is nothing original, the movie as a whole feels fresh and genuinely scary at points. Rich atmosphere and all round decent acting give this movie the creepy vibe that many other horrors are lacking.

    While they could have been a bit more daring
    and gone deeper with the narrative, I really have no gripes with this movie.

    An enjoyable, creepy and highly atmospheric movie and probably the best horror movie of 2013. I loved it.
  8. Feb 14, 2014
    This movie is my best horror movie. The story is based on true events wich makes the movie even more scary especially if it's well played. It has a lot of moments where you think there will be jump scare but in the end it's nothing and thats what makes it so scary, there are a few jump scares yes but not always. Just in the right moments.
  9. Jan 6, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is one of those horror movies where everyday stuff turn into nightmares. If you have ever lived in an old house you have experienced strange sounds that can't be explained by normal occurrences. In my opinion this fact is what makes this movie so scary and spooky. Expand
  10. Dec 24, 2013
    The Conjuring is easily the most scariest movie to date. Take what you think is scary and times it by 10, and your left with The Conjuring. This movie is a MUST for all horror fans. To the acting, dialogue and creepy sound effect this movie will leave you exhausted by the end wishing you never watched because I can tell you now you won't be getting a goods night sleep.
  11. Dec 21, 2013
    James Wan brings us the classic horror film that does scare anyone who is in the room from the first minute (literally), bringing a conbinacion Poltergeist, The Exorcist and The Shining reverse. The 2013 was good horror movies generally had good reviews as Mama and The Cottage of Terror (although in the latter my criticism was not positive). Vera Farmiga splendid as ever. The girls (Joey King Batman the Dark Knight rises, Mackenzie Foy Breaking Dawn Part 2 and others) keeps his performance very well. The best thing about the movie is the diabolical doll Anabelle since its first appearance in the movie scares, the plot and outcome. The only thing bad about 20 minutes without something interesting happens. Expand
  12. Dec 13, 2013
    The Conjuring thrills with its countless scares and tense atmosphere. Solid acting and great cinematography only excels this as a thoroughly enjoyable (and old-school) horror flick.
  13. Dec 10, 2013
    Consensus: Well crafted, frightening, suspenseful, full of effective scares, excellent performances and with a terrifying picture. "THE CONJURING" by James Wan is definitely one of the best horror films in recent memory. Worldwide Box Office: $316,700,141. MY RATING: 89/100 (A-)

    Directed By: James Wan

    REVIEW: "The Conjuring" directed by James Wan (Insidious, SAW) is one of the most
    anticipated horror films in this year. The film begins very well, with one case of The Warrens "Annabelle" maintaining interest in the audience and then show us the story of this happy family (slowly and suspensefully during the first 20 minutes) who has noticed a couple of paranormal events happening in the house. After the first 30 minutes the worst happens!, suspense, more terror, epic scenes, loud noises, screams all the way down, all this well acted, with an original, awesome and terrifying picture and photography that is unleashed. The plot is extensive and very well explained; Always throughout the film is very well maintained of suspense, and i think that all the suspense made all the scares EFFECTIVE!, although none of the scares of The Conjuring are original but these are very creative and effective, the film reminds me of many others like: The Woman in Black (2012) Paranormal Activity 3 (2011), The Exorcist, etc. Yeah it's true The Conjuring is "more of the same but that doesn't mean that isn't scary or misspelled; Isn't overrated!, The film has that score on Rotten Tomatoes (87%) because he deserves it!. The film has amazing performances, highlight here fits nicely Patrick Wilson as always, Lili Tayor also does excelent it's always scared, tense all the time and one of the best performances of the film was undoubtedly the role that plays this girl Joey King (Christine) her performance was so good and so impressed me so much that I give her 10 OSCAR awards. One of the performances that didn't cause me fear or empathy is Vera Farmiga's performance she is very talented but in some parts (very few) her performance wasn't credible it was more...exaggerated as her character. Something else that I really like it in The Conjuring was ALL the terrifying moments, all the scares very well executed, and the film never became boring neither a minute!, always entertaining with his characters, his script perfectly prepared and with occasional jokes which includes the talented James Wan in the script. The film has nice special effects (as we can see in a video of the behind the scenes, all the work that was employed in this scenes) although many of them clearly are with CGI and it looks a bit crappy; But this movie need to use CGI in 2 or 3 scenes because it's very necessary. The weakest part of the film is the final part (The Exorcism Scene), still maintaining the terror, But in this part the film isn't original, is 0% original and at times this part was more funny than frightening. But still entertaining, the photography is very impressive, everything is in balance with this: the terror, suspense, tension,etc. So the end result is an extremely well crafted film, very well acted, full of effective scares, entertaining, incredibly frightening scares, and certainly I think that The Conjuring is one of the best horror movies of all the time.

    NICE: All the scares are effective (Of course, if you haven't seen the trailer yet) PLEASE DON'T SEE THE TRAILER!, because almost of all the scares are ruined. Also has the picture, nice direction, a perfect and careful script, the performances of all the cast, and obviously this film is 100% entertaining.

    FAIL: The lack of originality in many of the scares, so don't expect anything new in The Conjuring. The exorcism scene.

    WATCH THIS MOVIE IF... Love or is your passion the horror genre without gore, also if you liked other films by James Wan like "Insidious", Watch this If you are very skittish or if you like suspense, also watch this if you have "average expectations"... I mean if you think that the movie isn't the 8th wonder but neither is a complete bull****.

    DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE IF... You have highly extremely expectations because this movie ISN'T PERFECT!, Please don't see it if you like gore, bizarre scenes, etc.. Because the film hasn't much gore or deaths, or profanity, is pure horror and suspense at 100%.

    Twitter: @MemoBosque, Facebook: Guillermo Bosque Mendoza,
    FULL REVIEW at my Blog: www.MemoBosque.Blogpsot.Mx
  14. Dec 9, 2013
    For a genre that almost always gets it wrong, The Conjuring finally gets it right. Not only is it actually scary, but the film also manages to tie in good acting, score, production, and a perfect pace. Something that cannot be said of any other horror movie that comes to mind.
  15. Nov 7, 2013
    This movie is definitely one of the best horror movies I have seen so far. I was a bit skeptical at first of this movie, but once it started, I could not keep my eyes off the screen. It was definitely a better movie to see than "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls". I can't wait for James Wan's next installment in the Warren paranormal investigators saga.
  16. Nov 5, 2013
    I'm an avid horror fan. Lately I've been thinking there isn't much that can scare me (though Sinister got under my skin). I appreciate James Wan's films, I love the first Saw, Insidious was a damn good modern ghost story, but like all reviews have stated for it, the movie kinda loses it's momentum in the final act.

    The Conjuring is better, scarier, and more tense than Insidious. I'm
    gonna go out on a limb and say it's one of the best horror movies of the last 5 or 10 years. It goes back to the classic rule of horror film making, never show the bad guy fully to your audience. Plus this movie knows suspense, I tell you, I almost threw a water bottle at the screen from sheer terror once the scare finally happened. There are no fake jump scares, the movie earned an R rating without any blood, sex, or profanity, it's all from the terror that this movie builds upon.

    Not only is the movie scary, but as a film itself, it's almost a masterpiece. The script, acting, direction, style, tone, etc were all simply top notch. Wan's camera-work here is by far his best out of any of his movies. The choice to set the movie in the 70s was a stroke of genius as it feels so authentic and all the more real. If this story were set in the present, it simply wouldn't be as a effective or scary. The 70s style film making, costuming, and hair styling are a great throwback to likes of The Exorcist & The Amityville Horror.

    Though there are a few (extremely minor) flaws, such are length, repetitiveness, and a resolution that happens way too fast. I don't care, every horror movie (or movie in general) has it's flaws. There will never be a perfect horror movie, if there is one, I haven't seen it yet. But all I know is James Wan's The Conjuring is one of the best horror movies I've seen in a long time, and it's been a really long time that a movie has scared me this badly.

    10/10 Don't miss this one, it's an amazing theater viewing experience.
  17. Nov 2, 2013
    One of the rare films I found truly scary and truly captivating. Well worth the watch for horror lovers. Not sure why reviews have to be fifty characters long...
  18. Oct 27, 2013
    We actually really enjoyed this movie. It made us a jump a bunch of times and was a great halloween movie. Sure there were some already used plot devices in this horror movie, but overall it was great.
  19. Oct 12, 2013
    Esta pelicula me gusto mucho, tuvo un suspenso del que se podia disfrutar."The Conjuring" intenta asustar al publico diciendo estar basada en hechos reales.Esta pelicula tuvo momentos de terror pero a la mayoria de la pelicula fue suspenso.La pelicula vale la pena verla.
  20. Oct 9, 2013
    I really enjoyed this movie...if your a fan of horror movies you will love this movie!!!

    Overall a great movie and acting...not to mention lovely spooky atmospheres & sounds...
  21. Oct 5, 2013
    I don't watch horror movies too often, though the few I've seen have been either fairly good or absolutely garbage. This is neither and rises to the top of my list as one of the best horror movies I've watched. Excellent acting and the characters are well done, and I actually liked the plot of this one, particularly because it was paced very well. Plenty enough scares for the horror film lover, much of which is achieved by slow moments of rising tension, tense anticipation and plain creepy moments. Recommended. Expand
  22. Sep 28, 2013
    James Wan is a master. I haven't watched many films that he has made but the conjuring is just epic. The first hour it just builds the whole thing and in the second hour true horror comes in the screen. From the first scene, I knew that this movie is going to make me bricks. And of course I was correct. Something really impressive was the actors and the cinematography of the film. Lili Taylor and Vera Farmiga were stunning. As for the cinematography I doubt that there is going to be a better film with that cinematography. Though it has no originality it gives to a horror fan what really wanted for many years. I don't think that there is going to be such a good horror movie in years. Thumbs up! 9,5/10 Expand
  23. Sep 15, 2013
    The Conjuring is quite possibly the best horror movie of the past 5 or so years. I've been watching horror movies for 15+ years now, and nothing scared me quite as bad as this one. Too scary to move to the edge of your seat, but too intense to sit back. The only other option was to curl up in my seat while being bombarded with a fantastic story and scare tactics beyond the average possession tale. It's too unique of a horror movie to miss. Expand
  24. Sep 9, 2013
    It's Funny How People Are Saying Negative Things About The Movie... Most Of The Normal People Would Say They Don't Want To Reveal That They Wet Themselves
  25. Sep 6, 2013
    This movie is really awesome, it is not like the typical kind of exorcism and demons movie, it´s like paranormal activity but with real exorcism and really good actors. If you get to watch it on the cinema remember to scream yourself out!!! go with some girls
  26. Sep 3, 2013
    I'm not a huge fan of horror, but I did enjoy James Wan's last movie (Insidious) enough to bring me back for this one. I'm glad I did, because The Conjuring is by far the best movie I've seen this year. It does a great job at maintaining tension throughout almost the entire movie. There are plenty of scares, and none of them feel cheesy or forced. I also loved the way this movie looks: the cinematography is great, and they really captured the era (early 70's). Long story short: Go see it. Expand
  27. Aug 30, 2013
    The Conjuring is a horror film of 2013 directed by James Wan, based on the true events in 1971, with Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson and Lili Taylor.
    The film is about one of the most disturbing cases happened to Mr and Mrs Warren, who are called by the Perron family, terrified because for quite some time in their new home is going something really horrible doors that open themselves from
    the sun, the mysterious death their dog and presences that do not leave the family in peace. It's up to Ed Warren and Loranne discover and deal with this threat that will prove to be very powerful and ruthless.
    In addition to surprise the huge success it is having in the world in terms of receipts, The Conjuring surprisingly also for the way in which it was made.
    James Wan has improved a lot with the master socket, and if with Insidious had done a great job with this film is even better. Shots really well made and disturbing chills, atmosphere typical of the '80s movie realized with skill that can give a sense of oppression, sound effects typical of the old horror that can make you stop the heart and actors who play really well .
    From the plot, the film seems to be the typical ghost story but it is not. In fact, the film is also the theme of exorcism (it was the time of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, who was not treated so well the genre) and the family that is not trivialized as happens in other movies.
    In the film, there are also tributes to old horror such as The Exorcist but also films like Prince of Darkness and many others.
    A film that uses the tricks of the old school horror in an original way.
  28. Aug 29, 2013
    A solid horror movie.
    The conjuring is an old school horror movie where the emphasis is not on blood and gore but on psychological tension. It's one of the best film of 2013 so far.
  29. Aug 28, 2013
    Definitely one of the best horror movies ever made, mainly because of it's story: this movie was made to tell a story, not to just freak out people. The acting is top notch, and Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga give a wonderful portrayal of the two demonologists. The visual are very effective, with some pretty eerie stuff, and the music blends in perfectly.
    I recommend this to horror movie
    fans, but also who (like me) had lost hope for a good horror movie Expand
  30. pxl
    Aug 27, 2013
    I went out to the cinema for this one and it was well worth the money, the film was great, had the perfect formula for a good horror movie. The problem for me with films like this is that, they struggle to scare me, I really enjoy horror movies but it's rare I am genuinely caught off guard but, this film just had the perfect formula.

    1) A creepy music piece (The Jack in the Box)
    2) A
    creepy item (The doll)
    3) A fear evoking antagonist (You'll see)

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 35
  2. Negative: 1 out of 35
  1. Reviewed by: Robbie Collin
    Aug 3, 2013
    Wan’s film is a sturdily built supernatural chiller, with next-to-no digital effects or gore, and it delivers its scares with a breezy lack of urgency.
  2. Reviewed by: Peter Hartlaub
    Jul 25, 2013
    I'd be shocked if we see a better horror film in 2013.
  3. Reviewed by: Simon Abrams
    Jul 19, 2013
    The Conjuring is as toothless as it is because it's two different kinds of boring. The film's plot is explained exhaustively whenever loud noises aren't blaring, and random objects aren't teasingly leaping out at you from the corner of your eye.