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    The transition from Hanna-Barbera animation to manic-barbaric live action falls flatter than a granite slab, from the first of many deadly stone-age wordplays - "Steven Spielrock Presents" - to the gross-out shots of dirty tootsies. [27 May 1994 Pg. 01.D]
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    The cast looks sound enough—John Goodman as Fred Flintstone, Elizabeth Perkins as Wilma, Rick Moranis and Rosie O'Donnell as the Rubbles—but the script, cobbled together by a crowd of writers, gives them nothing but a handful of limp gags.
  3. Leadenly directed and almost soberly scripted, it never captures the campy brightness of the original series -- the herky-jerky animation, the wacky sound effects, the distinctive character voices and that cheesy laugh track.
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    The "stone"-shtick gets mighty old after about 15 minutes. More than 30 screenwriters worked on the Flintstones script, and the result just proves the ancient saying about too many cooks.
  5. Considering the 32 writers (including Tom S. Parker, Jim Jennewein, and Steven E. de Souza) who worked on this live-action adaptation of the 60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon series about a Stone Age family, one might have expected a few funny lines here and there, but this is mirthless (and worthless) from top to bottom.
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  1. Oct 18, 2010
    don't listen to the critics. I had a yabba yabba doo time watching this awesome compared movie to the animated TV series. the four actors who played the Flintstones and the Rubbles were great! Full Review »
  2. Nov 8, 2013
    To be fair, I actually really enjoyed this movie, for what it is: A live action movie based on an old cartoon. And for me that is exactly what this movie is. It looks like a cartoon, it feel like a cartoon and almost everything in the movie feels like a cartoon.

    The only real gripe I have with this movie is casting. Rick Moranis and Rosie O'Donnell are not Barney and Betty. It is obvious they are really trying to play the parts, but they just don't quite pull it off.

    Casting a side, this movie is clearly trying its hardest to be loyal to the source material, and to that end I think it does a good job. A fun movie, that is perhaps a bit too kid friendly, but still a good time.
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  3. Aug 29, 2013
    This was a very enjoyable film and a good parody of the TV series, very similar to what the Brady Bunch films did. All four actors chosen for Fred, Wilma, Barney & Betty were spot on and portray them perfectly! It's corny with cheese on top but in the right way as this is exactly what the film needed. The film set also looked just amazing! A little predictable, sure, but fans of the series will be right at home here as they stay very true to them to give us a very enjoyable movie Full Review »