The Low Down

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  • Summary: A wryly-perceptive drama about growing up - when you're not even sure that's what you want to do. It is a contemporary story about young adults and their relationships, on life, love and other four-letter words. (The Shooting Gallery)


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  1. Covers this exact same territory, but does it with such refreshing, clearheaded honesty and skill it seems like a revelation.
  2. Exudes that seriousness about life and openness about style. It's about nothing and yet everything.
  3. 75
    Gets better the more attention you pay. To say "nothing happens" is to be blind to everyday life, during which we wage titanic struggles with our programming.
  4. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    Captures the ensemble quality it was after and the provisional look and feel are perfect stylistic analogues to the lives - the male lives, anyway - that it's portraying.
  5. Here’s a British spin on the familiar struggle of the couch potato who plans any minute now to get off his duff.
  6. Thraves is skillful at evoking mood and atmosphere and at depicting transitional periods in a person's life with a mildly wistful humor.
  7. Gillen can't make good on his gaze's search and destroy capabilities.

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