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  • Summary: Frédéric, his wife Frédérique, and their entire clan are spending another summer in their family house deep in the verdant Provençale countryside. A solitary gay man, Hugo, has moved in next door. After a convivial dinner, Frédéric and Hugo stay up on the terrace until dawn, exchanging their radically different visions of love. Entirely unaware of their exchange, Frédérique nonetheless notices a distance opening up between her and her husband, and a powerful bond developing between Frédéric and Hugo--a bond that grows stronger daily. (Strand Releasing) Expand
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  1. 75
    If the film ultimately amounts to little more than a middle-aged coming-of-age story, it's richly imagined and filled fanciful touches in keeping with its passionate subject.
  2. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    A drama that steadily succumbs to self-conscious artiness, drunk on its own sense of contrived poetry and cloudy existential reflection.
  3. Reviewed by: Abigail Deutsch
    The film's arresting beauty--shots of a curtain blowing into a shadowed stairwell, or a meadow of sunflowers, or a head resting on a shoulder--is nearly enough.
  4. The Man of My Life is a sumptuously illustrated but shallow fable of the grass-is-greener conflict between freedom and commitment.
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  1. JonathanM.
    Feb 7, 2008
    This movie caught me off guard. Reviews had made me curious, but not excited. Possibly because of diminished expectations, I found it to be one of the most moving (and exciting) films I have seen in some time. It is also one of the most beautiful. My first reaction when it ended was that it was an excellent example of "sadder but wiser." On reflection, I think I would amend that to "sadder and wiser." I don't quite understand the critical antipathy. Like much of Kubrick, it will be reevaluated over time. Expand
  2. DaivdG.
    May 20, 2008
    I was certainly drawn to the father issues, interpersonal issues and sexual tension explored by this film. The photography was beautiful. I could watch it again. Expand
  3. JaredM.
    Sep 27, 2007
    A bit self-conscious and perhaps pretentious, but insightful and, at times, heartbreakingly beautiful meditation on fear, regret and desire.
  4. Aug 14, 2011
    Utterly incoherent narrative (director problem). Implausible relations between characters (writer problem). Unbelievable (as in NOT believable) depiction of characters (actor problem). As a film, this film has nothing going for it. As a slideshow, it has some damned beautiful images. Skip it. Expand