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  1. Strictly a middle-aged comedy, which consists of more easy lobs than sharp smacks, but manages to get the job done.
  2. Reviewed by: Joe Leydon
    Lightweight but likable entertainment.
  3. Ragged as some of it might have been, that old "Out-of-Towners" had a unified and surprisingly dark comic vision to go with its nifty one-liners. This big, glossy picture is set in movie-movie land, that shiny, peachy place where a celebrity -- like Mayor Rudy -- waits around every corner. [2 April 1999, Friday, p.A]
  4. The movie is a mess of bits and pieces that try to gel but don't. Still, it is stupidly fun.
  5. Competent, to be sure, with some good lines.
  6. 50
    The only possible reasons to do this concept again is sheer laziness (it's easier to borrow an idea) and pure greed (it's cheaper to borrow an idea). [2 April 1999, Life, p.6E]
  7. Reviewed by: Michael Sragow
    As the harried household head in The Out-of-Towners, the thrill is gone. Martin's character is dull, and his performance is fatigued -- Hawn, a trouper, locates all the available giggles and wins applause for her big tantrum scene. And John Cleese is riotously funny.
  8. You may want to take a chance on this new Out-of-Towners because of its stars, but keep in mind that while its characters take chances, the picture itself plays it awfully safe. [2 April 1999, Calendar, p.F-12]
  9. Reviewed by: Alice King
    Don't hate yourself for chuckling at this sweetly anachronistic update of the 1970 Neil Simon comedy.
  10. Reviewed by: Ron Wells
    It's a little frightening to watch Hawn be "bubbly" at her age.
  11. A slight, oddly lifeless movie with dubious appeal for even the most incorrigible Simon devotees.
  12. 38
    Jogs doggedly on the treadmill of comedy, working up a sweat but not getting much of anywhere.
  13. 38
    Unremarkable. A more honest description would be to label it as mirthless, pointless, and banal.
  14. 30
    The only serendipitous touch is the casting of New York's "quality of life" watchdog, Rudolph Giuliani, as himself.
  15. 30
    A dismally unfunny comedy, but that's not what's depressing about it. Worse by far is the palpable desperation in Goldie Hawn's performance.
  16. 30
    Director Sam Weisman's pushy, subtlety-free direction certainly doesn't help. Martin is still capable of making a decent film, but The Out-Of-Towners isn't it.
  17. Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin are appealing performers, but none of the energy, professionalism and gameness they display -- can surmount the mess that surrounds them in this misguided comedy.
  18. 30
    Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn are too good for this embarrassing remake.
  19. There are a few clever lines and Cleese has some sensational moments, but that's not enough to make the farce seem fresh.
  20. The film has about seven minutes of good material, mostly provided by John Cleese.
  21. There was absolutely no reason to make a new version of the 1970 comedy.
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  1. Feb 5, 2011
    A negative response would describe this film as a comedy that relies on tired, old jokes that only appeal to people without a sense of humour. I am struggling to find many positives (and trust me I want to give a balanced opinion) but it's a safe film that will appeal to a wide range of audiences and can certainly be considered a family film. Probably only worth your attention if you have low self esteem. 46/100 Full Review »