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  • Summary: An unmarried 40-year-old woman turns to a turkey baster in order to become pregnant. Seven years later, she reunites with her best friend, who has been living with a secret: he replaced her preferred sperm sample with his own.
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  1. 75
    This picture belongs to Jason Bateman, who, after years of playing the second or third banana (and plenty of times being the best thing in a given film), finally gets to show off his considerable gifts as the co-lead in a mainstream comedy.
  2. 75
    Aniston's work opposite the screen's premiere mild-mannered funnyman shows her at her most engaged and pitch perfect.
  3. It's funny, clever, touching and real.
  4. The first third of The Switch, directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, is so bizarre that it leads you to wonder if, through some miraculous lack of oversight, the movie will blaze an unpredictable path. No such luck.
  5. 50
    Ranks somewhere between the barely watchable "The Back-Up Plan" and the good but wildly overrated "The Kids Are All Right."
  6. 50
    The romantic comedy has never had a star as depressing as Jennifer Aniston. It's not the movies - well, it isn't simply the movies.
  7. Reviewed by: Andrew Barker
    An unfunny, manipulative romance about two unlikable people and their prop of a son, the pic mangles the premise of its source material ("Baster," a 1996 short story by Pulitzer-winning novelist Jeffrey Eugenides) in ways that ought to baffle viewers of all sociopolitical stripes.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 22
  2. Negative: 3 out of 22
  1. Feb 16, 2013
    Normally movies on netflix suck, but not this one. There was one scene that was really touching and happy which almost made me cry. Go See this movie.
  2. Aug 26, 2010
    It's much better than I would have thought based on the 53 Metascore. It's not a slapstick comedy, but there are a ton of laughs. Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldbum are terrific and much more restrained/deadpan than you'd think. Bateman is awesome, as usual, and Aniston delivers exactly as you'd expect her to. It's not a movie you'd want to ever see more than once, but it's certainly worth seeing once. Expand
  3. Aug 26, 2010
    It was a very smart movie with great acting, especially the young child (Bryce Robinson) in the movie. I don't like Jennifer Aniston, but she was decent in this movie, and Jason Bateman, was (like always) funny, and is a great romantic comedy. It wasn't as good as I expected, but the 53 metascore? I don't get it. I believe somewhere in the early 60s would be more appropriate. Jeff Goldblum was okay, and I wasn't really feeling the sarcasm like I did when Juliette Lewis was in Whip It, but honestly, it feels like everyone is sort of missing a puzzle piece from other movies that they didn't show in this movie. However, Patrick Wilson was the best actor, where you really wanted to punch him in the face, which is what they want you to expect. Predictable and cheesy, yes, but The Switch is a good romantic comedy that is smart, funny, and at times touhing. Go see The Switch. Expand
  4. May 8, 2011
    I thought this was a cute film. I actually know women who want to do a similar thing to Jennifer Aniston's character and found a lot of humor in that situation. How can you dislike Jason Bateman? He's so adorable, as was the kid. Again, another movie with a predictable ending, but sometimes that isn't such a bad thing. Expand
  5. Sep 3, 2012
    This movie is hardly that interesting to watch. I saw the movie, but I could really care less about it. It certainly wasn't miserable to watch, but i hardly believe this passes as a comedy. Expand
  6. Aug 25, 2010
    This is another trite movie where you feel as if you are once again watching Rachel for the 1000th time. Jason Bateman and Bryce Robinson have some chemistry, but it is not enough to save this movie as you can't help but feel they are doing double duty as they provide any watchability this film has while propping up a cardboard cut out of Jennifer Aniston where the lead actress should be. A DVD rental reserved for the weekend when all the new releases have been snatched up. Expand

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