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  1. The story is bizarre, unique, and thoroughly unpredictable, while its images resemble some kind of bastard offspring of the linear realism of George Grosz and the fantastic foreboding of Edward Gorey.
  2. 100
    A madcap milestone. Not since Disney's 75-minute Alice In Wonderland (1951) has an animator filled the screen with dazzling flights of random invention that manage to hook up into a swift, brief narrative.
  3. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    All you really need to enjoy "Triplets" is a taste for the weird and the wonderful.
  4. 90
    Sly, inventively drawn, brilliantly executed cartoon.
  5. 88
    To call it weird would be a cowardly evasion. It is creepy, eccentric, eerie, flaky, freaky, funky, grotesque, inscrutable, kinky, kooky, magical, oddball, spooky, uncanny, uncouth and unearthly. Especially uncouth.
  6. Children may enjoy it, aside from the youngest, who might find it too weird for comfort. Its main audience is adults, though. And not just any adults, but those in the mood for venturesome fare that's both surreal and hilarious.
  7. An animated extravaganza of Gallic wit and soul that delivers more wild humanity than many of the year's live-action features. In a word: go.
  8. If ''Finding Nemo'' is an awesome Pixar superpower, The Triplets of Belleville is a charming, idiosyncratic, self-governing duchy with huge tourism potential on the other side of the animated-movie planet.
  9. 100
    Breathtakingly inventive story.
  10. 100
    This divinely eccentric movie feels as if it came straight to the screen from one man’s wild and wantonly free imagination.
  11. 100
    Fast, funny, unexpected and uninhibited, The Triplets of Belleville may be animated, but it is also the product of an artistic vision every bit as rigorous as any lofty Cannes prize-winner. Hearing about a film this special isn't enough. It demands to be seen, and it generously rewards those who, like Madame Souza, let nothing stand in their way.
  12. 100
    The movie itself is a nominee for Best Animated Feature, and it's good enough to pull a surprise upset over the beloved Finding Nemo. It's a mad masterpiece.
  13. An insanely delicious animated feature.
  14. The most joyously cinematic movie I've seen this year. Chomet's astonishing imagination conjures images you could swear you've seen in your dreams.
  15. 100
    Chomet's wacky tale is so crammed full of eye-popping images, it's impossible to forget afterward.
  16. Reviewed by: David Ansen
    A tad dark for little kids, this one-of-a-kind movie delivers 80 minutes of idiosyncratic inspiration.
  17. With a bit of Tintin and Tati, Charlie Chaplin and Wallace and Gromit echoing in the pacing and comic sensibility, Triplets of Belleville conjures up a world that's totally surprising and sublime.
  18. 100
    It is a pure, streamlined delight, the advent of a talent with no exact equal in modern film.
  19. 75
    A highly satirical work, albeit without the "in your face" style of "South Park."
  20. 88
    It's comic, touching and a visual knockout.
  21. 80
    Chomet bows to the tradition of conventional animation even as he tests its limits.
  22. Impossible to describe, impossible to forget, The Triplets of Belleville sends audiences tottering out of the theater, dazed and delighted, and wondering what it is they have just experienced.
  23. Most of the magic of this unusual movie comes from the freshness, imagination and sweet spirit of its animation, which is blissfully its own thing and does not show the influence of any of the reigning forces in the art form.
  24. 90
    The film is best treated as a one-of-a-kind wonder: an ingenious contraption that dazzles, teases, attracts, and repels with all the mystery and sublimity of a miniature world.
  25. May be the oddest movie of the year, by turns sweet and sinister, insouciant and grotesque, invitingly funny and forbiddingly dark. It may also be one of the best, a tour de force of ink-washed, crosshatched mischief and unlikely sublimity.
  26. The New Yorker
    Reviewed by: Anthony Lane
    Such is the hazard of the cartoon: as a form, it thrives on elongation and excess, yet, within its vortices and crannies, who knows what moldy prejudice can breed? [1 December 2003, p. 118]
  27. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Triplettes is terrific…there's no competition for the fall's most imaginative delight. In that race, Triplettes can already take its victory lap.
  28. 60
    The manic energy of the lively and outrageous opening sequence sets a tone and pace the film can't maintain.
  29. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Both a nostalgic throwback to the silent-picture era and an ultra-modern animated tale, the slyly humorous Triplets of Belleville is artful, engrossing and oddly touching.
  30. Reviewed by: Lisa Nesselson
    Almost completely dialogue-free but graced with terrific sound design and a swell score.
  31. 100
    The year's most ingenious and original animated feature.
  32. Wall Street Journal
    Reviewed by: Joe Morgenstern
    A single seeing isn't enough to take in the eccentric marvels of The Triplets of Belleville, an animated feature by Sylvain Chomet that creates a visual language all its own.
  33. 90
    Chomet's vision is singularly strange and somber, and one of enormous originality and promise.
  34. Overflowing with madcap visual flair and following a rambling thread of a plot that seems, at times, more the product of free association than an actual script, The Triplets of Belleville is a triumph of animated style over substance.
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User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 8 out of 74
  1. Harry
    Nov 17, 2008
    "The Triplets of Belleville" is one of the most charming, original and hilarious experiences I've ever had at a movie theater. It is a "The Triplets of Belleville" is one of the most charming, original and hilarious experiences I've ever had at a movie theater. It is a tribute to Silent movies but also a caricature of New York, Paris and Montreal. The animation simply tops anything Disney has ever made. How it didn't win best animated film at the Oscars is beyond me. This is one of the greats! Full Review »
  2. Nov 18, 2012
    There was little communication of warmth between mother and son. The son barely acknowledged her existence. Missing that emotional connection,There was little communication of warmth between mother and son. The son barely acknowledged her existence. Missing that emotional connection, I just couldn't fully connect to the film despite its great production levels Full Review »
  3. Mar 4, 2012
    The Triplets of Belleville is the film that made Sylvain Chomet famous. It is a quaint and old-fashion tale about a grandma and her dogThe Triplets of Belleville is the film that made Sylvain Chomet famous. It is a quaint and old-fashion tale about a grandma and her dog looking for her grandson, a bicyclist that is kidnapped from The Tour of France by the local mafia. He is taken to Belleville, which is a sort of Sin City, a mix between New York and Las Vegas. There the old lady will meet the Triplets, that now a day are outdated and forgotten by show business.
    This movie with poor dialogues and expressionist graphics, reach high levels of concepts that want to transmit: the pauper environments have caught the characters and take away from them the possibility of dreaming; this characters have to survive by any way, because the show business has failed; the human beings are represented with characteristics of animals and things, because they live in a materialistic society and are what they truly demonstrate; gathering everything it can be said that there is no escape from the reality.
    The Triplets of Belleville is a strange, but hilarious film. The direction is unique, the art direction is beautiful and the music is overwhelming, the Belleville Rendez-Vous is one of the best movie themes of all times.
    Full Review »