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  1. Feb 25, 2012
    The simulacrum created in the film is not bad. The exposition of the film tries to confuse audience or make the story looks more complicated, but at the end of the film it shows a poor resolution without proper linkage to the start. Full Review »
  2. WojciechM
    Apr 4, 2009
    I'm really astound by the negative reception of this movie. I found it one of the most solid and meaningful horror pictures of the decade. Yes, you've heard me - meaningful. It's one of the few movies that shows the actual folklore vision of the world. Not the standard western, judeo-christian civilization, XX/XXI century view, but the actual beliefs of our ancestors, who had their good reasons to be afraid of the darkness. "Dybuk" is a important part of lore and almost nothing in the movie contradicts that lore. There were things behind the veil of reality that people believed, that made Nazis pale in comparison. They were murderers, soulless sadists and monsters, yes, but yet - they were mundane. The one thing that bugged me about "The Unborn" was the exorcism scene. It felt like someone imposed on the director to make an action scene... Apart from that, there's not a single thing about the whole movie that would contradict the folklore or the beliefs of the spiritualists. It's so strange, that movies based on a bit more exotic folklore - like Japanese for instance - are far more acclaimed than the movie based on Jewish lore. Full Review »
  3. Laurens
    Feb 14, 2009
    DId you know that most of the time, the titles alone either make the movie appear to be "Good" or "Horrible." Well, the Unborn, no surpise, is not the biggest bomb of all time, but i think a Razzie should be in favor of this poorly recieved, awful downright stupid movie. Wny? Well, i don't know, horror movies, some of them today, are so meaningless it seems, {i love Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd} and this is like a sequel to the Exorcist. Only, this time, it wasn't scary in the effects, and people just got bored watching it. For one thing, having a dead "baby" brother haunt you, is so unrealistic, and if it's horror, isn't it suppose to scare us? It's more likely to scare us to NOT see these low budget sleepers, with that said, don't waste your time. Full Review »