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  • Summary: In 1969, a radical splinter group broke off from SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), convinced that only militant action could end racism, the war in Vietnam and the inequalities they felt inherent in a capitalist society. The Weather Underground engaged in numerous bombings (and failed bombings) that landed them on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Today - in light of a new age of terrorism - former members as well as their critics look back on the '70s and reflect on what they did and why they did it. (Film Forum) Expand
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  1. Along with its historical value, The Weather Underground is also a terrific movie, energetic, and articulate. It's the don't-miss documentary of the season.
  2. Proves to be a wonderful reality check.
  3. Featuring seasoned warriors reflecting on whether we can best fight violence with violence is enormously compelling.
  4. 80
    A smart, absorbing, often exhilarating documentary.
  5. A compelling piece of work that turns out to have unexpected relevance to the current world situation.
  6. The documentary plays it down the middle, neither condemning nor romanticizing the political outlaws, but making sense of who they were and what they did.
  7. 50
    Filmmakers Sam Green and Bill Siegel tend to shy from tough questions, allowing their subjects to wax nostalgic about bomb-throwing as yet another youthful folly of the '70s. That's tougher to swallow than some boomers' claims they didn't inhale.

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