Slowhand Cinema Releasing | Release Date: August 17, 2007
Summary: Lucas and Clementine live in an isolated house in the suburbs of Bucharest. She is a French Professor, he is a novelist and together they live a peaceful existence. Then one night, all goes wrong. The rain rages against there house. The phone keeps ringing, the voices on the other end of the line are unintelligible. The couple are no longer alone...the nightmare begins...it is them. (Mars Distribution)
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Runtime: 77 min
Rating: Rated R for some violence and terror.
Production: Canal+
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Countries: France, Romania
Languages: French, Romanian
Home Release Date: Feb 26, 2008
Director Credit
David Moreau Director
Xavier Palud Director
Writer Credit
David Moreau Writer
Xavier Palud Writer
Cast Credit
Adriana Mocca Ilona
Alexandru Boghiu L'enfant
Camelia Maxim Maria
Emanuel Stefanuc Adolescent N°1
George Iulian Adolescent N°4
Horia Ioan Adolescent N°2
Maria Roman Sanda
Michael Cohen Lucas
Olivia Bonamy Clémentine
Stefan Cornic Adolescent N°3
Producer Credit
Bogdan Moncea Line Producer
Richard Grandpierre Producer
Vlad Paunescu Co-Producer