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  • Summary: Toy Story 3 is a comical new adventure in Disney Digital 3D that lands the toys in a room full of untamed tots who can't wait to get their sticky little fingers on these "new" toys. It's pandemonium as they try to stay together, ensuring "no toy gets left behind." Meanwhile, Barbie comes face to plastic face with Ken (yes, that Ken). [Disney, Pixar] Expand
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  1. 100
    Toy Story 3 isn't merely the best movie of the summer -- even with summer just kicking in -- but an immediate candidate for best of the year.
  2. Reviewed by: Dan Jolin
    A kids’ movie for grown-ups. A grown-up movie for kids. Exactly what you’d expect -- and hope for -- from the latest, and we’re guessing final, Woody and Buzz adventure.
  3. Toy Story 3 is a better film than "Wall-E" and "Up" in that it succeeds completely in conventional terms. For 103 minutes, it never takes audience interest for granted. It has action, horror and vivid characters, and it always keeps moving forward.
  4. This film becomes the kind of love note to movies we want and need.
  5. 88
    A worthy and delirious final chapter to this hallowed animation franchise.
  6. Reviewed by: Kristin Hunt
    The credits may be silly, but the last scene is a definite tear-jerker.
  7. Reviewed by: Peter Debruge
    This tertiary adventure delivers welcome yet nonessential fun, landing well after its creators have grown up and succeeded toying with more sophisticated stories.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 6 out of 283
  1. Jan 9, 2011
    It's unbelievable how good this film is. It's a rare occurrence where a franchise of three films have been consecutively good box office and critic wise. Definitely worth the watch and worth the eleven years of waiting for this masterpiece of animation. Expand
  2. Mar 20, 2013
    Only film I would be glad enough to give a 10 are animated films. This made me and my friends laught, cry and everything, and were ranging from age 16-23 where not even the target audience for this film. I do say that this film was the best of 2010 and I really can't wait to see a fourth one hopefully. I do believe that the "Toy Story" film series has been the only film series where every film has 2 stars. Its a shame that I can't find the second one. When I told you to watch a film before I have never been a serious as right now this is a film that I can watch probably 5 straight times in a row everyday of the week. It might be a little scary at points but it definintly makes you want to find out more. Also I know this movie has 3D DVD's that was the only thing bad with this film and 2010. Apparently in 2010 the though in every film maker was 3D. No I can only say that Tron Legacy and Step Up 3D were the only really good 3D films of 2010 but enough of that this is a must see all ages. Expand
  3. Oct 17, 2010
    Obviously a good movie. Those that gave it a score in the yellow or red are just hating because that's what they feel like doing. Every Pixar movie has been good, and the Toy Story Trilogy has been their best works. This one brought me back to when I was a kid and the first two came out, and freaks me out that it was so long ago. Thanks Disney and Pixar. Expand
  4. j30
    Sep 22, 2011
    Great trilogy of animated films. It feels like I grew up with these movies, I was around Andy's age when the first movie came out and now I'm in college like he is now. It's my favorite of the 3. Expand
  5. Apr 17, 2011
    Exhilarating, emotional, and innovative, Toy Story 3 is a fun, heartwarming threequel for all ages. Pros: Eye-popping CGI animation and 3-D effects; innovative characters elevated by talented voice acting; lots of lesson and depth added to the plot. Cons: It's not as cheerful as the first two installments. Expand
  6. Sep 15, 2011
    15 years has past, and my faith in Pixar did not break; "Toy Story 3" shakes the cinema as a groundbreaking masterpiece, a masterpiece pertaining the pure love and joy we rarely see in any kind of movies. Expand
  7. Jun 2, 2011
    can't escape the feeling that Toy Story 3 is being terribly overrated by critics and moviegoers alike. Critics are calling it "heartbreaking" and "inspiring", and a movie critic from NYT even went as far as calling it "a deep, complex take on mortality". Seriously? Personally, I found Toy Story 3 of being a surprisingly formulaic and unappealing movie of the following reasons. Firstly, the same story formula is being recycled for the third time! Just like in the other two movies, the toys are separated from Andy. Overall, the plot just feels like one big excuse to move the characters from the backdrop of Andy's room to the daycare center where the story is being transformed into a prison break parody, filled with plot-twists, slapstick humor and gay-jokes, directly aimed at the adults in the audience. But the worst thing is that this movie isn't treating the characters with respect. Rather than having them develop beyond the minimal standard required for the plot, the directors focused more on having them do stupid things and end up in stupid situations. There are about a dozen different toys in the series now, most of which only functions as comic relief characters that stick around in the background. The majority of these toys spend more times being chewed on by drooling babies than showing any character development, whatsoever. Buzz and Woody are really the only ones worth mentioning, which is sad, because both Woody and Buzz are terribly simplistic in this third installment. Woody is the same few-worded, whiny character he was in the other two movies. But it's okay. He doesn't change because the plot requires him to stay the same. But Woody was never the star of this series. It was the space ranger, Buzz, who stole the show back in 1995. In Toy Story 3, the ugly doll is reduced to pure, stupid and brain-dead entertainment. The only character development Buzz Lightyear demonstrates isn't more complex than the switching on the button in his back. He spends the majority of the movie in "demo-mode", delivering catchphrases and references to his delusional space-persona. And it's funny about the first time he does it and not quite as funny about the tenth time. And he spends the rest of the movie as a surprisingly distasteful and offensive Spanish stereotype. And really, oh so devoted Pixarfans, doesn't the fact that the directors would take Buzz Lightyear and change him so carelessly in the film speak volumes of their indifference to their own characters' personalities? I just can't figure out what, if anything, makes this movie so good. From my point of view, It is terrible! And it becomes even more staggering when you think about how other animated movies, personal favorites that are by far more sophisticated and complex; Like How to Train Your Dragon and Bolt, are being pushed in the background to make way for the unyielding glorification of Pixar. Okay, both of these movies have been met fairly well by critics, particularly Dragon, but none of them have received the attention Toy Story 3 received, despite being more deserving. My personal favorite, Bolt, was very underrated, almost overlooked, when realized back in 2008. Expand

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