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  1. Jun 27, 2014
    Even going to this movie with low expectation set and telling yourself "It's another Michael Bay's film, don't keep high hopes" wouldn't prepare you for a total train wreck. Mark Walhberg's protagonist, polished actions sequences, shiny new Autobots and badass villian Lockdown, won't be able to help cover the film's clunky plot, excessive characters and secondary villains, unlikable female lead and her useless boyfriend. Everything about this movie is either about the director's addiction with explosion and destruction or about nothing at all except its existence being another means to make more money for another sequel which we don't need. Either come up with a reboot or pass the license to another director like Guilermo del Toro. Stop making films this way, Mr. Bay. Expand
  2. Jun 27, 2014
    Slightly better than the second, which frankly sucked, and not as good as the third, which was mildly entertaining. Even with his best heroic effort, Mark Wahlberg could not save this film. He barely managed to be mildly convincing in his earnestness to save his daughter from all the evil humans and machines. Admittedly, this in itself could be considered quite a feat given the incredulous stupidity of what constituted a plot. Family discovers Autobot. Everyone wants to kill Autobot and family. They fail. Autobots save family. Family saves Autobots. Rinse and repeat.

    What the first film had, and the third one at times achieved, were Autobots with whom the audience could at least identify. This movie utterly lacked any semblance of the rapport that Shea LaBeouf had established with Bumblebee in the previous films. Here Bumblebee was little more than a caricature. Optimus was dogmatic and stifled. All the machines, the Autobots most especially, were for the lack of a better word, soulless. The movie would have been improved by removing all human/machine interactions. When a Transformers movie would be better without any Transformers in it, then that in itself is sad statement.
  3. Jun 27, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let's put cards on the table, alright? The first Transformers was okay. The second Transformers was, undeniably, a great piece of sh*t. The third Transformers was slightly better than it's predecessor, but it was still a piece of trash. Now, it comes the next installment directed by Michael Bay just to destroy the franchise once and for all (but still the film will, unbelievably, make 1 billion dollars).

    The film show us Cade Yeager trying to get money in order to put his daughter Tessa into college. Oh yes there's no Megan Fox, let's just put the chick from the "Last Airbender" into this excrement. And in case if you're wondering, YES, this movie has annoying characters just like the other three movies. Meet Lucas: The most annoying character in the whole film (Thank god he's dead), the guy was so stupid, so stupid that in the beginning of the movie he couldn't catch a ball right in front of his eyes.

    Later, Cade brings an old truck which is by the way, OPTIMUS PRIME!!!! What a happy coincidence!!! I was saying that he brings an old truck to remove and sell the parts (for the reason I already mentioned) and bla bla bla bla, why we need that character development anyway? Meanwhile, the humans try to hunt down the Autobots (even thought that Autobots save the Earth like, 3 times) for a very, very poorly conceived reason that my brain is still processing such an undeveloped plot element.

    When they find that Mr. Yeager hid Optimus in his barn, they go to his little house and the movie introduce us: Titus Welliver, yeah the guy with the sunglasses! Titus send his men to search the whole place in order to find Optimus and then Cade says "Oh wait! You can't search my farm without an warrant!", Titus replies "My face is the warrant!"

    *Stares in silence*


    Okay... I think I'm okay.  Moving on, Titus threats Cade's daughter and in the last second, Optimus shows up and says "HERE I AM!" Seriously? He couldn't just ripped off "Dexter" and say "Surprise motherf*cker!!!"?

    Cade and his daughter are saved by Tessa's boyfriend, oh yeah wait until you read this. Cade, Tessa, Lucas and Shane are running from the police and in the middle of the chase, Cade finds out that his daughter is dating with Shane and instead of just focusing in WHAT'S IMPORTANT, he starts arguing with Tessa!!! Yes, of course! When I'm being chase by dozen of police cars and police choppers, I'll just ask why my girlfriend didn't ate her cornflakes in the morning.

    There's a scene where Cade is fighting with Titus in a building and instead of picking up a knife to stab him in the neck or in the heart, he decides to use an american football. Really? I mean, really???!!!! Meanwhile, in the final battle (because I forgot the confused and meaningless plot, it doesn't matter anyway) Joshua becomes, inexplicably, a comedian. And, can you believe people actually laughed at Michael Bay's stupid comedy?

    After the end of the battle, Tessa realizes that they don't have a place to stay and Joshua says "I think I might help you with that". What a stupid miracle! Michael Bay didn't even tried to make a decent ending! For almost 3 f*cking hours, the filmmakers were kidding with my face. The narrative is overstuffed with crazy action sequences (that never end) and nonsensical plot elements, there is no plot, the cast knew the movie was **** but they didn't tried, the dialogues are so f*cking stupid, the run-time is too damn long, there's too much product placement, the character development is completely unnecessary and THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS SUBSTANDARD AND RETARDED MOVIE DIDN'T GIVE A F*CK ABOUT THE ESSENCE OF A GOOD ACTION MOVIE!

    This movie removes my taste for good movies. I wouldn't recommend it neither to my worst enemy.
  4. Jun 27, 2014
    I went into this movie wanting to like it. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Transformers, I thought Revenge of the Fallen was awful, and Dark of the Moon was decent. I figured Michael Bay would improve in Age of Extinction after learning from the mistakes from the previous movies. I was wrong. The story makes absolutely no sense, the editing is extremely sloppy, and Bay has this strange fascination with making Optimus Prime a bloodthirsty killer. When it comes to the action and effects, Age is a step down from its predecessors, pure and simple. Bay also had a very good chance to introduce a new villain who had potential to be so incredibly badass throughout the new series of films, but that hope is quickly washed away. I can honestly say, this is one of the worst movies I've ever watched. Expand
  5. Jun 29, 2014
    Urrrgghhhhh.... plausible storyline? nah. good dialogue? nope. good action scenes? negative. crappy jokes? check. heart felt conversations at the stupidest possible times? yessir.
  6. Jun 27, 2014
    Honestly I can't find a worse way to WASTE 2.5 hours of my life and $12 than watching this. If you love lots of explosion, robots, mindless characters, bad dialog, bad directing, bad humor, too much action scenes and idiotic editing, then this is for you.

    You are better off watching Mythbusters. It has better explosions, smarter robots, better characters, better dialog, better humor,
    better editing and best of all, it is free. Expand
  7. Jun 28, 2014
    CRAP that is all..... if you love the past 3 transformer movies well you'll probably love this crapfest and clap at the end, and think its a good movie! however everyone else can see that Michael bay has remade the same movie 4 FREAKING TIMES!!!! the same movie! again, crap acting (except wahlberg), crap dialogue, crap writing, crappy everything!!!!! gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and whats worst is that this movie will surely make a billion dollars again because people are stupid and love to watch crap! you people go watch your crap, i will rewatch X-Men Days Of Future Past again for the 4th time a brilliant film! Expand
  8. Jun 30, 2014
    why does this movie exist? why does michael bay keep getting work? anyone who would give this... thing a score past a 6 for what ever reason are even mouthbreathers or sellouts. the movie is the worst story ever writen with the sole purpose of shoving in as much nostalgic crap as they can. The acting is really bad but i will give it a pass because i assume they know this movie is not worth giving a crap, except for the love interest who is just the worst actress since Jim Barneys coffin. Expand
  9. Jun 27, 2014
    This film is terrible. Much worse than the first and third, and even worse than the second. The action was solid, as I expected, but everything else was soooooooooo freaking bad that I have to give this film a zero. The plot sounded good on paper, but was executed so badly by Bay & co. The acting by almost everyone was so bad, even Kelsey Grammer and Stanley Tucci couldn't save this film. Along with soulless product placements (i.e. Bud Light & Red Bull), there were so many errors on the film set and the film disregards everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, plot and all) from the first three films. I thought the humor would be better in this film with TJ Miller in it, but the same poor humor reigned on from the previous films. However, the biggest problem in my opinion was the length. 2 ½+ **** hours was waaaay too long for a film like this. It's painful to sit there for that long, and if it were shorter, I would give the film more remorse. Lastly, there was such little explanation when it came to the Dinobots', who had a very limited role, and Lockdown's existence. Outside of the generally solid action sequences and good CGI, Transformers: Age of Extinction was a terrible film that I will (and hope i will) never see again. As good as the 1st and 3rd films were in this action-packed series, this series will probably go on the decline after this atrocity. Don't see this, even if you liked the first three films, like me. Expand
  10. Jun 28, 2014
    this film is amazing there is no screaming sam wittwickey and the film is badass due to peter cullens performance as optimus prime and a badass villan some people hate this just coz micheal bay made well ill tell you transformers and micheal bay have nothin in common. some peeps dont kno a good movie when they see one 10/10
  11. Jul 2, 2014
    Transformers age of endorsement! This pile of rubbish has more product placements than regular television. The characters were exciting a wallpaper paste and the visuals were pornographic. This is 165 minutes of Michael bay madness. If you wish to see this, don't think too hard about the plot or you will hurt yourself and make sure you are comfortable.
  12. Jun 27, 2014
    Waste of money and time. Watched this a day before the Americans did but I had to wait for a day to post my review here. As usual pathetic one-liners, same actions with different humans and father-daughter-boyfriend relationship reminded me of Armageddon. This thing felt like Michael Bay was playing a PS3 or X Box version of Transformers.
  13. Jun 28, 2014
    One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Bay took a cliche gun and blasted everything in sight. Bad dialogue, wooden acting, terrible science, awful story.
  14. Jun 28, 2014
    I had unrealistically high hopes for this film for no reason whatsoever. What you should know is that if you're looking for action and fun scenes, there's a lot of that here. So much in fact that it'll bore you 'til the third act. The new cast is better than the old, with Mark Wahlberg in the real role, but still none of the characters are relatable, and the effects at times seem a bit unfinished. All you need to know is that it is still a Michael Bay film of 165 minutes of brain cancer on screen.
    With some redeeming moments, it's still not enough to call this film a "good" one, even though the cast has improved immensely.
  15. Jun 27, 2014
    The director, screenplay writers and producers took everything that was tedious, incoherent and ineffective from every previous installment of this franchise and turned the dial to 11. Long ago I thought that Shia LeBouf was annoying naturally, by the high order of his genes, now I stand forcefully corrected when an actor that I actually like, Mark Whalberg, was transformed into the only main character model that Michael Bay obviously understands or knows: Shia LeBouf. The same can be said of any female protagonist. Now instead of Megan Fox, there is a blond actress that has been turned into Megan Fox by a similar conjuration of template swapping, with the added annoyance that she is not even capable of the already meager autosufficiency her previous incarnation showed in her turn as "the film's girl". This time, she is twice-damsel-in-distress by having to be rescued out of her screenplay stupor by TWO main male protagonists: father and boyfriend (both miraculosly looking the same age).
    Disjointed and incongruent even for a movie based on toys and boring and long beyond any wet dreams Michael Bay has ever had about pushing his style to the limits and making the ultimate boring and long film.
    Do not reward these people with your money, and what is more important, do not ENCOURAGE them with your presence at some theatre, to keep on making these abominations they call cinema.
  16. Jun 28, 2014
    The same movie for a **** fourth time. Michael Bay **** you............................................................................................
  17. Jun 27, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this movie is an absolute flop. The visual is eye-catching but rather fake, not as stunning as its prequels. It lacks of character development and contribution to the plot, as the protagonist' daughter is an useless character who drag the team onto outrageous situations. I just don't have any idea why she and her boyfriend are involved in the movie. This film also uses an stereotype which have already been used in all prequels: the lengthy and glorious battlecry of optimus and a tough boss. Is that all you got Michael Bay?? One more thing, i don't see the scene showing the Chinese governments and generals has anything to do with the story. Plenty of plot twist... So dissapointing Expand
  18. Jun 28, 2014
    Surprise surprise, Micheal Bay Transformers movie is complete garbage. You have to be extraordinarily thick to see anything positive in this cacophony of digital noise. It's like a challenge to see just how bad a film can be before you say "hang on, is this for real?" The definition of mindless entertainment....that's not particularly entertaining. I'd sooner watch paint dry, literally.
  19. Jun 30, 2014
    Thank you, Michael Bay, for killing Transformers for future generations. This movie is similar to the previous Transformers like a formula. Pointless characters, no plot, plenty of explosions, its all there. The movie is extremely long at 2.5 hours and it dragged halfway through. Going into the movie, I knew I would be disappointed and am upset I spend money on this piece of crap. Avoid and save your money for something better. Expand
  20. Jun 28, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. let me start by saying that up until this film i loved everything about transformers. even for me the second movie was ok. (not the best but ok}. the first and the third movie being the stand outs for any robot loving action orientated film goer!
    this newest installment is an insult to anyone who is a fan of the previous 3 films, an insult and a bloated self indulgent piece of trash.
    the rules that were established in the series are repeatedly broken. things like humans making there own transformers, the autobots and the decepticons now having a maker. yes you heard me correctly, they have there own god. i could go on and on but will just make myself as angry as i was when i was watching the film.
    save your money and for the director, please give up on transformers........ for all our sakes
  21. Jun 27, 2014
    Visuals and Audio are stunning. Dinobots and 3rd act still the show! Mark Walbergh is definitely a step up and Stanley Tucci delivers some of the best humor in the movie.
  22. Jun 27, 2014
    I have no clue on what the **** the critics here are thinking! The fourth Transformers looks swell and awesome! It looks like an amazing movie to us fans. Critics, go F*** yourself!!!!!
  23. Jun 27, 2014
    This movie is spectacularly bad.. and that's coming from someone who loved the first two and thought the third was alright. The plot was nonexistent, it was way too long, and the acting was laughably atrocious other than maybe Stanley Tucci's performance.
  24. Jul 2, 2014
  25. Jun 27, 2014
    A destruction fetishist's wet dream, the film's most egregious sin it simply it's length. 2 hours and 45 minutes? Are you kidding? This is not some Braveheart-like epic. Without any character development or real drama to form the skeleton of a movie of this length, what you get is a highly labored final third act. Beyond this simple fact, Mark Whalberg is a decided upgrade over LeBoof. And they finally got themselves a young starlet of the moment who can act. (But why does Bay insist on giving his actresses that artificially tanned glow? She looks 100% better on Bates Motel - and if you haven't started watching that series, get with it. Great stuff.) Tucci is excellent, as usual. And even the most skeptical critic can't help but get caught up in the fun that is the Autobots when they get juvenile and rambunctious. The new John Goodman character - seemingly pulled straight out of the Big Lebowski - is a refreshing addition. Expand
  26. Jun 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Following much of the formula of the previous Transformers movies, but without the relative novelty of the first two, this one is subpar at best. The script is practically garbage. The characters are poorly developed, shallow, and much of the acting is terrible. Mark Wahlberg is a good actor and does the best job of the lot, but I think he was miscast for this role.

    The movie is outrageously long and drawn out - almost 3 hours of basically CRAP that not even the pretty visuals and fight scenes could save.

    While the special effects, explosions, and overall action scenes are spectacular as usual, some of the camera work is basically wobbling and out of focus as robots zoom by shooting at each other so that you don't really appreciate those parts of the fighting. The plot is shakier than ever, and as usual a major villain is still alive and manages to escape once again.

    The humor is too forced at times, and many of the lines are eye-roll and head-shake worthy. The sexy girl is for the most part lost, helpless, and put in more for the looks than anything else. There are the usual prodigious camera close-ups and various angles showing off her sexy body. The characters are once again rather shallow and dumb, particularly the girl and especially her boyfriend, who seems to have been more of an afterthought in the script.

    I don't even want to go on anymore with this review. Suffice it to say, I hope this is Michael Bay's last foray into the Transformers universe, for the sake of everyone genuinely interested in the Transformers.
  27. Jun 28, 2014
    Just do yourself a favor and NEVER watch this movie! Hell don't even watch a **** movie made by Michael Bay! HE CLEARLY DID NOT WATCH ANY TRANSFORMERS CARTOONS! ALL I CAN IS **** THIS MOVIE! ITS THE WORST ONE I"VE EVER SEEN!
  28. Jul 1, 2014
    Do not under any circumstances watch this movie. this is beyond simply not worth the money, i would PAY money to not watch this movie, i felt like i am being tortured. if you cant make up a story and all you can do is put as much as explosions as possible on the screen, then dont make your movie 3 hours long.
  29. Jun 28, 2014
    So, yeah it sucks. lol. Yet another reason why Michael Bay should never be part of a transformers movie. Couple him together with a terrible script and voila, you got yourself an f'd up transformers movie. It really pains me to realize that Michael Bay has made a lot of money from the series, whereas he didn't deserve it at all... Should be a zero but gave it a three because of some badassery from the autobots. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY TO SEE THIS ONE AT A THEATER!!!...wait for the dvd release or google it for a free one ;D Expand
  30. Jun 29, 2014
    Same of same, even more boring with the story line, Its more like 3hrs of noise, noise and more noise, the movie focused mainly on 3 people the whole time, imagine such size of Chaos and no military or government intervention. It doesnt make sense that some bunch of robots come out of nowhere fighting each other and all people do is just run, no plans to intervene of at least querry the situation. Really senseless. Expand
  31. Jun 30, 2014
    I actually liked the first Transformers,the 2nd is horrible and the 3rd was slightly better but still wasn't that good.I actually thought this movie was going to be good of how the plot sounded,with Mark Whalberg and the dinobots.I did see it get critically panned but I want to judge it for myself and I would have to say that I agree with the critics.This is probably one of the worst movies I've ever saw.This is probably on par with Revenge of the Fallen.This is basically a rehash from the previous films with a new cast.The action scenes aren't interesting.Its just nothing but explosions that are never ending and offers nothing new.The plot is poorly executed cause all you see is explosions than what's going on with the plot.It is also not very convincing.It is also twisted at one point where you feel like that shouldn't happen right now and later.The camera work is awful and hurts your brain after seeing it.The autobots have no soul including Optimus Prime and the movie seems lifeless.The dialogue is bad.I also didn't like how the dinobots are shown towards the end of the movie.Also the length is ridiculous with it being almost 3 hours.The only good things I can say about this movie is that the transformers look better,the plot was decent, and the performance by Whalberg and Tucci.But that can't make up of how many flaws this movie has.This movie hurts your mind and I really suggest you don't see it.Save your money.This is one of the most unpleasant experiences I had at the movies. Expand
  32. Jul 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Transformers as a film series has a reputation for visual excess & narrative deficit. This movie takes this reputation, supercharges it, and rockets the results at the audience and break-neck speed and expects to satisfy - and to a large proportion of the film going public, seems to achieve its goal. At this very moment, as I write this review, Transformers 4 has 101 positive reviews on These reviews are littered with repeated phrases like "no Sam Witwicky", "*insert robot name here* was badass" & "omg the action was awesome". And you can't really argue with these sentiments. The visuals have always been impressive in the Transformers movies, and while I personally never felt one way or another about the character of Sam Witwicky, it appears to be consensus that he was highly disliked. What lacks in the Transformers movies is, among many, many things, is a coherent story and fleshed out characters.

    The story - if you can even call it that - leaps from action set piece to action set piece with no regard for common sense, mood or character motivation. The story plods along at snails pace (for an insane 165mins) transmitting relevant information to the movie-goer almost solely through exposition and overlong establishing shots. Further, I was never sure about why anybody was doing anything. Nothing is explained in any detail - we as the audience are just expected to accept that humans in black clothes = bad guy, humans in pastels = good guys. The same thing corresponds to the Transformers themselves.

    The characters in this latest Transformers movie are among the weakest and most poorly written of any I have seen at the movies in the longest time. While Mark Wahlberg attempts valiantly to inject some energy in to this train wreck of a film, he is weighed down with a daughter/boyfriend subplot (communicated wholly by only the snappiest Michael Bay dialogue) and the convoluted (and pointless) good-guy motivations of the hero. The daughter and boyfriend were dead weight, contributing nothing whatsoever to the film. Bay, nonplussed with his failure to contribute anything meaningful character-wise decides to go full-retard instead adding a frustratingly unfunny "slacker-employee" character into the 1st act, who vomits rapid-fire sarcasm into the air during the initial action scenes. His death at the end of act 1 was highly satisfying, and in line with the terrible storytelling, largely ignored by the other characters. The characters in Transformers are an unequivocal failure on all levels. Of particular disappointment to me was Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammar, who like Wahlberg, are clearly here just for the paycheck.

    And since I've used the terms rapid-fire and failure already, lets talk product placement. This is a particular peeve of mine as a movie-goer which partly explains the rage I felt as I left my local cinema. Michael Bay, while never shy about plugging products in his film, takes it to a whole new level. Its as if he is standing in front of the audience with a shotgun, which he uses to simultaneously blast you in the face with hip and happening products (Beats headphones - **** you) while insulting your intelligence by thinking you won't notice it happening. Unforgivable and further evidence that Transformers is first and foremost advertising. Who needs to consider the art of film-making when you can sell stuff, right?

    These monumental failures reduce my interest in the film. No amount of explosions and car-driving montages can supplement for these deficits.

    Once upon a time, I had hopes that the great cartoon from my childhood would make for a great adventure movie. 4 movies later, my hopes have been well and truly dashed. I will not be returning to the cinema to see any more Transformer movies. I implore you all the do the same thing.
  33. Jul 2, 2014
    Once again, Michael Bay creates a movie not worthy of the Transformers name. He focuses too much on the human aspect instead of the Robot personalities. Where were all of the Decepticons?? Megatron did not become Galvatron from humans. He has destroyed the Transformers image with his bad actors and horrible plots which make absolutely no sense. Don't see this in the movie, it will just encourage him to make another one. Expand
  34. Jul 4, 2014
    Poor story, poor acting, absolutely amazing action. One thing Michael Bay does know is how to put together an action scene which is a shame the same can't be said about his story telling.
    I'm a fan of the first 3 regardless of how bad they were which is why it pains me to say that this is the worst of the series. The things I was worried about like the dinobots turned out alright and the
    things I thought was going to be fine we're awful I.e mark whalberg and co.
    The typical Bayisms are still there, sexualisation of the women, the lower than low toilet humor which hits rock bottom in this entry. Two of best things in the movie was finally seeing Prime in generation 1 form and Stanley tucci. A new director and screen writer are needed for the next film.
  35. Jun 30, 2014
    You have to have low expectations and your brain in neutral to watch a Transformers movie, but even so this movie is BAD. The transformers don't really look anything like the cartoon series characters they are based on, they're all pretty similar and the film just ends up like two junkjards fighting eachother for nearly 3 hours. A film needs to be Epic or have a compelling story to entertain for that amount of time, and this has neither. Its dull, mind-numbing, rubbish. Expand
  36. Jun 29, 2014
    I still contend that everyone is entitled to their own opinion because opinions have nothing to do with truth, therefore my review will follow this philosophy. I am a fan of the movies as I am a fan of the cartoon series growing up, I did not embrace Shia LaBeouf's character for obvious reasons that limited space will not allow me to express. I however embraced Mark Wahlberg's character even though the unnecessary banter between he and his daughter somewhat took away from the very basic action plot. Most reviews I have read seem to take extreme offense with the plot as if they wrote the story and director Michael Bay had no regard and completely butchered their work. With that said the plot in an action movie needs to have basic pieces: heroes, villains and the proverbial evil tries to triumph over good, with the unlikely hero emerging, Transformers: Age of Extinction has these pieces and then some. In an action movie you want good action, good fighting, good acting if possible and a climax that will make you say that was cool. The showing I went to see drew applause at the end as the credits began to roll, which was not a total surprise but caused me to rethink my overall review. I always say even though we have the right to offer our opinion does not excuse us from being responsible with our right (refer to Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which was reviewed in a very critical way but grossed 1.2 billion dollars). Transformers is an age old program as along as you have Optimums Prime coming out on top in the end, I will see the movie every single time. In my opinion go see it you will enjoy, but only if you wish to be entertained. Expand
  37. Jun 28, 2014
    This was pretty bad. It's been a while since I really felt like walking out on a movie and this one's 2.75 hour run time didn't help at all. The acting was atrocious. It felt like Michael Bay probably didn't even direct this. I get the feeling he just told the actors where to go each day while he went off and did something else. Even the action scenes were boring and rehashes of what we've seen before.

    To top it all off, for the first 3/4 of the movie Optimus acts like a jackass and the autobots he ends up with are a ragtag band of misfits that you want to see die just as badly as the bad guys. Ugh what a waste of everything.
  38. Jul 1, 2014
    If I had those 165 minutes back, I could so much more creative things with my life. Much better than this movie - like for example smashing my head against the wall...

    Movie lacks continuity, good story, people you cheer, it is full of explosions and nonsense
  39. Jun 28, 2014
    It was so terribly paced. The entire middle was a waste of time. Acting asides from Marky Mark and Stanley Tucci was atrocious. The new kids were absolutely terrible. It was a completely bloated **** of a film.
  40. Jul 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can't believe that this **** pile of a **** movie was able to hit the screen. I also can't believe that a transformers movie could come along and be worse than the second one. You know when a movie is bad when my friends (who liked the second one) thought this movie was terrible. The flaws were so noticeable, that Helen Keller could point them out to you. The first hour of the movie was literally **** useless. It set up **** that I could give two ****s about. Imagine setting up characters that get maybe thirty minutes of screen time in the movie. We then get to the middle of the movie it just **** drags on for about another forty five minutes to an hour. Pointless **** after pointless **** We finally get to the dining where they then start to rush things. We get two hours of straight of bull**** and 37 minutes of rushed action scenes that were alright.

    These movies are known for its great special effects, but it seems like they took the cheap route and decided to make graphics that would be terrible for a 2005 movie. Some of the graphics looked straight up cheap and were actually glitch most of the time. The first transformers had better graphics than these. So basically imagine taking the second Transformers movie and making the graphics ****tier, the characters more unforgettable, having two hours of **** around, with terrible acting. Well the second transformers didn't have the most stellar acting, but dear god was it better than this movie.

    Speaking of acting and characters. I could literally give tow **** ****s about anyone in this movie besides Optimus Prime. Mark tired to save his character with some pretty descent acting, but dear god was his character a **** He was getting run over by his daughters boyfriend the whole time. Saying **** about his daughter and without blinking an eye. . It was as if Michael Bay wanted one of the worst families of all time. At least Michael was smart enough to kill that brain dead **** in the beginning. Save us from 2 and a half hours of ****ty jokes. Though the worst acting in the movie goes to the daughter. See looked familiar and I had trouble pin pointing. If you don't know, she's that annoying girl from the last airbender. That's all you need to know about her acting ability

    The storyline wasn't even cornerstone half the time. They had like five different story lines going at one time, with flaws that were so damn obvious. Michael bay keeps trying to bring back Megatron and it's flipping annoying. He's now brought back as Galvatron, a man made transformer that was built Stanley's company. He basically has the same memories, but a different boy. Boy was he dumb looking as well. We move onto this random bounty hunter that wants Prime because the creators of these Transformers want him. Probably the worst looking transformer, with the ****iest back sorry, and pretty much disappears randomly throughout the movie. While that going on, we Stanley's character working with Kelsey Grammar's character to true and get the seed to get more metal. This metal is what the transformers are made out of and they're a able to make man made transformers out of it. Some how this **** can float and break apart whenever it feels like it, but not when it's convenient for survival. It's as if monkeys made the story for this movie.

    The only thing I liked about this movie was the Dinobots, they were pretty **** cool and were the highlight of the movie. Though they decided to only have them in the last thirty minutes. I would have to say Mark also was good. Did his best to not make his character totally **** unmemorable.

    I need to stop or I will just go on and on about this **** terrible movie. Basically, **** Bay and I will never pay for another Transformers movie. 1/10
  41. Jun 29, 2014
    This is a very good movie. Forget the critics reviews. This movie's 3D effects are great, and so is the animation. The only cons are a few unlikeable characters, and an average story.
  42. Jun 28, 2014
    This movie is a big budget movie about alien robots fighting. Plain and simple. What more do you want? What did you really expect to see when you went to it? It delivers on what it promises. I went to see it for that reason and wasn't disappointed. :)
  43. Jun 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Just the sheer number of hot sexy vehicles in this film made up for Bays' weak one liners in this film. This film had all I expected from Bay-formers. I could careless over the human characters really. They always had the weakest one liners & character development anyways, but I don't go to TF movies for the humans of course.

    Mmm. Lots of metal clashing metal... if that's what you are into this the movie for you. Plus how many movies do you know that includes a blue and black Bugatti Veyron, Stingray, Camero, Earnhardt racing car, Pangani & a Lamborghini oh my... all in one film within 10mins from one another or all together at once. *drools*

    The one liner jokes (there were a few funny ones here and there; others were just pathetic) don't bother me as much as the one dimensional dull vague characters, one of which I felt like punching her face, the teen **** Tessa. She was most annoying of all. Wanting to be a real normal teen? Really? Going out bagging some 20 yr old guy, end up pregnant and then he leaves you for another. oh yes very risky and fun Yea that's being a real teen alright. Her orange skin and cheap light pink lipstick didn't help the matter. I was so glad the alien being within Lockdowns' ship wanted to tentacle rape her and was hoping for it too. Hey, she wanted to be a "normal" teen right? Getting into trouble and screwing around right? Well in Hentai such gals get tentacled.

    Back to the reason why I went to watch this film in the first place... the hot sexy mechanical sentient beings. Meow... I was stuck admiring either Lockdown or Drift... whose alt modes were making me drool so much I came out of the movie with cotton mouth, especially Drifts' blue Bugatti *fan girl moment*. :) I also definitely wouldn't mind having abomination of babies with Lockdown. Tall, dark, handsome, intelligent, and very resourceful (the guys' face turns to a huge cannon what's not to like). I agree with so many comments/reviews here, Lockdown is one extraordinary character. and I would have liked to see more of him in the future but he was killed off, too easily. Then Optimus Prime converts his physical plates into a knights' armor... sexy deliciousness! Then there is Drift who everyone seems to complain about him looking like a samurai. I didn't notice anyone, including TF fans, whining when Prowl in TF Animated reformatted his physical form into a samurai. If anyone who read the old Marvel US TF comics or Marvel UK comics in Cybertron there were a class of martial arts subcultures, one of which I could easily name on top of my head Metallikato (yes the one Bludgeon is most famous/infamous practitioner of this form). If you never read the comic books (Marvel US, Marvel UK, DW, and IDW to name a few), pay attention to the original G1 cartoons particularly season 3-4 (they mention the Quintessons being the creators of Cybertronians, originally as slaves for the Quintessons), & never read Convenient of prime (mentions a few primes as creators of all cyber-forms, one prime created Decepticons, another prime created Autobots & so forth), so of course many would be lost at some of the things mentioned & brought upon in this film.

    One thing that baffled me were Galvatron & Stringer, upon first seeing them I actually was going "Stunticons?" Galvatrons' alt mode would have been an awesome form for either Motormaster (another I thought of was Nemesis Prime because the humans wanted him to look more like Optimus Prime), while Stringer made me think of Deadend.

    When Lockdown mentioned about something greater, I was thinking of either the Quintessons or Unicron, in either case gave way to a sense there will be a part 5 in the future. That & Optimus Prime flying into space at the end taking with him the Seed (a thing that turns Earth into another Cybertron) gives a hint there may be a part 5.

    For those wondering why OP was strong headed & aggressive with Grimlock, Understand that the Dinobots had always had a mind of their own, & usually allowed their primitive prehistoric alt modes (dinosaur minds and souls) to relish themselves and run wild. You basically have to smack a Dinobot to get his attention like a disobedient child or overtly aggressive dog. If OP didn't smack Grimlock around, he & the other Dinobots would've easily cause destruction wherever they would go. Which was why I was upset and confused when OP let loose the Dinobots, that's putting a lot of faith into beings who have still very primitive animal intentions and behavior. More clues for a potential part 5.

    Besides the review posted here that complain over Cybertronians having creators, which dates back since season 3&4 of G1, was the one over humans creating TFs. I highly suggest watching TF Prime or read the original Marvel comics.

    Overall, I enjoyed this film. For a Bay-formers I wasn't disappointed. Micheal Bay is Michael Bay. He is no Ridley Scott, Tim Burton or David Fincher, so I knew to expect very little plot, story & lots of explosions
  44. Jul 2, 2014
    Transformers: Age of Extinction tem diálogo terrível, representações deploráveis ​​de mulheres, seqüências de explosões e muito pouco de humor. Em outras palavras, é um filme de Michael Bay.
  45. Jun 29, 2014
    Good writing/dialogue, good action, proper casting, appropriate length, memorable - Transformers: Age of Extinction could not be described with any of those adjectives. Instead, the fourth installment of the series shows that you need more than a pretty face to be considered enjoyable. If you thought the second movie was weak, then prepare yourself for a new low. I had loved the first film and found the third to be decent. With Age of Extinction, everything is just flat. The plot is extremely fragmented, almost as if the writers all suffered from a bit of schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease at the same time due to plot points immediately melting and new storylines forming out of thin air. The action, which usually saves the films from total meltdown, isn't even that impressive anymore. Michael Bay has a flare for great visuals, often making average scenery look dreamy and lush, but that's about all that really goes well for the movie. Clocking in at around 2 hours and 40 minutes, this film was way too long. If you don't HAVE to see it, wait for DVD/Blu-Ray and you might feel better. Expand
  46. Jun 27, 2014
    lots of giant robots and action. That's what I like, that's why I watch films like this, that's what I expected this film to do, and it did it very well. If you were expecting something with a good story, good script, good acting, then you, im afraid to say, are an idiot.
  47. Jun 27, 2014
    Before I even get started with this review, it'd be worth noting that I consider myself a fan of Transformers. Not just the originals, the Cybertron games, or the new animated renditions, but Transformers as a whole. Heck, I even like Bayformers, as these movies are a blast to watch despite betraying the core group of any franchises fandom: original fans. This betrayal is so bad that I can't go to a single place on the internet without seeing these fans complaining about how 'bad' the Bay films are, and in a sense, I agree with most of their complaints. There's far too much focus on humans, there's an incredibly goofy tone with unnecessary, raunchy jokes everywhere, Bumblebee is a freakin' mute that can't be fixed somehow, telling the difference between Autobot and Decepitcon is kinda tricky, history is re-written, and much much more. Fortunately, Transformers: Age of Extinction fixes some the things people hated, but was it enough? Yes. Yes it was. Here's why in an attempt not to spoil anything.

    First of all, Age of Extinction is a lot more serious this time around. Taking place an entire 4 years after Dark of the Moon, we lose Sam Whitwicky/Shia Labeouf and get Cade Yaeger/Mark Whalberg as our human protagonist. Fortunately, this change of leads also changes the entire film's pace. No longer are we forced to endure the antics of a young adult who is heavily involved with his goof-ball parents, dumb friends, and requirement for a love-life, which I can't be any more thankful for. Instead, we're forced to endure the struggle a single dad who just wants his daughter to do well in life despite lacking requirements to do so. Much better already right? Well, it gets slightly better. Unlike the previous trilogy, this film doesn't rely too much on making the audience laugh as it does making the audience wonder what this film is actually rated due to how dark it's tone is. For a PG-13 film, some of the death's are pretty graphic, there are quite a few colorful words [we're talking multiple F-Bombs and overuse of the "Sh-" equivalent of "crap" here], and even the clean dialog was riddled with disturbing lines. Even Optimus Prime was a bit too dark for me to handle at times with his talk of actually killing humans and his plots of revenge, which I did not see coming. It's almost as if Ehren Kruger wrote this film after having a bad day or coming home from the funeral of a loved one.

    Graphically, Age of Extinction does a pretty good job but occasionally kills the mood with a few hiccups. On the plus side, Transformers are much easier to tell apart thanks to the noticeably brighter color palette used to represent the Autobots, and the lack of color for everyone else. As much as I'd like to say that "everyone else" is a Decepticon, it's impossible to as the majority of antagonists and the Dinobots didn't have a faction. On the down side, there are more than a couple scenes in this movie that were poorly animated. This never applied for the Transformers of course, but some green screen's were obvious to detect thanks to terrible lighting, and a lot of other three dimensional objects just didn't sit right with the surrounding environments. It's kind of upsetting really.

    Personally, I think the worst part about this entire movie is what we all thought served as the film's main focus: Dinobots. Every advertisement for this movie from video to image form highlighted their existence and made it out to be a pretty big deal, especially the T-Rex Transformer who fans of the franchise could only assume is Grimlock, and Swoop as the pterodactyl. Unfortunately, every scene involving the Dinobots is a pretty hard smack to the face for anyone who knows Transformers lore, and an even bigger smack to the face for everyone else who was simply anticipating something new, as they didn't even appear until the film's final moments. I'm not going to get into what the Dinobots are in this movie, but I will say this: it has been about 12 hours since I walked out of that theater, and after explaining what the dinobots 'were' to a few friends that didn't know, I can't help but facepalm in disappointment. Their history wasn't only completely changed, but they weren't given names and had no way to communicate aside from brute force. Look guys, Grimlock may have been slow, but he could at least speak, dang it!

    Overall I enjoyed this movie. Actually, I think Age of Extinction is the best of the Bayformer's movies and I'll more than likely see it again in IMAX. I would have done so originally, but I feared that this movie would be bad and saw the normal version first. This movie definitely could have been a bit shorter though, despite it not feeling as long thanks to how entertained I was from start to finish. Also, I'm beyond excited to see where the next film goes. Without spoiling too much, let's just just say that we may finally be getting a Transformer's movie that focuses on the Transformer's.
  48. Jul 12, 2014
    Perfect title for a long-dead franchise. Watch reruns of the 80's classic and that's all she wrote...........I suppose for fans of this horrible series, you get more of it so you win. Sad how humanity can dwell to such acceptable lows.
  49. Jul 6, 2014
    Micheal Bay, you have done it again. Transformers Age Of Extinction is another 2hr Micheal Bay dream. And if you really want to watch a movie with explosions and robots- Real Steel or Pacific Rim are good choices. Mark Walhberg plays a mechanic who finds a transformer and then all hell breaks loose. You know, I was kinda hyped for this movie. I was hoping for a good action movie, but no it was like Revenge Of The Fallen got a remake with Mark Walhberg. Story is poor, nothing is sad and the characters are bad too, you don't care about any of them. The visual effects gave me a seizure. The acting was damn bad. Micheal Bay, is Pain. And Gain the only good movie that you have made? Ignore this at all costs Expand
  50. Jun 27, 2014
    Transformers Age Of Extinction is by far, the best Transformers movie i have ever seen! You have to see it right now, i mean it has the Dinobots for Cybertron's sake! Grimlock looks great as well as the rest of our favorite Cybertronians like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Lockdown. Go see it, it's great!
  51. Jun 27, 2014
    I have never been so excited to see a Transformers movie since the first one. Yeah, last time I missed, but this time it was in digital 3D. I was booked for the best seat in the cinema hall. I prefer watching movie opening day itself because to avoid mix up with others opinion. I watch and I give my stance. Which makes my belief's unchangeable, if the opposite viewpoint to mine start to pour.

    Seen many 3D movies and this was one of the mind blowing one. I was very much satisfied with the graphics and sound mixing. I just wanted to remind you that I often play the opening 20 seconds of 'Dark of the Moon'. You know why, because I love that awesome metallic sound to hear it in surround speakers. This was the 2 hours and 45 minute long movie, the runtime was never been an issue to me. I would have loved it if another 10 minutes of the stunts were added. Lots of new Autobots were introduced like the one you saw in the trailers, the Dinobots. Even all the stunts and transformation of Autobots from automobiles were shown from far enough distance to enjoy with pleasure. The graphic movie geeks will love whole movie like it made specially for them.

    It is partially a reboot movie. Someone just won't disappear into the thin air. They did not bother to clarify what happened to the original actors Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. I think we must assume that they will be back in the next and I don't think it is such a good idea. But still we need a proper explanation. Okay, this movie refreshed the franchise after lots of criticism in the last film. That's fine so the next film should take the responsibility on that matter. This is the only thing that worries the one who followed all the transformers movies. Other than that, there are minor flaws that are not big trouble maker once the entertainment began.

    I don't know why there was so much hate on Michael Bay. Critics thinks they are the deciders who can change the fortune of a movie throwing it up between flop and success, but they are not. I really feel sorry for the audience who fall for those cheap tricks. Remember, critics are a bunch of sheep who follow one another till everyone fall into a deep hole, they may grab you along so be careful. The critic should change their profession or retire, because in the hundren years of film history, they were the obstacle for the filmmakers. Take advice from movie geeks if you needed one or take chances by yourself. That's what I gonna say you all.

    Lots of refreshment in this fourth installment. The first one was the cast, I am very happy to bring all new faces here. I mean humans, not Autobots, as we know without or replace of Optimus Prime would not work. But we can see little bit upgrades in everything, including the technical side of the movie making as well as in the story. You are not only brought to the cinema hall to enjoy the giant robot like creature fight themselves, there were plenty of human side drama, sentiments and all the above the stunts.

    It's really, really a grand idea to put Mark Wahlberg in the first place to this franchise. I can't praise that he saved this movie series in this part, but his presence made vast differences compared to the earlier three movies. In other side the humours were so good, it did play the part to put the movie on the right course. I still remember those funny lines from the movie and laugh. Especially, there is one I could not get rid off from my mind that follow like this: Swettie, get my alien gun. Hahaha. I know it was intense, but perfectly utilised in the perfect situation.

    This time the grand finale was not in the US of America or Egypt or Arctic and Antartic, but was in China. Some of stunt sequences shot with the humans were greatly done on the edges of an old apartment building. Watching those in 3D gave me a thrilling experience. I also liked the songs that came when the stunts were in progress. The track was called 'Battle Cry' by Imagine Dragons, an awesome composition.

    Like everyone categorize each installment with different ratings, I can't do that. I like all the before three movies equally with only the fractions of difference. The first two were so much fancied up and glamorized with the presence of Megan Fox. The third one was what tried to be more honest, but the cast does not look like blend well. That is where this the fourth movie made all the modifications and it worked. If this movie fails, then not because of the bad execution from the cast and crew, though the foul mouth critics to blame.

    Anyway business wise it will do well all over the globe except the rating which will sink. This story ended with a strong line said by the great leader, Optimus Prime. That created more curious about the fifth movie. Hope the pre production begins very soon. In between that if you have not seen it yet, go for it. It is not a suggestion, but making you realise it was not bad like you have heard.

  52. Jun 27, 2014
    Whether you like or dislike the series, this entry won't sway you either way. It was nice to have a new cast and set of autobots to somewhat freshen up the series. The visuals are stunning, but we have come to expect that with this series. My biggest gripe was the length.
  53. Jul 2, 2014
    Sifting through the different reviews though the weekend I have noticed one primary criticism of TAOE – The movie’s length. Personally, I felt (somewhat stubbornly) that as long as Michael Bay just keeps me entertained I can look past the length and enjoy the movie. The problem – The first half of the movie was a drag, with little entertainment, little humor, little action and terrible (nonexistent) character development. Michael Bay could have easily trimmed the first hour and a half into a half hour. (Thus you have a 2 hour movie instead of a 3 hour movie – those movie theater seats are tough to sit through for 3 hours)

    Halfway through this movie was well on its way to being the worst Transformers movie to date – and then something rare happened – Bay finally found his niche – and when he did – it was something special. The human story and the Transformers story found cohesiveness, the action picked up, the musical score made you care and a terrible film turned into a really solid entry. As usual the plot serves as an excuse for Michael Bay to blow things up, but it wasn’t as atrocious as the last two entries, it just needed to blow things up faster!

    (Pros – Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammar, Lockdown, Dinobots and the final battle – Cons – The entire first half of the movie and the lack of humor) – Side Note: Mark Wahlberg’s character is an upgrade over the previous protagonist but you don’t realize it until the second half of the movie.

    To conclude - it was all about the length - had Michael Bay trimmed (and he could have easily done so) an hour off of this film - it might have turned out to be the best Transformers yet - but one cannot look past, nor forgive the first hour and a half bore that this movie was. First Half gets a 5/10 and the Second Half gets a 10/10. Final Rating 7.5 out of 10 (Rounded to 8)
  54. Jul 11, 2014
    In the beginning I thought that was a just another action movie with a median story, but I realized that it was worse, the plot is horrible and there are a lot of holes that did not make sense, the film is too long and there is too many secondary characters that make everything more confuse. The action scenes are amazing and there are great special effects, but that's not enough.
  55. Oct 11, 2014
    Transformers: Age of Extinction is bland, boring, clunky and generic. The 'reboot' of the cast does nothing to shield the inevitable overlong Michael Bay money mayhem.
  56. Jul 8, 2014
    It could have been a great movie, bit it FAILS ON EVERY LEVEL. Human characters are boring and cliché, plot doesnt make sense, even hardcore fans will admit is confussing, action sequences dont bring anything new. please dont waste your money
  57. Jun 29, 2014
    It's what you would expect from a Transformers movie. **** story, useless characters, awesome battle scenes. But, you only come to Transformers for the battles, don't you?
    The fighting is the only part I really cared for. 8/10, because it could get boring.
  58. Jun 27, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Transformers Age of Extinction is by far the best in the series. I'm confused why people are saying this one isn't the best in the series, when clearly it is. First off the acting is tremendously better, a way better lead role by Mark Walberg who's one of my favorite actors, Tj Miller was pretty funny until he died, Nicola Peltz was okay and her boyfriend is the only one I could say was not good. Stanley Tucci was pretty good in his role giving a lot of enthusiasm and humor. The CGI in this Transformers was just as good as in the other ones. I could say the CGI was a tad better in this one because at times I thought the transformers were real and not just CGI. The story was definitely better then the other two and just as good as the first movie. The story really rose up because of how good Mark Walberg did in his role. Honestly everything made sense in the story from the seed that turns anything into a transformers, to lockdown being the first transformers. I do wish that this one would have been the first transformers movie they came out with instead of going with Shia Lebouf for the first three, now the first movie was really good too but the second and third one were just okay. If anything they should of made this one the second in the series and completely erased the second and third one. My brother who thought both two and three were really stupid actually thought this one was really good and entertaining, lets admit these transformers movies are not like a masterpiece like Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather, but in my opinion what makes Transformers Age of Extinction just as good as them, is how much fun I had watching the movie. I had so much more fun watching this transformers movie then I did with other three combined. Overall Mark Walberg did a fantastic job and the Transformers were as Badass as ever, I give Transformers Age of Extinction a 9 out of 10. Expand
  59. Jun 28, 2014
    It's a great film with some holes with a massive problem. The writer ehren Kruger the writer. It's his writing style which has caused everyone to hate transformers. There's only one way to make transformers better and that to get rid of him and get the original writers back from transformers 1
  60. Jun 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. transformers is amazing! i now realize that everybody hates this series because everybody hates Michael bay! this movie was funny it was very thrilling and it had a lot different storyline. this movie changed the face of Transformers. i love the part when the Dinobots come! Expand
  61. Jun 27, 2014
    There are a lot of issues with this movie like the previous installments. But unlike #1 and #3 there is not enough emotional connection with the characters to overcome and ignore the issues. I saw this in 3D and it is the best 3D movie i have seen by far. The action is great and plenty of explosions but you could care less if the characters live or die in this movie. I did not hate it but this is not a movie to pay money and see unless you are going for the action and 3D. Expand
  62. Jun 30, 2014
    I don't understand why this movie is receiving such negative reviews. Did people even watch the movie? It feels like a lot of these 0-3 point reviews, especially some of the "professional" ones that amount to little more than an artsy description of emotions, are little more than jumping on the bandwagon of how the previous Transformers movies were pretty weak. Fortunately, this movie is completely different. I just saw it like literally 30 minutes ago, and it was the best transformers movie yet, in fact, in many ways it was the Transformers movie that we all wanted instead of what we got with "Nerd meets Fox, oh and btw there are robots 1-3" with the previous movies.

    The movie was a chunky, good length, with good exposition and plot, the acting was much better than previous installments, and Whalberg was definitely a good fit to his character.

    Most of all, the movie focused on the robots being awesome and not some stupid comic book love story. Although there is a little bit of campiness with certain elements like how the humans are turning their backs on the Autobots ...(again) at least as a premise to the story, and some cliche stuff when they focus on the human actors, the movie was really really great.

    Perfect mix of balance between robots and human actors, with emphasis on robots. (Epic Optimus Prime riding a giant robot trex while flailing a sword around)

    Great use of special effects, with (surprisingly) appropriate amount of pew pew explosions from Michael Bay

    Good plot development and character relation, along with a nice long movie run time to let the story properly get fleshed out and play out nice chunky scenes giving great exposition to all the robots kicking but.

    The cherry on the cake is that the "cliffhanger" if you can call it that, or rather the open ended possibility for the next movie (that we all know is coming) was actually really interesting and appropriately engaging, instead of the standard "see you next time" message that is lazily given like in the first movies, because they didn't know where the story was going in the next movie.

    TLDR: Really great Transformers movie, lots of negative reviews are quite frankly ridiculous. Especially the "professional" ones. Worth the price of admission.

    Gave it a 10 because Metacritic is basically the war of extremes now, where people only give 0-3 points if they didn't like a movie, instead of giving it a fair score. I think this movie deserves a solid 8.5
  63. Aug 14, 2014
    Not that great. Felt more emotion out of the Autobots rather than the humans. Stanley Tucci was nice surprise, and so was TJ Miller's character (he's an actual comedian).
    In summary, maybe rent if nothing else is better, or you like the series, otherwise you can skip this one.
  64. Jun 27, 2014
    stupid physics.. problem with history... not impressive ost... steve jobs... no meagn fox... but.. rlly.. not bad movie... ))) i dont know what most people expect... but i'm happy that saw this movie in imax... 8 from 10.
  65. Jun 30, 2014
    Forget the critics. Buy a ticket and spend 3 hours at the edge of your seat watching a movie that's originally Michael Bay action only. You will never regret that decision ever.
  66. Jun 29, 2014
    what a movie saw it my first time in a imax3d theater. this was a first movie nation release we where told by the manager that used imax full screen movie. he said the other movie usually the top and bottom are smaller. it was just amazing me and my friend saw it at the 8am showing. we both like it cannot wait for it to come out in blue ray. it is about 3 hours long for the movie and the coming attractions. so go easy on the soda i almost had to leave near the end i had to go badly but i made. Expand
  67. Jun 29, 2014
    One of the best movies i have ever saw! The dinobots are sexy and the action is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! it is one of the rare movies that can make you get adrenaline
  68. Jun 30, 2014
    this movie action are good but the storyline are **** Michael bay always have an awful storyline movie.The worst franchise movie i ever watched TRANSFORMER
  69. Jul 1, 2014
    This is great !! Start and middle were amazing, good plot and it went something, only negative was the last 15 minutes were Michael bay decided to blow up everything. Apart from that this was much better then the others!
  70. Jul 10, 2014
    Hate to see that China is involving so much in the movie.
    I am personally from HK and its really upsetting to hear the line "we need to call the central government for help now"! and "the central government will defend Hong Kong at all costs"!
    can the chinese please dont ruin the movie with the political issues... you want to show the world that hk is under china and china will protect
    hk?! please fuxk off this is totally not the truth

    And i wonder who would open the fridge and get a drink in the middle of a fight. not to mention the scene was shoot in hk but the soya milk is from FUXKING china and not hk.

    overall the plot is poor acting is poor.. the worse part... the movie is a joint production between Paramount Pictures and two fuxking Chinese companies - China Movie Channel and Jiaflix Enterprises
  71. Jul 10, 2014
    I went to the cinema expecting to watch a bad movie, and Michael Bay did it, he makes an art of doing bad movies, cool explosions thought. No, no really, even the explosions were bad, as well as the characters and the dialogs. A very bad movie and a mediocre spectacle.(Sorry for my english)
  72. Jul 17, 2014
    Wow, what a crap of the movie! One of the most boring action movie created by human kind, and its Transformers, wow, Michael Bay just surpassed himself! Three hour of complete waste of everyone's time
  73. Aug 6, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This movie should win a oscar for the worst movie of the year it hardly makes any sense that ratchet got killed by the military and that optimus was killing humans the only good thing about this movie is the last 45 minutes it would've been the best of the series if the story if decepticons and autobots switched like to make ratchet kill the guy who killed him and ksi was making autobots and then the decepticons get jealous and then make a factory then big war blaa blaa blaa the point is the movies rubbish oh yeah and one thing why didn't steven speilberg not direct it?oh yeah and bmaster if your reading this I accidentally pressed disagree when I actually mean I liked it like whoops Expand
  74. Sep 23, 2014
    Its as bad as I expected, its Michael Bay so what did you expect? There is something wrong with you if you expected a 95 percent movie here.

    The worst thing about this movie is that it took away the ONE thing Bay does well, big special effects loaded action scenes. The effects looked cheap in this one and there were very few transformers in it. Say what you will about him, he can do
    those like nobody else, its like all his talent is bunched up on that one thing.

    There are still many thing I don't understand about the series like why the hell do they shoot bullets and throw physical grenades? They are robots, why don't they shoot lasers like on the show?

    Movie logic issue, if these cheap new transformers turn into flying blocks when they transform then how are they killing them? They are like the T-1000 now so if you smash them can't they turn back into blocks then reform?

    can they drop the whole bumble bee doesn't talk thing? that got old 10 minutes in.

    biggest problem with the movie, the Dinobots... They are in 3 scenes, don't apear until almost the end, there are only 4 and they don't talk.
  75. Jul 31, 2014
    I loved the first film, the 2nd was bad but it was not that terrible compare to that one. Seriously? No scenario, the acting is really bad, why all people try to save that ugly thin girl? The boyfriend is useless, and the whole story make no sense.
  76. Jul 7, 2014
    Not nearly as bad as the professional critics would have you believe but not the glorified film making the diehard fans describe either. Overall, the movie takes the franchise in a new plot direction but the film making formula is the same. The action is enjoyable and the special effects are some of the best I have ever seen. Overly long but worth it if you have 3 hours to kill. I hope the sequel is tighter and more coherent because this movie is a great spectacle at least. Expand
  77. Sep 17, 2014
    What could have ended up being a pretty decent action film is ruined by the overly long run time and poorly put together plot. Very disappointing that Michael Bay was allowed to return, This could have been the film that they "rebooted" the series with should they have put another director in his place.
  78. Jul 3, 2014
    Awesome, must see in Imax 3D! This is not a Meril Streep movie for critics, this is a living Transformers action movie. There is a plot and a story, but (thankfully) nothing too deep. The action is beautiful and fantastic. These movies take huge liberties with mortality and the capability of the human body, but, so do other movies. My one gripe would be usage of nearly every profane word at least once, not great for young ears. Amazing experience, 2 hours and 45 minutes flew by. There are 2 chatty slowdown parts for your restroom needs. Expand
  79. Jul 2, 2014
    So I decided to skip Dark of the Moon and just go straight to Age of Extinction since that's the only one that people care about right now. This movie is just a really fun and enjoyable experience and their really isn't too much to say other than that. Sure the plot doesn't really make any sense and it wont be winning any Oscars but who really cares about that in a movie where Optimus Prime rides a giant, robotic, fire-breathing dinosaur (Grimlock but he is not actually given a name) into battle. The only reason I didn't rate this movie higher is because its WAY TOO LONG. Seriously I know all of Michael Bays movies are about 2 and a half hours but 45 minutes could've easily been cut from this movie. (P.S Lockdown is AWESOME) Expand
  80. Jul 1, 2014
    Everything except transformers is too cheesy and unnecessary (I mean all that family and government crap, stupid chick rescue sequences also). Wahlberg was okay, playing a loser as always. Tucci was really good. The dinibots and the spaceship were cool. Overall, the movie was too long.
  81. Jul 5, 2014
    Easily the best action and sci fi movie so far. Mark Wahlberg and Michael Bay kept the good work they done in pain and gain and delivered a movie with unlimited action and nice jokes and twist in plots.
  82. Jul 5, 2014
    Featuring an unforgivably inflated running time, stilted characters, and a nearly incomprehensible narrative, Michael Bay's newest contribution to the "Transformers" franchise renders the viewer unimpressed, irritated, and - most importantly - tired.
  83. Jul 24, 2014
    It's unfair that this movie is a box office success. Question: anyone else noticed that the characters keep changing their clothes throughout the movie? Or did I miss something when I was asleep.
  84. Jun 29, 2014
    The suburb battle sequences and draw dropping cinematic's is the only thing keeping this movie watchable and even they become repetitive after a almost 3 hours squeal. The director had a bad case of watching things explode to the point of them becoming pointless and yet again repetitive. Age Of Extinction practically destroyed a perfect series and turned Transformers into a mediocre picture. B class acting, characters, script and direction make this as one of the most disappointing movies of the year.The half hearted story may be enough to keep you entertain because boy do explosions soon wear off. Expand
  85. Jun 28, 2014
    I'm definitely a fan of the Transformers film series but i think, for me, Age Of Extinction is my least favorite out of the four. The movie is pointlessly long. They could have easily cut it down to a 1h 45min film or so. Secondly the characters are pretty boring and the plot for the movie is kind of weak. I definitely prefer Shia LaBeouf to Mark Wahlberg. Its basically Transformers 3 all over again - the action/fight scenes, the spaceships, the destruction. Lockdown doesn't really *seem* like a huge threat, pretty easily defeated by the Autobots towards the end with Bay saving up Galvatron for the next film. I couldn't agree more with the San Francisco Chronicle: "Imagine if instead of creating new music, a recording artist kept putting out the exact same album, just playing the songs a little louder each time. That's what it feels like watching Transformers: Age of Extinction." The destruction and fighting, at times, seems pretty pointless. Nonetheless the action which we basically get to see in the last hour is good but nothing new or exciting. The Dinobots were a good addiction to the movie though. Overall its a good movie to pass time but nothing we haven't seen before. Expand
  86. Jul 7, 2014
    I think this movie doesn't deserve all the negativity it's getting. I thought it was a really entertaining summer action movie and I didn't mind it was almost 3 hours long, because it was entertaining.

    The first hour was really boring and nothing much happened, I was just waiting for more action and less talking (the conversations were really boring too). But once the action started, it
    was really good. The conversations got more interesting, the humor got better and I cared more about the characters.

    The score was great too, especially in the last 45 minutes. It had a really epic feeling and it really added to the action. One of the things some critics (like JeremyJahns) said was that the visual effects were bad. I really didn't think so, it looked very good (except for the scene where Stanley Tucci shows the "Transformium", that looked extremely fake).

    I thought Mark Wahlberg was a much better lead role than Shia LaBeouf, I cared more about his character, and the acting by the other actors was okay.

    I think this movie was better than Transformers 2 and 3, and I really enjoyed it, so I'm giving it a 7/10.
  87. Jul 13, 2014
    So disappointed with this movie. The first three were mediocre and I was hoping for a better character connection than Shia La'boeuf gave us. BOY WAS I SO WRONG! Mark Wahlberg's character development was horrid as for his daughter's acting and development is even worse. Her boyfriend doesn't seem to make such stand in this movie, as for we don't get much dialogue from him leaving out the cliche cheesy jokes he makes.

    The movie is way too f****ng long, standing at about 3 hours. The CGI does make up for whatever the hell is going on, as for there are over 3 stories going on at once. Also, I am a HUGE fan of Transformers G1 and I got to say, I don't remember Galvatron being a truck.

    The Dinobots only show up in the last 20 minutes also, and I didn't really understand why Grimlock didn't talk either, as for I remember him talking in G1. And for the last of my review, the Dinobots scene was confusing and painful to watch.

    This movie was a major let down and I feel bad that people spent their money to go watch this in the theaters.

    Michael Bay, 'nuff said.
  88. Jun 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Yes. Perfect. This is what the other movies should have been. Great Acting, Amazing CGI. The Dinobots are amazing, just yes. For those who say this is terrible, you don't terrible. I hated when they killed off the last of the wreckers and Ratchet, But the rest is stunning, Megatron returning as Galvatron, introducing Lockdown, the showing of how the Autobots feel now that humans have turned on them and are creating new transformers using what's known as "Transformium", and Bumblebee, just Bumblebee. He freaking hilarious in this movie. I remember one part where they find stinger, which is a human created transformer based off him, but "Better in every way", He went BALLISTIC, gave a hefty "AW HELL NO", and almost wrecked that **** up! Great Movie. Now, there has been speculation that this will be Micheal Bay's Last TF movie. If it is, then amazing job ending your run at it, and deliver it to someone else who's good at making movies in this Genre, like J.J. Abrams. 10/10

    "I hate cheap knockoffs."
  89. Jun 28, 2014
    I went into the theater with relatively low expectations because of what would likely be a confusing plot and underdeveloped characters. Transformers: Age of Extinction was supposed to be a fresh start for the series--there's a new set of human characters and new Cybertronians (or Transformers). However, I honestly feel this fourth film (the start of a new trilogy?) doesn't really improve much.

    Mark Whalberg as Cade Yeager is a good action lead, and is actually quite inventive/creative and able to lend a hand to the Autobots several times. Still, how can a mechanic/amateur inventor be so tough? His daughter Tessa isn't too much of a damsel in distress or just a pretty face; she is able to take care of herself for the most part. But stills feel kind of pointless to me as a character. She was probably cast in this movie primarily for looks. Her boyfriend Shane can drive and shoot, but honestly doesn't do much either. Cade's friend Lucas is useless as well and %SPOILER% dies early on in the film. Stanley Tucci as Joshua Joyce, head of company KSI who build their own Transformers, is a kind of funny character and provides comic-relief. Kelsey Grammer as Harold Attinger is a good human antagonist.

    In terms of giant mechanical robot beings, there are some new Cybertronians who have sleek designs. But, they are still based on human stereotypes (Asian-like ninja warrior, large cigar-chewing gun-toting soldier, etc). There are MORE enemies to fight--Lockdown and his crew, human-made "improved" Transformers, and some small mechanical animal-creatures. The dinobots, the reason some will watch T4, are not in the film until the Autobots conveniently need reinforcements. They don't have enough screentime and are introduced last minute.

    Optimus Prime has a bigger role in T4 AOE. He shows a more cynical and darker side. Lockdown is interesting but wasn't expanded upon as a character and honestly doesn't feel like too much of a threat. Optimus is able to defeat him relatively easily, and Earth and it's humans don't ever really feel in danger of "extinction". Really, most of the characters--human and Cybertronian, needed more development. But the movie was already long as it is.

    Michael Bay and his Transformers films have plenty of flaws. One, the plots and stories of the films don't make much sense and are hard to follow. Two, about 80% of the films are CGI, basically . Too many explosions! Three, Michael Bay practically harasses his female actresses by objectifying them with shots of them in semi-erotic positions, with shots of their asses, and with crude jokes. Four, there are racial stereotypes. Five, you don't remember the names of most of the humans and Cybertronians (or Transformers) and you don't really care either.

    When I first watched it, it was kind of enjoyable. But the more I think about it, the more I find flaws and mistakes and I feel displeased. So, if you liked the previous films you'll like this and any more films coming soon. Honestly though, I feel kind of sad that this will probably make over 1 billion dollars while other much better films will gross less money. Why do these films and Bay have such financial sucess?There is too much CGI and destruction porn. Explosions and Autobots/Decepticons used to be enough to entertain me, but's not enough. I feel the effects of franchise fatigue, and I feel tired and weary of these films.

    So in the end Transformers 4: Age of Extinction feels disappointing. There is potential for these films but it has yet to be fully used. I wanted to like this, I wanted to have a fresh start for this series but it isn't going to happen. I wonder if it ever will. There are less (lame) jokes and humor, less sexual assaulting by Michael Bay on his actresses, less racism and sexism, but it isn't enough. T4 has it's moments: well executed action scenes, interesting story ideas and concepts (that weren't touched upon fully or expanded), some nice humor, etc, but... I'm starting to wish that these movies would end. Unless they get a new screenwriter and director. Please! Someone make it happen! Don't waste your time or money.

    If you liked this review, read my other ones on movies, TV shows, and videogames. I have reviewed Edge of Tomorrow, X-Men Days of Future Past, Godzilla, Blended, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Lego Movie, and more. I am actually still trying to find time for other film reviews, such as Robocop, Non-Stop, Divergent, Need for Speed, The Monuments Men, etc. I have also reviewed the TV shows Sleepy Hollow, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, The 100, I Wanna Marry Harry, Crisis, and more.

    Good bye! Sincerely, AG732.
  90. Jul 5, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This "Transformers" installment was alright. It's wasn't bad, but not great either, just...alright. First off, I'm comfortable with the new live action cast; not that I had a problem with LeBeouf or Fox or anyone from the previous films, but the films were getting repetitive, whereas this one feels a bit more fresh. The only human character I had beef with was Lucas, because I found him to be quite annoying and useless. While it was somewhat sad the way he died, I was just glad there wouldn't be any more dumb quips from his constantly close-up face. Also, Cade and Tessa's whole "I'm an overprotective parent, and I'm a teen who wants to be free" schtick has been done to death in so many other movies; I really didn't care for that here. However, switching gears a little, the fact that the military wasn't really involved in this movie was actually a fine change of pace. It was more focused on the government and KSI, the company that has obtained the metal the Transformers are made of (which, by the way, is uncreatively dubbed "transformium," and that IS what they call it throughout the film). Now on to the Transformers; for one, they kept the Autobot cast short, with only Prime, Bumblebee, and Brains (Ratchet as well, but he dies in the beginning) being the only returning characters from the other films. Hound, Drift, and Crosshairs were all new to the film, and they were alright. Lockdown is a newly-introduced Decepticon who was pretty badass in my opinion, so there's not much to say there. While Galvatron, a reincarnated Megatron with Prime's likeness, was a cool addition, I'd thought he'd have a bigger role than he'd turned out to have. His "I'll get you next time Gadget"-esque quip near the end suggests he'll be back for the fifth installment, so there's hope for him there. Now, on to my biggest issue; the Dinobots. While they were visually awesome, they weren't in the movie for that long. Since the beginning of the movie they were teased, but they only physically showed up to kick ass in the last act, which disappointed me. In fact, though the concept was cool, they really didn't need to be in the film at all; they only serve as a physical metaphor for the "Extinction" part of the movie title. That whole concept of "an asteroid didn't wipe out the dinosaurs, Transformers did" was pretty dumb as well; they could've done something different with that. If I can add two more small things to nitpick about, it'd be the product placement (though the Bud Light scene was actually pretty comical) and Prime's unexplained rocket boosters when he zooms into space at the very end (wouldn't that have been quite the game-changer if he had those for the whole movie? Where'd he get them??). So all-in-all, for this movie not being a reboot, but merely continuing the story with a different cast of characters, it was, again, just alright. Usually when it comes to a film series, I find myself not liking fourths and fifths unless they're done well, and while not phenomenal, this movie did okay. I say check it out and judge for yourselves. Expand
  91. Jul 2, 2014
    This movie is better than any other transformers movie directed by Michael Bay with the number 4 in the title. Its also better than getting Aids. *Explodes violently.
  92. Jun 28, 2014
    The fourth installment of the blockbuster franchise based on the Hasbro toy line. Great action movie, story was a little better, but not as much. I dont know what most people expect... but i'm happy that saw this movie
  93. Jul 2, 2014
    For a Transformers movie there is not enough Transformers. Mark Wahlberg was good better than Shia Labeouf in my opinion. I cant totally hate on any Transformer movie as I am an action movie fan and this movie does do that well. When there isn't action however it gets boring and a lot of cheesy dialogue. My least favourite Transformers to date.
  94. Jun 30, 2014
    Expectations lower than dirt are what I had going into this movie. To my surprise the first hour and a twenty minutes were great. Age of Extinction follows all new characters set five years after the events of the third film. The movie’s plot is pretty much the same format we saw in the first three films: “Get the spark before the Decepticons do.” The start of the film focused more on introducing the new cast rather than showcasing the
    Transformers, which I personally liked. I was in awe of the creative and energetic camera work, smooth editing, and well executed soundtrack. One thing this movie had going for it right out the gate was the totally revamped cast. Mark Wahlberg did a much better job carrying the film than previous stars. We all can admit that none of us could stomach watching Shia LaBeouf run around screaming for Bumble Bee while the same predicable plot unfolded. The cliché plot is still present in the forth installment, and got boring during the two hour forty-five minute runtime. The movie had a lot of great things going for it during the early stages. It set up characters well, established a sturdy plot for the first couple of acts and captured humor and attention spans very well. Once the film got closer to the halfway mark it started to lose it’s magic. The rest of the film was weak and the prolonged fighting sequences became annoying. Even though the plot is about an alien race taking over earth, the makers pushed the envelope on what humans could realistically, physically withstand. This left me and many in the audience thinking, “That’s impossible,” several times. I felt the superhuman-like portrayal and unrealistic abilities of the main stars to repeatedly escape life-threatening situations, unscathed, was way over the top. It started to remind me of the second and third film in the series. The same sort of battles were beginning to unfold with predictable outcomes. The CGI was the film’s saving grace, as it looked good most of the time with only occasional hiccups. In my opinion the only reason to watch this movie would be to see the special effects on the big screen. There’s really nothing deeper than cool CGI and cheesy laughs in the film, but I have to say I was entertained by how it looked on the outside. Inside, Age of Extinction is nothing we haven’t seen before from Michael Bay.
  95. Jul 20, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. OMG this movie was amazing! From start to end this movie was fantastic. Mark Wahlberg was great in the movie. Cade Yeager was a much better character then Sam Witwicky. Kelsey grammar was a great human villan (even though he died in the end.during during the battle between Optimus and Lockdown). Optimus prime is once again a true bad ass and Peter Cullen performance was excelent, but the sceen stealer is not the Dinobots (more on that later), but it is Lockdown (the bounty hunter).
    He was awsome and he was a better transformer villan then all of the villans in last three movies (megatron, the fallen and sentinal prime). now onto the dinobots and they were awsome. The best one is still Grimlock because he was more useful then the 3 others (slug, strafe and scorn) and seeing optimus prime riding grimlock into action against Galvatron and his drones in Hong Kong was a childhood dream come true :).
    One last thing is the ending where Optimus is flying into space to find his creators that Lockdown talked about when he was captured after that chase scene in Chicago with the Seed and Galvatron wowing to fight Prime another day. Optimus's end speech was great and it tells me that Transformers 5 is going to awsome.
    Overall Transformers Age Of Extinction is an amazing movie and in my opinion the best movie of 2014 so far. Its better then Cap 2, Godzilla and Xmen days of future past.
    Out of all of the four movies this is the best one. 10/10 and go out and see it if you haven't and expect a fun experience instead of a Oscar worthy movie.
  96. Jul 8, 2014
    Going in with proper expectations, I quite enjoyed this movie. It didn't feel extra long unlike other movies. The story was actually interesting and helped connect the action scenes, the part I care for more than the dialog. Mark Whalberg as a nerd was funny, but his lines could have been shorter and wittier. Stanley Tucci was a delight.
  97. Jun 27, 2014
    this movie has top class cinematography and visual effect. add epic scores, explosions, robot fights to the equation and you get one cool movie. this movie have its moments, of course, but this moments are overshadowed by the boring events followed.

    with 2.5 hour long, this movie feel dragged in some part. the plot follow a linear path but the pacing is-i don't know the right word for
    it- too fluctuated. it can change from one boring scene to epic scene so abruptly. it makes you excited one moment then bored minutes later. there's just less visually amazing robot fights and to many unnecessary dialogs, overdone, silly, failed humor, annoying clichés and character decisions. editing flaws, i guess.

    i don't know if not casting any of the cast of the previous movies is a great move because there's just too many new characters here, both humans and robot wise, and they didn't handle it very well. i didn't feel any connection to any of the new characters. there's just not enough background story and good performances. literary, the acting is so bad (i meant no offense) and the chemistry is nonexistence.

    there are plot holes here and there, but no major stuff, you can ignore it. no character development. a few cliché turns. they often mix dialogs with loud sound effects, soundtrack and action sequence making me hard to understand anything-especially since i am not native English speaker. however, there's this one scene that shocked me, they choose a surprising take on funny sidekick guy. not enough character development to affect me that much but still..... shocked.

    anyway, they have implanted the concept of Optimus Prime becoming somewhat bitter. a good concept if only they dig deeper to this potential sub plot. but no, they just hovering on the subject one or two times then resolve it so abruptly.

    bottom line, it's a cool movie, generally, but with to many boring moments.
  98. Jun 27, 2014
    I like the action and Stanley Tucci, and so of the jokes, I didn't like the girl. The movie was dull compare to the others. The plot was ok, but i felt that they ended it was too fast.
  99. Jun 28, 2014
    Great action movie, story was a little better, ILM did an amazing job with visual effects, and no more SHIA! Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer and the voice actors were great but the other actors and actresses just sucked.
  100. Jun 29, 2014
    This Movie was BOSS!!! Excellent once you get past the character intros that go along with 99% of all movies these days. The Action was Excellent, the CGI was better than the last 3 movies combined, the battle sequences were perfectly played out, and the motivations for the action sequences were well justified. Best movie of the Summer of 2014 Easily!

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 37
  2. Negative: 21 out of 37
  1. Reviewed by: Ed Frankl
    Jul 10, 2014
    Does Michael Bay fit the criteria of an auteur? He certainly has his own line of distinctive tropes: the migraine-inducing noise, the fetishistic gloss, the playground-bully characters elevated to hero status and a fervently male gaze.
  2. Reviewed by: Owen Williams
    Jul 7, 2014
    The loyal fans — and they are legion — will trot out clichés like, “Leave your brain at the door,” and defend Age Of Extinction’s right to be nothing but a succession of varoom! and kersmash! sequences. For those who aren’t still blindly faithful to something they liked when they were nine, despite the colossal scale, there’s little to see here.
  3. Reviewed by: Amy Nicholson
    Jun 30, 2014
    There isn't enough visual beauty to forgive the screenplay's ugliness, but Bay does brave a daring new standard in product placement.