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  1. Sep 18, 2011
    The movie's CGI is very impressive, i'll tell you that. But the movie lacks strong narration to their overly cliched plot and its overwhelming explosions and flashes will hurt your eyes. However, the movie's main criticism is the British girl from Victoria's Secret; in all that 157minutes, she does nothing but screaming and staring at the Decepticons like a brainless moron. The next thing I would need is a another popcorn and Megan Fox. Expand
  2. Jun 29, 2011
    Transformers 3, action action ACTION, forget about the plot, Transformers 3 is the best action movie! Tons of special effects and sci-fi action that you feel guilty if you blink your eyes once!

    3D will be your main choice seriously, though I still think it's a bit expensive, Transformers 3 really show what 3D effects are capable of!

    I found some parts are not that logic, otherwise
    Transformers would have win OSCAR! Expand
  3. Jun 29, 2011
    You better start looking for the red carpet leading to the Oscars because Transformers is sure going to be at it's TECHNICAL end. Michael Bay, with all his grace, delivers one of his finest peaces of contemporary cinema up to date. You wouldn't believe it without seeing it. Close to the end of the film, my friend sitting next to me turned at me and whispered: "This is beyond Blockbuster madness". And it made sens. What Bay and his team have achieved is beyond conventional summer movie making. The crafting here is so perfect and detailed that it pushes and redefines the boundaries of film making. From the chilling sound design, to the godlike visual effects, and perfect attention to detail from Bay's part when choosing his shots.
    It's an honest work that re establishes what fun is all about when the lights dim down and the screen springs to life.
    Just... Have fun and don't pay attention to all those lifeless critics who's conceptual fun is merely based on egocentric shallow intellectual show off and pragmatic dismissing of Bay's work. Criticising his editing and shot compositions which are, to a large extent, unique, but welcome.
  4. Jun 30, 2011
    As metacritic doesn't allows negative score. Michael Bay needs help , needs psychiatrist . Please send him money for that cause , because he doesn't have it for his treatment . Cause he already spent it in making this worst film if the year . first part was good but second and third parts are horrible .
  5. Jun 29, 2011
    Have you ever wanted to see a movie so bad it makes you want to punch yourself in the face over and over again? Well you're in luck because Transformers 3 is out now in cinemas near you!
  6. Jul 2, 2011
    This is one of those movies that assumes the audience are either 13 years old or just plain dumb. The comedy seemed like it was trying to hard, and came across as bad jokes. They added so many new characters, and yet not one were you able to connect with. The dialog was so bad, and so uninteresting that it made you feel mad at the crappy writers. 75% of the action scenes were cool to watch.
  7. Jul 22, 2011
    This movie was okay, but it really felt tiring and long in the end. Firstly, this movie was structured oddly. For the first hour, the movie felt fine, having action scenes separated by a few scenes of dialogue. It felt nice until the Chicago sequence. This scene took the 90 minutes left of the movie, consisting entirely of every single step these guys had to do to defeat the Decepticons and it felt like a chore to watch it as it just kept going on and on. There wasn't any character development in this section too, just non-stop action. This would be fine if the characters had developed before the scene, but rather are left on a climax and magically end up being developed in the end. The computer graphics looked fine, and it wasn't too impressive since it was done equally well in the past two movies. As for the actors, they didn't really play too well. It wasn't really stand out for me. The dialogue mostly killed the acting for me, because it felt like the actors were doing a mediocre job when really it was just the scripting that's making them suffer. And finally, I watched this movie in 3D, and I can say that it didn't stand out once to me. None of the action felt any better or worse, and it just ended up being unnecessary. I couldn't really tell if anything came out of the screen. Overall, this movie is below average. It is plentiful of action, but if you wanted anything other than that, you're better off seeing another movie. Expand
  8. Jul 22, 2011
    You don't go into a Michael Bay movie worrying about the story, but wow, this one had plot holes you could drive a sentient semi trailer through. At times outright ignoring elements established in the first two movies- just don't think about it too much. The new lead actress is a Victoria's Secret model with no acting experience, so we're not subtle about the whole "style over substance" concept. But most viewers only care about one thing only: Giant Robots Fighting. And this delivers in that area. Bay now uses "bullet time" to make it clear which robot is fighting which, so he is learning, and you will walk out with your Giant Robot Fighting desire satisfied. A popcorn flick that delivers mindless but fun, but if you're looking for the 2011 version of "Inception," this 'aint it. Expand
  9. Jun 29, 2011
    This is not a deep, philosophical film. This is a movie you watch to see giant robot fights and explosions, and cousin, they deliver. Unfortunately mixed up in a goofy romance plot that seems like a second, crappier movie was haphazardly spliced in, but the third act keeps it out of the way of the action. Worth a watch if you can enjoy brainless awesome.
  10. Jul 6, 2011
    Transformers 3 is one of those movies that you just completely ignore the characters and the story and just be lay back and enjoy the awesome CGI visuals. Michael Bay and learnt from his mistakes from Revenge of the Fallen and toned down the amount of stupid, cheesy jokes (*cough* *cough* BALLS). One thing I really enjoyed personally was how creative the Transformers look even if they were based off the Cartoons/Toys. Overall I rate this film a 7/10. +AWESOME CGI
    +Great looking Transformers
    -Seems bloated sometimes when there is too much special effects going on.
    -Bizarre, unexplainable moments.
  11. Jul 2, 2011
    I just saw this movie,& i have to say i REALLY enjoyed it! It does take a while to build up to some significant action(not that theres anything wrong with that,alot of films do),but when it gets going,it doesnt let up,& blows your socks off! In fact i have to say i've never seen action this intense & gripping in a film before,& i'm a movie buff.The action & music is VERY,Very cool,& the film in general bears more resemblance to No1 than No2(but i did enjoy No2 also).This is Micheal Bay doing what Micheal Bay unashamedly does best,Epic Action.This film gets a 10 from me,as i found it HIGHLY entertaining,& has the best action i've seen so far in a movie!(my own opinion). I'm very tired now,of people knocking Micheal Bay &/or his films,Yet they watch every single film he makes?! (They know who they are,they're the ones that are going to press 'No' to my review).If you dont like his films,dont watch them! Its THAT simple.Geez.. Anyway,onto the 3D,Although it is very good in this film,& the closest(Albeit not quite as good)as Avatar,It is an easy second,& is one of the 'very' few films worth watching in 3D.Though i think i'm generally done with 3D now on the whole.Its not as good as it likes to think it is,& i'd rather watch a film without the glasses(& extra cost),& just watch my films in future without the gimicky,(& in my opinion mostly not very good)3D effects.I'm just happy to watch a film the normal way,& save the extra money.To be honest,i wouldnt see any more 3D films if it was no extra cost even.Its too distracting,yet underwealming.. Expand
  12. Jun 29, 2011
    I would first like to start of this review by saying that the critics are stupid, dont listen to them. They must seriously be paid to rip on Michael Bay or an actual good movie. This movie was absolutely amazing and i recall one of the critics even said 'this is a mindlessnaction film about robots fighting each other and knocking each others heads off' um are you serious, yu do know what the title of the movie was before you watched the movie right, because if you didnt, it was TRANSFORMERS! Thats what Tranaformers is all about, the ongoing battle between the autobots and the decepticons, or as you say it, robots knocking each others heads off. Now onto the movie. I am a diehard Transformers fan, except i only wish i grew up with it, im only 18 years old but i own all of the seasons of the original g1 series, and have seen all of the episodes, and i own ALOT of the transformers figures too, i love transformers and i loved this movie. It had everything in it. Their was mindblowing action, stunning cgi/visuals, and im sure the moronic critics will disagree when i say their was an excellent story going back to original launch of apollo 11, it even included original footage of the landing, how cool is that. Their were so many detailed plots intertwined into this action extravaganza. From sams relationship, to his neverending struggle to find a job, to the space race of the 60's, to decepticons destroying the human race! Their was just so much to this film it was unbelievable. I was in love with this film from the exciting beginning all the way, 2 and a half amazing hours later to the pulse-pounding ending. Their was even some good acting in this movie, not oscar worthy but good enough to get the job done. I was even proud of the job newcoming actress and beautiful victorias secret model Rosie Huntington Whiteley did in this film. At first i thought it would be annoying with nor seeing Megan Fox in the film anymore but that was gotten over real fast, plus, we can all admit that neither her nor Rosie were in the film to make an oscar worthy acting performance, they were there for their incredibly good looks and nothing else. The second film was still good in my opion even though it didnt have a script and the screenplay was written in a rushed 3 months during the writers strike, but yes it wasnt the best film ever created but this new and hopefully not final addition to the franchise is by a million miles better than the first and second film combined in all aspects pf the word. Michael Bay did an absolutely amazing job with this film. Their was the action, and ALOT of it, ther was the eye candy aka Rosie, their were the stunning visual effects which are definitely oscar worthy, Michael Bay did himself justice by using James Camerons technology for this movie and he did a great job with it. Their was alot of comedy in this film, especially from Sams little autobot companion Brains, but the biggest part of this film was the emotion. Their was an utterly HUGE amount of emotion in this film, i felt excited, i felt happy, i felt energized and pumped, i felt shocked and i felt sadness, from multiple parts in the film which i wont go into because i dont want to give anything away but this new edition the Transformers franchise was a massive success. Michael Bay did damn good. Neverr have i been so excited for a film and come out so pleased from it. I hope anyone who reads this will listen to what i say and nothing of what tbe critics say. This was entertainment at its best. I have already seen this film twice now, the promo on monday and the midnight premiere 4 hours ago. I enoued it so much i plan on seeing it as many more times as i can. This was the definition of an epic summer blockbuster, Transformers style. Epic characters+Epic battles=Epic movie. Their is no doubt in my mind that Transformers: Dark of the Moon deserves 10/10 stars, of i could give it more i would in a heartbeat, definitely go see this movie because it is worth every penny of the ticket price. Not only saying this because im a diehard Transformers fan but because i know how to enjoy a good movie unlike the uptight and highly unnecessarily negative critics. My favorite film of all time, thank you Michael Bay for a successful and very entertaining trilogy. Expand
  13. Jun 29, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. You know what. I am not gonna take my advantage for loving this movie that it's a total waste of the movie that how horrible it is same as the Revenge of the Fallen. For me, I dislike this movie for so long that it's nothing work, just like the rest of the terrible Michael Bay films. It throws everywhere with horrible people, horrible story, horrible effects, and horrible jokes that it gives to the audiences to enjoy this crap movie and it's very sad for me that this director wanted to get a decent action robotic movie. Not even one good moment, not even one! This is the kind of movie that your best friend wanted hang out with you at the Applebees and then you spend quality time with your best friend with lots of drinks and then your friend ask you to see this Transformers 3 with good money and then you started to get drunk while watching and then you don't even remember what happen went you spend time with your friend for watching Transformers 3. THAT"S THE KIND OF THIS HORRIBLE MOVIE THAT I WOULD RATHER TO SAY TO EVERYONE!!! Once again, the robots are really amazing with CG effects around everywhere, but everything else it so horrid, so disaster, and so forgettable. The story is a complete mess, the characters are so annoying (that I hate when Bay put all these fillers with stereotypes that drives me nuts), the action scenes are so long and boring as the same as the second one, the jokes are so bad, and the setting of this movie is so dark, violent, inappropriate, and completely wasting much time with adding stupid ideas to make. But I hate this movie when it's for kids and teenagers to make it too dark, too edgy, too goofy to make it so dark and it fails. And tell me that it's just a popcorn flick that people and fans are watching this movie and talk stupidity to every critic and hate goers that it's good and don't give a f@#k for anything to be more positive. Please, you can't judge every movie that gives pleasure of all these gimmick toys that kids will enjoy everything that they watch these dumb three movies. Beyond everything, it's way way way too far that it takes too serious and I had enough watching these terrible movies has to offer. I hate this film that the director won't give nothing credit that if he will promise to make it decent and I can see that this director is so mean that he'll team up with Uwe Boll or any directors out there that every product that doesn't work for me. I'm sorry for everyone and for those people didn't enjoy this movie of dislike it, it's horrible. I HATE IT!!! HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! and 1,000 HATES IT TO THIS MOVIE ON THEIR FACES!!! HATE IT!!! Expand
  14. Jul 2, 2011
    This is a film in witch you have to enjoy. It's not a film which sends out some "deep message" about the "meaning of life" or whatever. It's a film with tons of excellent special effects, great computer animation etc. so it can be watched from two different perspectives. One being an action perspective (here you study if the special effects, computer animation are well made) and the other being a "message sending" perspective (something like dramas, comedies). In the first one I would give it a 10/10 score and in the "message sending" perspective I give it a 3/10 score. So next time when you write a review try to think if this film was shot to amaze you or send you a deep message. Expand
  15. Jul 2, 2011
    Still remain a big transformers fan, despite the thrashing Michael Bay and the franchise has taken over the years. The only problem for me was the acting of rosie Huntington- Whitely,
  16. Jul 1, 2011
    Like it or not, the "Summer Blockbuster" is a permanent part of the Hollywood landscape, and so we must treat it as a reputable genre. And in that genre, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is as solid an installment as any. Easily the best of the three Transformers movies, Michael Bay has actually given the rest of the world a reason to like 3D movies, but not for the reason you think. Shooting in 3D made Bay slow down his traditional shaky cam quick cuts and left us with a much more visually beautiful film. And that's not even including the addition of Victoria's Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who proves just about anyone can fill the female lead role in these movies. Overall, this is a fun action movie, which is all it set out to be. Enjoy it for what it is. Expand
  17. Jun 29, 2011
    Transformers 3 is a movie crafted for people who prefer the sensation of living in the moment, hot babes getting boy friends, nerdy dudes becoming cool and getting hot girlfriends, hypo excentric people complaining in a funny way, hypo excentric screaming, cool cars, pro awesome heroic American military, lots of robots that shoot stuff and look cool, fighting, violence with not repercussions, good guys winning not matter the odds, bad ass action that doesnt slow down for 2 and half hours to a mega super action finale. On the contrast if you prefer thinking about the big picture, looking for meaning, metaphors, watching movies that leave a lasting impression and giving you something to think about later, then Transformers is not going to provide you very much. It is made exactly to do what it does and appeal its crowd and thats it. Expand
  18. Jun 29, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First off, I must say that this movie was not as good or better than the first (4.5/5) was far superior to the notoriously bad sequel (and Worst Picture winner) known to many as "Revenge of the Fallen", or "TF2" (2/5).
    Now, lets decrypt this film so that we may know the good and the bad;
    The script by Ehren Kruger was poor. The dialogue and cheesy and unnecessary one-liners (Optimus while flying: I'M COMING TO SAVE YOU! from 1000 meters away) are abundant here, but this is a "Transformers" film, but it still seemed to have slight resemblances to RotF, which it was said it would try to stay away from. Its not bad, but it sort of degrades the quality a tad bit, preventing it from being on-par with the first. Rosie Huntington-Whitley's acting in the film was poor as well, but that was expected, especially since she was probably just picked straight out of a Victoria's Secret magazine, especially since she models for them and was chosen just to look pretty and just have a big sign on her forehead saying, "HEY GUYS, I'M REPLACING MEGAN FOX!". She was the only really "bad" actor I witnessed throughout the film. Comment if you wish to try to educate me about everything else.
    Well, the humor of the first is back (no fart/ball/weed/kid jokes, mainly the type of humor from the first), and it was actually enjoyable instead of stupid like the second (and Sam's parents are slightly restrained also, participating only in the first half). The score is excellent, reminding me a little of the "Inception" score a bit, and Michael Bay did an awesome job directing the action sequences (my favorite part was when the paratroopers jumped out of the planes and flew through the city to find Decepticons to fight), but not very well with the plot scenes (although it was slightly more coherent than TF2).
    Also, the last hour of the movie, which starts with the climax of the brutal destruction of Chicago and DC (Megatron destroys the Lincoln Memorial and sits upon his throne, which I found somewhat ironic), and ends when the long battle is over, especially in 3D, makes up for the gaping flaws.
    Compared the the first, its only average, but compared to the second, its like the first. It was a bit cliche at the beginning and the end, but the last hour makes up for some of it. I would give it a 3/5 (a B-), but I'll amp it up to a 3.5 just because it met my expectations.
    It was some good fun, and the 3D is quite good. See it while the gas prices are down.
    GRADE: B (3 and a half stars out of 5, 7 out of 10)
  19. Jun 29, 2011
    As a Transformers fan I am quite pleased by this movie. No doubt making this movie after the writers' strike, instead of during it (like Transformers 2), has had a big impact on its quality. There is, of course, a general lack of character depth when it comes to the robots that has been present throughout all three films. Other media, such as the cartoons and the comics, have provided much more in this area and it is quite a letdown that we don't get to see more characters behind these robots. My eyes were overjoyed with a camera that was less shaky than the last movie. I felt as though I could actually tell what was going on. Actions scenes were more abundant than I normally care for, but their pacing and execution were impeccable. Having been filmed in 3D (in a way similar to Avatar) the 3D effects were well placed and were rarely used in any gimmicky fashion. The comedy was much more sparse this movie and much of what was there seemed far less forced or contrived than in Transformers 2. It just seemed to make sense why one thing or another was funny. I sometimes felt like the movie was trying to forcibly tell me what was funny, but this didn't happen very often. The plot was filled with twist after twist that kept the movie rolling right along and kept the action in perspective. A few aspects of the Transformers movie storyline have been retconned (rewritten after the fact) to fit the plot of this new movie. Few will notice these changes, but rest assured, they make the story work a lot better. I rarely go see a movie twice, in theaters, and this movie may end up being one of those rare occasions. Expand
  20. Jun 29, 2011
    This movie was the best 3D since Avatar. Maybe better, time will tell. Megan Fox missing helps. Rose is so much hotter and with the English accent, helps cover the bad acting, cause lets face it, if Paul Walker was British he'd be a descent actor.
  21. Jun 30, 2011
    Was definitely better than the second one but let's be honest that might probably be the worst sequel of all time. Dark of the Moon is a real crowd pleaser, if you like your movies really dumb with no plot, a very confusing storyline, lousy dialogue and endless explosions. If you're looking for a very long fun movie than this is it. Michael Bay is going for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight outline here with a slow first act to build the characters and the platform for the movie. TF3 was all over the place. I don't like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at all, she can't act to save her life. I mean, how bad can you be up to the point that I was missing Megan Fox. The second act is where things are heating up, plots get underway we're already clear with what the core of the story is about and twists are revealed. TF3 was confusing and messy, ooh the Autobots were betrayed and one em' died, I was supposed to feel something but dagnamit why didn't I give a damn? And the third act is where everything comes together in blazing glory. Dark Side of the Moon couldn't rival The Dark Knight but this one was quite awesome with an hour of non-stop rat-tat-tat-tat, explosions and the big-finale-moment-of-truth and whatnot. Both movies were 2 1/2 hours long but only one was worth hurting my ass for Expand
  22. Jul 1, 2011
    This movie is really good for the action, but it does try a bit hard for a plot to sink in. I know I'm going to go see a mindless action movie don't try to spruce it up. So in the case the slow parts are long drawn out and not needed. This would work better as a action movie alone and not try to delve into the thickening plot story line it tries to pursue throughout the movie.
  23. Jun 29, 2011
    If you like your movies big, dumb and noisy fun then Transformers 3 will be absolutely perfect for you. The plot makes no sense, the immature script reduces every human character (except for Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley because, you know, she's the hot chick and the opening shot of her butt establishes exactly what she's there for) to a cliched stereotype at least once, the action goes on for so long - particularly towards the end - that you get explosion fatigue.. This film exists to make money out of people who don't realise that action films can be smart and mind-blowing as well as screen blowing. It's basically the first and second film combined, with an added half hour, and is a license to print more cash. The opinions of critics, just like punctuation, grammar and worthwhile filmmaking, is something that people who'll give this 10 just really won't need to take any notice of. If you do sit through this, remember to thank Michael Bay at the end for making you that little bit dumber. Expand
  24. Jul 1, 2011
    I would like to open by saying I was very wary of going to see this movie because of the reviews, and I have to say DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! I went to see the movie and I am so glad I did. I would like to say sorry to all of the negative reviewers, but you must all be decrepit seniors with weak hearts. The movie leaves you feeling somewhat stressed and overwhelmed, but if you follow to plot (which is good, and really not all that complicated as many have complained about) that feeling is what you should have, it fits in perfectly. Shia's acting is great here, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley plays a much better leading lady than Fox ever did. As far as for those that say the movie is loud and dumb I must say that the heavy and fast paced action doesn't even start until more than half way through the movie, the first half is set up for the plot. All in all I would say this is a fantastic movie that you shouldn't miss. Think for yourselves people, don't blindly follow the Bay-haters. Expand
  25. Jul 5, 2011
    I want my time back. Give me my time back Michael Bay. This movie is brainless idiocy that does nothing more than rape cinema and storytelling. Michael Bay even uses previous footage from his old films in this. This entire movie is nothing more then garbage that should have been left on the editing room floor.
  26. Jun 29, 2011
    If you loved the first two you will not like this one. This is Michael Bay worst movie to date. He didn't want to do it, he was forced by Paramount to film it immediately instead of postponing it to 2012 as he told the press, then Paramount forced him to use useless 3D gimmick to raise ticket price... and all of that shows. Previous Michael Bay movies were all excellent although BadBoys2 had some issues and was worse than the first one, but still all his movies were done by a true perfectionist, strong quality control on everything, good plot, good main characters romance and there came the trouble for Transformers3.. he decided to fire his leading actress Megan Fox for whatever personal issues that should never ever affect any professional production like this and then he did even worse casting his worst leading girl to date, the Victoria's Secret topmodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley which surely has an hot body but a really ugly anonymous face, and more he focuses on her on the movie and more she ruined every single scene, she is just awful trying to act. Also having her play Sam Witwicky's new girlfriend is the dumbest idea ever seen in Hollywood to kill a trilogy, really. And it's like Michael Bay wanted to commit business suicide with this move, otherwise he lost his mind. All his movies since The Rock featured the romance factor and a couple in love viewers could relate to, he spent so much time focusing on Sam and Mikaela characters on the first two Transformers movies that giving Sam a new girlfriend was really just plain stupid.. maybe he thought Sam Witwicky became Will Smith's Mike Lowery character on Bad Boys all of a sudden... well, that didn't happen, couldn't happen and it was just plain dumb thinking anything like that. He ruined Sam Witwicky character. The Carly girlfriend played by Rosie really looks like a prostitute Sam decided to pay for playing his girlfriend or something, and it's not funny to watch. All of this alone was enough to kill heart and soul that the first two movies had along with the hot sexy factor that topmodel Rosie can't give despite porn-style closeups..whenever you see her face unless you liked women with ugly faces you couldn't get excited at all, and whenever she spoke she managed ruining entire scenes. Ok, then what is left? Amazing action scenes and CGI you might tell... yes and no.. I mean the actions are there, CGI is there but: 1) Action scenes look pretty fake most of the time you can spot serious editing issues like they didn't care to fix things up properly; 2) The CGI by ILM it's top-notch on some scenes but really really bad that it looks painted/cartoonish like Hulk(2003) or Speed Racer, two of the worst CGI works by ILM to date. What happened there? Well, obviously the useless 3D gimmick added too much work for ILM to deliver and many scenes look badly rendered, in some you see CGI transformers models looking like they were miniatures moving in stop-motion ancient techniques.. an horrible mistake you wouldn't expect after top-notch outstanding CGI on Transformers2 by ILM. And yes the 3D... is it worth it? Really? Never. Stereoscopic 3D is fake 3D, it hurts your eyes, it's not worth it. And just like Avatar the 3D here is not really used at all anyway. It's all marketing hype. Don't waste you money on the 3D gimmick, they want you to watch it in 3D to rip you off, more money to them and less quality to you along with eye-strain added as a bonus... If this movie didn't have 3D but was just full IMAX 2D and Michael Bay didn't fire Megan Fox it could have worked but as it is it's a huge disappointment for whoever loved the first two regardless the hatred those movies got. There complaints were all wrong, here too many complaints are right unfortunately. Expand
  27. Jul 1, 2011
    TRANSFORMERS 3 IS: action, feminine breathtaking curves, action, a full immersion in characters life story and their nature, action, a good storyboard, action, and especially a great cartoon remade in a great movie blockbuster! only that.. bay made a great job! the only bad thing is the final scene.. too short!
  28. Jul 6, 2011
    this film to me pretty much sumerises micheal bay's thinking on making movies . he gets bashed heavily on the second one for a crappy plot , crappy charicter develpment , and other things . so How does Bay respond to all this? by making a better story and likeable charicters? HELL NO! this is micheal bay we are talkin about . his method is well if it must be that the special effect and action sceanes arnt cool enough. so i must improve that. so what we are left with is pretty much the same lame plot from TF2 decepticons find a wepon to destroy earth and god knows why that stuttering prick shilo boof has to save us all . so most of the movie is focused on Sam whining and complaining how he wants to live a normal life and that no one appriates all that he's done for us blah blah freekin blah. yeah its not like the movie goers dont wana know more about the transformers themselves out side of them just being dragged out to beat the living hell out of each other... noooo we need more shilo . megan fox is now gone and this new girl is brought in cant remember her name and with her god awful acting its unlikely we will see her in much more movies. shes some model who couldnt act well enough to get in a sci fi B movie but apperntly Bay thought she was hot even though her face looks like some one took a metal rake over it for a few days . not to sound shallow or any thing i could have cared less how she looked if her acting was passable like megan foxes was ... maybe thats giving fox to much praise but she wasnt horrable like this girl is thats for sure. in the end if you wana see a mindless action flick with no redeeming qaulitys but its action . you will probubly like this film . if not stay far far far away. i unfortunitly got dragged to this mess cause my 13 year old nephew wanted to see it and begged me . Expand
  29. Jun 29, 2011
    Never enjoyed a movie in a theatre (IMAX 3D) more than I did tonight. DSOTM - I Loved the story, the action, the comedy even sitting in row 2 in full 600 seat venue. I didn't see the plot twists coming, and I can't say enough about how much I was "in" to this film.
  30. Jul 2, 2011
    When I saw this film yesterday, I was expecting two things: Transformers and explosions and that's what I got. This film is indeed better than Revenge of the Fallen leaving out a lot of the jokes which made that film look kind of stupid. The acting and story in this film is decent, but the action is what you really come for. I also saw this film in 3D and yes, see this film in 3D because the film was filmed in 3D, not converted! Appreciate what this is: one of the best blockbusters of summer 2011. Expand
  31. Jul 6, 2011
    I wanted to love this movie. I hyped this film up to the people I went to see it with. I told them I had read the reviews and this one was different and more action packed. Wrong. The action is muddled and chaotic. The transformers all look virtually identical at the speed the action is happening, and several times I could sense a shot that was supposed to be jaw dropping was utterly lost on me and my friends- who looked at each and mouthed "what?". Some movies have comedic relief characters and/or lines of dialogue. This film is comprised entirely of those lines and characters. This is the kind of film where the more you talk about it- the more you realize how angry you are at it Expand
  32. Jul 5, 2011
    Gonna keep this short. Gets a 3 for a great action package (FX,CGI,Sound) Everything else was god awful. I enjoyed the first the most, the second had better transformer battles, this had some great action moments tied around a cluster F of fade to blacks and nothing but trash.
  33. Jun 29, 2011
    First fault in direction of the movie after the movie starts .... u start to wonder hw come a nerd, jobless fuk, short the biggest loser ( Sam whitwicky) on the planet land two hotties.....Megan fox and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley...WTF The title of the movie is repeated in the movie for lyk 136 tyms
    SAM: blah blah....Dark of the moon?
    Optimus Prime: Dark of the moon
    is.........blah blah
    Everyone: Dark of the moon FTW The third trailer of the movie is not a collection of scenes from the movie...but just the last two minutes of the movie....and believe me the trailer is the best part of the movie. (And the frst trailer is the frst 2 minutes of the movie)( the second trailer is the collection of scenes from both these trialers) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley proves again that hot gals doesnt have/need any talent....she cant act, she cant run, she cant cry, she cant speak...but hu cares she got an amazing rack. Then Transfomers get less screen tym than the other human characters...even during supposedly intense battle sequences they show humans flyin/running around rather than two insanely huge robots butt-kicking OPTIMUS PRIME IS A BIG **** When battle is intense there is no sight of optimus prime ...but wen finally autobots are winning (because of some human weilding a handgun) then he suddenly comes around and kills of the retreating decepticons. BUMBLEBEE IS A GOOD CATCHER....he seems to be appearing in the movies only wen the heros are falling towards their death or they need to run away from some super awesome decepticon with ultra cool weapons.(and then he gets caught) 200 super cool robots against 7 average robots and handful of humans and 1 do u think will win? And finally again the biggest disappointment in the movie is definetly Shia LaBeouf,...I dont even noe y is he der in the frst place ......he cant act, he cant run and he doesnt have an amzaing rack (thoguh he can shriek like a gal) ..end of acting career for him... luckily this is the last transformers movie.....hopefully it will be the last Michael Bay movie...If u want to waste 200 million dollars ...learn it frm this guy
  34. Jul 4, 2011
    If you saw Revenge of the Fallen, you've seen Dark of the Moon. You wade through over an hour of poorly written dialogue and ridiculous and unnecessary plot devices just to see the fifteen minutes of robots blowing each other up at the end. If not for all the explosions and destruction, there would be nothing to see. Everything else was a total turd factory.
  35. Jul 5, 2011
    This movie succeeds in making even good actors look like total morons. I only watched it because I happened to be in DC last fall when they shot the movie. It was quite impressive to see thousands of people lined up along Pennsylvania Avenue, which was shut down almost entirely, and to see the Lincoln Memorial lit up like a supernova, in the middle of the night. I had a feeling back then that MAKING the movie would be far more exciting than actually watching it. But I had no idea that it would turn out THAT bad. I mean, it is just really embarrassing for a major studio to dish out tens of millions of dollars, and then come up with utter garbage. Even the CGI is stunningly bad. There is no story. One of the decepticons looks like, yes, it is quite unbelievable, the PREDATOR !!! Yes, from the movie franchise. Shia LeBoeuf's ADD/ADHD really, and I mean really, goes on your nerves. There is no clear explanation on why his girlfriend is his girlfriend, because there is not the least bit of chemistry between the two of them. She is also nauseatingly ugly, couldn't they have screwed another head onto her neck ? In all, definitely a good candidate for worst movie of the year. Expand
  36. drm
    Jun 29, 2011
    I really can't understand why we all need to feed this evil greedy amoeba. One day, I'm gonna grow balls and move to Boca Raton. Then you'll see. Yeah! Yah! Yeah!

    Just say no. It's easy.

  37. Jun 29, 2011
    First of all all the critics are stupid because neither they gave the second film nor to the third one the right judgement.The film is very much cool as the title is "dark of the moon". The action is mind blowing with jaw dropping special effects. 3D scenes which are used is hardy seen in some great action films. This one is far more better than Avatar. Its the best action/sci-fi film of the decade.I will also buy the blu - ray of the film. I advice everybody that go and watch the most perfect action film with heavy loaded action of the famous Transformers from the planet cybertron."Transformers Dark of the Moon" Rocks........ Expand
  38. Jul 2, 2011
    Transformers 3 is my favorite movie in the The Transformers series. It was amazingly done. The plot was fun. The action was freakin sweet. It had alot of good comedic timing. I never do this in movies but i found myself geeking out rooting for them. People say that the girl can't act... they are wrong she as good as Megan Fox and just as hot. It was a great film filled with nonstop action.
  39. Jun 29, 2011
    After the colossal disappointment of Revenge of the Fallen I wondered if the series could correct the wrongs it had made. With Transformers: Dark of the Moon new and out of the shop many are hoping it measures up to the first film, well it doesn't. It does, however, correct the wrongs of Revenge of the Fallen. One of the improvements this movie makes is that it tones down the humor, its still there and it gets pretty bad sometimes but it doesn't kill the movie. The humor is mostly present during the first half. The first half of the movie is where a lot of my problems lie. The first half of the movie is not paced very well and the action scenes are spaced out pretty far (I know I can't believe I just said that about a Bay film). I know that all of those scenes are there for story and character development but all of that isn't very good in this movie anyways. I would have rather seen some more battles before Chicago. Speaking of Chicago, the last half of the film is spectacular. Its amazing how well it all turned out, and you can really follow the action this time. The movie is also much darker than the other two, and it works the movie actually takes itself seriously this time. At the end of the day when compared to the other two transformers movies this one almost meets the greatness of the first but barley misses. I must also say that seeing it in 3D is really worth it! Dark of the Moon is a vast improvement over the last and is a fun ride from beginning to end. Expand
  40. Jun 29, 2011
    i agree with those who feel the second installment in this series (Revenge of The Fallen) was a horrible movie. Sure, it's a action-sci fi so you don't expect it to be the next Gone With The Wind, but even by action Sci-fi standards the second movie was very bad. So my hopes walking into the theater on this one weren't set very high, but Dark of the Moon really impressed me! Behind all the action, this time we get a pretty good story, one that might even strike an emotional chord in some (think Spiderman 2). There is more depth to the characters and although it has it's funny moments, there is none of the high school humor that trashed the second film so much. The story feels fresh and even the action sequences feel new... I know this is Bays last of these big-robot films, but this one left me hoping they make more! Expand
  41. Jun 30, 2011
    I know saying this will get me considerable hate mail from any normal cinephile but I think Transformers 3 was good. I was at first skeptical of this film like every other person in the world, I grew more skeptical when I learned that Megan Fox was fired...she being one of the two reasons I watched the transformers movies. The other being giant alien robots fighting in fantastic, special effects filled battles, and let me tell whoever is reading this...Transformers 3 does not disappoint on the latter. Yet i did have some problems with the movie because few movies are perfect and transformers will never be one of those few no matter how hard Michael Bay tries. My main problem is the pacing of the movie...just like every other transformers movie, the fighting is saved for the last hour or so in spectacular set-pieces. It was the first hour that nearly killed me here. The first hour follows the forgettable human element Shia Labeouf as he tries to find a job amidst the terrible job market that is the United States SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!! He gets a job with film veteran John Malkovich and asian funny man Ken Jeong...both actors I love. Yet they aren't right for Transformers action oriented style which is immediately apparent. They simply help to develop Sam(Shia) and progress the main storyline. Yet after that horrific first hour you are treated to some further plot development and the realization that **** is hitting the fan in the film. Now the movie gets good...As usual Megatron and his crew are scheming to destroy the autobots just like every other transformers movie to date. And this is the best part, Michael Bay effectively makes the stakes feel high. Gone are the days where you never saw a Decepticon kill any humans. Theres plenty to go around, and quite frankly i'm okay with that...imagine a sort of War of the Worlds...with Decepticons. And then of course the final hour of glorious robot fighting begins just like the past 2 films and this is where the film exceeds. The fights are beautiful to watch and the set-pieces are exquisite...nothing says awesome like a building collapsing with Shia Labeouf in it. The wing suit sequence also looks terrific, and the action just feels fun to watch. The entire hour long robot-smashing festival was a great redemption for the annoying characters of Turturro and that annoying RC autobot thing from the last film(the one that wouldn't shut up). And it was just good. Optimus doesn't sacrifice himself at every moment he gets and there aren't jokes throughout the entire fight sequences which made it good. My only problem was that any time any of the robots did anything half the audience of the movie theater would start applauding which got really annoying as its an hour long robot fight scene. Other than the bad first hour or so, I liked the movie. Transformers 3 is definitely a must watch for anyone who likes giant robots fighting or any of the first 2 movies. Expand
  42. Jul 2, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I went to the theatre expecting a sucky movie with a hazy plot and more decepticon revivals and scenes with Shia crying "OPTIMUS !!" atleast 16 times ... once again Michael Bay screwed my expectations ... the story was well formatted and the CGI rich action sequences were well done. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ( the ex-lingerie model who i believed couldn't act )turned out to be an excellent replacement for Megan Fox . The Arri Alexa and Sony F35 camera 3D shots, speak for itself and brings a whole new perspective into the movie ... Linkin Park's Iridescent proved to be a great hit and added to the emotional turmoil portrayed in the movie . The story was a bit of a drag with a couple of unwanted scenes and unnecessary action ... Nevertheless the movie is a huge landmark in Michael Bay's career ... Hope u guys will enjoy it as i did ... :) Expand
  43. Jul 5, 2011
    This was a waste of my time and money. Special effects or not, a movie should at least have a plot. I gave it the one point for the special effects, but after a while it just becomes overkill.
  44. Oct 14, 2011
    People might think I'm crazy, but I actually liked Revenge of the Fallen better than this. When I saw that movie I saw it for what it was. An awesome visual eye-candy fest, and that's what the Transformers movies are; films that are fun for how great they look, and I actually felt that that was lacking here. Yes the last forty five minutes are ridiculous and crazy, but that's pretty much it, aside from the Chernobyl bit. What we got was basically an hour and a half of Shia Laboeuf looking for a job, then forty five minutes of robots kicking ass. What I wanted to do was forgot about anything that resembled a plot, and just immerse myself in the VISUAL genius of Michael Bay, but I couldn't because there is just some awful butchering of cinema culture by the screenplay and story. For example I can't focus Shia Laboeuf being swung around holding onto a wire latched onto the eye of a massive decepticon in a flurry of wildly unrealistic, dumb fun, because my mind keeps on going back to the worthlessness of John Malkovich's
    role in the movie. Lot's of people say that Michael Bay is a bad director, but when they see his films their complaint is usually the plot and script, but what you have to keep in mind is that he doesn't write his films. Ehren Kruger (the writer of scream 3(an abomination)) wrote this not him. There was actually decent directing in this film but it was ruined by that horrible script.
  45. Jul 5, 2011
    After the second crappy Transformer movie ('' Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ''), they made a third one. Well, I liked it ! It was enjoyable, it had bad-ass action, with awesome villains, and the girl (Sam's girlfriend which is played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) was hot ! I'm glad that this movie didn't disappointed me like the second one. It kind of brought back the '' good '' mark in the Transformers series. I was glad that Megan Fox was replaced by this new chick (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). Her character was funner and made a better match with Shia. Also, Optimus Prime was epic ! He had a sword and a shield. I like the fact that after the fights, he always gives those cool speeches. Some people are just complaining about the plot. It's an action movie ! We're supposed to enjoy it ! It's entertainment, that's what this movie was made for. Expand
  46. Jul 4, 2011
    best visuals in any film ever, its a **** movie about giant robots that transform what more do u want i think the only person who cares less about reviews is Michael bay look at what hes made over the years, regardless of reviews he **** drag's in millions by the boat load. this film has massive plot hole but it looks **** brilliant and isnt trying to be anything different and thats why its so **** good. Expand
  47. Jul 2, 2011
    Note: This is taken from my Rotten Tomatoes review just like my Sanctum one. So here it is: Wow. All I can say is wow. This movie is just amazing! Awesome explosions and action scenes! This movie is just all you expect from Michael Bay and more! I have to say that this is the best Transformers movie! It surpasses the first by just a little but beats the disappointing second instalment by a long way! This is Michael Bay's best film since The Rock! Why? Well with this Transformers movie this one actually gets it right with the human characters. The Transformers movies have always been about the robots and have totally ignored the humans but this time Michael seems to have given the humans some emotion. Which is a good thing for it makes the script pretty decent in my opinion. And this also makes you feel something when a character dies in the film. This bit contains spoilers so if you don't want the movie to get spoiled for you then don't read the next sentence. For those who don't mind if the movie gets spoiled are you still here? Good. The following Transformers die in this movie. Ironhide, Que/Wheeljack, Sentinel Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Soundwave, Laserbreak/Laserbeak and Barricade. Yeah Barricade. That Transformer that turned into a police car and the one that was in the first movie but disappeared half way through and never came back in the second one. Yeah that one. He's in this movie. And he finally officially dies. No more conspiracy theories I guess! So to get to the bottom of it a few of the Autobots die but all of the Deceptecons die. Right guys who didn't read the huge spoiler you can come back now. Right so here's all the good points about the movie. It has great special effects and fighting sequences and has proper human characters this time round so both robots and humans can share emotions. Now here's the bad stuff. The jokes can be a bit boring and annoying sometimes so the humour still isn't all that great but it is way better than the second. So as a result this movie gets a 9/10 for having amazing and great action sequences but has a bit of boring humour. So that's my review for Transformers: Dark of the Moon and I hope you liked it! Expand
  48. Jun 29, 2011
    I loved this movie! believe me no one is more surprised than me :) I liked the first, hated the second but I loved the third!
    This movie is incredibly fun and funny! Shia is great and the new female lead is HOT x 3!
  49. Jun 29, 2011
    The Transformers movies so far have mostlyy been about visuals more so than deep storytelling. This one is no exception and does a top notch job doing just that. There is an equal balance of human and robot action with everyone serving a purpose. The 3d in this movie is pretty good too but still un-needed. The story takes elements from actual historical events stemming around the moon landing. These events show a deep cover-up by humans who were very aware of the robotic aliens. The plot is coherent and compelling giving much weight to the pacing of the film. Character development isn't as prevelent and this does hurt the movie. Not in a big way but with a story this big, i wanted the characters to have a little more weight. The main point is the action and this is nothing short of perfection. A special nod to a fight involving Sideswipe and Ironhide. Explosions and shootouts galore with the violence level taken up a notch. Of course this is one of the best summer movies this year and Michael Bay raises the bar again. Expand
  50. Jul 2, 2011
    Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is (in my eyes) the closest thing to being; beaten, spat on, shouted at and raped in the eyes all in 157 minutes of glittery CGI robot porn without actually being; beaten, spat on, shouted at and raped in the eyes. In all seriousness though the film has some good points that i'll get out of the way first before I continue. First the 3D against my initial pre-conceptions was excellent the best 3D i've ever seen in a film and is by a huge margin the best thing the film has going for itself. But, That's it, That's the only good quality transformers 3 possesses other than the fact that it's better than it's atrocious predecessor; revenge of the fallen. The action is mental as is customary in Michael Bay's films with almost all of Chicago massacred by the end of the film and most of the scenes where someone dies being kinda crap. Fortunately the action is handled in a much more controlled way than the second film with the viewer actually being able to walk out of the cinema without a coma. The plot is pretty much non-existent involving a 60â Expand
  51. Jun 29, 2011
    A dull plot, yes but we already knew that coming in. Transformers 3 is visual eye candy that will allow all that see it to enjoy it if they want to. The first one straight up action film that I have ever truly enjoyed. Far better then Transformers 2. Still if you are looking for a story line you are going to the film for all the wrong reasons.
  52. Jul 2, 2011
    First things first. This movie is leaps and bounds better than Revenge of the Fallen. There are no robots with testicles, no humping robots, and stereotypical robots. They play it close to the chest with the tongue in cheek humor at a minimum. The story is simple enough but the enjoyment is endless. I can see why some critics are ripping on the movie, Bay is terrible at directing actors. Most actors in the film have no direction and just seem silly, but lets face it did you want to see Transformers for the acting, or the action? If you're looking for non stop action like no other director but Bay can deliver then go see this film. Expand
  53. Jul 23, 2011
    Transformers Dark Of The Moon is a good film. The fighting scenes are very good and the 3D is very impressive. My only problem with the film is the jokes are still not funny and the ending was not very good. This is definitely better then Revenge Of The Fallen. I would give this film a low matinee!
  54. Jul 1, 2011
    Transformers 3 may be better than the second, but it ain't by much. The third and last installment of the movie, Transformers 3 may have good 3D effects and CGI, but everything else is just bad. First off is the plot, it's just the same old thing. Optimus Prime saves the humans when the Decepticons try to destroy it. This time it's a little different though, as Sentinel Prime, ex-Leader of the Autobots, betrays his allies to bring Cybertron to earth. The other plot, there is none. Just filler and slapstick humor that gets old fast. The new female star, Rosie Huntington - Whiteley, is first shown walking in her underwear right when the movie starts off and the camera is directed right at her butt. This is the reason why she is here, because she cannot act for her life (I'm trying not to swear if you noticed). Everyone else in the movie wasn't that great of an actor/actress either. The only redeeming life to this movie is the Robots and the Special Effects. There was hardly any action, and if there was, it was short. Only the end was the good part of the movie, and even then it was still not that great. Especially when Whiteley goes up to Megatron and insults him. Really? Give me a break! No one would ever do that. It's so dumb and makes no sense. I know this was supposed to be more for the fan that the Average Joe like myself (I'm more like the Angry Video Game Nerd), but it could have still been suitable for both. This movie had great potential, but in the end it was the same garbage that has been done countless times before. Only recommended for Transformers fans. If you're just like me, you will find yourself bored as well. Expand
  55. Jul 2, 2011
    solid action and better story and better camerawork than the second. Also this is the first movie worth watching in 3D. Yes just like the last two you an pick apart details about the movie but this one has the right combination of pacing, action, comedy, with a story that is more engaging than the sequel it follows. While it is over the top it is not so over the top you become self aware or lose interest in it. I enjoyed seeing all the famous actors in this movie including Ken Joeng, John Malkovich, and Frances McDormand. Expand
  56. Jul 3, 2011
    I try to be a legitimate film critic. I really do. That is why I am almost ashamed that I am quite in love with this movie. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am a massive nerd. Itâ
  57. Jul 4, 2011
    In a movie where you should only be expecting great visuals and nice babes, you shouldn't leave dissatisfied. Now achieving great visuals and nice babes isn't bad, but it also isn't anything above mediocre. Don't watch with the intentions of having to think or getting into a complex storyline, because you will then write a negative review
  58. Jul 6, 2011
    I feel that some people critique films badly just to feel special, this movie is based off action figures.... When it was brought to the world as a film did you actually expect them to come up with a more diverse and deep plot then the one that we came up with when we played with the TOYS as children? It's supposed to entertain you and bring life to the games you used to play as kids and it most certainly did that for me. Excellent special effects the one-liners did their job and they kept the new girls lines to a minimum so she didn't take away from the film.... If you're looking for a movie with super plot and depth, why do you go see movies like this? Overall great summer movie I recommend to everyone Expand
  59. Jul 16, 2011
    "WHAT IS GOING ON?" This is the question I started asking at the beginning and continued to ask pretty much through the whole film. I am still unsure as to why some characters were even in the film. Further to this there is a strong difference between amazing action (bordering on the unbelievable) and bizarre action (swimming frantically in the middle of unbelievable). Transformers 3 is crap!
  60. Feb 16, 2012
    Do I dare to say it: I hate this even more than Revenge of the Fallen! The acting is worse. The storyline is worse. The dialogue is worse. The only thing that improved was the special effects, which saved the movie from being the worst action movie EVER!
  61. Jul 10, 2011
    If you thought Tansformers 2 couldnt get worse, thingk again. Transformers 3 has lowered the bar again of how cheesy, annoying, pointless, and stupid a movie can be.
  62. Jul 9, 2011
    This one is a bit of an improvement over the previous installment in the Transformers franchise, but truth be told, it would actually have been an even more impressive achievement in some ways if Michael Bay had managed to make a movie that was worse than the execrable Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The 3-D looks great, Frances McDormand is fun in a supporting role, and there's an intriguing subplot that ties the whole series into the real-life Apollo 11 moon landing of 1969. Still, 157 minutes is waaaaaaaay too long for this loud, thudding, overblown nonsense. And as for as the new leading lady, Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whitely: she's pretty (of course) but so incredibly dull and colorless that I actually started to miss the (extremely limited) thespic stylings of Megan Fox. Expand
  63. Jun 30, 2011
    This film was fantastic. It is the best action packed epic of this year, and in! Probably the best 3D film I've seen. I hated the second film so I was very much surprised at how great this film was. I actually really enjoyed the story of this one too.
  64. Sep 5, 2011
    Michael Bay continues to live on as one of the greatest directors ever known when he joined to turn the toy franchise into a worldwide phenomenon. The first transformers was, in my opinion, an epic film and the sequel "Revenge of the Fallen" was, also in my opinion, almost as good as the first, but at least it was still entertaining. Now, it turns out that Transformers: Dark of the Moon is Michael Bay's final installment of the series (as we already know it) and I think it's actually the right the same plot that we already know about.

    While Sam now works for the Washington DC with his new girlfriend, he and the Autobots learn that a Cybertronian spacecraft is hidden on the Moon and with that in hand, the Decepticons plan to use its secrets and power to bring Cybertron to Earth. With emotional conflicts and fateful sacrifices being made, the Autobots and the humans have another (and presumably) final battle against the Decepticons as you've never seen it before.

    Now that we already know what the plot was about, I'll go to my opinion. The only problem that I had with this movie was the pacing. In the first few minutes of the film, it seems well fast-paced, but near the end of the film, it seems to be very slow. That's it for the bad.

    Everything else turned out great. The action and the CGI effects were impressive once again (seriously, you have no idea when am I going to stop saying that), the acting was entertaining and the science keeps you interested in what's going as most sci-fi action films do. The music score by Steve Jablonsky was amazing and very emotional and the comedy was very hilarious.

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon is almost as good as the first, but just like the previous installment, it was still very entertaining.

    Little known fact: Whether or not a fourth Transformers film would be made, Michael Bay states that he won't be directing it, so it turns out that Steven Spielberg would be directing it. I mean, hey. At least he was the producer of the first two films, so I guess that would be good.

    Long story short, it is amazing and it's worth seeing and if the critics hate it, they'll have to deal with Michael Bay himself.

  65. Jun 30, 2011
    Much better than the second film (which I enjoyed for the action) with a solid story and a greater focus on the human story. The only let down is 'MeganFox2.0" who simply is expressionless for 80% of the film.
  66. Jul 2, 2011
    A certain aspect of Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon seems to appear time and time again in the Transformers saga... terrible film-making. With one of the worst plots existent, a flat and unimaginative script which leeches all feeling and emotion from the characters and an incredibly repetitive sequence of events the third edition to the Transformers saga is much like the second, crap. Yes there a number of senseless idiots existent in this world who would happily compare the depth of this film to perhaps "Shakespeare in Love", so my advice is to ignore them, let the pleas of your misguided and misinformed children slip your mind and just watch something else. Expand
  67. Jul 24, 2011
    Outside of the special effects and action, which are stunning and improved from the second one, and the cut down on annoying humor, Transformers: Dark of the Moon really is a lifeless movie, with nothing very good to offer outside of the effects. The script is weak, the performances are a little underwhelming, the pacing is off, and the movie is far too long. I don't know why so many people liked this movie, but I say compared to some of the quality Summer releases of the past few weeks, like Harry Potter and Captain America, it falls flat on its face. And sure it is better than Revenge of the Fallen, but is that really saying anything? Expand
  68. Nov 15, 2011
    A huge letdown compared to the Megan Fox era. The suspense was exciting, but left us with blue balls and led to a mediocre finish. The CGI was great as always and I wished I could've seen more robot drama instead of human tension.
  69. Jul 3, 2011
    If you're really on the fence about this movie, all you need to do is ask yourself the following question: Do I enjoy the concept of giant alien robots fighting each other with battle axes and particle cannons in glorious, high definition detail? If you answered yes to this question, then you will like this movie. There is no better example of giant alien robots fighting each other with particle cannons and battle axes than in this movie. The rest of the cast is totally passable. We're not here for Forest Gump or Sleepless in Seattle style acting people -- we're here for some hot chick to bounce around a bit in between the robotic violence. I am a serious adult movie-goer and critic, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself because I got exactly what I expected and wanted. Expand
  70. Jul 3, 2011
    It a good movie if u like non stop action. I don't think there would be a 4 but if they do they should have a really good hook. This movie i would say was epic because of the fighting but the plot wasnt super good but loved the effect.
  71. Jul 5, 2011
    Sure, the humor in this film was unnecessary and unfunny but everything else entertained me to the max! It's not as good as the first transformers but it wasn't as bad as the second one either. And I'm sure everyone can agree on that. There was actually a story I could follow along with, and the special effects were just extraordinary! But like I said, Micheal Bay needs to learn his lesson. Bad humor! That was what ruined the movie, but there is no sign of those annoying twins and I enjoyed it a lot! Expand
  72. Jul 1, 2011
    Wholly inadequate in story and direction, this move is only for those easily entertained by shiny baubles. The best that can be said about it is that it's not as terrible as the second one.
  73. Jun 29, 2011
    Much better movie than TF2. Not quite as good as TF1 but I doubt anything could ever match that.

    Its a summer popcorn movie & should be taken as such. Michael Bay has adjusted his directing style a little & slowed it down to allow for the 3D so the pace is a little slower now & the action easier to make out as the camera steps back a bit to let you see the action from a distance.

    All the acting is fine really nothing to complain about its passable as the actors are treating it for what it is non serious summer sci-fi entertainment. Humour is juvenile but quite funny in places. Story is more defined than TF2. Action & CGI is all top notch as you would expect.

    Overall if you want a fun to watch summer popcorn blockbuster this is the movie for you if you liked TF1 then you will like TF3. If you do not like Michael Bay movies then nothing here will change your mind but I think most audiences know beforehand what to expect & here Bay delivers in his final Transformers movie (it wraps the story up so does not demand another installment anyway....).
  74. Jul 3, 2011
    This is the best transformers movie to date. The 1st one was good this was great. If you love action,cars and robots then this is your movie! HBO should do a live action TV series on this. Two season a year would be great. Just following The Autobots against The Decepticons war on earth.
  75. Jun 30, 2011
    If you're a Transformers Fan, this would be a very fun movie with big special effects. Though, there are some inconsistencies with the characters on the previous films and more Autobot screen time would be good, but overall a better movie than the second.
  76. Jun 30, 2011
    (10) Awesome 3d. Awesome Action scenes. I miss Megan Fox. " Transformers : Dark OT Moon " it was a brilliant piece of work .... Seriously. Amazing ....This film was fantastic.
  77. Jul 1, 2011
    the film was moving smoothly until it came to Chicago and reached a screeching halt in the form of an overturning building......dat part was so repeatative i panicked that it wud ruin all the goodwill i had in mind bout Transformers..and worse it dint mean to stop nd it spent almost 20-25 odd mins on the same place....but then Optimus came to the rescue and the fight that followed was simply awesome....nothing there..bottomline Transformers sure is a movie that cant b just ignored... Expand
  78. Jun 29, 2011
    The movie was a **** all its own. Most of the camera time and attention you would think would be given to the robots the whole franchise was named after, not so in this movie. Far too much time was spent on the tedious and boring human characters. Compared to the last two movies the highly entertaining bot-on-bot combat was frustratingly scarce.
  79. Jun 30, 2011
    The critic review is obviously from a 80-year old fart. If you want action, cars and beautiful women, then this is the movie for you. **** off haters
  80. Jun 30, 2011
    Wen u get CLAPS in the theater hall .... Wen u get UUuuhhhhs and AAAhhh's in a theater ... And wen u have Michael Bay teaming up with Optimus Prime and James Cameron .... u have urself a winner " Transformers : Dark OT Moon "
    it was a brilliant piece of work .... Seriously Amazing .... Every1 just watch it in 3D ... Dont miss it
  81. Jun 30, 2011
    I've seen the movie yday and all i can say is that this movie is in one word AWESOME. Ok, maybe the plot sucks, but its not "story"-movie in the first place ! Attention to details, special effects, combats, landscapes are simply breathtaking
  82. Jun 30, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Transformers- Dark of the Moon gives its fans something to cheer about. The third instalment of the series makes up for everything Transformers 2 failed at, and goes a step beyond the Transformers (I) glory. The movie serves a huge helping of special effects, complete with a strong storyline. The car chases, the cars transforming or the giant robots in mortal combat- each scene is crafted with attention to detail. While the metal clashing against metal can be overwhelming in certain scenes, the fantastic VFX applied results in a visual delight. Read more Expand
  83. Jul 1, 2011
    To put it shortly, it's better than Revenge of the Fallen, but then again, it doesn't take much to achieve such an honor. It will be remmebered yes, but for it's great action sequences, and everything else it can't manage to do.
  84. Jun 30, 2011
    Dis movee bee mahd guhd yo! Mikahl Bey dah behst daraketoor auf ahll tahm! lahk seryusly bro me like dah exploshuns and boobees an all but brahn geht soo sore frahm tryeeng to undahstand da complikated plot! i meen me knot eeven undayrstahnd why grey robaht want hurt tiny peeple and fayt wit red robaht! He only wahnt two halp! Anywahy, me glad me drahp out of thurd grade so me kahn anjoy reel movies like trahnsfarhmoors stehd of "gahd fathur!" dat movee so dum and big wurds make me feel infeeriohr. ha wat a dum feelm for da ohld peeeple! ha ha me say peepee. dose films not hav nuff farting and busoms to sahtisfy needs. goobye to you all tahm for da apokalips! i go vote for sara pahleen nowwwwwww and ruin da eart yay for reetarded! Expand
  85. Jul 1, 2011
    First of all, I'd like to say dont pay much attention to some of the negative critic reviews - its not your bog standard oscar winning film - if your after a deep meaningful realistic storyline then Transformers 3 is not your cup of tea. Its for kids and big kids like me! Personally, I think you'd be missing out if you DID NOT see this movie!

    I have to say I was blown away by the CGI/SFX,
    there was so much going on it was a CGI assault on the brain and I loved every bit of it. It was an wicked use of 3D and Bay has excelled himself in this movie! While I think the Oscars will overlook it (it might get some nominations) you have to respect the stuntmen/women, production team and CGI staff who were involved in the technical side of this movie. The storyline was fairly good, how they worked it in to the moon landing was amazing, it was darker, but with some light comic relief, but there was a moment wehere I thought how the hell are they going to come from this? To be honest its all about the action scenes and resonating tones from the Autobots. For true fans of Transformers, I think they'll be disappointed with the lack of character development here. The movie is long and alot of focus was on humans, with lots of cameo appearances which werent really needed. I left wanting more (from the Autobots) but I think thats a good thing. The fight scene in Chicago is one of the best fighting scenes I have ever seen, the scale and detail of the effects were immense (I wanna go back and see it in 2D just to compare!) I was watching this thinking this is way better than Avatar! There were 3 major scenes which blew me away.

    On to the actors then...hate to be nasty but Rosie was meh, her part could have been acted much better, she has no acting experience so I guess we can let it slide, we all know her purpose in the film. Reminds me of a young cameron diaz but without the natural charm. Having said that Fox wasnt really any better. They act like they're afraid to look weird or something.

    Shia is such a talented actor, he's believable, funny and charming on screen. Look out for Andy Tudyk who plays Dutch, he was the best new addition to the cast BY FAR.

    Overall, I absolutely loved this film and I find it difficult to understand how anyone could hate it. I was praying that it wouldnt end up like the new X Men film or Terminator 3 and thank god it didnt. Well done Bay & co.
  86. Jul 1, 2011
    Awesome movie Awesome movie Awesome movie Awesome movie Awesome movie.I loved this movie! believe me no one is more surprised than me :) I liked the first, hated the second but I loved the third! This movie is incredibly fun and funny!
  87. Jul 1, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Definitely the best of the 3 Transformer movies in my opinion, with moments that created genuine laughs throughout the cinema. Additionally, like any final movie in a trilogy, I walked in knowing that there was going to be tragedy on the autobot side.
    This, along with plenty of close calls made things somewhat unpredictable - yes it was obvious who would win and yes we saw Megatron's attack on Sentinel Prime coming from a hundred miles away, but there were other twists I didn't see coming - Sentinel's betrayal for example came pretty much out of the blue for me, particularly due to the amount of hype that was placed on him being the prior great leader of the Autobots.

    What really egged me were the scientific details, like how Earth wasn't ripped apart by Cybertron's gravity (keeping in mind that at one point the lightbridge stops aiding its arrival, meaning that any anti-gravity fields or whatever should have been off long enough to end the story there and then). Or how the guns of the Autobots appeared majorly inferior to human weapons, despite having a larger calibre, etc. Or how a wire holding 80kg of flesh being thrown around, while rubbing against angular, super-hardened alien metal was able to be cut by a small steel knife. Or how Sam was able to walk away from a crash-landing of a large alien aircraft while being unrestrained and hanging onto the outer hull (which flips multiple times after striking the ground).

    Still, I guess it's just as believable as giant humanoid robots that transform into human vehicles of completely different material (metal alloys =/= leather seats) upon having first scanned them for a couple of seconds.

    Point taken, the movie isn't about realism obviously, but rather action and practical comedy, of which it delivers both. Some have mentioned that it had too much slow motion, but I would prefer that a hundred times over than having cameras and scene change every second while objects across the focal range whiz past, obscuring the action even more. One other gripe I had - is it necessary to have the intro of Linkin Park's Iridescent play 5 or so times throughout the first 2/3 of the movie?
  88. Jul 1, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The action scenes were entertaining and the CGI was spectacular. The plot was pretty bad. What I found to be the worst part of the movie was the Decepticon character development. In the cartoon there was always that tension between Megatron and Starscream. The first two movies sort of had the tension but IMHO they should have started with it from the first film. It sounds silly for robot character development but it would have made more sense than all the human rambling. Just a different perspective I guess lol

    The first half of the movie at least tried to make some sense, the second half was all over the place.
  89. Jul 2, 2011
    Not only is Transformers: Dark of the Moon the best of the series, but it's diffidently Michael Bay's best work and probably one of the best films so far this summer. Now unlike a lot of people, I like Michael Bay as a director. Is he great film-maker? No. But he has a lot of ambition, and that's what I respect about him. Michael Bay has made is fair share of good films and some bad films, but I wouldn't call them TERRIBLE films like some people do. Maybe you can call Pearl Harbor terrible, but that's about it. I happen to like The Rock, Bad Boys 2, Transformers, and The Island. Now the Transformers films are, in average, a good series. I thought the first film was lots of fun, the second was mildly entertaining, it was a bad film but had some great moments. Now, onto this film. The plot got really incomprehensible at times. Kind of like the second film, it goes all over the place. But this isn't as a mess as the second film. The plot is actually cooler than that of the second film. And you know what, as much as a mess this was, I really didn't care. I went into this movie expecting robots kicking each other's ass and a bunch of explosions going off everywhere, and that's exactly what I got. People need to understand that this film was made to blow the minds of the audience with dazzling 3D effects, jaw-dropping action sequences, and a great new girl. The film has a plot to back up all of the action, but the plot just isn't well executed. One final thing that irked me as well was the poor character development. There were many new characters that I wanted to get to know more and the film was long enough to get into some of the new characters. Shockwave, for example, basically had almost no screen time; he pops up in the beginning and does some fighting at the end, and he barely says a word. Hangover's Ken Jeong also has a small role, and he nails it. He is very funny. The film is written by Ehren Kruger, who co-wrote Revenge of the Fallen. The writing is fine, nuff' said. Many of the same auto-bots in the other films return, such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee (who is a bad-ass in this film), Ironhide, Ratchet, Sideswipe, and Weelie, along with some new ones including Mirage, Que, Brains, Sentinal Prime (who plays a large role in this film), and the Wreckers. Also most of the performances are pretty good. Shia Labouf did a great job, as always, as Sam, the new girl Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is great, she can actually act unlike the previous girl. What was her name again? The film also has some strong emotional points with Sam and the robots, which was done really well. Steve Jablonsky's score is awesome! It's epic as hell and it's really well placed into this film. It somewhat sounds like a mixture between the Inception score and the previous Transformers score. Linkin Park's Iridescent is great, though I think they overplayed the opening of the song way to much in the final hour. After a first half of plot and dialog, we finally get kicked off into an action-packed second half with a phenomenal car chase featuring The Dreads (three dog-like deceptacons) and the final battle between NEST, the auto-bots, and the deceptacons. I don't want to spoil a lot of the final battle, so all I'm saying is that it's one of the most epic movie- going experiences you'll ever encounter. It's an all-out war. Nothing else. It's an almost an hour long with lots of fighting and shooting and things blowing up and buildings falling and stuff getting torn apart and everything you'll find in a great summer blockbuster. This IS the summer blockbuster of 2011. Overall, it doesn't have a well executed plot, but you really won't care when the action scenes come along. Believe me. Also, see it in 3D!!!! Expand
  90. Jul 3, 2011
    The best Transformers by far, it's like they save the best for last. Loved it. Definitely gonna see it again. When watching this movie you can't do nothing else but just come alive. Totally the best movie out so far for 2011. Micheal Bay is at his best with this one for sure
  91. Jul 3, 2011
    Transformers 3 is, in my opinion a return ( or a first for some people) to the routs. It is well more centered on the actual fight between Autobots and Decepticons and this time, showing off a far more darker story. Some people will say that it is lacking actions, but I totally disagree since the amount may not be as big as the first sequel, but in this film, the quality and the drama of it makes up for it. In my opinion, Transformers: Dark of the moon is the best Transformers YET of the franchise. Expand
  92. Jul 4, 2011
    Transformers 2 was a horrible sequel to a pretty good movie, but luckily, Dark of the Moon is a major improvement, and the best of the 3 Transformers movies. The special effects are once again top notch and the 3D is fantastic, the first movie since Avatar that actually made good use of 3D. The action scenes remain some of the best in the business, with the battle for Chicago worth the price of admission alone. The problem with this movie, like its predecessors, is the plot. While the plot in Dark of the Moon is much, much better than ROTF, it still is not good enough for Transformers to be considered "great" movies. overall, Transformers gives you exactly what you would expect: big robots knocking the crap out of each other, and that isn't a bad thing at all. This movie is the perfect summer action flick, but not a movie you need to see multiple times Expand
  93. Oct 5, 2011
    I'm going to be honest, Revenge of the Fallen had me lose all my faith in Micheal Bay as a director, the movie had plot holes everywhere and characters would jump out of no where and suddenly be essential to move the story. Dark of the Moon is Bay's redemption. DOTM had fantastic momentum, a story that made sense, and surprises here and there. You know haw the commercials for the Blu-ray say "The greatest action movie ever" well they're not lying. If you want your lust for violence to be satisfied then here is your movie. this movie is a testosterone driven masterpiece of giant sentient Robots like to have ridiculous wars on the streets of human cities. Expand
  94. Nov 5, 2012
    Transformers, a film that is loud, boring, and pointless, showers us in debris, has extended scenes that are just basically robots playing karate, gives us inane dialogue between battles sequences, shows us some hot girls so we know girls still exist- and then, after all this, it expects us to be entertained. Did I mention its two and a half hours long? Jesus Christ save us now!!
  95. Jun 30, 2011
    A movie that pounds the viewer senseless with special effects and slow motion transformation sequences. There are, admittedly, some pretty neat tidbits scattered throughout. The problem, however, with the Transformers franchise lies in its lack of ability to show its viewers something new. Nothing really blew me away or left me wanting more. The action has become stale and repetitive. I'd be happy to see the franchise end right here and now. All in all though, its a solid action movie. Expand
  96. Aug 22, 2011
    Truly strong as a movie. This movie stands high with its epic sets and most epic music. But would be better to bring some of the best autobots such as prowl and also ressurect jazz. And also, MORE ACTION! 9.6/10
  97. Jul 9, 2011
    3D and IMAX versions are not worth the extra money. Some movies you have to watch it in 3D and only in 3D like "Avatar" but unfortunately "Transformers: Dark Of the Moon" does not go in this category. It just didn't have that extra WOW factor. 3D felt more like an after thought. The Plot: The lead human character, "Sam Witwicky" seemed more like a desperate 40 year old virgin then a hero who saved the world TWICE. He was more concerned with saving a girl which is just met then actually saving the world. Poor guy... it seemed like he was still recovering from his break up with Megan Fox Oops meant to say Mikaela Banes. By the way the new girl has nothing on Megan Fox. Too bad Katy Perry isn't much into acting (yet), she would had made a wonderful replacement for Megan Fox. The movie ran for 2 hours and 37 minutes but it felt like it ran for 5 hours. This movie could not end fast enough for me. This movie was not all bad. The action was what you expected of a Transformer's movie. I like how they incorporated the lunar landings into the mix and the gamer in me liked the 3rd person shooter bit they had towards the end of the movie. We NEED fresh eyes and fresh minds for the 4th installment (if there is one) Expand
  98. Jul 1, 2011
    This is one dumb a$$ movie. Is it really so hard to come up with a story that makes a little sense? ...has some semblance of a plot? that will only ask me to swallow a few fantastic premises, such as "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" rather than a whole bunch of ridiculous nonsense? While the special effects were impressive, I found myself counting the time for this film to finish. It was really tortuous. I felt bad about giving money to producers who were so clearly taking the pi$$. A stupid movie for stupid people. Expand
  99. nop
    Jul 20, 2011
    I'm not going to say how bad this movie is, about logic and physics - defying plot, about horrible acting, about this movie being just a random sequence of mostly disconnected clips. Many people said that already. It redefines word shallow, but at least it looks good. I'm concerned with other problem that many people prefer to ignore. "Robot" violence. This movie depicts very anthropomorphics characters ripping each other to pieces in a very sadistic way. Transformers are very humanlike, they are at least as intelligent, like we, they talk, feel emotions, they even bleed like humans. And they seem to enjoy ripping each other's limbs, crushing heads and internal organs. And many people are taking children to watch this movie. How evil can you be, Michael Bay? Expand
  100. Jun 30, 2011
    Those who know me know that I cannot stand Michael Bay. Not that I know him personally, but he has exhibited quite a bit of douchery over the years. However, I wouldn't judge his films because of that. The guy clearly is talented, extremely so. Quite possibly the best action director there is. My problem with him is the same problem I have with most of America. The masses are quite dumb and no depth to them. So goes the typical Michael Bay film. It's remarkable how someone so visually talented has absolutely no ability to actually convey any realistic emotion or make you feel at all for a character. Just very surface portrayals. All that being said, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is his best Transformers film. He even tells a much better story than either of his previous Transformers films, or any of his other non-Transformers films, for that matter. The action is not just good, it's freaking spectacular. The amount of detail and realism in his action is absolutely unmatched. This was definitely what a summer film is supposed to be. Considering I've seen every blockbuster this year so far, the action in this film surpass the others by miles. As a Transformers fan as a kid, seeing Shockwave and Laserbeak play such prominent roles had my 11 year old pants on fire! Sadly, though, the nearly-40 year-old in me was critical of the unnecessary length, the gratuitous/immature language and the vapid ending. However, it all depends on what you are looking for in a summer film and, if it's what most people want, I would highly recommend it. It will definitely satisfy the masses and impress budding filmmakers. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 37
  2. Negative: 8 out of 37
  1. Reviewed by: Anthony Lane
    Jul 4, 2011
    The first ten or fifteen minutes of Michael Bay's movie tremble, unaccountably, on the verge of being fun. [11 & 18 July 2011, p.101]
  2. Reviewed by: Dana Stevens
    Jun 30, 2011
    Marveling at its grotesque gigantism doesn't make this two-and-a-half-hour-long movie any less dull.
  3. Reviewed by: Richard Corliss
    Jun 30, 2011
    The scorekeepers at the various sites that rate critics' enthusiasm for a film shouldn't even try to elicit a Pass or Fail grade from me on T3. I'm a fascinated, stupefied outsider. Just mark me Present.