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  • Summary: This longtime dream project of executive producer Ridley Scott explores the medieval legend of a princess and warrior's love affair, which threatens to tear apart an uneasy peace between England and Ireland. A tale of epic battles, royal intrigue and a timeless, star-crossed passion. (20th Century Fox) Expand
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  1. 75
    By removing elements of magic and operatic excess from the story, the brothers Scott focus on what is, underneath, a story as tragic (and less contrived) as the one cited in the ads, "Romeo and Juliet."
  2. This "Tristan" has its slightly silly moments, but rather like those fondly remembered epics of Hollywood past, its energy and entertainment value carry the day.
  3. 63
    Deadly serious, straightforward and surprisingly entertaining tragedy.
  4. 58
    With Tristan & Isolde, the core must be a passion that enlarges two outsize characters and seems as momentous as the rise and fall of a kingdom. Too bad this film's Achilles' heel is its heart.
  5. It's that rare movie that had me wishing I was at the opera.
  6. 50
    In the end, the filmmakers strike a bad bargain between action and myth: In their obvious attempt to shoo everyone into the tent--romantic and roughneck alike--they don't serve either end of the spectrum very well.
  7. Screenwriter Dean Georgaris gets a hell of a pass here – the story is canon, and, in terms of emotional wallop, does all the heavy lifting for him – but he still manages to gunk up the works with dialogue that is dull-witted at best and outright howling at its worst.

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  1. MichalF.
    May 15, 2007
    Wonderful music, great history, very good acting, I'm in love with this movie.
  2. EllyMurray
    Jan 14, 2006
    This movie is on my top three movies of the last 5 years. It is STUNNING !! If you haven't seen it, then you MUST !
  3. KaylaR.
    Jan 17, 2006
    This is my favorite movie you can see the emotion in the actors' eyes.
  4. SamanthaC.
    Jan 14, 2006
    Come on, of course the critics hate it! They always hate movies like this ... if you want to see a movie that is a good old fashioned "love story" ... go see this! It's definitely a chick flick, but most women will love it! It's like eating chocolate, makes you feel good and makes you feel like going out and finding your own "Tristan"! Expand
  5. [Anonymous]
    Oct 9, 2006
    Aside form James Franco's Mr.-Potato-Head portrayal of Tristan, this movie is a gem. It's beautiful to watch and the supporting cast is strong. It wasn't as predictable as I feared and the ending, albeit tragic, was a relief. The fight scenes were great. Expand
  6. Robert
    Jan 21, 2006
    good entertainment, period drama is entertaining, great to see mythic tale translated to big screen.
  7. ClaudiaL.
    Jan 13, 2006
    Is the best movie.

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