| Release Date: May 2, 2014
Summary: Could an American MIA be struggling to find his way home? After enduring a traumatic childhood and serving two tours in Vietnam, Tom Faunce embarks upon an emotional quest to uncover the true identity of a man claiming to be an American soldier living in a remote village in Vietnam, decades after the war's end. As a veteran and Christian missionary, Tom firmly believes in the military creed, "leave no man behind,”and lives by a personal oath to spend the rest of his life helping those in need. He can't turn his back on the man he meets in present-day Vietnam, despite a government's denial of the man's claim. His struggle to repatriate the man whom he believes could be a fellow soldier forms a deeply moving and haunting tale of two men whose lives intersect through the burdens of war.
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Runtime: 81 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://movieunclaimed.com/
Genres: Drama, Documentary
Countries: Canada, Vietnam
Language: English
Director Credit
Michael Jorgensen Director
Writer Credit
Michael Jorgensen Writer
Producer Credit
Allan Leader Associate Producer
Michael Jorgensen Producer