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  • Summary: Underworld: Evolution continues the saga of war between the aristocratic Death Dealers and the barbaric Lycans (werewolves). The film traces the beginnings of the ancient feud between the two tribes as the beautiful vampire heroine Selene (Beckinsale) discovers that she has been betrayed by her own kind and seeks her revenge. (Screen Gems) Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 21
  2. Negative: 9 out of 21
  1. Reviewed by: Joe Leydon
    Overall package is potent. A few rock-the-house scenes of slam-bang derring-do -- are nothing short of sensationally exciting.
  2. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    True to its serial roots, this equally silly but undeniably entertaining sequel to "Underworld" (2003) picks up right where its high-grossing predecessor left off and offers more of the same.
  3. 50
    They're still fighting in this sequel. But this is a more visually inspired, muscularly made movie than its predecessor.
  4. 40
    It's not quite quick enough to be anywhere near as gloomily engaging as the cast's original outing.
  5. 30
    With her long, black coat and midair karate-chop skills, Selene is more Matrix-y Neo than Count Dracula, which may explain why this movie is so brutally un-fun.
  6. Reviewed by: Jeannette Catsoulis
    The fascist undercurrents of this battle remain unexplored. Maybe one day, Hollywood will figure out that pouring acting-challenged starlets into black neoprene and sticking them in front of a blue screen do not a movie make. We can but hope.
  7. Reviewed by: Stephen Metcalf
    Beckinsale is an elegant woman—before she was the Emma Peel of the undead, she was Jane Austen's Emma, and before she was Emma, she was passing A levels in German, French, and Russian literature—and all her stalking and seething keep the movie from being totally unwatchable.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 95
  2. Negative: 20 out of 95
  1. Feb 14, 2011
    why are "professional critics" so dense?
  2. Feb 19, 2012
    My favourite in the franchise, too bad the critics couldn't see the good side of this film. I thought the story was better and more intense than the previous film, also the fight scenes are better and entertaining especially the final battle scene of Selene against Marcus and Michael versus William. That scene was pretty damn cool. PROS: Kate in cat suit, Kate in sex scene, Kate destroying two **** vamps, cool Hybrid design (though I think he should look more 'wolf' like), slightly better acting and writing than previous film
    CONS: Was expecting a Hybrid vs Hybrid super epic end battle scene, needs more low angle shot on Kate's ass.
  3. Feb 26, 2013
    While the first one had a little more bite to it (lol), this was a decent sequel with just as much Action and Horror Violence in it to keep the fans amused. The main players are back, this time joined by new villain Markus who we briefly met in the last one. It had a few more dull moments I'll admit, but in order to really appreciate the next two films you need to understand what went on beforehand and thats where these come into play. Not the best the genre has to offer, but a decent film! Expand
  4. May 6, 2012
    Firstly, you'll without doubt enjoy this movie far more if you have seen the first Underworld. As a film itself it's definately worth a watch and it has some real class in parts - the lead hero in Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and lead villain Marcus (Tony Curran) are both superb and really add some zing to the film. The first half of it builds nicely, with a great meld of action and plot sequences, and it starts to feel as if an awesome film is in the offing. Sadly, the second half of the film just feels a bit rushed and wishy washy - not bad by any means, but I found myself switching off at times and not as hooked as in the earlier section of the film. The climax doesn't disapoint though and, if you can ignore a few of the plot holes, there's definitely enough to sink your teeth into for it be worth a watch. Expand
  5. Aug 23, 2010
    More vampires vs werewolves nonsense but this time the big, top, head cheese vampire is back & he's annoyed & trying to find his brother.
    better than the first in that the story is a lot stronger, the effects are more convincing & less pouting from Kate Beckinsale.
    One or two silly moments but the opening scene is very good indeed.
  6. Oct 1, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. "Underworld: Evolution" is just annoying. Why are the vampires and Lycans just fighting consistently? No plot twists, witty script, or even chilly scares. It's a movie you'll get to watch and forget in a few moments. Expand
  7. Dec 11, 2011
    How can a movie as bad as Underworld get any worse? That was what I found myself wondering at the end of Underworld Evolution, a film so colossally bad it deserves some kind of award to emphasise the fact its dreadful. It has a terrible script, two wooden leads, a boring supporting cast and some awful set pieces. It's just bad. Really, really bad. Expand

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