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  1. Aug 18, 2014
    "Up" is a charming film, but full with things Pixar have overly used in their films. The visuals are fantastic, definitely, but the storytelling and the plot twists are too similar to Pixar's previous pictures, such as "Toy Story", and its characters are weaker than average in 2000s animation. Nevertheless, "Up" is enjoyable and of a high quality, of course, even if you feel like you have watched it again. Expand
  2. Jun 22, 2014
    Pixar is getting way too much credit, especially for UP (& Toy Story 3). After one of the greatest opening sequences I've seen in any animated film, Up turns monotonous. Now to be honest, Up had a to to live up to, given Pixar's previous installment (Wall-E) is one of the greatest animated films ever made. In comparison, Up is just mediocre pish-posh. It's so random that I might have learn't a lesson in chaos. Had they concentrated on the relationship between Carl and his late wife more, the film would have been far more interesting. After a while the boredom wears off and it just gets annoying. Even for a children's film, dog's flying planes is just silly. It's the overload of plot devices that really brings down the film. Had Up been even the least bit innovative, it may have been a far better film. Aside from its first 10 minutes, UP is nothing more than just another average animated film which had the potential to be a lot lot more. Expand
  3. Jan 31, 2014
    I think this is Pixar's worst film. I love the first twenty minutes, but they belong to another movie. The rest of the movie reminds me of Jim and the Giant Peach (a decent film, nothing spectacular) because the plot is just silly and random. The differences between Jim and Up are that the animation in Up is far less interesting, and the characters are boring and forgettable, or annoying. Forty minutes into the movie and I was looking at my watch, so boring. Expand
  4. Jun 29, 2012
    This could arguably be Pixars greatest work, the first five minutes is without a doubt the greatest opening in cinema, getting all emotional scenes from evry film in history and putting them into one beautifully told and stunning scenes. If the film had lived up to this it would un deniably be in the top 10 greatest films in history, but it turns into adventure that is so admirable. Pixar again creates gorgeous visuals and a setting that is truly stunning, its charming and funny throughout. Performances are top notch and laughs are real laugh out loud ones, its every thing you could hope for in a film in one. The storytelling is stunning, creating morals, excitement and is very emotional at places. The film does not try to be this forced emotion present in most films, but is just there and is some of the most emotional scenes in film history. Undeniably good, the film needs to be watched to be understoof how the snese of adventure, memories, emotion and simply letting go create one of the greatest films ever. But what did you expect from Pixar? Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 37 Critics

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  1. Winsome, touching and arguably the funniest Pixar effort ever, the gorgeously rendered, high-flying adventure is a tidy 90-minute distillation of all the signature touches that came before it.
  2. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    A captivating odd-couple adventure that becomes funnier and more exciting as it flies along.
  3. By all means, see Up in its 3-D incarnation: The cliff drops are vertiginous, and the scores of balloons--bunched into the shape of one giant balloon--are as pluckable as grapes.