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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 30 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 30
  2. Negative: 20 out of 30

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  1. Dec 21, 2013
    I think this movie is amazing in my opinion. I love the selection of dinosaurs like the Pachyrhinosaurus and the Gorgosaurus. I actually like the voice actors of the characters and i think this is a very enjoyable movie for everyone who loves dinosaurs.
  2. Dec 21, 2013
    I wish the trailers had been more specific. This is clearly geared towards kids and it was just so not what I was expecting or looking forward to. I wanted an epic quest of a dinosaur, not a stupid generic story and all the dumb voice actors and facts.
  3. Dec 29, 2013
    Spoiler: The plot is WALKING. With DINOSAURS.

    Took my kids to see this during the christmas break. My son (3) is obsessed with Dinosaurs, and as such would be pleased with pretty much anything, but he got bored after a while. There were none of the 'big name' dinosaurs (no T Rex, no Triceratops, velociraptors or brachiosaurs), and the story was told in a weird 'voice over' of the
    characters conversing rather than them actually talking, or it being narrated properly.

    Can't recommend it at all. Personally, I'd struggle to pluck up the enthusiasm to watch it again if it was on the TV and I could do it for free...
  4. Dec 21, 2013
    Ultimately, the problem with Walking with Dinosaurs is that it unfolds like a decent 3D documentary screened at a museum theater which ultimately makes it a C-grade theatrical feature.
  5. Dec 20, 2013
    This could have been a magnificent 3-D adventure, while it still has good 3-D there was one big issue from the very start. The moment this movie spoke its first bit of screenplay, I felt like I was going to rip my hair off! The screenplay is absolutely horrible! Plus, the characters are completely uninteresting in every turn, who came up with this crappy cast. But at times when the movie just went straight it's plain 3-D marvel, it felt good. But sadly, it doesn't last for long! Overall, this is a God-Awful piece of cinema! I feel that I should rate this movie lower, but I'm being pretty generous because of all the fantastic movies that have came out recently! I give this crap a D! Expand
  6. Dec 20, 2013
    This movie is just for kids mostly it stops for a second just to teach you about the specimen and the main plot is generic as it sounds older brother overshadows younger brother and younger brother redeems him self i know i've seen a movie with this plot before if someone reads this review thell me which movie has this plot. Another thing the begining of the movie is bad just some uncle taking his nephew and niece to dig up a fossil in Alaska and then a bird talks to the nephew and it is trippy because there is no voice sync i did like the animation and atmosphere of the movie but this is the worst way of the land before time but in CGI in 3-D i don't recomend whatching it if your a dinosaur fan or achiolagist watch it with your kid cause he'll like it Expand
  7. Dec 29, 2013
    For those who watched the excellent "Walking With Dinosaurs" series on the BBC many moons ago, don't expect anything approaching that level here. It's harmless and inoffensive, but TOO harmless and inoffensive.
  8. Dec 30, 2013
    Walking with dinosaurs is focused towards younger viewers. It stops to identify the different types of dinosaurs in the film, and it is very light-hearted.

    The plot is sort of a coming of age story, and involves a Bambi-like loss of family. And a journey about growing up and learning to survive, and eventually lead. Not too deep, but really, no one came to see it for the plot. They came
    to see dinosaurs. Which there are many. Also possums?

    It also has a talking prehistoric bird named Alex, who is the fantastically hilarious protagonist and narrator of the story. Ignore the other dinosaur that narrates. It is about Alex.
  9. Jan 3, 2014
    This is a great kids movie with plenty of humour & my son & I really enjoyed it. I liked that they paused every now & again to identify the different types of dinosaurs, making it educational as well.
  10. Feb 11, 2014
    THIS MOVIE IS ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN. I left the theater early and I have never done that in a movie before. The trailers should have showed that it wasn't some documentary narrated by some british dude But an annoying kids movie. DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 21
  2. Negative: 10 out of 21
  1. Reviewed by: Nathan Rabin
    Dec 20, 2013
    The film aspires to educate as well as entertain, rattling off the names and relevant distinctions of various dinosaurs as they appear onscreen for the first time. But the overwhelming impression the film leaves is that dinosaur poop was enormous.
  2. Reviewed by: Peter Sobczynski
    Dec 20, 2013
    A film that is not so much bad — although it is quite bad — as it is utterly inexplicable.
  3. Reviewed by: Marc Mohan
    Dec 20, 2013
    Purists may still quail at the little bit of anthropomorphism going on, but it seems a small price to pay to broaden the audience for a family film that seeks to do more than just entertain.